5 Life Principles I Live By as an Entrepreneur

Want an inside look into the way a multiple 6-figure business owner and full-time traveler thinks and acts? In this week’s episode, I share the 5 most important principles I live and run my business by. These have served me and my clients time and time again, helping us dream bigger, reach new heights, and live happy, fulfilled lives. Tune in!

Everyone deals choice, but what differentiates an entrepreneur is the decisions surrounding these choices. This week I run through the 5 key life principles that helped me become a multiple 6 figure business owner and full time world traveler.

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Hello From Sumatra!

Hello from Sumatra Indonesia. We moved from one Island Paradise to another, still in Indonesia. This will be our last month here before heading over to Mexico. And we are staying right in front of a world class surf break. You can see the wave from our bed again, seriously getting so spoiled with how accessible and easy it is to go surfing every day. And we all know that this isn’t by accident, right? It’s not like I just happen to get here. It took a lot of planning and intention and paving the way for us to have these really successful location independent businesses that allow us to do things like this. I’ve been getting questions asking, why did you leave Batukaras? And the answer is, after eight months, we both felt like it was time for a change.

We wanted to surf different waves, explore another part of Indonesia, and so it was really spur of the moment rags was like, Hmm, should we go somewhere else? And I had always wanted to visit. So within a few weeks, flights were booked and accommodations were booked. To be living this life and showing my clients and community how to do the same is something I am so grateful for every single day. We’ve had many members from the Business Academy and Momentum Mastermind really see how possible it is to build your online brand, make money online, and be able to live in other parts of the world. I’m still following so many of my clients who are traveling through Asia and South America and Australia, and it’s so rewarding seeing this ripple effect of living your most aligned authentic life and showing others how to do it as well.

So if you resonate with my story of leaving corporate America, starting an online business, becoming a content creator and sharing your life, your knowledge with your community, I want to share with you five life principles I personally live by as an entrepreneur. These principles dictate how I make decisions, who I hang out with, how I live my life, how I choose to spend my time, what thoughts I am thinking at any particular moment. I want to share these five principles, and if any of them resonate with you, I encourage you to practice them as you make decisions on a day-to-day basis so that you are able to transform your life if you want to and create a life of freedom.

Principle 1: You Can Have It All

So number one, I firmly believe that you can have it all. You do not ever have to choose between one or the other. I truly believe there is a way for you to have both things if you think creatively and if you think outside the box. So instead of thinking, should I do this or that, and you really have to make a decision, I believe that if you wanted to, you can find a way to have both. The answer is there. So instead of being like an either or person, you can be an and person, I want this and that, for example, really common or statements that I hear all the time are like, you have to choose between being rich or happy, right?

Instead of rich and happy, which I believe that you can be both. Same thing with choosing to have a really successful career or choosing to travel full-time. Like you can do both. You can choose to travel full-time and find a partner to do that with you. Instead of having to choose between settling down in some place that you know you don’t want to while holding onto a relationship, there is a way for you to have it all. And the really funny thing is once you commit to that thought, it doesn’t even have to make sense for you at the time. Once you commit to something that you really desire to have, both of the answers will manifest themselves to you.

Recently this happened, and you guys know from one of my previous episodes from January that I was hit with a really big tax bill for Q4 of last year. And because I wasn’t living in America, I thought to myself, there must be a way for me to optimize my business structures so I’m not paying all of this tax while not living in America and taking advantage of everything that I’m paying taxes for. And once I set that intention to find the answer of how I can optimize my tax structure, my CPA literally proposed to me the perfect solution. And had I not gone through that, had I accepted the fee and said I must be paying this tax that I’m not even benefiting from, the answer manifested itself to me.

This also recently happened when I was looking at flights to Mexico and I wanted to fly first class. I also wanted to use my credit card points. And instead of thinking I either have to use my credit card points and fly economy, or I have to pay out of pocket for first class, I thought there must be a way to do both. There must be a way to use my credit card points to fly first class. And there it was. There was a way I just wasn’t transferring my points the right way, and like the answers just manifested themselves to me because I was looking for a way to combine both. This has happened over and over and over again in my life and business because I just simply know that I’m not willing to settle.

In another previous episode, you guys know that when I was traveling full-time by myself, my mom sat me down and was like, Hey, you need to settle down in one place because you’re not gonna find a partner that’s ever gonna be able to keep up with you and travel the world with you. And I just knew that she was wrong. I didn’t even give that thought the time of day because I knew that there was someone out there who aligned with my values, my way of living, who I knew I could fully love without having to sacrifice a piece of myself. And when you set that standard for yourself of being able to have both, I promise you the answer, the person, the opportunity, it will reveal itself to you.

Principle 2: You Can Structure Your Business Foundations To YOU

The second principle that I live by as an entrepreneur is I believe that you can structure your business foundations to your unique liking and preferences. So what what I mean by this? I have clients who love content creation and they thrive in content creation. And instead of forcing them to introduce a one-on-one coaching package, I truly believe they can thrive creating content and make money through affiliate revenue, through ad revenue and staying in their zone of genius.

I have another client who really dislikes running group programs. That’s just not something she enjoys managing. She prefers one-on-ones really connecting individually, but to scale her income. What we are working on now is packaging her one-on-one program into a course and running an evergreen funnel to it so that she’s making passive sales while being able to focus on her high ticket, high-touch, high support clients. I had another member in Momenta Mastermind a few cohorts ago, and she loved digital products. She just loved packaging things together, putting them on her shop and running the marketing and advertising to it.

So that is exactly what we focused on. She knew her zone of genius. She knew what she wanted and what she didn’t want. She knew how much cash she had. She was really savvy with finances, so she knew exactly how much she could invest for a positive return on investment. And so with all of these different business structures, you truly can optimize what you are doing on a day-to-day basis so that you are loving what you do. You don’t ever have to follow a cookie-cutter roadmap if it really doesn’t align with what makes you happy. And I’ve taken this into consideration for my own business as it’s gone through so many different iterations and chapters, and I love learning something new.

I love introducing new ways to monetize and new ways to support my community, all while really honoring my travel schedule and making sure my clients are fully supported while I am able to travel. I don’t ever wanna give up one or the other. I want to do both. So I make sure the containers that I’m offering are aligned with whatever it is I am going through in life. So for example, the months when I am traveling, I won’t be running Momentum Mastermind when I know I am in one place, I’ll open up more private coaching spots. But while all of that is running, I still have ads running to my courses and my eBooks and have funnels running, have blog posts circulating and pin circulating so that my business is running itself while I am traveling.

And everything on top of that is just a cherry on top. When I am available to take on more clients and fully support them, that’s when the doors open. So you have the power to also structure your online business to accommodate for whatever it is that you want to do in your day-to-day.

Principle 3: Purposefully Choosing Your Community

Okay, the third principle, you guys have probably heard me talk about this hundreds of times. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, you hang out the most with. And I’ve been saying this for so long that every single time I meet someone new or I’m introduced to someone, I kind of filter out what it is that I really admire about them, and I make a note to hang out with them more when I want to activate that part of myself.

Does that make sense? So for example, when I knew I wanted to hang 10 on my long board, I specifically got a coach who was able to do that. I hung out with people who were able to do that. I moved to Batu Katas because most people there can do that. And that is truly how you are able to do it yourself. So you activate that surfing part of your day and you prioritize the habits that will make you a better surfer. If you want to activate the business growth and the sales and content creation part of your online business, then you need to be hanging out with people who are doing that on a daily basis and who have those habits that you can learn from, right?

The habits that’s going to make you a better business owner, a better coach, a better marketer, a better content creator. So whoever you choose to learn from to spend your time with, that is the part of you that’s going to inherently and subconsciously most of the time get better simply by association. Another incident recently, I just had this conversation with one of my clients, and it’s quite controversial, but I truly believe that it makes a difference. If you are single and you want to be in a relationship and you are looking for your lifelong partner, you’re gonna want to spend more time with people who are in really established lifelong relationships that you can learn from because those people clearly are at a point that you want to be at, right?

So what are they doing differently? How are they treating another person? What can you learn from them so that you can get to the same place that they are at? And of course, I’m not saying, you know, only hang out with people in relationships because obviously that wouldn’t work, but there is so much to learn from them. Similar to there was so much to learn from my coaches when I was starting an online business, right? There was so much to learn from my surf coaches when I was learning how to surf. So same thing like find someone who is where you want to be and then learn from them. And ultimately, you are the average of the five people you hang out the most with.

So choose those people wisely. Surround yourself with people who you can learn from and who you admire. As you’re going through your Instagram, your day-to-day, really take note of who activates that part of you when you’re like, Ooh, I wanna do that. I am inspired by them. I want to learn from them. And really lean into that because these people are gonna be different for everyone, and it’s a clue as to what you can potentially improve upon yourself to become a better version of you. These people are probably going to change as you evolve into different chapters in your life, which is really beautiful because that’s why people enter your circles and they find you at the most aligned time because you truly know what you want and who you want to be.

And as a side note on the other end of this, as you go through different chapters, it’s also really normal to outgrow some of your previous friendships or relationships because you are evolving into a new you.

Principle 4: Focus On The Good

Number four, focus on the good. Always focus on gratitude. Focus on what is going right, focus on the best case scenario. This has everything to do with mindset and controlling the thoughts that are running through your mind at any given moment. A lot of times when this isn’t controlled, you tend to gravitate to the worst case scenario or things that simply do not matter.

And so a life principle that I live by, especially if you’re running your own business, you cannot allow yourself to spiral out of control. You need to adopt the mental agility to let you make business decisions with lots of conviction and resilience. You need to constantly be thinking, okay, what can I do better? How can I get bigger? How can I do things more efficiently and effectively? And how can I support everyone in my community without getting deterred by thoughts? Like, what if everything fails? What if no one in my community responds to any of my emails or any of my prompts?

There are two sides to every single situation, and we always have the power to focus on the best case scenario. When you do give thanks, when you are grateful for everything going right, I guarantee you more and more things are going to go right for you. It’s simply just how the law of attraction and the universe works. Focus on the good, always focus on the good in people, focus on the good in situations, and always be grateful. There is a chart by Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book, becoming Supernatural, that I refer to every time I feel like my thoughts are spiraling out of control.

And it happens, right? But how do you react to it? What do you do when you notice that your thoughts are everywhere? Or maybe you’re going down a rabbit hole? There is this image, it’s literally imprinted so vividly in my mind, it’s with a human figure in the middle, and there are so many lines coming out of him. So it’s like a son, like son, raise around a human. And at the end of each of those rays is a new thought. You can be thinking about your career, about your love life, about your friendships, about your family, about what you’re going to eat, about what you’re gonna do. And so in the present moment, you have the control and the ability to dictate which path your thoughts go down, right?

You can think about any given thing at any possible time. So what kind of frequency are you going to omit into the universe at this particular moment? Is it going to be focused on the best case scenario or the worst case scenario? And in this image, Dr. Joseph Benza says, all possibilities in the quantum field exist in the present moment. So you are not attached to the past. You are not trying to predict the future. You are given this generous present moment to control whatever it is that you want to focus on.

There are infinite possibilities, right? Infinite possibilities in what you can be thinking. So when you combine a clear intention with elevated emotions that are focused on the good, you are broadcasting a whole new electromagnetic signature into the field. So there is a higher vibration that is given off when you are focused on the good and when you are grateful. How many times in your life have you been running your business out of fear? Have you been thinking about the worst case scenario? What if nobody buys from me?

What if people laugh when I go live? What if I get a nasty comment on YouTube? What if I lose all my money? What if this really bad thing happens? How many times? And how easy is it to default to that? And as an entrepreneur, we simply cannot have that. We simply cannot allow ourselves to omit this lower frequency and make our actions follow whatever it is that we’re thinking. Because if we think thoughts that make us anxious, we’re gonna feel anxious, and then our actions are going to support that anxiety, right? Instead of when you focus on the good, you are going to attract more good things to you, and you’re going to act in a way that’s beneficial to your business, to your life, and to your ultimate goal.

So the next time you know it’s kind of fun when you are in the present moment and you want to do this exercise, give yourself 10 options within your business that you can be thinking about right now, and take a note of how you feel when you give yourself those options. So sometimes I’ll be like, okay, do I want to focus on my Facebook group or my podcast, or my YouTube or my clients, or my advertising, or my creatives, or my copy or Instagram? Give yourself all of these things that you can possibly be working on right now in your business and see which one you gravitate towards, which one needs the most work, or which one is calling for your attention, instead of allowing yourself to be like, okay, what if you know the worst case scenario happens?

I’m not even gonna do any of that. It’s kind of cool when you reel it back in and you realize that you have the power to control your thoughts and to control your reality. So that is principle number four.

Principle 5: I Create My LIfe

Last but not least, I truly believe I create my life. I don’t believe that life happens to me. I believe that you also create your life. And life doesn’t just happen to you, and that everyone on this planet has the option to create their life if they want to.

But I know that a lot of people believe that life just simply happens to them, right? They are powerless. They just accept what life throws at them and call it quits and say, you know, say lavie. That’s it. I don’t align with that. And I believe that if you are listening to this, you can create the life of your dreams. You can think the thoughts, feel the feelings, take the actions to get the results that you want. It’s not gonna be easy. Like of course, things are going to happen to you that you can’t control, but you can get through it. You are strong, and whatever it is that you want is going to be on the other side of fear, on the other side of self-doubt.

And it’s going to open a door for the next level version of you. No victim mentality, no blaming, no complaining. Do not omit those frequencies. Know that you are in control. Know that you always have the power to focus on the good, and know that you have the power to create a life that you are wildly obsessed with.

These are honestly the five most important life principles that I’ve been living by ever since I quit my corporate job, and it has just served me so well over and over again when I’m making big decisions for myself, for my team, for my business.

And if you have any questions, any new thoughts or revelations, I would love to hear them. Just send me a DM on Instagram and I will see you guys in the next episode. Have a fantastic week.


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