How to Attract Money for Wealth and Abundance

Want to attract money and increase your wealth? I share best practices on how I attract money and success in my business, and how you can too. If you want to learn how to manifest more wealth and abundance, tune in to this week’s episode!

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I have been spending most of today really deep into my money mindset practices, and I wanted to share with you a look into how I attract money into my own life.

As entrepreneurs, we constantly want to be self auditing, and seeing what we can improve in our businesses, mindsets, and lives. 

Attracting money can be daunting and borderline impossible, but if you peel back the layers of what it takes, the reality might surprise you!

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws in this Universe.

You can spend your valuable time trying to prove it wrong or you can lean into what it says.

And what it says is that energy precedes manifestation. So like attracts like. Like energy attracts like energy.

Positive energy and thoughts and manifestations will bring in positive experiences and opportunities into one’s life, and negative thoughts and manifestations will bring in negative experiences.

You’ll start to wonder and ask yourself, what is the point of negative manifestations, negative energy and negative thoughts?

You might not even be conscious of the fact that you are thinking those thoughts.

Which is why if you want to attract more money into your life, it’s very important for you to take inventory of what thoughts are passing through your mind.

Are you attracting more abundance into your life, or more scarcity?

The Science of Getting Rich

I’m also going to be quoting excerpts from The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

This book is one of my business bibles. I operate on many of the values taught inside, so I’m going to be sharing them with you today.

Science of Getting Rich Cover; one of the 5 life changing books. By Wallace D Wattes

Wattles says, “There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the Universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. To look upon the appearances of poverty will produce corresponding forms in your own mind, unless you hold to the truth that there is no poverty – there is only abundance.

To think health when surrounded by the appearance of disease or to think riches when in the midst of appearances of poverty requires power.

But he who acquires this power becomes a MASTER MIND. He can conquer fate, he can have whatever he wants.”

In summary, the Universe we live in operates in such a way that you can create whatever it is that you want with your mind.

If I want to eat pizza tonight, I can have that thought and I can make it happen.

I can do whatever it takes to ensure that there is pizza on the table and pizza in my mouth for dinner tonight.

Similarly, if you take that same conviction and the same thinking process and apply it to money, if you want money in your bank account by the end of the week, you have everything that it takes to make it happen and the Universe will support you in that.

In turn, your reality, your current reality is shaped by your thoughts. It is a sum of all of the thoughts you have thought in your lifetime and all of the actions you have taken because of those thoughts.

You might be in an amazing place in your life right now and I congratulate you for doing all that it took to get there.

Or you could be looking at your life and thinking that you wish you were somewhere else, that you wish you had taken different actions or thought different thoughts to be somewhere else in life.

Maybe you are regretting the actions you took or maybe the actions you didn’t take that is causing this discrepancy between your present reality and where you want to be.

But all in all, your reality is shaped by your thoughts and this is why it is so freaking important to continuously work on your money mindset.

The Importance of Money Mindset

No thought lives in your mind rent free. You need to make sure that every thought that comes in is serving you and not bringing you down.

The good news is if you don’t like your current reality, all you have to do is simply change your thoughts.

With every thought there is an equal and opposite counterpart.

You can’t have light without dark. You can’t have pain without pleasure. You can’t have happiness without sadness.

So if you have a very limiting belief or if you have a scarcity mindset, there is an equal and opposing thought that you can replace it with.

We want to be replacing all of the thoughts that stem from a scarcity mindset and transform them into ones that come from an abundance mindset.

What is an Abundance Mindset?

An abundance mindset is a belief that there is always more than enough wealth, happiness, and success in the world for everyone. There is more than enough to go around.

This perspective views life’s possibilities as limitless and fun and thrilling and exciting.

It encourages you to approach situations and challenges with faith, optimism, and generosity, so you are more enabled to tackle life’s challenges in a way that’s going to get you to a higher level.

On the other hand, if you operate from a scarcity mindset, this is inherently rooted in fear.

Your outlook on life is a pattern of thinking that focuses on what you don’t have, what you can’t have, what you can’t do, and the underlying belief that you are never going to have the things that you want in life.

You are skeptical, you don’t take inspired action.

How this manifests into your life is listening to this episode, you might be thinking, “There’s no way that I can attract more money in my life. This is all bullshit. I have no capability of doing this myself.”

Do you see how it limits you from even exploring the option of bringing in abundance and money and success into your life?

This scarcity often stems from the past.

It can stem from a tough childhood, from life experiences that bring you down, and you can subconsciously hold onto it.

Your past does not have to define your future. You don’t have to operate from that same scarcity. You don’t have to operate from those same beliefs.

All you have to do is replace them. All you have to do is to change your thoughts.

If you want to change your reality, start by shifting and saying:

  • I have more than enough to give.
  • I have more than enough to make.
  • I am excited to be making so much money in my business.
  • I am excited to be attracting all the money that I deserve.

This, in turn, is going to send those high positive vibrations out into the thinking substance and then create everything that is relayed from your mind.

You instead are going to be focusing on the increase, the limitless potential that you have and the limitless amount of abundance you are going to be bringing in.

This takes practice, it takes a lot of reframing and rewiring, and it’s not just going to happen in a day.

But when you have your destination, that is the kind of mentality you want to adopt.

Work on it every day and you will get there.

How To Attract Money

Wattles says, “If you want a sewing machine, hold the mental image of it with the most positive certainty that it is being made and it is on its way to you.

After forming the thought, have the most absolute and unquestioning faith that the sewing machine is coming. Never think of it or speak of it in any other way than as being sure to arrive.

Claim it as already yours.”

This is exactly what you have to do with money if you want more money and you want to attract more money.

Hold the mental image, visualize money with the most positive certainty that it is being made or it is on its way to you.

After seeing the money, visualizing the money, have the most absolute and unquestioning faith that the money is coming.

Don’t doubt it. Don’t wonder how. Just have the faith and never speak of it or think of it in any other way than as being sure to arrive.

Claim it as already yours. Claim a million dollars as if it was already yours.

  • Step 1: Form the thought and hold the mental image of money with positive certainty that it is on its way to you.
  • Step 2: Have the most absolute and unquestioning faith that it is coming. Think of it and speak of it and claim it as already yours.
  • Step 3: Visualize and evoke emotions of what you are going to feel when it is yours.

Tools to Attract Money

Affirmations: Practice saying affirmations to replace scarce limiting beliefs. Read 88 Abundance Affirmations.

Associate Colors and Words Abundance: Associate colors or words to feel abundant and remind yourself that the Universe is always on your side.

Plan Your Year Around Money: Use a Passion Planner to align daily actions with your annual income and money goals.

Practice Gratitude

You need to constantly be raising your vibration and raising your energy by practicing gratitude.

If you aren’t grateful for every blessing you already have, what makes you think that more are coming your way if you don’t even notice them?

Wattles says, “The more grateful we fix our minds on the supreme, when good things come to us, the more good things we will receive and the more rapidly they will come.

The mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come. The moment you permit your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground.

You fix attention upon the common, the ordinary, the poor, and the squalid and mean, and your mind takes the form of those things.

Then you will transmit these forms or mental images to the formless and the common, the poor, the squalid and the mean will come to you to permit your mind.

To dwell upon the inferior is to become inferior and to surround yourself with inferior things.

But on the other hand, to fix your attention on the best is to surround yourself with the best and to become the best.”

So you constantly want to be repeating affirmations, gratitude, practicing daily activities to focus your mind on the best, the abundant, and the rich.

Once you have completely retrained your mind and reframed your mindset, you are going to be creating a different reality for yourself.

The feelings you feel on a daily basis are going to trigger more inspired actions to attract money naturally.

You’re going to want to create the opportunities, be in the environments and say yes to the things that will get you closer to that money.

The Universe is also going to be putting people and things in your path that’s also going to change how you perceive and how you live.

Take Efficient Action

My last tip for you is to take efficient action, to take action on things that are going to get you closer to your goals.

You need to be making sure that everything gets done the day you say it’s going to get done.

If there is something that you need to take action on and you are procrastinating on it, you are delaying it. That’s no one’s fault except yours.

Take ownership of what you have to do and take efficient action.

Execution over ideation.

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