Manifestation + Aligned Living w/ Intuitive Artist Ali Lizzi

This episode is a powerful one for those of you who currently feel lost and ungrounded in your life and career. Ali Lizzi is an intuitive artist, spiritual guide, and reiki master, and we have a beautiful conversation about finding your passions and living your truth. Tune in to hear how you can effectively manifest your desires, defy what society labels as success, and turn hardships into catalysts for growth in order to live out your most aligned life.

Join me this week as we chat with spiritual guide and reiki master Ali who shares with us how to align with opportunity (6:50), find our purpose in business (15:00) and the power of embodiment to manifest your dream life (21:45).

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Audio Transcript

Intro (5s):
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Danielle (52s):
Thank you guys so, so much. Hello. My loves. Welcome back to The Wanderlover podcast. This week, we have special guests, Ali Lizzi, who is an Intuitive Artist, spiritual guide and Reiki master based in Miami. I wanted to bring her on the show to talk to you guys about manifestation and Aligned Living. Welcome to the show, Ali.

Ali (1m 15s):
Hi, I’m so happy to be here.

Danielle (1m 17s):
We’re so happy to have you here. So just a bit of background, Ali and I met in New York city back in, I think 2017.

Ali (1m 28s):
Wow. Wasn’t that long ago, I

Danielle (1m 30s):
Think it was around like 2016 or 2017, an herbal essences influencer event. And I just remember having this really beautiful chat with you and we kept in touch, but just for our listeners today, could you give a little recap of what you were doing just a few years ago in New York city?

Ali (1m 51s):
Sure. So just a few years ago, I guess I feel like it was maybe till about like 2018, 2017, somewhere in there. And I was working in the world trade center. I had actually just like wonderful people I was working with, but I was so not living like my truth. I was not living really at all who I was, I was very lost and I thought I had to do certain things to have success and you know, and that was what was most important to me. So I was working in marketing and the world trade center I wore like, I dunno, like lasers, you remember what they were called?

Ali (2m 36s):
I was like suits. I wear like more like corporate attire and everyday. And I just felt like I wasn’t really in even like the outside even didn’t represent he, and then the inside wasn’t representing me. And I just felt so unaligned. And I, I was still really going after just success versus really going after joy. And I guess that’s really where things shifted is when I removed myself from the city too, that really helped. I like moved to Miami. I was around nature and I began to feel inspired.

Ali (3m 17s):
And I got excited about just being, you know, so much about me being in the city and corporate life was so about doing and achieving and getting to that next step versus actually just like being in that moment and listening to my, what intuitively I wanted to do because I had to leave that job. And I came to Miami and I just started creating. And I, at that time, I still was working like a bit more as an influencer. So I had that, you know, income, but the influencer aspect, just like wasn’t the sales part of it. I guess wasn’t really something that was aligned with me either so everywhere.

Ali (4m 0s):
I was adding to my life and adding to my work and adding to that success is actually just like pulling me further away from who I was. And I really grew, and I just began not giving myself expectations of success, but instead, just really feeling into what makes me happy. Like I had a bit of time. And then of course, because of, you know, the pandemic, I had a lot more time to sit at home and really, you know, take this time that I never gave myself, you know, I was always focused on school and achieving getting grades, you know, getting a job, going to college, just like all those steps where I actually just like, forgot to figure out what made me happy.

Ali (4m 51s):
What made me joyful, made me want to get up in the morning and start my day. And I found that through spirituality and through art and through creativity and really art has become so much of my spiritual practice. I treat it like I turn off, like I, I turn off my phone where people can call me and I turn on my service, I guess. And I just lean into the energy and the music and the art and the painting and the creating, and that is, has become, so my, so my purpose and I feel so fulfilled even when I’m not even making that much money or when I am, it just does it, it doesn’t depend on that.

Ali (5m 36s):
What I’m receiving my soul hat is feeling so abundance. So rich that, you know, even on the weeks that I am not bringing in the event and emotionally I am, and I’m building and building and building to become this person that I’m not even sure where I’m to be yet, but I know that I’m on that right path.

Danielle (6m 2s):
Yeah. And we’re having a video chat right now and I could just see your face light up when you’re talking about this word versus like back in corporate, you’re like, I don’t even know what I used to way just lights up your whole or which is, I think a lot of listeners, they are in this position, you know, you grow up in this society where it’s really common to everyone around you. They want this societal definition of success of getting that good job of climbing the corporate ladder. And so I’m really curious to know what prompted you to move to Miami. Like when were you like, this is enough, I’m going to pursue this new path.

Danielle (6m 44s):
And I know I can do it. Like not being entirely sure, but still going after it.

Ali (6m 50s):
You know what? Life really had its own plans. The universe really had its own bank. Cause I was living in New York at the time when we met. And then a few months after that and I had met, I did move from my boyfriend or my fiance. And I guess I knew I wanted to change though. So I was going to move either way. And this was the universe just being like, here you go. Here’s your opportunity.

Danielle (7m 19s):
I was like, yeah, exactly.

Ali (7m 21s):
Like good luck. Figure it out now. You know? And it’s so funny too, because I don’t know if you’ve ever looked into this, but there is like Astro geology and geography,

Danielle (7m 34s):
Like really

Ali (7m 37s):
Funny. Where, where are your most aligned places? Cause mine is Miami.

Danielle (7m 41s):
No way. Yeah. No mind to Hawaii mindset. The island I’m here right now. And mine also said Egypt.

Ali (7m 46s):
That’s so cool. It’s so funny. Yeah. You know, so I found that this is actually where he, between Miami and saloon, which are like the two places that I would like consider living right now. It’s like, it’s so funny. And I was, the line was right in between those two places. I think it was like my Jupiter and it was expansive. It wasn’t where I was like always the sunniest, but it was really the expansive, like to understand myself deeper and you know, it’s so funny because that’s exactly what this place gave me. And I don’t know. I don’t know if it has anything to do with each other.

Ali (8m 27s):
I believe it does, but who knows, but it really, it like the universities flew me here and I just plopped here and kind of didn’t know what to do next and forced me actually to discover myself, I, you know, I could have gotten another corporate job and I would have been good at that job. You know, I was good at my job. I, I worked in fashion before that. That was also really hectic. But yeah, I mean, I guess really the universe just listen and that ties into manifestation. You know, I was mad at your manifesting without knowing your manifesting.

Ali (9m 8s):
You know, you, if you are putting those vies out, like I want to get out of New York. I wanna get out of New York, I’m going to dig out of New York, I’m leaving this place and you just start saying it over and over again. Eventually the universe is like, okay, like, let’s get you out of New York. Let’s get used to somewhere sunny. Like let’s do it. And it really just worked out very nicely. I, since I’ve been here, I have attracted just my career of really my dreams. I know I want to keep expanding on it. I don’t think it’s just in this one area. I think I’ll keep growing, but I believe that this is the path that I am on because it feels so good.

Ali (9m 49s):
Like every day I am painting or creating and I make sure to create something at least once a day, because I know that that’s something I want to do in my life. And I want to be a, I want to create and be a creator. And I believe that we are all art and that we expressing ourselves is art and action. And it’s just so cool. I just love it. So I know that this feels right. So I know the path that I’m on, but when I first moved here, I really didn’t know. You know, I think sometimes when you’re given situations or you might be laid off or you have to move or something is thrown your way, instead of looking at it like, oh no, this is such a, what am I going to do next?

Ali (10m 36s):
You know, it’s like, yeah, that’s the whole point is that you’re asking, what am I going to do? Like this, what the past situation clearly wasn’t the right situation for you. It was the universe was shifting things for you, realign you to get you back on track to your purpose. So it’s like running with those opportunities and creating magic with them, taking them, you know, even the fact that we were all stuck wherever we were. I know you weren’t at home. Right. You were somewhere else. And which is so fitting for you actually. And like, of course, you’re like, yeah, I’m on vacation now. That’s right. Until further notice, which is so great.

Ali (11m 16s):
And I love that, but yeah, I mean, even that time to stay at home, what we did with that time, I think is also so important to look at, like, how did you entertain yourself? What were you drawn to in those moments where you are all just like a little bit like on edge, you know, to say the least what that joy during such a tumultuous time. And for me that was art. And I think it’s a great question forever listening to really think about it. What brought you joy? Even in like pretty tough times, because that’s huge a hint. And I mean, I’m not, of course it’s very upset I could happen, but it could be the universe getting people to really think, you know, what, what brings you joy?

Ali (12m 7s):
That’s what you should focus on.

Danielle (12m 9s):
Yeah. And it’s different for everyone. Right? And I think that’s the power in it. When you give yourself permission to just explore what lights you up without questioning like, oh, but there’s already so many other people doing it. Like how could I possibly make it a career? Like getting rid of all those external pressures and really just leaning into what brings you pure joy. And it opens up so many opportunities that you couldn’t even fathom when you started this journey. So it sounds like when you first moved to Miami, you were really leaning into everything, but you had no idea how it was going to play out. You didn’t know this was going to be your new business. You didn’t know you were going to create a whole new brand with so many aligned followers. Right. And it’s because you didn’t have that expectation in the beginning, you were letting go of the outcome and purely just starting this path that you knew something was calling you and you knew that there was something to be explored and you went with it.

Danielle (13m 2s):
And that takes a lot of courage.

Ali (13m 4s):
Oh, thank you. And you know, what’s so funny is I don’t even think of it when I, when I show up like on like my, your aura by ally account. And I don’t really think of it as I’m, I don’t know. It’s something that is so natural. Like I’m just really having so much fun with it that I didn’t, I never kind of meant to make it something bigger than just something that makes me happy and something like on the side that I just did for fun. And it became so much more because I never really had an expectation for it. I was just so annoying myself. And, you know, the ha was, is a really, I didn’t even think of that really until you said that.

Ali (13m 46s):
Cause I’m like, I guess I really just do it because I have fun with it when I don’t want to post or when I don’t want to create, I’m like, I’m not doing it. And I like walk away for like two weeks. Don’t worry, but I’m not in the mood. And I, that’s something I’ve never really pushed something when I’m not excited to share something with my community. I just don’t like, just like, let them enjoy their life, but can show their day. Like if I don’t have something, I’m not going to just put something out there without like my full energy, just to like raise engagement. Like if I love the people that come and I love the people that resonate with my content, it’s super fun. But other than that, it’s really just that’s it it’s just been kind of fun and just so happens that it worked out in a business model too, which was awesome.

Ali (14m 33s):
You know, that’s really the sauce right there. That’s the secret sauce, like finding something that like you love and you’re super passionate about. And then being like, wow, now I can turn this into a business that actually can elevate me, elevate others. And it’s just a really awesome experience. You can find something that makes you just as happy as it makes others. That’s, that’s the perfect combination.

Danielle (14m 58s):
And that is the sole intention behind your business. Right. And I feel like for any sustainable business, when you’re looking at, what is your mission, what, what is the intention behind this business as a whole and not just the numbers, not just the structure of how it’s set up, not the model, but what is your purpose and how do you use these vehicles available to us? Like at the internet, you know, NFTs, there are so many different ways that you can monetize a business. You need to really bring it back to why, like, why are you in this business? Why are you working with the people you’re working with? And once you figure that out being like, this is really why show up, then you have a sustainable business model.

Danielle (15m 40s):
That’s going to transcend pandemics. It doesn’t matter if Instagram goes down, it doesn’t matter if anything else goes down because your purpose will always be there

Ali (15m 48s):
A hundred percent. I really believe that, remember like a few, I don’t know, maybe a month ago and all the like Instagram shut down. And basically

Danielle (15m 58s):
I was sleeping the day in America. I woke up.

Ali (16m 5s):
I literally think, I remember I was like, good. I haven’t been anyway onto the next charity. Like I didn’t have a moment where I was nervous. I think my mom called me and was like, are you okay? I’m like, dad, I don’t care anymore. I’m done. Like, that would be, instead of mine got deleted personally, but if everyone’s got deleted, I was like, great for everyone. Like, we can all like expand and learn something new this way. Like I was really like into it. I was like, I’m excited to see what’s next. Like I did, didn’t have that attachment to it. Like, you know, like a Mazda, the Buddhist monks, they build this, mandola out of a sand and they put every green down one at a time and it takes like weeks.

Ali (16m 49s):
And it’s a beautiful process. And at the end of the mandola making and it’s this beautiful and you’re Nate always sand beautifully done. And it takes weeks and weeks. And at the end they just wash it away and they don’t take a picture. They don’t save it. They just wash it away. Cause because it said symbolism build something because you love it and enjoy the process of being in it. But then don’t be attached to it and let it go. Because once you attach yourself to something, then it’s like, you have pressure and there’s risk of losing and this fear of losing it and this need to hold yourself to it.

Ali (17m 32s):
And instead just use, if you are aligned with your purpose and aligned with, you know who you are, the path you’re on, at least, you know, then it will just continue because you’re meant to be here for a purpose. So whatever happens if Instagram shuts down or whatever comes your way, you know, no matter what it is, you will once again find your purpose. Cause this is just that in the process to becoming your most aligned, happiest, most joyful self.

Danielle (18m 6s):
Yeah. And it’s so amazing to see the contrast of you’re on Instagram. And when it went down, you felt nothing by it. Whereas back then, when you were in corporate, if you were to possibly lose your job, you would have freaked out, right? Like your response would have been so different. And I feel like this is also not only a sign of maturity, but really being on your aligned path because when you are on this path, it doesn’t matter what happens here. It’s like, oh, but I still have, I’m still me. I’m still living my purpose. And it doesn’t matter if Facebook goes down, it doesn’t matter. If someone else changes this little path, I’m still going to make something out of it. And so that’s a really, yeah, it’s an incredible contrast.

Danielle (18m 48s):
Where do you see yourself going in the next few years? So how do you make decisions nowadays? And what are you manifesting right now?

Ali (18m 58s):
So right now I am working very much in the present and I am learning to build habits that would create the person that I want and desire to be. So I believe that, you know, if you make one decision one day, it’s never going to really work out. It’s those little decisions I make every day. So I get up every morning and I journal, I get up every morning and I meditate. I get up every morning and I watched the sunrise. I get up very early. I start my day at like five 30, because if they don’t say my cat gets up, like we’re done.

Ali (19m 38s):
Like the day is done the noise. I can’t, I mean, I can’t imagine if we had a kid, like I can’t even imagine, like, so I send love to all those moms out there for sure. You are all like super heroes Because I have like overwhelmed with my cat and my, you know, I make myself get up at like five 30 every morning and watch the sunrise. And now it’s so natural because I’m so excited to start my day, like sleeping in doesn’t even sound appealing. It’s like what? I’ll miss hours in my day of all the things that I can be doing. So I create habits that, you know, if I want to be healthy during my life, I will work out.

Ali (20m 22s):
Not because it’s for, you know, so I look this way or that way, but I just want to be a healthy person in my future. So, and let me make those decisions now, you know, now so that I know how to navigate situations that do arise. Like if something comes up, I’m like, huh, not attachment, gonna let it go. You know? And that’s that these, these times where in these habits that we’re creating, we can create them with the intent of the person we wish to manifest. You know, who do we want to become? Because you know, you really can’t know where you’re going. If you don’t know the person you want to become.

Ali (21m 2s):
So learning that is the first step, really learning. Who do you even want to be? Like, even if you’re not right now, just start being that, you know, I wasn’t an artist actually a couple years ago. I didn’t like I picked this up recently and this is what I do now because I decided I’m an artist. I know I’m an artist. And because I know it’s so down to my core, I get up every day and I, I, I make those habits to paint every day or create every single day. And I think if that’s really what I would recommend to people that if you want to be a writer, because you think that would be so cool to be a writer, then start writing, right?

Ali (21m 47s):
Like if you want to, whatever you think is so cool, like that’s a great place to start, like write down like five other careers that you would have if like you just like, didn’t have, even if it’s like a doctor, like come up with anything, like write down five careers that you would think would be cool to have. And like a lot of life you would have maybe like I would, I’ve written down. Like I’ve wanted to be a florist. You know, I love flowers and it’s creating it’s back to that. It gives you little hints. What you think is cool is probably what you’re supposed to be doing. And I think being an artist is like, so cool.

Ali (22m 29s):
So I’m like a hundred percent, I’m being an artist. I am an artist and embody it, you know? And that’s how, like, that’s really that process of manifesting of embodying that immediately, if you want that begin to paint, do it everyday. You would, an artist would be, you know, be that person. So I think right now I’m really manifesting a career as an artist. That is what I’m really, my focus is on. And I already have that in a spiritual context, but I want it to be bigger. Like I wanna just continue to do what makes me happy and hope that it brings people joy in, in a way that would connect them to their soul and through art, you know, I love, you know, creating energy.

Ali (23m 22s):
So that’s what I really tend to auras and different things as well. I’m tapping into different energies and something will be coming out very soon. I’m just going for it. You know? And I think that’s really what it is. It’s just that not being, not craving or fearing that nice in between, you know, not craving something so that, you know, if you don’t get it, you’re going to feel like a failure, you know? But if you fear it, you know, like also I could, I’m nervous. Like when you see a blank canvas, it’s a little intimidating. And I love that. Like, I love that. It scares me a little, every single time.

Ali (24m 4s):
I’m like, oh, what do I do? Like every time I see a blank canvas, I get nervous, but instead I do it anyway. And then I get lost in it. And you know, I hours go by, you know, so that’s really what I’m manifesting right now.

Danielle (24m 23s):
I think two things that came off really powerfully one is embodying even before you’re ready. Right. So you were just saying how you weren’t an artist just a few years ago, but you chose, you knew that’s what you wanted to do and you chose to do it. Whereas a lot of people there’s hesitation in that. They’re like, I want to be a photographer, but I can’t call myself a photographer because I don’t do this professionally or because of X, Y, and Z, because I don’t have like X amount of years under my belt. And so there’s already that hesitation, even though deep down, they know that’s what they want to do. And then second the power in acting upon whatever it is that you want. So you can want to be a photographer, but until you make it a daily habit to take photos every day and really get you to where you want to be.

Danielle (25m 9s):
It’s this taking action before you feel ready, but then having the confidence in yourself to continuously do it until it all aligns and your manifestations become reality.

Ali (25m 19s):
Absolutely. Yes, exactly. And the idea of, of these practices with manifestation that we, you know, I think before we chatted was saying, it’s a buzzword that’s been happening. You know what, you know, if you look at all the little hints, what everyone’s giving and, and you journal, or you, you, you say affirmations in the mirror, you meditate and you visualize, these are all the tools that are here to support you in believing in yourself. You know, these are just all tools, whatever works you can pick and choose, but they’re all tools for you to truly believe and embody what you wish to be, can be what you wish to call in.

Ali (26m 3s):
You are, you are trying to almost convince your, your energy that you are this. And eventually, you know, if you begin to just embody it and practice it, you become that. If I paint every day, I am an artist. It just is, it will be. And I, because of that, you know, dedication in that belief, I get up and want to do it. It’s not a chore. It’s not something that I’m like, ah, I have to do it because you know, I have to go to school and get this grade and do this. And, you know, instead it’s, I’m just going to do it.

Ali (26m 46s):
I feel good doing it. So, yeah.

Danielle (26m 48s):
Yeah, yeah. And that takes courage. Like I said before, I think coming from a corporate background, I notice a lot of people doubting themselves even before they start. And you really need that time alone, that Corona virus-esque pandemic vibes to really tap deep down.

Ali (27m 13s):
Well we can laugh about it now!

Danielle (27m 15s):
I know it feels so wrong.

Ali (27m 17s):
But at the same time that like, you know, I had this once before, when I was younger, I was in a terrible car accident. I was hit by a car. Did I tell you this?

Danielle (27m 29s):
I saw on your

Ali (27m 31s):
Feed. Yeah. So I was hit by a car, broke both my legs, my shoulder, like my orbit and my jaw. So I was in a wheelchair for like nine months, I think, like eight, nine months and was in rehab for a few months after that. So it was a really tough, and I remember just being in bed every day and just thinking about had, I had so much time to think, and I think it was the first time I was 19. So first time and I would just have gone to college and I got hit by a car two weeks later.

Danielle (28m 4s):
Oh my God.

Ali (28m 6s):
My poor mother felt so terrible. And no, I went to college like in Pennsylvania, no, I lived in New York, but I just worked there, but I was in Pennsylvania and I was in my car. And it, it was so profound the time where I went through these like deep, deep shadow work is like, not even a word for it. It was like deep, dark, Very dark, Dark places. And, you know, because of that, like deep sadness and deep anger that I experienced during that time of deep pain, physical and emotional, I knew that there was the opposite and I was so committed to finding that opposite.

Ali (28m 57s):
I knew that if I could focus on happy, I know I could be so happy. Like everything, you know, what goes up, must come down and vice versa. There is always polar opposites in the world. And that was my moment where I, I went inward and I wasn’t, you know, on like the spiritual path at this point, but it was going when I think back on it, it was a super spiritual experience. I, you know, I, I shed so much of, you know, my appearance, my, you know, I was totally battered and I shed so much of my identity of even a college student.

Ali (29m 37s):
A I was modeling a little bit when I was at age as well. So that was quite a big juxtaposition. And you know, that I was fencing. I was like, I almost went to the Olympics for fencing. So I had all of these things random. I know it’s a really random thing, but I almost said to the Olympics for fencing and yeah. And it was because like, this thing got in my way. So I felt like I completely lost so much of my identity that I worked for and I held onto it, like I held onto it and it was, I, I missed it and I was 19. So of course I have, but I remember having so much of what you knew, everything of what I knew and relearn who I was on a soul level and not, and I didn’t put these words into context yet, but that’s what I was doing.

Ali (30m 30s):
And I was learning like, Ooh, is Ali. And that, that moment really changed my life because I was like, you know, at first I had gone to a really serious, and I just started going after just, I was like, I want to travel. I want to see the world. That was very much like I was in a different country, like every month and I just died. I spent like three semesters abroad. Like it was just ridiculous. And I just like kept traveling. And, you know, I think that was the first step in exploration of my soul. Like I remember living in Italy and like, just being two years earlier, I was, I was in two broken legs and I was in a wheelchair and that I was skipping around Italy and I felt so free cited to be alive and be in this life.

Ali (31m 19s):
And I knew that it was so it would be so easily taken away. Cause it really was so much of it was taken away from me and I, I regained a lot, but at the same time I, I saw how quickly that could change. So I started live my life in a way that, you know, I knew that I needed to, I knew I needed to have an amazing life. I decided I’m gonna do it no matter what, I just couldn’t figure out the right path for a little while. And that’s okay. You know, I knew it was there. I knew it was there. And I think, you know, even when we met, I was just like, I don’t know.

Ali (32m 0s):
I don’t think this is it. I don’t think what I’m doing. Is it like I was on that, that, that mission already. I just wasn’t, I didn’t know what step to take next, but I never really was someone who sat in something for too long after that where I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy in a relationship. I wouldn’t give it much time. I’d be like, this is the word going out. And I was, I was, I was like, cause I wanted to find my soulmate and I wanted to find, you know, I wanted my soul to be happy after that experience. I really went for it. Even if I took a few Detours and experiencing, you know, the spectrum now, you know, like you can see, okay, do I choose to go this way?

Ali (32m 50s):
Or do I choose to go that way? And knowing that you always have either the darkest of darks or like this really fulfilled light side, which path are you going to pursue? There is no. So darkness without light, that cannot be so that’s two must always exist.

Danielle (33m 10s):
Yeah. Law of polarity. So if you’re imagining like the worst case scenario, right. And thinking, what if I fail? What if this happens? What if it all goes to shit? The opposite can also be true. And so you always have the choice, which 1:00 AM I going to focus on? Which 1:00 AM I going to inundate my mind with? Is it going to be thoughts of failure or thoughts of success? Is it going to be, you know, going down this path and losing everything or seeing that there is so much to gain. So a lot of it, like, it’s incredible that you thought of that when you were 19 in a wheelchair, right. And you had that revelation at such a young age because many people still don’t trust that that’s true.

Danielle (33m 52s):
And they only focus on the worst case scenario. And then they’re surrounded by people who only focus on the worst case scenario. So it’s really hard to see that there are alternate realities. You just need to believe that they exist and then take the courageous action to get yourself there.

Ali (34m 11s):
I draw a very thin line between imagination and reality. That’s really my, like I secret, like I just like, okay, if I can imagine it, I’m going to make it happen. I think that love that’s my little secret, but I really believe it to be the case. I mean, of course terrible things can happen. But the fact that I got through something very tough and, and there’s been other situations in my life that have been very traumatic. I’ve had a, I had a pretty traumatic young life. Not, not of course, I’m sure every trauma is always relative, you know, but to me it was, I had a lot to heal.

Ali (34m 56s):
And I think that this, you know, when you start living your purpose and you live like an online life and in your career and your, in your partnerships and your relationships in general, that’s really when, you know, it begins to just align. Everything begins to work out when you start living your purpose and you attract the right people, the right opportunities, the right careers, because you’re focused on living your highest self and living your truth, living your purpose, you really are. And when you do that, other people like are, who are living in our that’s the cons around.

Ali (35m 39s):
That’s what I’ve realized that, you know, when I was totally unaligned and just, and it wasn’t even that it was a bad time. It was still like a really beautiful time of learning. And the people I worked for were really kind and so supportive. And that’s actually how I knew it wasn’t for me is because it wasn’t like they were making it some terrible situation. They were making the best possible. And I still, I actually started feeling very sick. I started developing like really unhappy. I was, I was sick like every other week. I think your body knows your body knows when your soul isn’t happy. And it sends you messages through your body because that’s like, so what we understand, you know, we understand, you know, illness or like, you know, dis ease, but it’s just that dis ease in the soul and it’s shaking it out.

Ali (36m 34s):
I haven’t really been sick since I started, you know, really following what makes my joy and my bliss. And since I’ve been carrying that daily, I actually, haven’t been sick in such a long time, up until like a few weeks ago. So for about three years, I have not been sick. Yeah.

Danielle (36m 54s):
How, like all of these new habits, all of these new ways of thinking of aligning, you can almost see how it would detract disease and any kind of sickness, because you’re just so focused on being the best version of yourself. Right? And so everything is alignment, body, soul, and spirit. And it’s such a Testament to how the amount of energy you put into your own wellbeing, into your own mental health. It shows you are now reaping the fruits of planting, all of those beautiful well-taken care of seeds. And it just shows. So, so clearly

Ali (37m 33s):
Thank you so much. It’s the most important thing really? To find your soul’s purpose? I mean, so many people don’t realize that they think they just, oh, I have to get a job so I can make money. So I can do this. And I can do that. Like, like, no, there’s no, like there’s, I think people think there’s just like so many rules. They have to follow. And like, no, there’s no actual rules. Like the rules are all made up. Like someone made up the rules, we don’t have to follow those rules. We can completely make up our own rules. I mean, we have to sound like laws, but like the steps of life, like we don’t have to follow those. We can go our own way.

Ali (38m 13s):
And that was something that really helped me because, you know, I felt like, okay, I have to do go to college and now I have to get a job. And I guess, you know, I guess I’ll work in corporate. And I just follow the steps because I thought those were the steps to make me happy, because that’s what I was told. I was told that by people that I trusted and they were giving me the best advice, they that’s like, that’s the tough part is that. So often we go to the people that we’ve love for advice, but really we should go to the people that are the experts in the things that we want to do. Because if we listen to just the people we’d love for advice, and of course we should go to them for support and love.

Ali (38m 57s):
But if we go to them for advice, you know, mothers who was an immigrant who came from Italy, like adheres, just like, go get a job, you’d have to be an artist. Yeah. We all want to be artists. Like, you know, like it was different mentality. I was like, all right, like, cool. That’s what, that’s the input I got. And, you know, really, if I had just, you know, met my mom though on the other hand, actually went to art school. And even though she ended up becoming a nurse, she went to nursing school and art school at the same time because she wanted to follow that, that bliss of art, you know, but also she had another passion to help children.

Ali (39m 45s):
And she works at a children’s hospital and she’s very happy as a nurse, but, you know, I think that she, she had, she definitely had that. But the fact that she still followed that little bit to give her that gift of like, you know, you don’t always have to do like make money off of your, your, your gifts, your passion. You can also do something that you believe that will make you happy and others happy. And then you can have something that you’re passionate about that you just still make time for you for, because that’s still living your purpose, even if you’re just doing it to do it like right now, like I’m I painting and I’m not really making much money off of painting.

Ali (40m 27s):
I’m making money more off of my digital art, for example, however, I paint every day happy. And I think one day that it will lead me to amazing abundance. I believe that, but for now, when I’m talking to you and this year in a couple of years, they will have a different conversation, you know, but for right now, I’m so happy every day that I I’m just showing up to the canvas and, you know, seeing something that’s kind of scary and going forward anyway in just the pure love of growth for myself, it’s a gift.

Ali (41m 8s):
And when you give that gift to yourself, it really that the fruits of your labor grows effortlessly unfold really is the magic and seeing where this goes. So when I manifest, I focus on how I’m going to feel, how I’m going to, I want to be joyful. I want to be aligned in my purpose. So I, I, I know some people love to have specifics. And I think in some cases that works great, but for me, I love of it. And it’s the, of, you know, I trust the universe and I trust, I trust really God so much that I will be led on the right path.

Ali (41m 56s):
If I follow my bliss, I follow what makes me happy and what lights up my soul. If I follow that, I trust it. So I, I’m not attached to a, I have to become a famous artist, you know, like, like Vogue or something. No, I don’t, I don’t need that. Like, I, I, my manifestations focus more around, I want to be valued for what I create, and I want others to feel something from what I create. I mean, these are how we manifest because when we manifest those feelings, we, we don’t attach ourselves to that concrete reality.

Ali (42m 36s):
That is so thin. Anyway, you know, what is reality? I mean, that’s a whole another day another podcast, but you know, we’re so attached to what we decided this world is, and the rules that it’s made, and this is what success is and all of these things, the world has to find for us. But when we begin to define it for ourselves, when we think success means going to the beach every day, or success means, you know, being able to afford all the groceries that you want, when you go to the grocery store. I mean, these are, these are things that are so powerful and you can put those little things into action so that you become and that you so desire to be.

Ali (43m 23s):
And then the abundance follows, the opportunities follows the relationships follow it’s just because you become an attraction beam for everything you want, because you were being everything you want.

Danielle (43m 37s):
Yeah. And it’s trusting that you don’t know everything that is available to you, right? So if you go after these feelings, you just trust that the opportunities that you couldn’t even have imagined will come to you. And it’s just so out of your frame of reference right now, thank you so much, Ali. So we are curious to know how we can get in touch with you and what you offer on your pages.

Ali (43m 59s):
Yeah. So you can come find me at Instagram is probably the best way to connect with me at your aura by Ali. And you can work with me one-on-one and we can tap into your aura. I create beautiful digital art that you’ll be able to have. So you can visually see the aura yourself so that it’s not just the explanation, which I’ll also give, but it’s a way for you to really feel your own energy in a visual form, because that’s the most important part for me, for you to have the experience as well. So can find me there. You can also find me on Tik Tok at Ali Lizzi and that’s going to be really a lot more fun videos.

Ali (44m 40s):
I do a lot of that on my Instagram as well, which is fun, light videos about spirituality, finding your path, finding your purpose, and just a very fun, approachable way. Especially if you’re new to spirituality or like awakening in any way, I’m definitely someone you can connect with. And I am a happy to help guide you. I’m going to be offering more courses and, and coaching in the new year after my wedding. I’m going to just get through that first and then do this. So

Danielle (45m 14s):
Congratulations. So I will link everything in the episode description guys, connect with Ali. She is a Ray of sunshine and we are so happy to have had you on the show. Thank you for coming on.

Ali (45m 29s):
Thank you so much for having me and it’s so nice to see you again.

Danielle (45m 33s):
We’ll be in touch and guys I’ll see you in the next episode, have an amazing week!


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