The Travel influencer handbook 

The newly updated digital guide for aspiring travel influencers in 2020, teaching you everything from growing your account, landing collaborations with brands, to getting paid for doing what you love.

What is a Travel Influencer?

Someone who has a personal brand and influences purchase behavior related to travel. Hotels, airlines, brands, and businesses recognize travel influencers as content creators and marketing vehicles with loyal social media audiences so they pay to shoot campaigns and promote their products and services! 

How many times have you seen a place on Instagram and thought, “Wow! I want to go there!” & started researching the destination – That’s the power of an influencer.

Do you want to…


Work for yourself and build your own business?


Stay at beautiful hotels and resorts around the world?


Share your ideas, creativity, and passions with thousands of people?


Learn the ins and outs of Instagram, social media, blogging, and monetizing online?

Don’t be like everyone else spending time on methods that don’t work and trying to grow with no direction

Here’s exactly what you will learn

-Set up your account and learn to brand yourself

-How to create viral content that your followers will love

-Equipment, skills, media kits, helpful hacks

-How to land press trips and the most luxurious hotel stays

-Expand your reach on platforms OUTSIDE of Instagram

-Complete list of brands that pay and apps I use

-Various ways to monetize your following

-Replicate my success by following the exact template I use to pitch brands

If you’re completely new at Instagram or even if you have a huge following and want to take your account to the next level, I guarantee you will learn something new and valuable.

“This book is worth way more than what Danielle charges. Learning from someone who’s been there, done that and in a totally authentic way is the only way to find success on Instagram, and that’s exactly what you’ll get here. 

Danielle holds nothing back and you’ll finish this with a total game plan for your growth. Not to mention, it’s inspiring to read and learn from her! Her tenacity and knowledge ensures that you can succeed if you follow her advice. I feel so much more clear about where and how to focus on Instagram and have already gotten 1k new followers since reading this. Thanks Danielle!”

– Leah 


Hi! I’m Danielle


I’m the creative behind The Wanderlover. I left the corporate world in New York City to become a full-time travel influencer & business mentor where I can work from anywhere in the world, and live a life centered around freedom, creativity, and adventure. I’m here to teach you everything I’ve learned on my journey & guide you on yours to help you do the same!

“I have been living in New York City working in the health and wellness sector for the last 5 years, and I was getting burnt out from the grind. However, monetizing and figuring out how to make an income from my following while traveling always seemed challenging. Danielle clears that up for me and seriously shows how seamless, fun and profitable your business can be if given the right tools.

We all are at different places, but we share a similar goal: to be free and do what we love. This book shows just how to do that with your platform.”




“Danielle teaches the BEST practices to growing your following and winning on Instagram. She shares valuable insights on her journey to living the life of freedom and adventure we all aspire to, and walks through the process of making it an actual achievable goal.



“I used this handbook to grow to over 50k organic followers and continue to use its strategies on a daily basis.”

 – Dustin


“Danielle details the actual step-by-step process that she took to get where she is now, which inspires readers that we can do it too. The handbook is the motivation I needed to really commit and work hard towards my dreams and aspirations. Danielle is a beautiful soul and her voice throughout the entire book spreads a message of positivity, support, and inclusivity, which contributes to the overall inspiration of the book.


Comprehensive and thorough, The Travel Influencer Handbook covers many areas of social media and how to sustain growth. She doesn’t omit any aspect of social media… and includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. This was a great and valuable read, I know I will be reaching for this again and again!”





✧ 8 Chapters from A-Z ($50 Value)

✧ Self-Branding Guide ($30 value)

✧ My Exact Pitch Template that CONVERTS ($100 value)

✧  Sample Collaboration Contract ($50 value)

✧ List of Apps I use ($50 value)

✧ Resources Library ($50 value)



Can you actually make money from being an Instagram Influencer?

Absolutely yes – some companies like Daniel Wellington spend 100% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing. If you can make sales and produce quality content for a company, whey WOULDN’T they want to work with you? Additionally, as you grow, you have the power to market your own products and services as well!

What if I’m not in the travel niche?

The strategies I teach in this ebook applies to ANY niche, whether that be lifestyle, fashion, fitness – you name it! It has been updated to teach anyone how to run their business.

Will this work with the new algorithm?

For sure, And better yet, everything explained is the most up to date, tried and tested by yours truly.

I have more questions, who can I reach out to?

I am always here for any questions! Feel free to email

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