Entrepreneurship in Mauritius w/ Lexia Hin: Wedding Designer + Cafe Owner – Ep. 20

Lexia Hin is a serial entrepreneur who quit school at the age of 16 to pursue her passions. She is a close friend and past client who started a wildly successful cake and wedding planning business and just opened her own Bali-inspired cafe. Listen in to her story of resilience and determination, and learn what entrepreneurship is like in Mauritius (as well as where in the world Mauritius is)! Vouloir c’est pouvoir

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In this episode, we share how Lexia got started on her entrepreneurship journey (4:40), struggles she has faced (12:55 and 19:31), and how she stays creative (31:12).

Audio Transcript

This week on The Wanderlover podcast, we have Lexia Hin our first international guests from Mauritius and bonus points if you know where Mauritius is! She’s a serial entrepreneur close friend and past client who started a wildly successful cake and wedding planning business, and just open her own Bali inspired cafe.

Listen into her story of resilience and determination and learn what entrepreneurship is like in . Hi everyone. And welcome back to this week’s episode of The Wanderlover Podcastd. We have such a special guest with us. Welcome Lexia. Hello. How are you doing? I’m great. I’m super great. I’m so excited today for this podcast. So I’m a bit nervous, but I think it’s fine. Yeah, you’ll be so great. And I’m really excited to have you on here. And Lexia currently is located in Maricia. So first guests from Africa, and we’re just so curious about where you grew up, what life is like there.

(1m 42s):
So can you please tell us a little bit about how entrepreneurship is in your country? All right. So first of all, Maricia is, is too, a lot of people don’t know where’s marshes versus a nearby the Indian ocean. And these often get confused to my dies. So it starts you different like marshes. We have a lot of beautiful seaside, but it’s a little Island where you can have like good food, a lot of beach there’s it is quite, it is more developed than my jars. Rafa Tamara is just like islands.

(2m 22s):
So emotions would be like still shopping center, good food, good restaurants. There’s a lot of things. And entrepreneurship here is not going, it’s quite crazy. So a lot of people are, want to have a lot of creative idea to do their own stuff and not to have a nine to five job. So I feel like, yeah. So I think motion people is now getting through all the crazy, like everyone wants to be entrepreneur. And just to let you know, submersion Island, we have, it’s a mix emoji cultural Island. So like some French, we have some, a lot of different types of white people.

(3m 6s):
We have African, we have Indian mescaline and Chinese. So my background is a Chinese, but we only have like 3% of Chinese in Russias. So, which is really, really less. Wow. Yeah. What, what city are you in? So in vicious, So under North vegetable merge, negative capital, it’s like 10 minutes from the capital, which is the sport Reese. Yeah. So I’m near the beach, but we have a different sector life, the central, we have North to South, but I’m in the North. Amazing. And what languages do you speak on a day-to-day basis?

(3m 47s):
Our language is more French. So we use French and we also speak English, but our national language is the Creole. So Creole is a mix of African words with French and English all mixed together. So it’s like the Creole that, you know, in a lot of African country tours, I know they speak Creole and the Caribbean. Yes. Like French and Creole mixed together and English, African words. That is so cool. I really hope to visit one day on the budget. Well, sure. Beautiful beaches there. So you will love it. Okay. So I would love to get to know more about you.

(4m 29s):
You have an amazing story. I’m sure the audience would love to just hear how unique entrepreneurship is in, where you grew up and how you overcame the obstacles in your life. So would you like to tell us a bit about your entrepreneurship journey? So first of all, my entrepreneurship journey was not so smooth and easy. I started just age of 16 years old and I grew up with negativity. That’s why entrepreneurship actually saved my future and my career. So when I start school, age 16, I got bullied for nearly six years when I was in high school, because I was always different.

(5m 15s):
Have to like cook. I love to do like watch a lot of cooking, cooking experience or TV shows or baking is then going to clubs. Or I was always be different. Like, my style was different. I was like a very good girl, not much friends. And I feel like how I stopped school and doing my own business was because I supposing on Facebook, my food and my cakes. And I got a lot of social virtual friends. And here’s why I say I don’t want to continue school and waste my time to have a degree or a paper when I want to work for myself.

(5m 58s):
You know, I was really stable at the time. And I said to myself, I just want to do some cakes and have like a lot of people love my cakes likes. And I said, okay, let me do that. But it was really difficult at the time, because especially behind like an Asian background, their parents don’t really understand, Oh, you’re stopping school at age 16. Like, I think you’re crazy. And I go, you can’t do that except you’re barely like a rich man. When I said, no, I really want to have myself have big house, have my own company. But I was just 16 and people don’t was not really say, Oh, I think you’re crazy.

(6m 39s):
You will just mess up your future. But I was so stubble at that time. Then I said, no, I want go to school again. I really wanted to cakes. I did it. So I was, my parents didn’t force me to go back to school, but they did say, okay, you want to be in other life. So you go to take like internship at pastry shops. So I went through an internship of six months with a French chef, but in a French chef, they had the reputation, which is so harsh and rude, especially friends. So I work for three times a week for six months and I was getting paid just so it’s 1000, 2000 rupees, which is us dollar just 60 us dollars a month.

(7m 31s):
I just started like, so at that time, my parent was a bit angry. Is there you, life is so difficult and life is so difficult to add money. If you want to have your own car or buy a lot of things. So I say, it’s okay, let me start my $60 a month. It was quite a big money for him because I know the word before. That was my first job. I said, okay, but I did ascend like it’s so like an unfair to be paid like this, you know, I was doing like an aside, some cake orders, but I just started to do a cake and just put 200, three PS profit on a cake, which is 200 rupees in dollars.

(8m 16s):
Just like less than $10, $5 for a cake like profit, which is so ridiculous. Right. I put like $5 to make a kid that I baked for four hours, but I started really like it, it was not stupid. It was like at the start, I didn’t know really what I was doing, but now I have 12 years of entrepreneurship and I talked to myself. I started from nothing from scratch. I did a lot of things and my routine was 6:00 AM to midnight, everyday working Monday to Sunday, it is my normal days and my normal routine.

(8m 60s):
And I was like, I was not tired. I was excited to make a lot of money to be able to invest in my cake, supplies, cake items, my decoration. But I was saying like, I want to be different. So after free years for the three years, I just invest in my equipment or my profit. And then four years of my lives, I traveled the world alone. Most of the time I was learning travel to Asia. So I traveled to Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok, and a lot of cakes, celebrities, which they travel.

(9m 41s):
They travel to the Asia app to be able to get a crash course classes. And for me it was more affordable for me. But at that time, a lot of people before like, Oh, I have a lot of money. I can travel. It was not the case. So what I was doing is like working like hell for four months, seeming that they only need the accommodation and the class for one day. And it cost cost. The price of the class will want, it was like $1,000 for one day and you need to add the accommodation, the food and everything. So it was quite costly, but I did it for four years.

(10m 22s):
I was so dedicated. I, I learned a lot of things from them and I visited a lot of places as well is how I became more independent in my entrepreneurship. But I learned with a lot of basic as well. So from that, I fall in love in sugar flowers. So my special ideas is to make sugar out of flowers. So I did sugar flowers then moved to wedding cakes. And then, you know, slowly you just put the flow. So wedding can become wedding stylist means like I even learned from someone which is score if you’re not treatable.

(11m 4s):
So she studied us and I learned the flow arrangement means I was doing the arch, you know, emergencies. We have so many beautiful beach. So you have a lot of tourists who came to marshes and who wants a beautiful decoration. So I was doing a lot of modern depression for them, with art of bridal bouquets and the wedding cake and so on. So cakes became sweating cakes, Gooding Kay, become wedding stylist. And then at laws, I was, I was the first one in planning versus who can provide all that service during the wedding cakes, during the flower arrangement and organize a full wedding and for free years of my life.

(11m 46s):
So the three last years, it was like the boom. We are doing a lot tourist, like a lot of stuff. Fricken Australian European, tourists come to Mercedes for the wedding. And until last year Covid crushed everything. And that’s when we met, we came into each other’s lives without touching some Regretful because I met you in the right time. So you boost me a lot. And I say, what can I do after that terrible COVID situation? Because a lot of, you know, this wedding businesses just crash actually temporary for at least two years, I guess.

(12m 28s):
So you inspire me a lot. So I did a lot of coaching to be able to sustain my business because I have 16 staff full-time and freelancers. So it was really hard, but I did a lot of masterclass do teaching as well until now. So I did a beautiful catheter restaurant inspired from Bali, but that is my last project that I did already two months. But it’s a new challenges That is amazing. You have such an incredible story and the resilience is what I admire the most about you. Like after every struggle, you find a way to overcome it, no matter what you go through, you always try harder.

(13m 12s):
And that is something, all entrepreneurs, all successful entrepreneurs need to have and not give up when they face failure. Yeah. Yeah. I keep moving. It’s like you have a lot of up and down like good thing. That thing happened. There’s a lot of stress, but I tried to manage everything and try to balance everything and sitting there, I can’t give up, you know, I started in 16. I kind of just like, Oh, already just mess with my things. You know, especially I just opened a wedding gallery before Corona is, I bet. So beautiful gallery with a lot of flowers, a lot of cakes thinking like tourists would comes to merge. And then finally I said, okay, but I say, it’s fine.

(13m 53s):
Just temporary. So let’s see a new challenge, but that Catholic restaurant is represented a lot of things. Because for example, we decorate the cafe ourself, a lot of DIY, a lot of volunteers and friends having to the crate. And a lot of people ask me, Oh, who is the designer? But we don’t have any designers. So what I have in my head, I implement that in my caffeine. And especially, you know, my coffee is inspired from my travels, you know, especially when I went to Bally’s to my cafe. Eh, so the name of the cafe is called Bali craving bar Lexia because my apart from the cake business and wedding, my last business was in KraftMaid on the side and the Premo business called Lexia healthy craving, which has got affected as well with the cupboard.

(14m 48s):
So I, I stopped the prep man, because we were doing like free client over 30, which is, was terrible. So I stopped as like, I wanted to keep the cravings because I love super foodie and I love Bali. So I said, let me do like Balak framings and buy Lexi because Lexi is my brand image. You know? And everyone knows like Lexa, love, flowers, love pink, love, like luxury goal. So my pathway, if you see my cafe, there’s a lot of pain of gold of marble, but why the Valley there’s a lot of tropical leaves everywhere, a lot of dreams as well.

(15m 29s):
So it’s a beautiful concept. I find unique in rushes and because I love beauty, I open a, a beauty salad in the cafe called self-care cocoon by Alexia. Amazing. I love that name, self care cocoon, Because I want to pamper a lot of people, especially as entrepreneurs, we don’t have to, we don’t have time to pump that out ourselves. So I want to change that and has it, so one other I’m just have 15 minute break. I just go to my self-care. I could in beauty, a salad and just go to do a massage. You know, like today I finished my work. I said, I said to my trap is just do like a 10 minute massage on my neck.

(16m 12s):
I was so like simple, but like I wanted like, you know, when your client come here, if you want, you don’t want to, where you can have a dumb-ass Ash now, like on spot or a lot of people, they come for a lunch and then they had their money in and petty, or they come from money, petty and then come to lunch. So, so a cool concept that I have it inspired from Valley because you wanted value. You know, there’s a lot of cause of like this and cafe, and this is what I really want to share to people. Especially, you know, when I went to Bali, I went to a lot of cafe, like kind of community, which is vegan vegan cafe, which is really popular in Bali.

(16m 56s):
So inspired my concept of them. But I did it fully because nourishing people don’t really believe in the vegan. So my TAF is a flexitarian cafe means you have a vegan food, gluten-free lactose intolerant, but you have also good food, which is not a vegan, which is super helpful because if you see a picture and it’s the gram, so you can have like somebody craving by lecture, you will see all of our food has supersedes. Like Jesse’s, Gaji our says I’m seeds. You have like Ross batter, edible. We have so many good superfoods or even the desserts.

(17m 36s):
You have like cat County names instead of chocolate, you have so many it’s good food. Or, and it’s healthy at the same time. And I really want advocate a healthy, anything nourishes. This is what I want. Also not about the tears, but beautiful like goal Roscoe categories. Like, you know, the, the water, the water, the water glass, right? What a glass it’s like, you have the edge goal. So stupid detail. It looks, yeah, I’ve definitely been on your Instagram. And we are going to link all of your socials for the wedding planning for your cash day for your brand account.

(18m 19s):
And so everyone can take a look at just how you so effortlessly captured the essence of folly in . And I love that international aspect of your cafe too. It just embodies every single aspect of you. And I just want the audience to know, because I feel like you have so many years of experience, but you are still so young. Do you mind sharing how old or around how old you are right now? So I just celebrated my 26 years old, 27 years old, this, this December. So I just celebrated my 26 months and I started age of 16 by myself.

(19m 3s):
And I feel that I’m really major for my age. Like I can be 26, but a lot of people say, I look 23 years. Yeah. You definitely look a lot younger. I think those are the Asians. Yeah. So yeah, so we take really good care of our skin and eating good, healthy food also make difference. So yeah, a lot of people follow it. I’m 22, 23, but no, I tend to six. It’s still so young, especially with all the experience you have. And I’m just curious, do you ever feel like age is a factor? So if a wedding planning a wedding planner or one of your clients comes to you and she’s like, Oh, you are in charge of this whole operation.

(19m 46s):
Do you ever get pushback or anything related to your age? Of course. So I think when I started age of 69 to a lot of people, like 16 to 20 was the most difficult because I got people came to my gallery, like not gathered, but before I was on my, at my parents’ place and I have a mini studio there, so people can like, Oh, are you Alexa? Are you doing the cake? I say yes. And they feel like you you’re still a kid. So you will do a wedding for my daughter. I know they all like, Oh no, we need to have a professional, like a 30, 40, but no, you know, so, but I feel now the motion, people, everyone, the multicultural people, they really understand because I already bit, my name, everyone knows I started so young and at a time there’s a lot of article on me.

(20m 43s):
Even yesterday. I had someone who came and did an article on me for the newspaper. I started so young and I feel like now people are so impressed how young I reached at that point doing or that businesses. And it is so difficult to understand like, Oh, you’re so young and you’ll be able to do all of this things. And I even had some diversity. I know him. And I say, Oh yeah, that has no, my friend. And I even did your wedding cake or, and even your birthdays for your son and daughter. And he was so shocked, he forgot about me.

(21m 23s):
And I thought, this is the same Lexia ordering the cake. I said, yes. And he first shot lighting. Oh, how you do all this? And I say, but it’s, it’s just like, you know, because I’m so motivated in that job that I feel like, you know, I can do, I’m a superwoman. I can do everything. But I feel like now people are okay before I have a lot of judgment. You look so young to be able to do that. Sometimes they think like I took a, you know, my cake, I love to take beautiful picture. And even the fifth, which I always Sigma and ha and never like copy on Pinterest and Paris. I always take my paycheck.

(22m 4s):
My paycheck put my trademark sometimes before like, ah, I just put in Google and repairs. Now this is not a case. But what I like my own picture, where especially now my little brother he’s studying Canada and learn professional, come around flue graphic. So he has really good skill. So he is helping me with the food for the grocery, for my cafe. So a lot of earns that you heard during the kid, the food I say, yes, it is. So this is really important for me. I’m no more having the issue. I think when I was 16 to 20, I have a lot of these issues about the age, but now I think reaching 26 is still like, you know, it’s like a young woman because whenever you’re a teenager, yes, people will talk about you.

(22m 54s):
Like, you don’t know how to work, blah, blah, blah. And of course I was a little mistake as well because it was my Cessna semi beginning. But now I feel, especially I give classes, I feel like now people are reading, respect my age, respect my way, our thinking and my opinion. Yeah. And to all the teenagers listening to this show, Lexia is the perfect example. Like it is never too early to start. You will overcome all the challenges and you are capable of so much success. Exactly. And you know, in my cafe, this free grid, which is under wall there’s one, which is you are capable to do amazing things.

(23m 39s):
So that is the that I have behind my pin wall, wherever and take pictures. And I have another code, like, because now know, I’m so crazy. Like I love if I love pink, but now I love Papo. Like love inside dye. My hair love father. I asked like a friend to like draw a cartoon of me with the lavender hair curly. And we put like dare to dream because when I was 16, I was daring to dream a lot of dreams and vision. So I believe in the law of attraction. So I did a lot of a law of attraction. I visioned a lot of things and all my vision came to reality.

(24m 19s):
So I be like, dare to dream that code, to inspire all the Youngs who not getting the support of the family or the friends or the parents, especially that you can dare to dream because you can do everything that you want. You just need to work really hard. And the Lasker to the fat on my pink wall with the tropical leaves is create your reality because we are the only one to create our own reality because we are the only one who can create your destiny. So I feel like it’s, we just need to work so hard. And the university gives us a lot of good thing and set us beautiful, like a lot of good luck, blah, blah, blah.

(25m 6s):
And then you just attract a lot of good things happening to you. This is what it’s even like. Covid, you know, Covid massive. My business, I still, I need to, I need to work hard to refer my client because a lot of people ask for a refund. You know, it is really difficult time now, but I say, it’s okay, we’ll work so hard this year to be able to refer all my clients, they all my stuff. And then next year I will try to work hard to be able to cover my investment. And then finally wait for the profit. It takes time. It’s not like, Oh, you’re have panic. You have the profit. No, it’s not like you need to work hard. Be patient. And late.

(25m 46s):
I feel like hard work pays off one day. It’s like now I worked so hard when I was 16 and now my workspace off people’s coming, you know, I don’t need to pay like no newspaper to do. Like publicity. People will come to me. I don’t need to like, you know, do a lot of marketing for a cafe. The cafe is always full. So I’m so grateful for that. Right. And I love it. Quotes, you know, you have the power, so everything is up to you. And it’s a mix of what I love talking about mindset and taking action. So a mix of what to feed your mind in your case, manifestation, vision boarding and the law of attraction.

(26m 31s):
Like thinking about what you want, because you only have so many thoughts in a day. So if you feed your mind, if you were to have like COVID affected you or your age affected you, you would not have taken the actions necessary to build this amazing life that you have today. It is, everything is possible. I just need to say everything is possible. Like that cafe. I built it in three months from scratch. I didn’t sleep, but it is okay because I really wanted to open before December. So we opened an a seven December last year and I started on the 8th of August.

(27m 12s):
So it’s a free months. Day-to-day night, day, and night work, but also happy. It’s really worth it. Like seeing all these people come and, you know, taking pictures like embodies. And when I went to Valley, like everyone come to take the Patriot in so many cafes. And like people coughing, taking pictures, like tagging us. So we are growing surfs or fast. That’s amazing too. And just watching the process on your stories behind the scenes, you were painting the leaves on the wall, like so much of you and your effort is physically your own cafe.

(27m 56s):
We did everything like we do Iowa, even tables. I actually rented all spades or space and I like built everything, you know, but we try to reuse what we have. For example, the table, they have the old green light. We want to remove that. I put like a normal, that very trending marbles top, but then we stick onto word and our friends came to glue. You know, like with some by glues is, it is a lot of people will know, like we do, I would table. And the paint I got, I was so lucky to have a lot of volunteers search.

(28m 36s):
I think social media is so powerful. Cypress. Like I’m looking volunteers on Instagram to help me to build my beautiful cafe. And I got like a lot of people who came to help me like stranger and now friends. So especially I got four new friends. They came to everyday daily, the weeks, even the work, they came weekends to help me to paint. And now so crazy people come to take pages and we weren’t, we were painting USA. We don’t know what will happen. I don’t know how it will look like, but an awful process was served.

(29m 17s):
Beautiful. I make it so different in the same place, different section, different style. But when you see overall is all bland because it is a travel experience. We just food. Because even the food you have is a mix. You know, you like, you have Korean, Japanese, Asian fusion, you have Italian, you have Mexican is like a Trump, the role. And I need to say as well, you inspire me a lot. This is, I think if I never take the coaching with you, I will never open that cafe. Because how I met you Is I really wanted to know how to build trust and to answer.

(29m 59s):
And I thought I can be, but I don’t say no, maybe one day, but I feel like each version of COVID is very difficult to go out of marshes. And the current is so expensive. You need to have at least 2000 to $3,000. Only physical current in Roche is for one person, which is so expensive. So it is very difficult right now. So I say, I want to do something like people can travel with me. This is why I want to have a travel food place, rather because we can’t travel right now. I love. And you always find a way to create something when there seems to be everything going against you.

(30m 41s):
Right? So in terms of this cafe, it’s like a Lotus flower. That’s what it reminds me of. And it’s like, so you just hop in the mud and then something beautiful. this the worst? Just say like that bloom in the light of men, it is my, it is my Buddhism rubber representation. You see my logo. It is why is blush leftist? Yeah. So keeping that is just the definition of you. And one last question, because after this whole conversation, you are just such a creative, it comes so naturally to you.

(31m 23s):
You always look at the bright side and how you can create something from nothing. And I want to ask you, how do you stay creative or fuel your creativity? So I think that it’s still very young. I was a very creative person. And I think this is a gift that I have, because if I’m very hard time like now to cover covet, even stress, I feel like, okay, now I have 16 people and in my head, I’m not alone. If I give up, I need to fire everyone.

(32m 5s):
And you know, it is so difficult for them. So I said to myself, I need to stay creative, doing beautiful case, doing a lot of new things and not a cafe to be able to assess in everyone’s family, but also for me, because if I give up, I stopped everyone. I will feel learn. And I will say, Oh, I did all this for nothing. So I want to keep being creative. I’m not forcing myself. I just feel like when I’m inspired, like do I got inspired from Pinterest? I’m going to spell from all my travels, especially all my travel, because when I travel even alone or with my husband, especially to Bali, I saw so many things that I say, Oh, I want to do that.

(32m 53s):
For example, I love the way, I don’t know if you know the pathic or cafe organic, you have champions in Bali. So I totally love there. Kenowa sushi, everyone, Jean sushi with rights. But I love the concept that it’s like a healthy sushi. You have like, you know, a sushi there, or you have as well. Botega in Chengdu, which is a very little restaurant. Now. I think they open a bigger one, but they did like fresh pasta. So I really want to implement that fresh pasta in my menu. So that is a way to be being creative. So inspire from of as the not coffee, I don’t want to, I really want to be inspired from them.

(33m 37s):
Like even like strawberry field, I went for some many cafe, which is retraining Valley and I put everything in and especially I went to five elements. I don’t know if you know, five elements in Uber, in Valeo. It’s a vacant hotel, which is so beautiful. I learn with the chef there for two days when I went in back, it was so random. I saw, Oh, I really want to last in vegan food. And I went for two days doing in class. I will never expect that that class will use me now because I learned to do the role vegan pizza.

(34m 19s):
And I learned how to do the shit I could dumpling vegan. And when you eat that, even a non-vegan people, we really totally be very in love in that food because it’s so tasty. So Annie and learned that, and I now it’s my signature dish. So I think like, and I really wanted to be special in my food, in my appearance. Like, you know, I’m always like with makeup, like fancy bows or, you know, it’s something I’m really different to the others. Most of the time people say, Oh, are you Korean or Japanese? Because you’re so different from the Asian version. And I said, no, I’m just because I love travel.

(34m 60s):
I bet all my clothes obviously is online. I don’t feel like you have a lot of icon rice find really beautiful clothes in rushes because this is not my face. I’m really in, in love with all the travel experience where, where I fulfill my creativity. I love it. So everyone who visits Maricia is after COVID goats, who Lexia is cafe and what is also so inspiring about you is you made creativity work for you and in entrepreneurship, there really, you cannot copy someone else to be successful. That just does not work. And in so many cultures, I feel like it’s, there’s a stigma to creativity.

(35m 44s):
Like at least when I grew up in an Asian household, it was like, you can’t make a living from being creative, but in entrepreneurship, creativity is the one thing that will set you apart and create, you know, a brand new idea and manifest it into this physical world, from ideas or from your mind, you know, like you are the first person to bring it to life. Yeah. Thank you. But I’m really grateful that I met you in the right timing. Even I was stressed about that covet problem, but I feel like everything happens for a reason. I bought you ever. This is how I met you. And then we have a power call.

(36m 26s):
And then I did the coaching with you. And now that coaching, like, especially to websites. So my website, I got a lot of complaint, Oh, who’s doing your website, who’s doing your designer. So it’s us. It’s like all in house. It’s impress everyone even for so islands too much with you and from you. And I’m so grateful for that, Nathaniel. So you can imagine, I always call him one, the lover. She’s so great. You are an amazing person. And I’m just so honored to have been a part of your journey. You literally like inspire me. You are a Ray of light to so many people.

(37m 8s):
So I would love to end this on a really positive note and an international note. Would you like to teach our listeners something inspirational in French? So let me think in French. Okay. So I have one. So the French good means means in English. Let me see. So let me translate it in English. So Varun means if you want to have something, it is well, I mean, it is possible.

(37m 48s):
So the Curt is if you want to have something, everything is possible and a couple to do everything. So it’s, , it’s free word says bourgeois C in English. Exactly. And English. It is, if you want something, you can get it. That’s the word in French. I love it. It’s so beautiful. The language and the quote. So it was amazing having you on the show. Lexia, I will link every single one of your socials in the show notes.

(38m 32s):
And is there anything else you want us to know to leave this podcast episode? Yeah. I just want to say to all people who’s listening, especially people who is really stressed because of COVID it can be a young crew thing. Like maybe we won’t have a job because of this problem, this study so hard dispense too much in their studies. And we can’t really do what they want. I just want to say that a degree or what? Like if parents say, Oh, you to do finance, but you don’t like finance. You want to do something more creative. You just need to follow your heart.

(39m 14s):
Because if I didn’t feel in my heart, when I see my parents, I want to stop school and do my cakes. I will never reach where I am now because I got so many people say to me, like I will never succeed in my life. And what I did is when other people say I will never succeed. I put in my head, I will succeed. So I did the opposite thing that they say to me. And when I reached now, I’m really grateful. And also sometimes I’m impressed with myself. Oh, I can I just say, like, just follow your heart, do whatever you want. And don’t just listen to people who say, you need to go see finance or accounting.

(39m 56s):
And if you want you to something, just follow it, but work really hard because if you’d done work hard, nothing will come hard. Work always be that’s it. That’s my last words. Well, hard work pays off. That’s it? That’s my secret So much. And it is so powerful and just so true. Thank you so much for all your wisdom and that is it for today’s show guys. I hope you follow Lexia, follow along her journey. Take a look on her Instagram of her cafe. It is absolutely beautiful. And thank you so much for being here. Lexia. Welcome. It was a great pleasure as well.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode and have an amazing week guys!


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