Trust the Timing of Your Life

Ever feel like your life should have, could have, would have played out differently had you made different decisions in the past? Like your life is “supposed” to look differently in the present moment? In this honest share, we talk about divine timing, failures in my own business that led me to where I am today, surrender, and everything falling in place exactly as it’s meant to. Keep going, love!

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Today’s episode is a mini lesson from the bottom of my heart, inspired by the incredible individuals in Momentum Mastermind, all about trusting the timing of your life.

I felt really compelled to share this with all of you. It’s such a powerful concept.

I hope you enjoy it and really take it to heart.

What does trust the timing of your life mean?

Trust the timing of your life means that your life should look exactly like what it looks like right now. There is absolutely no timeline, no right or wrong timeline, for anyone doing anything at any point.

Your life, whatever you’re experiencing right now, you are supposed to be experiencing.

You trust that everything happens for a reason.

Trusting the Timing of Your Life

Once you internalize that there really is no timeline you need to be following or have to be following, and that you are exactly where you need to be, all of that pressure, stress, and anxiety disappears.

That’s when you can start making empowered decisions for yourself.

As soon as you give into the fears and give into what could be or should be, it takes power away from you.

You feel stress when you put that pressure on yourself. You feel nervous.

How are you supposed to build a business when you’re constantly worrying about the present moment and whether you’re doing the right thing?

Change Your Mindset

In the future, you’re going to look back and be so understanding of why everything happened exactly the way it was meant to be.

For example, one of our Momentum Mastermind members admitted that they had no idea what changing their mindset meant. I’m constantly talking about shifting your mindset and changing your thoughts in order to change your feelings, change your actions, and change your results.

They were so flustered. They were like, what does that mean? How do I do that? How will that change my life? Do I meditate, watch more documentaries, listen to more podcasts? How do I apply it to my life?

Do you see how that thinking and pressure to have it all figured out is heightened by the fact that you feel like you must have the understanding at that moment?

It’s okay to not have it all figured out and it’s okay.

But know that the understanding will come. And you can’t understand everything without first not understanding.

I hope you hear my message, and reflect back and realize, I understand what she’s saying now. It makes so much sense.

How to Trust the Timing of Your Life

Another one of my clients said that she feels like she’s too late for the entrepreneurship game.

She feels like she has spent so much time in Corporate America and just wasn’t making moves. She should have started earlier. She should have done this and should have done that.

Those thoughts do not serve her at all. Those feelings are just taking her power.

The more energy and attention you give those defeating thoughts, the less power you have in the present moment to move forward with something that serves you.

If you’re not happy with where you are right now, change it. There’s no alternate universe where your life should have played out a different way.

You always have the power in the present moment to do something differently for yourself.

Look back on those times and realize that maybe you weren’t ready to be an entrepreneur.

Maybe you weren’t ready to do this. You didn’t have the same mindset, or you didn’t even know what mindset was.

You couldn’t have possibly made those decisions at those times, because if you had the right mindset, you would have done it back then.

What My Failed Launch Taught Me

As we are finalizing our most perfect aligned group for Momentum Mastermind, I want to share with you guys my first failed launch in 2018.

Back in 2018, I wanted to launch a mastermind. I wanted to run a group program. If you’ve been following me for a few years, I named it. I launched it. And one person signed up in the first few days, and then it was crickets. I didn’t hear from anyone.

I got really scared to post about it because I was like, I already posted on my page, I posted in stories, what do I do now?

Then, and started imagining the mastermind with only one person in it started freaking out being like I can’t have a group program with only one person.

I wanted at least five people. And you know what I did, I emailed that person and I backed out. I was like, I’m so sorry. We’re not having this Mastermind.

I didn’t even finish my launch guys. I had a month to launch and I didn’t even finish it.

And at that moment, I could have labeled myself as a failure. I could have tried to just not ever start a Mastermind or group program ever again.

I could have gone back to corporate. I could have done so many things to not stay on track and try to convince myself that it wasn’t the track I was meant to be. I was a failure. I like wasn’t a good coach. I didn’t know how to sell.

Looking back on that, it was because I simply was not ready and I was not ready to handle a group at the time. I clearly didn’t know how to launch. I clearly didn’t have the faith or confidence in myself, in my abilities to lead a group like that and finish what I had started.

It takes time. It takes experience. It takes mistakes. It takes a lot of learning to get you to the next level.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do when you feel like you’re trying so hard, you’re thinking really hard, you’re not happy in your current situation and you want to change it so, so badly.

Surrender to the timing of things and trust that it is all working out in your favor.

The same girl that said that she spent so much time trying something that didn’t work really wants pursue entrepreneurship, but had no idea what to start. That same girl said she was ready. She felt ready.

One day found my podcast and saw that I had a group program starting right away, and that was exactly what she needed.

It’s All Coming Your Way

You can have it all and you will attract what you are. Health, wealth, love, freedom, happiness, success, fulfillment. You can have everything.

You do not need to settle for anything less, and it will all come to you. It will gravitate towards you.

Once you truly believe that you are worthy, and you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

I am always wishing you so much love and happiness and success.

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Danielle Hu

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