Hi! Thank you so much for being here.

I’m Danielle, and here’s my story.

Growing up, I checked off alllll the boxes that I thought would make me happy: graduate from an Ivy League university, live in New York City, get a prestigious job in finance for a big bank.

But after only a few months of working in a cubicle, I quickly learned the corporate world was not for me. I felt trapped, like a cog in the wheel, arriving to the office before sunrise and leaving after sunset. I could not wrap my head around working for a few vacation days a year, and knew there was more to life.

All it took was a carefully written letter of resignation & a bold step into the unknown that completely changed my life.

In 2017, I landed my first brand collaboration with a 5-star hotel in Paris.

In 2018, I launched the 1st edition of The Travel Influencer Handbook

In 2019, The Wanderlover saw its first 5-figure month.

Present day, I travel the world full-time, while coaching clients around the world to create, build, and scale successful online businesses.

People are taught in society to pursue a safe, traditional, path in life. I’m here to tell them to follow their heart, take risks, and create your own freedom through entrepreneurship

I’d love to hear from you and your story! My DMs on Instagram are always open, and you can email me at any time.

It’s time to get outside your comfort zone.

Your journey to freedom starts here.

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