Your Only Limit Is You

If you’re not where you want to be in life, this episode is for you! We often let our own limiting beliefs run free. If we don’t intentionally change the beliefs that are not serving us, we keep ourselves small and keep ourselves stuck. I help you define exactly what it is that you want to achieve, and how to think the thoughts and take the actions to get you there. You’re the only person holding yourself back, which means you are also the catalyst for completely changing your reality!

This episode is for those feeling stuck. Our limiting beliefs can hold us back unless we actively challenge them. In this weeks episode I guide you in pinpointing your goals and adopting the mindset and actions needed to reach them. Remember, you hold the power to transform your reality entirely!

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Hello my loves, welcome back to the Wanderlover Podcast. I have such a great episode for you today around one of my favorite topics that I teach in every single one of my program’s mindset. And in today’s episode, I’m going to be sharing how Your Only Limit Is You. We’re going to go deep into your limiting beliefs, the limiting beliefs that you might not even know you have in your life that are holding you back, and we’re going to completely transformed them.

CHOOSING to Curate Your Life

I am recording this episode in a luxury beachfront villa called Boa Vita in Rote Island, Indonesia. It is absolutely stunning here, and it’s crazy to think just a few years ago, I was working in a cubicle in New York City for the majority of my time. So the fact that my life is completely different is not by accident. I teach mindset in every single one of my programs because it’s truly when you get over your own limiting beliefs, your own limits, that you hold true about yourself, when you change your own narratives, that is when you start to see significant changes in your life. And over time, they add up and they create something bigger and better than you could have ever imagined for yourself. I want to teach you how to do that.

Learning To Change & Control Your Thoughts

So in this episode, we’re going to kind of do a little spring cleaning of all of the thoughts that enter your head. It needs to be very, very intentional for us to assess our thoughts regularly. We need to take inventory of every single thought, every single belief that we hold to be true, and we need to assess them regularly from time to time instead of just letting them habitually and mindlessly control you. So let’s first bring it back to one of our core concepts in the Wander Lover community. Your thoughts control your feelings, which control your actions, which then get you your results and create your reality.

If you wanna change your reality, you need a first start by changing your thoughts, and that is why it is so important. I’m gonna dedicate an entire episode just around changing your thoughts and changing your mindset. Let me give you an example. When I was working in finance (hear my story from corporate to now – here), I clearly saw the two paths that were in front of me. I could continue on my path of going up the corporate ladder, continuing to go to work every day, doing my work and getting promoted year after year, but with limited vacation days and being an employee for someone else.

The other path that I saw clearly in front of me was quitting my job, starting my online business, scaling my online business, and giving myself the opportunity to be location independent, to not have a cap on my annual revenue, to not have to work for someone else. And those were two paths clearly laid out for me. If I had let my “limiting belief” thoughts take over, such as I work my ass off to get a business degree and I only have experience in finance, What If all of this goes to waste. What If I fail as an entrepreneur. What If I don’t make it. The market is too saturated. Had I let those thoughts consume my feelings and my actions, I would not be where I am today.

Another example that you can apply to your day-to-day actions. As soon as a thought enters your head, whether consciously or subconsciously, it evokes a feeling within you. So for example, if I have the thought, I am hungry. If I was actually hungry, I would feel pangs of hunger. And these pangs of hunger are then going to encourage me to take action to find food. Whether that be going to a grocery store, going to a restaurant, ordering, I would take the actions necessary to get my results, which are eating or having a meal in front of me. Without the thought, I would not have the emotional and sometimes physical response to then take action. And the opposite can hold true, right? You can have the thought, I’m hungry, but sometimes you don’t feel hungry, and so you don’t take the action to then order and you don’t get the food. So do you see how all of your results and your reality stem from your thoughts and If you can’t see that. Let’s take it one step further.

You Are The Sum Of Your Actions

You are the sum of all the actions you’ve taken to get to where you want to be. Your current reality is basically all of the actions and all of the thoughts that came beforehand to get you here. If you’re not where you wanna be in life, you need to take different actions and think different thoughts. So an example of this, the reason I am in Asia Indonesia specifically, is because I first had the thought to return to boa.

I then had feelings of excitement and desire, and I knew it was an aligned decision. I then booked flights. I then took the flight, right? I spent time on that plane to arrive in Asia. All of that planning, all of those decision making thoughts, all of that time traveling landed me in Asia instead of let’s say Africa. And so the only reason I’m not in Africa is because I didn’t have those same train of thoughts. I didn’t have those same feelings. I didn’t have those same actions. And the lack of planning and commitment to take those actions equals I am not in Africa or anywhere else in the world.

And so if you apply the same concept to where you wanna be in life. You can kind of see how the reason why you are not doing something is because you simply didn’t have those thoughts to take those actions. The reason that I am not in Hollywood right now is because I didn’t take the actions. I didn’t take the lessons, I didn’t get into the industry. I didn’t network with people in the industry. It’s a different path, similar to the path of corporate finance for me, similar to the path of entrepreneurship, whatever path it is in life, you chose one of them. If you are not where you want to be.

Decide Your End Goal

The most important question to ask yourself is where exactly do you want to be? And sometimes that is enough for most people to think about for weeks or months. Sometimes people live their day to days without really having an end goal in mind. A map only works if you know exactly where you want to go. If you’re looking at a map and you don’t have a destination, it’s really hard to find a path for yourself. When I was in finance, I clearly, clearly decided that I wanted to be location independent. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted a scalable business.

And I wanted the time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom. Clearly defining that. Let me filter out so many possible pads in my life, so many location dependent pads. So many pads where I had to report to someone else, or I had to work certain time zones, or I had limits on the amount of money I could make. And If you guys have been following along for a while. You’ll know that every year I buy a Passion Planner because every year I define exactly where I want to go. So in the first year of having a passion planner, I said I wanted to quit my job. I wanted to start a location independent business.

You guys will also know from my other episodes, I manifested my future husband because I defined exactly what I wanted in a partner. And it made dating so much easier because I could literally filter out what was bringing me one step closer to what I wanted versus just distracting me with other things I didn’t want, right? So a map only works If. you know exactly where you want to go. And if you don’t know where that destination is just yet, I really encourage you to just take some time and define where do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to become.

How To Not Hide Behind Excuses

When you are young and when you’re growing up, it’s really easy to blame, justify or complain and just give your power away to other external factors because you don’t have much choice, right? For the most part, most people don’t get to choose where they grow up, what kind of childhood they can have. And sometimes in situations like that you, you feel helpless and you enter adulthood with that same mindset of, I can’t control my life much. It might be habitual to blame, to blame the government, to blame your family, to blame your social economic situation.

Or it could be really easy to justify, justify that money is not important or that you don’t have any money, or rich people are evil, therefore they take all the money. And it might be really easy to instead complain, right? Complain about why things aren’t working out for you about the state of the universe. Whatever it is, it’s a lot easier to give away control than to take control of your own life. However, If you want to get to where you want to be, you need to take control as an adult. The good news is you have control.

YOU Have Control

You’re not bound by the same narrative. You have the ability to completely change your life, and that starts with your thoughts. So let me ask you right now, what do you define yourself as? Who do you define yourself as? When I ask you what type of person are you, what do you automatically associate yourself with? Or what words do you attach yourself to? Personalities can change, your characteristics can change. And so If you are letting those thoughts of, for example, I’m not a good public speaker. I suck at making money. I have a habit of losing money.

If you’re attaching yourself to those narratives, you’re gonna be attracting that into your life. And so any limiting beliefs, limiting thoughts, we’re going to completely change them from I’m not a good public speaker to I am eager to practice and improve my public. Speaking from limiting beliefs like I am not rich to, I am working hard and on my way to so many riches. Do you see how these new thoughts are going to evoke feelings of inspiration, of motivation? And it’s gonna get you onto a different path. Going back to the exercise, assess where you want to be and where you want to go.

If you want to start your business, then write that down. If you want to be making money online, being location independent, write that down. If you want to be making $10,000 a month, a hundred thousand dollars a month. Write that down. if you want to be an actress in Hollywood, write that down. if you want to start a family, write that down. You need to know exactly where you are going so that you can take the path and the steps and the actions necessary to get there. I think it’s just so important to constantly have this filter of what goes on inside your mind.

What are you identifying with what is not serving you? What thoughts on repeat are not serving you? And clean them out. You know, do like a little spring cleaning. No one else is going to do it for you unless you’re in my community and I get to call you out on it. But for the most part, all of the thoughts that are going in and out of your mind, the thousands and thousands of thoughts, they are left unfiltered and they can have a detrimental effect on your life. If you are thinking the thoughts that aren’t making you truly happy or letting you live up to your full potential. The other thing I want to point out is the concept of how relative money is.

Limiting Money Beliefs

And another common limit that I see many community members and clients have is the amount of money they think they are deserving to make per hour, per month, or per year. And what’s really funny is the way they think about how they deserve to be paid is triggered by beliefs that they grew up with or their prior experiences. But the concept and the range of income and the range of how much money you think you should be making per year, it’s usually limited by only yourself. There is no actual limit in this universe on how much money you can be making.

If you think you are only worthy of $50,000 a year. That is probably the reality that you’re going to be creating for yourself subconsciously, right? And it’s important to assess, is that where you wanna be If? you think the limit is a hundred thousand or $200,000 per year, that is probably where you’re going to be. And on the other hand, there are people who think $200,000 a year is changed in their back pocket. The range is so, so, so large, it’s infinite. And where you define yourself is a limit that you place on yourself. If this is the first time you are hearing about these concepts, it could be a wake up call, right?

It could be like, oh my gosh, I’ve never taken the time to think about these things. And that is a brilliant thing because that means you’re going to get different results to a different reality. And now is the best time to start. It is the best time to start because you can change your thoughts right now. You can change your thoughts today. You can learn different things and learn from different people and have information so readily available on whatever it is, on whatever type of life you want to create for yourself, because now you have a destination and you can find your own map. And lastly, you have the power to take action.

You have all the tools like If. you are listening to this podcast episode. Chances are you can connect to the internet. And the internet is such a powerful thing. My entire business lives on the internet and my entire lifestyle relies on the availability of how connected the world is today. So I don’t wanna hear any excuses, I don’t want to hear any complaining, justifying, or blaming because you can truly change your life by first changing your thoughts. Remember Your Only Limit Is You, and when you are capable of assessing and spring cleaning on a regular basis, I am so excited for you to watch the magic happen.

Have an amazing week, my loves. See you in the next episode.

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Danielle Hu

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