From Corporate Tech to Life Coaching in Bali w/ Leannah Lumauig

Sep 20, 2021 | Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Podcast, Travel

6 figures, successful Silicon Valley job, prestige, and everything that should make someone happy in society’s eyes ~ but miserable and unfulfilled. This week on the show we have special guest Leannah Lumauig, who left corporate behind to impact lives through life coaching. Tune into this honest share of how she started her journey, resilience through it all, and inspiration for you to pivot if you feel called to do so!

This episode is for everyone dreaming of or working towards going from corporate life to CEO of their own business! Leannah Lumauig did just that and she shares how she achieved success by following her intuition (3:50), prioritising herself to better serve her clients (14:50) and the power of being her authentic self (20:00).

Audio Transcript

Intro (5s):
The Wanderlover podcast was created with a mission to enable travel and freedom through entrepreneurship. I’m your host, Danielle Hu business mentor, content creator, and founder of the wander lover tune in every week for episodes about travel online business, social media, and mindset that will inspire you to take massive action towards living the life of your dreams.

Danielle (33s):
Hi everyone. Welcome back to The Wanderlover podcast. This week on the show, we have one of my dearest friends and inspirations, Leannah Lumauig, who is a life coach based in Bali. She used to work a six-figure corporate tech job in Silicon valley with big names like E-bay Adobe and PayPal. But as we all know, by now, those wins in society’s eyes, don’t necessarily equate to happiness and fulfillment, really excited to have Leannah with us on the show today, to talk about her story, her brave transition and resilience through it all. Welcome to the show. Leannah.

Leannah (1m 12s):
Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Danielle (1m 14s):
We are also excited to hear from you. Would you like to tell us about your background and how you ended up in Bali?

Leannah (1m 24s):
Yeah, so I am Leannah Lumauig. I am a bay area native. I grew up in the San Francisco bay area in California, and I did all of the things that our parents told us to do to be successful like yourself. And, you know, I went that route and I ended up not feeling successful. So what I ended up doing was going on my own journey, doing some soul, searching, gaining more, self-awareness hiring a coach and pursued the path of life coaching because I felt that it was so powerful for me, very, very transformative for my life and career. So I went that path in pursuing life coaching and also followed my personal love for surfing.

Leannah (2m 10s):
I ended up in Bali just for surfing and ended up staying here six years later.

Danielle (2m 16s):
When did you first transition to life coaching? And when, when did you come to Bali?

Leannah (2m 22s):
I hired my first coach in 2013, but I’d been thinking about it for a couple of years before that making a career transition off and on for a couple of years, I started my coaching journey in 2014 and had my first clients in 2014. And then I moved over to Bali in 2015 by accident. Wow.

Danielle (2m 41s):
Why do you say by accident?

Leannah (2m 42s):
Because it wasn’t my intention at all to move. It was one of those I’m just going to travel for maybe six months, maybe a year. Like a lot of us decided to do. And when I got here, I said, you know what? I love it here. So I kept extending and I kept extending. I told her friend that I would meet her in another country. And on the day of my flight, I was supposed to leave. There was a volcano that erupted and closed all of the airports and I was stuck here. And instead of being stressed out and trying to figure out how to make an exit, I was so happy that I didn’t have to leave. So I knew at that point, that Bali, I wanted to make a home in Bali more than I wanted to travel the world.

Danielle (3m 29s):
And it’s so powerful listening to your intuition and really giving yourself permission to want to change plans. Right. And what I find really cool about that is coming from your corporate background, you probably were so used to always having plans and having things figured out and having things go a certain way. So the fact that when that happened, you didn’t panic. You weren’t like, oh my God, I need to do what I was supposed to do you instead change the directory of your whole life? How did you manage that? How did you go from one extreme to being so good at listening to yourself?

Leannah (4m 9s):
It will. Yeah, it was definitely not like a light switch. Right. I spent a lot of my life listening to other people, listening to what a good corporate girl does. And even before that, what a straight a student does, I was very, very good at following directions. And I realized that it led me in a direction that didn’t feel successful where I didn’t feel fulfilled and I didn’t feel happy. So in my discovery of self, like the whole spiritual awakening and practicing more to listen to myself, listen to my intuition, reading, journaling, meditating, and doing all of the, all of these spiritual practices and presence, practices, and meditation and all of that I learned yeah.

Leannah (4m 55s):
To tune in. I learned to tune into what felt right, what felt expensive, even though I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but I knew how I felt, how, how I felt when I got that email. Like the cab was already on its way to pick me up. I had, my, my backpack was packed. Everything was already put away. And I just checked my email one last time. And it said your flight’s been canceled. And usually right, when you get something like that, you panic for, for people who are planners like us. Right. And I am very much a control person. I like to know what I’m doing every minute of the day. And I mean, up until that point, and then, and I noticed in my body that I felt so happy.

Leannah (5m 38s):
Like I, I tapped into the emotion of joy and excitement and happiness. And that’s when I knew, okay, this is, this is something that’s real. That was put in that

Danielle (5m 50s):
Situation assigned from the universe.

Leannah (5m 53s):

Danielle (5m 54s):
And Leannah and I actually, we first met at outpost. So when I had just first moved to Bali, I wanted to join a coworking space. And she was there. She, we also went to CrossFit together. And I remember that you were the first life coach I had ever met because I had no idea what it was at that point. I was like, whoa, what is it that you do? And then only a few months later you offered life design lab, which was like this really immersive three week experience to help people kind of decide what they really truly are passionate about and what they should pursue in life, which was life-changing.

Danielle (6m 33s):
Could you talk a little bit more about how you started going from, you know, wanting to be a life coach to actually becoming one and then hosting your own programs?

Leannah (6m 46s):
Yeah, absolutely. So I was in this space where a lot of my clients are right there. They’re working in corporate or they’re working a nine to five and they’re not feeling it anymore. Or is there something about it? That’s really not fitting in with how they want to live. They’re not 100% satisfied. And that’s what happened to me. I was going through the motions of, in my job. And then I started feeling like anxiety. I had not to my stomach. Every time we would rock up to work, it just didn’t feel like it just felt like something was off. So I started talking with friends and journaling and doing all of these things and like even posting on Facebook, like I just want to motivate people for a living.

Leannah (7m 29s):
Like I was, these were all little breadcrumbs. I noticed that I was going into conference rooms at work, coaching my coworkers for free on their relationships, on getting a promotion. And then I realized, Hey, you know, maybe I should hire a coach myself. And part of the reason why I hired a coach is because I had heard of coaching before. And this was like 2013, right before then. I didn’t know anybody who was a coach, but I had some mentors that had gone to the coaches training Institute where I had, yeah. I just heard a lot about it. So I decided to hire my own coach and see what that was about for research thinking in the back of my mind that this could possibly be a potential career path, but I didn’t want to just put all my eggs in one basket just because I had an idea.

Leannah (8m 19s):
And so we looked at different career paths, like coaching was one of them, but other ones were like music or art therapy because I love mental health. I love music. I love creativity. There were other things that we entertained, but we ultimately followed one path towards coaching. And I decided, you know what, I’m just going to follow this path and see what happens. So I joined, eventually joined the school that I’d heard a lot about, which is the coaches training Institute. And I decided to try their fundamentals course. And then it was in the first day of the three-day the fundamentals course where at the end of the day, I was like, oh my God, I think I hit it.

Leannah (9m 1s):
Like, I think this is it. I got like, I, it was like a full body. Yes. I said, I had never felt more home in a professional place than I ever had. Yeah. I had never felt more home before

Danielle (9m 15s):
Course. And how did you manifest that? Like, what were your next steps to, from taking the course to building out your own brand?

Leannah (9m 25s):
Yeah, so I did the rest of the weekend course, and there were five other courses, which you spread out over like six months. So I took the most accelerated path

Danielle (9m 36s):

Leannah (9m 39s):
To graduate from the course. And then the next step was get certified. And now you don’t have to get certified. You can take the coaching program and develop your own clients from there. But I am like an overachiever, my nature, or that’s my pattern. Right. So I was like, I’m going to go all the way. And I went through the certification program, so it was a total of a year. And then after that, well, while I was in the certification program, I started coaching clients and I taught my first clients actually from burning man. First do clients. Yeah. We’re from burning man. So it was 2014.

Leannah (10m 20s):
Right. And I was, I, yeah, they were my pain clients. I was in a camp with them and was telling them about this new direction. And because everybody’s so open-minded and loving and just, yeah, just completely open. I started talking about how passionate I was about my new career path and they felt it. And they were also in the, in the middle of exploring what was next for them. So after we all got back out of our dusty clothes, I started meeting with clients on the evenings and weekends, a little apartment in San Francisco. We would meet in my bedroom.

Danielle (11m 2s):
I love that so much. And it’s just such a Testament to entrepreneurship. There’s no cookie cutter road that you can follow. Right? Like you never know where your next clients are going to come from how your programs are going to play out. Like you had no idea you would be getting paid from your own bedroom. I know that’s. Yeah. And that’s the beauty of it all. How did you first get over almost a fear of going from this really prestigious nine to five corporate job, high earning to pursuing the unknown. Did you tell your coworkers, how did you navigate from one end to the other?

Leannah (11m 44s):
I was terrified to tell people because in corporate, like it’s, nobody says this, but corporate culture is like, you’re not allowed to have a life outside of corporate. You’re supposed to schedule all of your appointments outside of office hours. You, you know, like, God forbid, you want to work out in the middle of the day, like no way. So if you have a side hustle, it’s like, you got to keep that secret because people are going to think that you have one foot out the door and you have to worry about if you will have a job before you’re even ready to step out. So I was, I was afraid of telling people. So I only told some trusted people that work that knew what I was doing.

Leannah (12m 26s):
We would hang out on the weekends. I even had a, I was working on my website in the evenings and I didn’t want to share my Facebook page. So it was a huge deal to announce that I had a Facebook page that was Leannah Lumauig, my weight coaching. And I think it was just after, like, I started assisting for the coaches training Institute. And I talked with someone from the course that was also assisting with me. And they were like, just rip the bandaid off. And they gave, you know, so I had support from people who are also going through a similar, a similar thing and got permission. Not that I needed to, but it was really helpful to be supported by people who understood exactly what I was going through.

Danielle (13m 10s):
And then, so you announced it.

Leannah (13m 13s):
I announced it. Yeah. And I remember it, it comes up every year on my Facebook page too. And it was actually September of 2014 where I announced it on Facebook. I think I took a screenshot. I’ll probably share it on my stories.

Danielle (13m 27s):
Happy. Yes. Thank

Leannah (13m 29s):
You. But it was so cute. It was like very corporate speak, like just announcing something. And it was very formal. Like, like I had to overexplain myself for taking this new direction, but

Danielle (13m 41s):
Calm the heart. Yeah.

Leannah (13m 44s):
But I announced it and you know, when people supported me and I also emailed a bunch of people and I got more clients that way,

Danielle (13m 52s):
That’s incredible. And I think it’s really humbling to all of our listeners, because if they go onto your page right now, like you are an expert, you started years and years ago, but everyone starts from somewhere. Right. And to a lot of people, if you just go on Instagram, if you go on social media, it just looks like all of the success came from almost nowhere, but it’s years of hard work learning what doesn’t work, like going through these really tough transitions and feeling uncomfortable. Right. Like doing it even before you feel ready, hitting posts, even when you feel like you’re explaining things you don’t have to, and not knowing how to word it and still trying to include corporate jargon.

Danielle (14m 34s):
So yeah. But now like look at where you are now, and you’ve just inspired and helped so many people within the past few short years.

Leannah (14m 47s):
Thank you. Thank you so much.

Danielle (14m 50s):
So I’d to hear about what routines you keep in your day to day to help you serve your clients the best, right. Like operating at that level of coaching, where you’re pouring from a full cup.

Leannah (15m 7s):
Yeah. So this is definitely something I had to learn through experience when I first started coaching. And when I first got to Bali, what I did was, and people were, I wasn’t charging as much as I do now. So it was giving more of a discount as I was ramping up. And what I did was I had, I coached like five clients back to back on the same day. Whoa. I was thinking, you know, if I’m traveling, I want to make sure that I have good internet, but I don’t want to make sure that I have good internet all every day of the week. Cause what if I don’t? So it was in service to my clients and also to my own schedule and my, my travel schedule. Right. Cause I was kind of bouncing around at first and I realized quickly that I can’t coach, like I’m still like after a coaching session and you probably experienced this, like you’re still kind of processing, you know, what’s going on with your client.

Leannah (16m 1s):
There’s so many things that’s happening in their life and you absorb some of that. So I was just going from one to the other, to the other. And then at the end I couldn’t do anything. I just felt so depleted. So I love how you say, like how do you coach from a full cup? Because initially I didn’t, I didn’t realize that energy moved in that way or worked in that way. So now I spread a lot of my clients out. I definitely don’t do back to back like that. So I make sure that I know that I will be in a place that is full of energy and where I can be very present. So I don’t do a lot of creative work right before I make sure that I’m in a good Headspace. I journal every single day.

Leannah (16m 42s):
I try and meditate as often as I can without pressuring myself. Instead of, yeah. Without telling myself I have to do anything, I just kind of do what it is that my body feels like. So most of the time in the morning I will journal first thing and then I will go out and move my body. Whether that’s surf or Moya tire CrossFit, I’ll come back. I will make sure I shower and eat and I’m ready for my coaching sessions with my clients. And sometimes like with the timing and everything people want to meet earlier. But you know, for me, I need to make sure that I set clear boundaries with my clients because I want to make sure that I can show up for them fully.

Leannah (17m 24s):
So if I don’t work out or if I have not showered, like I’m not going to feel good. So I make sure that I feel good so I can serve my client better. So nothing else is really taking my intention except for them. And I can be extremely present with them.

Danielle (17m 41s):
Yeah. And I love that because having been coached by you in life design lab, like you’ve really know how to communicate where you’re empowering your client to their fullest. Like you always are able to show up a hundred percent and that’s because you do all of these things behind the scenes, like set those boundaries, know your routines that really get you to that point where you’re able to transform your clients. Most one thing I loved about life design lab was simply write down what you wanted out of your life. So whether that’s in your relationship, in your partner, in your business, in your life, like just writing it down and then it worked.

Danielle (18m 21s):
And then I was like, oh my God, . And specifically for rags, like by relationship, you made us like write down every single detail about our future partner. And I remember thinking like, huh, this is like, is this an, is this necessary? Like, this seems unnecessary, but I did it anyway because I was in that environment. Right. And that’s just a practice that I’ve integrated throughout every aspect of my life. And I continue to do so today and what I also encourage my clients to do. So remember when we had that clubhouse life design talk, a few of our listeners, I know, have gone on to design their own lives.

Danielle (19m 10s):
And it’s really powerful because it’s not something really complicated. It’s not something that you need to feel ready for. Right. But it’s really humbling to look back on what you said a few years ago and then seeing your life play out exactly the way you wanted it to.

Leannah (19m 33s):
Yeah. It’s crazy. Like I get the chills when I hear you say that, because I know that in life design lab, we got really, we got really excited when we were manifesting rags and we didn’t know who he was yet. Right. And you said all of these things about him being a content creator, having this type of lifestyle and having the relationship that you do have today and to meet him finally in person, it was just so such a nice full circle moment for sure. As a friend, as a coach and everything, it was just so nice.

Danielle (20m 3s):
Oh, thank you. What do you think has been your biggest takeaways from the past few years? Like so after you started your coaching business and how it’s shaped and evolved,

Leannah (20m 16s):
Well, there’s only one of you, right? And the things that you bring, the magic that you bring, your unique skillset, your passions, your values, your strengths, all of that can only really be executed by you. And so many times that I see in my self or with clients, right? We, we take a look externally for how to do things. And I don’t knock that because we don’t know everything intrinsically. Right? We go, we get inspiration from books and from Instagram and from all of these things, and we’ve got to skill up and learn all of these things.

Leannah (20m 57s):
But there comes a point where after you learn some of these things, these basics, these tools and how to execute, you’ve got to really make it your own, right. Because if you’re following and I’m guilty of this also, but it could, because if you’re following someone who’s wildly successful at one thing, that might be the way that works for you. But if you try it and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It just might mean that like, it just worked for someone else. And I think, I I’ve heard you say this or someone else say this, I’ve heard this around where it’s just like every, every type of execution works, right. Like selling on Instagram works, not selling on Instagram works.

Leannah (21m 40s):
Right. So just trying to find what is most authentic to you in a way where you’re not forcing things is a really powerful lesson that I’ve learned. And I also see a lot in my coaching clients as well.

Danielle (21m 57s):
I literally just read this yesterday in, have you ever read the Almanac by Naval Ravikant

Leannah (22m 5s):
I just saw that in your story today,

Danielle (22m 11s):
Creativity and business can not be replicated. Right. And showing up in your most authentic self. Totally get that too. And I think that’s something I’m just learning because I’m always like a habitual serial learner. And at one point you really need to stop yourself and be like, I need to execute on what works for me instead of just getting shiny object syndrome all the time, or like trying to follow someone else because in anything creative or business-related, you really need to pave your own path and it takes time. It takes practice. When do you think that hit you on your business journey?

Leannah (22m 54s):
I think like I take a look at my, my first website, my first corporate photos, and I thought to be a coach, you had to be looking really professional and very buttoned up like, cause you can see veal very polished and everything. And yes, that was me in corporate. But that wasn’t really how like that was me before all the layers kind of were appealed on. Right. So coming here, I even had like this weird thing about, so am I professional? Am I beachy? Like when I surf, but like, can you be professional while also being like beachy casual? Like, so that for me, just kind of going through an identity evolution and realizing that you can, you can create whatever you want to create.

Leannah (23m 42s):
Right. It doesn’t have to just because you surf and don’t brush your hair, doesn’t mean you’re not professional. You don’t have you, you can’t service people in a professional way. So it’s just a constant learning and constant unpeeling

Danielle (23m 59s):
Coming from corporate to, and I had the same dilemma. I had like a corporate professional LinkedIn photo. And after years of not working in finance, I just couldn’t bring myself to change my photo. And I remembered that was like the defining factor. I was like, as soon as I changed this, it means the whole chapter is done. Like I do not have any trace of being corporate anywhere in my brand anymore. And that was the last thing to change. And once I did it, it was like, that was a huge moment for me. And it’s signaled in my business that you are creating your own path. No, one’s going to tell you how to dress up, how you have to present yourself.

Danielle (24m 41s):
And it’s scary. Right. And I think what I admire about you is like, you’ve obviously just been in business for so, so long and the resilience that you were able to pave your own way before any

Leannah (24m 57s):
Yeah. I mean it’s easier and harder, you know? I mean there’s always, yeah. Like there’s pros and cons to everything. Right. But yeah. I didn’t even realize that this was being created as I was doing it. I was again, just figuring it out, following how I felt. And of course we learned by had challenging experiences, rewarding experiences and yeah, I’m, I’m really happy with all of the lessons that I’ve learned.

Danielle (25m 26s):
Have there been any times where you’ve wanted to quit or you just felt like you weren’t qualified enough?

Leannah (25m 34s):
Yeah, absolutely. So when I first got to Bali, I was working with clients and then all of a sudden I had a whole roster of clients. I was like, great. I can sustain life here. This is amazing. Everything started becoming easy. So I had a partner that I was living with. I had a community of friends, some I was living with some, we were having like get togethers all the time. And every, this was like a dream come true for me, everything was great. And then I started re re like, feeling like life was stagnant. I said, okay. I reached my goals and I have clients, but it didn’t feel like I was moving further.

Leannah (26m 15s):
And at the time I didn’t know that I wanted to, but it was also a signal in my body. Right. That was like, girl, you got to keep moving. Like, you’re not just going to do this. You’re not. And at the time I was like following more of the template that I learned from coaching. So it wasn’t a lot of my flavor in it yet, but the work was still provided value. So my leadership style wasn’t carved out yet. I hadn’t done any group coaching and I knew that I wanted to. So I think that was also something that was kind of in the back of my mind. That was like, you know, you want to do more, but at the time public speaking terrified me. Like I would never be on a podcast like this no way.

Leannah (26m 55s):
And I go to like, go on video. I would never do that to like, you would put a video on my FA like the camera on. I would freeze up and act super awkward. I did not know what to say and be like, Leannah, are you there? Like, I would be so awkward. So I, you know, so that was the version of myself. I was back then in 2016 and then I realized just things. And then things just started like the, the universe started talking to me and things just started not going my way anymore. So I recognize that I knew I wanted more. So what I did was I left Bali and indefinitely.

Leannah (27m 36s):
I left my, ended up leaving the relationship that I was really happy in the dream life that I had, I had dreamt up was, you know, maybe over. And I went back to the bay area because I signed up to join a one year leadership program to help me hone my leadership skills. It was from the same coaching school that I went to the coaches training Institute. And it was a year long program where you do four retreats and entire year. And then there was virtual work in between. So the first two retreats I did in Bali, I mean, in San Francisco and as I was leaving Bali to start the retreat, I got a call from outpost, from the founder of outpost.

Leannah (28m 26s):
And they were like, do you want to create your own course, your own program? After I had, like, I was literally like leaving Bali. I think I was in Jakarta, like leaving Indonesia. Yeah. And I got an email and I was like, ah, and it was on LinkedIn. And it was just like bad timing in my mind. I was like, this is bad timing. I’m leaving. I don’t know. I don’t think so. And I talked to my dad about it and I was like, yeah, but I’m not there anymore. Like that’s too bad. It was, you know, you get inquiries on LinkedIn all the time. So I decided to ignore it for awhile. But then my dad was like, at least talk to them.

Leannah (29m 7s):
I was like, okay, fine. You know? And I was depressed because I was in the middle of a breakup. I was back home. And my P my dad’s house feeling really like low. It was like a, like a dark place that I was in for a while. And I was just feeling not confident. So I ended up calling them back and we got in a couple of calls and, you know, sure enough, like two months later I was back in Bali creating my own program, which you know, is the life design lab. And yeah, I haven’t left since. Wow. That just gave me chills a, because

Danielle (29m 42s):
Like I met you through that program. So knowing that it almost didn’t happen crazy, but also how you were at the lowest of the low. And this is a recurring theme that I really want to stress because a lot of times the people I invite on, they have so many successes and they’re successful. But in those times, like we all go through them when you were at the lowest of the low, like heartbreak grief, and just seemingly like the world is against you. When time progresses, there will be opportunities that unfolds in front of you that you literally couldn’t even fathom. Right?

Danielle (30m 22s):
Like it wasn’t on your radar at all. You never know what is going to happen. And the fact that it was so aligned to what you wanted to do deep down, it was only one answer. And it’s you like,

Leannah (30m 39s):
We know it’s been really shitty. Here you go.

Danielle (30m 45s):
Yeah. Well, and I’m just so glad that it worked out that way, because like lo and behold, you are on my podcast and you have a podcast yourself. That is also something that is super inspiring because I know many listeners, they are uncomfortable in front of the camera. They don’t like being filmed. They don’t like sharing their story, even though they have so much to share. And knowing that you came from a place where you were insecure about public speaking, and now you’re like one of the best public speakers that I know. So what are your next steps with your business and what on your vision board?

Leannah (31m 28s):
Okay. So I did the vision board with you earlier this year, and it’s so funny at the time I was, you know, pat powering through on my own. And I was like, I want a team. So I was like, I want someone to help me with content. I wanna VA and, and I was like, I want that within the first year and two months later it happened. So it was like, oh, we should do this more often. Yeah. So I’m looking at it right now, but I wrote it in pen. So, and it’s far away, but yeah, there are a few things on my vision board, which I’m really excited to, to manifest, but I’d like to start doing in-person things again, because I met you through an in-person program and I really dig the in-person experiences.

Leannah (32m 17s):
And I know that a lot of people are itching to travel and Bali is definitely, definitely on a lot of people’s lists. So when that happens, I love to be able to host something here, similar to life design lab, but I’m working on just some content on how I’m evolving as well. And it’s, so I haven’t landed on like something solid yet. I’m working on something that I think I’m going to be sharing in the beginning of the year, the first part of next year. But it’s definitely going to be around life design, having a fulfilling, meaningful life, but focusing more on, you know, women of color, like, and the unique experiences that they have either in their professional lives, their personal life, their relationships.

Leannah (33m 9s):
So I’m super excited about that. So exciting. Yeah. So that’s what I’m working on right now, but nothing solid. So right now I’m just focusing on one-on-one and just really connecting with my clients and their experiences and learning through that, to add to the program that I’m working on.

Danielle (33m 26s):
I love it. And how can people find you if they want to connect further and learn more about everything that you’re working on?

Leannah (33m 34s):
Yeah. So they can find me on Instagram @Leannelumauig. You can visit my website, I also have a podcast at The Undercurrent Podcast.

Danielle (33m 48s):
Yeah. I’ll link everything in the show. Notes. Leannah is such an amazing light. And I know as soon as you start following her journey, you’re going to be so inspired. She’s definitely been a key component and why I picked up and continued with surfing. She’s just such a great person to have on your radar. Leannah, thank you so much for being on the show. Is there any last words that you would like to share with our audience?

Leannah (34m 20s):
I just appreciate being on the show. If I know Danielle’s audience and I know Danielle, I mean, I, I see you show up all of the time and I’m just so like, I know that your audience really does value all the effort that you put in and to showing up. And I know you personally, and, and I feel very lucky to be connected with you in this way and to, to, to connect with you and your audience in this way,

Danielle (34m 49s):
Right back at you. And I think that’s what happens when you’re like living your truth. People just come aligned into your life in the most perfect ways.

Leannah (34m 59s):
Thank you so

Danielle (34m 59s):
Much for that. Thank you so much, Leannah. It has been an absolute pleasure and guys, I hope this was super helpful. I will see all of you next week. Lots of love.


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