From Corporate Tech to Life Coaching in Bali w/ Leannah Lumauig

6 figures, successful Silicon Valley job, prestige, and everything that should make someone happy in society’s eyes, but miserable and unfulfilled. This week on the show we have special guest Leannah Lumauig, who left corporate behind to impact lives through life coaching. Tune into this honest share of how she started her journey, resilience through it all, and inspiration for you to pivot if you feel called to do so!

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In this week’s episode, host Danielle Hu talks to Leannah Lumauig, a Bali life coach.

Leannah used to work in a high-paying corporate tech job in Silicon Valley, but like many of us, she realized that societal success didn’t equate to happiness and fulfillment.

Tune in to hear Leannah’s story of transition and resilience, and how she followed her passions towards corporate life coaching and surfing in Bali.

Leannah’s Background

Leannah Lumauig is a Bay Area native who grew up in the San Francisco region of California.

She followed the path that many of us are told will lead to success, but ultimately ended up feeling unfulfilled.

In 2013, she hired her first coach and began her journey towards becoming a life coach herself.

In 2014, she started her coaching practice and had her first clients, and in 2015 she made the move to Bali, following her love of surfing.

Six years later, she is still living in Bali and helping others find their path to happiness and fulfillment.

Moving to Bali “By Accident”

Leannah first transitioned to life coaching in 2014 and had her first clients that same year.

She ended up moving to Bali in 2015 “by accident.”

She had originally planned to travel for a few months or a year, but when she arrived in Bali, she fell in love with the place and decided to stay longer.

A volcano eruption ended up causing her flight to be cancelled, and instead of panicking, Leannah was happy that she didn’t have to leave.

This experience helped her realize that she wanted to make Bali her home.

Leannah’s journey to listening to her intuition and making life changes wasn’t easy.

She had spent much of her life following directions and doing what was expected of her, but this didn’t lead to fulfillment or happiness.

In her search for self-discovery, Leannah began practicing spiritual and presence exercises, like journaling, meditating, and reading. These helped her tune into her own feelings and listen to her intuition.

When she received an email that her flight had been canceled, she experienced joy and excitement, which confirmed to her that she was on the right path.

How Leannah Became a Life Coach

Leannah began considering a career as a life coach after feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in her corporate job.

She started talking to friends and posting on Facebook about wanting to motivate people for a living. She also found herself coaching her coworkers for free on things like relationships and promotions.

Eventually, Leannah decided to hire a coach for herself to see if coaching could be a potential career path.

She enrolled in the Coaches Training Institute’s Fundamentals course and knew immediately that she had found her calling.

Leannah took the most accelerated path through the CTI program and then decided to go through the certification program as well.

While in the certification program, she started coaching clients, including some she met at Burning Man.

After getting certified, Leannah started hosting her own programs and building out her brand.

She now runs a successful coaching business and has been able to help people all over the world transform their lives.

From Corporate to Bali Coaching

Leannah was afraid to tell her coworkers about her desire to become a life coach, as she was worried about being seen as having “one foot out the door” and potentially losing her job.

She only shared her plans with a few trusted friends and colleagues and started working on her coaching website and Facebook page in secret.

Eventually, she was encouraged to “rip the bandaid off” and announce her new career direction on Facebook.

The announcement received a lot of support, and Leannah was able to get more clients through emailing people and sharing her page.

Leannah has found that maintaining a consistent routine and taking care of herself is important in order to serve her clients well.

She starts her day with meditation and journaling, sets clear boundaries with her time, and makes sure to take breaks and rest. She also practices gratitude and focuses on her own personal growth and development.

By taking care of herself and staying present, Leannah is able to show up fully for her clients and help them achieve their goals.

How to Show Up For Your Clients

As a life coach, it’s important for Leannah to be fully present for her clients.

In order to do this, she makes sure to prioritize self-care and set clear boundaries. In the morning, she begins by meditating and journaling, and then goes out to move her body through activities like surfing or CrossFit.

After showering and eating, she’s ready to meet with her clients, feeling good and fully present.

Leannah also emphasizes the importance of setting clear boundaries with clients.

By doing so, she can ensure that she’s able to show up fully for them, rather than feeling distracted or drained.

But it’s not just about self-care and boundaries – Leannah is also a master at empowering her clients to reach their full potential.

As a graduate of Leannah’s Life Design Lab, Danielle can attest to the transformative power of Leannah’s coaching.

One particularly impactful practice from the program was simply writing down what you want out of life, whether that’s in your relationships, career, or personal growth.

By doing this, you can begin to manifest your goals and see your life unfold exactly as you want it to.

Another key takeaway for Leannah has been the realization that there is only one you, with your own unique skillset, passions, values, and strengths. I

t’s important to draw inspiration from others, but ultimately, you have to make your goals and plans your own and execute them in a way that feels authentic to you.

Leannah has also learned the value of being open to new experiences and challenges, even if they may initially seem daunting.

For example, when she was asked to speak on a Clubhouse panel, she initially felt nervous and unsure if she was qualified. But she took the opportunity and ended up having a great experience and learning a lot in the process.

Overall, Leannah’s approach to life coaching is centered on empowering clients to embrace their uniqueness and take control of their lives.

By setting clear boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and being open to new experiences, you can show up fully for yourself and those around you.

Finding Your Authenticity in Business

As a coach, Leannah has learned the importance of finding what is most authentic to you and not forcing things. She has also noticed this lesson in her coaching clients.

Danielle has also recently read about the importance of showing up in your most authentic self in The Almanack of Naval Ravikant. In business, it’s crucial to pave your own path and not just follow others.

Leannah shares her own journey of finding her authenticity in business.

She initially thought that being a coach meant looking extremely polished and professional. However, she realized that she could create whatever she wanted and still be professional. It’s important to constantly learn and adapt, and not let external expectations dictate how you should present yourself.

Danielle shares a similar experience, having struggled with changing her LinkedIn photo after leaving corporate life.

She realized that this change symbolized the end of that chapter and the beginning of creating her own path. It’s scary, but necessary to take control of your own brand and not let others dictate how you should present yourself.

Leannah shares that there have been times where she wanted to quit and felt like she wasn’t qualified enough.

She recalls a time when she first moved to Bali and had a roster of clients, but then felt like life was stagnant.

She eventually realized that she needed to pivot and change things up in order to keep growing and learning.

It’s important to not be afraid of change and to keep an open mind in order to continue growing in your business.

To learn more about Leannah and connect with her, you can find her on Instagram and her website.

Leannah is a shining light and an inspiration to follow. Her authenticity and resilience in building her own business make her a valuable person to have on your radar.

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