Turn your passions into profit online!

8-week business course for aspiring creatives and coaches

say hello to your online business: a one-way ticket to a life of impact, creativity, and freedom

if you’ve been thinking about starting an online business for months but it just hasn’t happened…

You scroll through social media every day, seeing others travel the world and make money online, and some days you think, “I want to do that… maybe I can!”… but then reality sets in. Where do I even start? What should my business name be? What would I even sell?

Maybe you’ve done some research, watched some YouTube videos, posted a few times on Instagram… but then imposter syndrome hits. “I’m not good enough to do this, I guess I’ll just try to love my day job” and you go back to square one.

And maybe some other days you’re so fed up with your 9-5 and you try everything and anything to get your business off the ground,

BUT you’re seeing a big fat $0 come into your bank account.


Now, picture this:

You have your own online business that is impactful, influential, and profitable. You are carrying out your soul’s work, creating content that makes you light up inside

You wake up purpose-driven every single morning knowing EXACTLY what to focus on for the week

You FINALLY know how you’re going to leave your day job, and WHEN

You are your own boss and have the freedom to travel the world AND make (lots of!) money doing so. Time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom – yes, please!

Wanderlover Business Academy 2.0 is your online business roadmap!

The Wanderlover on beach with laptop

Hi! I’m Danielle

And just like you, I started my online business with the desire to express my creativity, work for myself, while making an impact on people’s lives

But for the first year in business, I was throwing spaghetti at the wall and my income reflected that. I would compare myself to others thinking “What am I missing?!” and was struggling so hard to find clarity.

I realized I either had to learn fast, or go back to corporate, so I invested in myself, hired coaches, and took courses to fast-track my success. I intentionally ONLY learned from people who were at where I wanted to be. The same year, The Wanderlover saw first 5-figure month and landed a Forbes feature.

I now work from the beaches of Hawai’i, Costa Rica, and Bali, with a successful six-figure business. Starting my online business changed my life, and I can’t wait for yours to do the same.

Alba Martinez

“Started my business and got my first clients!

I needed a program to guide me to focus my business ideas. I went from not being sure if I am capable or good enough to carry out my ideas, to getting my first clients and knowing for sure that all my dreams can come true with hard work! Even if you are still not sure of how to start working on a project, Danielle is going to give you the focus and energy you need to start. I’m sure this is everything you need!

Alba Martinez – Founder of Apriccot Studios

Start your soul-aligned online business and scale to $5K months. All you need is Wanderlover Business Academy 2.0 and a wi-fi connection! 


Having worked with Dani before, I knew I’d like her coaching style and I wanted the structure and community support with other dedicated entrepreneurs. I learned so much about money mindset through this course, and it was such a game changer in how I approached my business. I went from being anxious/guilty about asking for money to having fun with launching, which lead to creating memberships and a beta course resulting in my first 4-figure month that covered my NYC rent! Totally worth it!

Linda Yi – Founder of Panda Cub Stories

This course is for you if…


You’re at an unfulfilling 9-5 dreaming about the day you hand in your letter of resignation, and need a clear, actionable road map to make those dreams (and income goals!) a reality

You’re READY to monetize and share your gifts with the world, but need the business systems and infrastructure to be seen and heard. Yes, the “business side” of creativity!

You have a skillset and desire to build your brand online: photographers, fitness trainers, life coaches, nutritionists, human design readers, therapists, career advisors, influencers, agency owners etc.

You are COMMITTED to making your first $5k month alongside a community of like-minded, travel-loving entrepreneurs who get you!

Casey Wiggin

“I’m sure this is all the support you need!”

Not only did I learn more ways and have the right tools to upscale and market my business but I also saw a transformation in my mindset in the Academy. I’m sure this is all the support you need. Can’t wait to continue working with her in future programs. Thank you for sharing your experiences, knowledge, and for your constant support Dan!

– Casey Wiggins, Social Media Specialist

“I made back my investment within a month”

I launched 3 e-books and launched and filled up 6 private coaching spots in 4 weeks. I made back my investment within the first month and my life completely changed in the middle of the pandemic. Thank you so much Danielle for everything!

– Lexia Hin, Entrepreneur and Founder

you can expect:


From someone who’s been there, done that, and has a proven track record of helping others do the same using the online business framework. I also watch out for expected roadblocks on your journey! What to do when imposter syndrome hits, check! How to price your first offer, check! We cover it all.


Actionable workbooks every week, spreadsheets to stay organized, systems to set your business up for success from the beginning. No fluff, only results!


A whole community of like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of, celebrate your wins with, PLUS live coaching from me!

Sammy Bannister


I wanted to being to make change in my life towards living my dreams of working from anywhere and doing a job that I love and have created for myself. Thanks to this, I quit my corporate job to build a social media business for travel and tourism companies! The biggest journey for me has been learning the mindset shift through the program, I realized how far I had come and without the correct mindset, you can’t take decisive and motivated actions towards your dream and business goals.

Sammy Bannister – Founder of ROAM Digital Media

what’s inside

Module 1: wanderlover concepts

Every expert was once a beginner! In the first module, I go over my proprietary transformational concepts that has helped me get from lost and confused to a six figure business

✧ Learn and adopt the mindset of all successful entrepreneurs
✧ Design your dream life and map out your goals, to the date and price!
✧ Finally decide on your business idea using my proven framework (goodbye paralysis by analysis)!

Module 2: Online Business Foundations

Next, we build the essential foundations for your online brand so you are seen and in demand!

Learn my online business model and money flow process so you can work from anywhere with wi-fi
✧ Set up your website (with tutorials and walkthroughs through my own dashboard)
Case study of my exact email sequence to nurture clients and get them to buy from you
✧ Optimize your Instagram so every person who finds your page wants to follow and work with you

Module 3: Content that Attracts Your Soul-Aligned Audience

Ready to market yourself in a way that is magnetic and irresistible?

✧ Personal branding 101 so we create content that feels fun and aligned, without the cringe
✧ My 3-step copywriting formula that turns your audience into loyal fans
✧ Resources and checklists to start a podcast so you can share your message with even more people (it’s easier than you think)!

Module 4: Crafting Your Signature Offer

We are going to design your signature program and make way for a major cash injection into your business! Get ready to create offerings, sales pages, and pricing, as well as learn the energetics behind it all

✧ Create the perfect program that makes you excited to be in business!
Learn how to charge premium prices and be confident with your rates
✧ Sales page anatomy to have people sign up and work with you

Module 5: Know, Like, Trust, Inspire

Ready to get consistent with your content schedule (finally)! and make everyone think: WOW! Sign me up!

✧ My custom 7-Day challenge to get you outside your comfort zone and land your first call with potential clients! 
My exact process and template to get interested clients on the phone and get paid with ease

Module 6: Soul-Led Launches

By the end of this week, you will know how to share your offer with the world and get your first client!

✧ Sales mindset and my strategy to reframe your beliefs around money and sales. If you don’t know how to sell, you won’t make any sales!
My exact launch checklist I use for my multiple 5-figure launches
Pre-launch, launch, and POST-launch tactics you’re not doing that’s leaving money on the table!

Module 7: Online Marketing to Skyrocket Your Growth

This week, we are getting technical AND tactical to get more and more eyes on your business

✧ How to use Facebook Ads effectively for your business so you’re never short of clients or customers
✧ A behind-the-scenes look into my most successful Ad campaigns and resources that you must take advantage of
✧ How to set up Pinterest to get new followers on autopilot

Module 8: Scaling to $5k Months

Your first $5K month is closer than you think! We address any gaps and give you the momentum and support to fire forward

✧ Creating multiple streams of income and a business strategy to get you to consistent $5K Months
My Passive Income Secrets so you have the framework set up to make money in your sleep (yes, it’s so possible!)

✧ Lifetime access to our private Facebook Community where you are fully supported and understood. We give feedback, celebrate with you through all your wins

Live Q&As every single month to get personally coached by me and all your questions answered

Must-have apps and software for your online business that I signed up for my first year (and still use today)!

✧ My exact content calendar that I use to consistently be omnipresent on all platforms

Imposter Syndrome Be Gone! Cheat Sheet so you can bounce back from self-doubt instantly

$100K Scaling Strategy and spreadsheet I used to hit my first $100K in business

I have all the tools I need for success at my disposal

I have so much clarity in how I will move forward with my own personal brand and I know I also have all the tools I need at my disposal. Danielle will absolutely push you to discover and create the best version of yourself and your business!

Morgan Seel – Content Creator

where would you be now if you started a year ago? And where would you be in a year if you started today?

“it was the best investment I could’ve made to take my online business to the next level”

Danielle is such an incredible mentor through this program and gives you step-by-step guidance on how to grow and scale your brand on social media. It was the best investment I could’ve made to take my online business to the next level. I am so excited to have launched my digital products and I now have all the tools I need. Thank you Danielle!

– Chenoa Brookins, Blogger + Content Creator

Pilar Argueta

“I improved many aspects of business that I didn’t know how important they were”

I improved so many aspects of my business! I was so scared and lost about launching my podcast, but now I feel confident and have so many ideas for my business to frow. I’m getting more students from Instagram and I’m seeing amazing results! It will change your view about your business and social media.

– Pilar Argueta, Founder of Study Spanish Anywhere

You Get:

✧ 8 Modules ($2,500 value)

✧ 8 Actionable Workbooks ($800 value)

✧ Access to our private Facebook Community where we give feedback, answer questions, and host live Q&As ($500 value)

✧ My exact content calendar that I use to consistently produce content on all platforms ($300 value)

✧ $100K Scaling Strategy and spreadsheet I used to hit my first $100K in business ($100 value)

✧ Imposter Syndrome Be Gone! Cheat Sheet ($50 value)

✧ Must-have software for your online business ($25 value)

TOTAL VALUE:  $4,275



1 time payment of $997



3 monthly PAYMENTS OF $397


“You have no choice but to excel”

I originally had no concrete business plan or solid direction that I wanted to take my business. Because Danielle literally walks you through and shows you step by step how to build your brand from the ground up, you have no choice but to excel in her program. The fact that I actually have income coming in and clients in my program still amazes me every time I think about it.

– Kiara Mitchell, Lifestyle Influencer


What is the wanderlover business academy?

WBA 2.0 is an 8-week online business course teaching new and aspiring coaches and creatives how to brand themselves, set up their systems, and scale to $5k months.

How much support will I receive from Danielle?

Danielle will be live in the Facebook group answering all your questions, celebrating your wins, and coaching every month!

I have another question. Who can I contact?

If you have any questions about the Wanderlover Business Academy 2.0, please email support@thewanderlover.com

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