Email List Marketing 101

Have you thought about introducing Email List Marketing into your business but have no idea where to start? This episode is for you! We go through what exactly Email List Marketing is, why you need it, as well as beginner and advanced tips for those of you who want to level up your online Marketing!

Email List Marketing is a very important part of your business, but it can feel overwhelming with knowing exactly how to simply START. This episode contains tips for those at all stages in their email marketing as we cover beginner, intermediate and advanced Email List Marketing techniques you can implement straight away!

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‘Home’ For The Holidays

Hi guys. Happy December. The next few episodes are all going to be recorded from New York! It is so magical in the city this time of year. I love coming back to New York and people are always like, ‘Are you cold? Do you feel like you wanna go back to tropical weather?’ And obviously, yes, but I think the big difference is I am here by choice, right? I am here because I want to spend time with my family and friends during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, and I know that I’m going to be going back to warm weather and it’s not gonna be forever here. And that is why I love every single moment. There is limited amount of time, which makes it that much more special. Versus I feel like when I was working in finance, there was no out, there was no choice. I was not able to just book a flight and go wherever. It was very calculated and I was living here. And so because I’m visiting, it just feels so special.

And I love, love, love New York. During the holidays, Saks Fifth Avenue has  a new wall display with all the lights, Rockefeller tree, it just went up. And so Ragz and I will be exploring, he hasn’t been back here in a few years actually, so we’re gonna be creating a lot of content and truly enjoying the buzz of New York City during the holidays. 

Special Thank You To My Listeners

Spotify wrapped also came out last week, and I just wanna take a moment to thank each and every single one of you for tuning in and being a listener of the Wanderlover Podcast. Whether you’ve found this podcast, the day it launched, the day it went live, and you were one of the first listeners, or if you just found this podcast today or recently (get the quick recap of my story here), honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I would not be where I am in this life and in my business without you. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for listening, thank you for sharing. 

I genuinely just hope, and my one wish with this podcast is to offer value. So I hope I’ve changed your life for the better in some way, shape, or form. I’ve hoped I got you thinking about new life experience and directions you may wanna take your life and just found some kind of solace in knowing that even if you aren’t in your ideal life situation right now. Declare to the universe what you want and the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it. And I genuinely think that there are no accidents, if you found this podcast for a reason, it was meant to be. It’s truly just humbling to know that something that started off as a passion project is now worldwide. Like we have been streamed in 59 countries in just 2023. So I’m just really excited to see where this goes and to grow it even further. 

Introduction To Email List Marketing

So with that being said, today’s episode is going to be all about Email List Marketing, 101 course! It is a highly requested episode. I teach Email List Marketing in my programs to my clients because it is just such a great way to grow a targeted, aligned group of people and to have complete ownership of all of your subscribers.

So many of my clients and customers come from my email list. So many customers are repeat buyers. And once you truly understand how to make this work for your business, it really is just such a powerful tool that I encourage you to look into and implement. And I’ll show you how to do. So in this episode, I’ll share some beginner Email List Marketing techniques as well as advanced ones. And of course, if you have any questions, send me a dm, send me an email. I am more than happy to help you out. I know it can be a little daunting because it is a bit tech heavy, but nothing that you can’t learn yourself. 

What is Email List Marketing?

Email List Marketing is a type of direct digital marketing method that uses emails to engage with a business’s audiences.

So for example, my email list contains new aspiring coaches, creators, digital nomads (join our society here!), aspiring influencers, and people who want to scale to six Figures and beyond. And we use emails to communicate with every single subscriber. Think of Email List Marketing as like a channel of marketing that you can have for your business. Everyone looks at social media marketing, right? Everyone looks at Instagram and YouTube and TikTok, but what they fail to notice is behind the scenes, every successful business also has an email list. Why it’s so powerful is because these people chose to manually opt in to subscribe to what you have to offer.

They entered in their email and their name, or they even bought from you or our current clients. You have everyone interested in your business and who may potentially want to work with you or buy from you in the future. You have them all grouped together in what we call an email list or client relationship manager, CRM. It all means the same thing. How this is different from, let’s say your Instagram is Instagram, people just click follow, right? They could be completely uninterested in your paid services or paid offers. They just maybe, you know, found your account one day and decided to follow you. Think of accounts that follow 4,000 people or 8,000 people. Not every single person they follow is going to be people they potentially wanna work with.

It could just be for entertainment. So there’s less depth and less interest, so the leads aren’t as warm versus for an email List most people will want to follow you for reasons other than just pretty photos. They’re actually interested in the business aspect of what you have to offer. So although it’s not as in your face, it’s not as social as social media, it is still incredibly powerful. 

Why Email List Marketing Is Necessary

The next question is, why do you need Email List Marketing? Why can’t you just stick to social media? My answer is never have all of your eggs in one basket and never have all of your eggs on one social media platform.

Because if Instagram goes down, if YouTube goes down, then your entire audience goes down with it. However, with an email List you own your audience, you get all of those emails, you get all of those names, and you can contact them at any time, right? They’re not owned by anyone else and you don’t need the followers. You literally have direct contact to the consumer. Email List Marketing is also a great way to get clients because in case they don’t wanna sign up with you today, you still have them on your email list and they might sign up with you when the timing aligns in one month, in three months, in one year, in three years.

I literally have people who email me being like, I listened to your first podcast, have never reached out to you. You don’t know who I am, but I wanna sign up and work with you. That is the power of Email List Marketing. Email List Marketing is also a great way to build trust, to nurture your audience, to communicate with them in more than just, you know, the limited number of characters on an Instagram post. You have the ability to directly enter their email inboxes and communicate whatever it is that you want to announce or just share for the week. So I do weekly newsletters. I also have launch emails going out when we have doors open to our offers.

So if it’s going to make you money, if it’s going to grow your business and grow your audience, why not introduce it, right? Why not learn how to incorporate it so that you’re never wondering where your next client or customer is coming from?

Social Media vs Email Marketing : Which To Focus on? 

And at this point, if you’re wondering, should I focus more on social media marketing or should I focus on Email List Marketing, I’m not going to tell you which one. I’m going to encourage you to have a larger plan for both. I want you to be active on both. Choose one first, get comfortable with it, create your workflow around it, and then move on to expanding onto the other. We never wanna choose one or the other. We want both.

Beginner Email List Marketing Tips

I’m going to share some beginner Email List Marketing tips, and then some advanced Email List Marketing tips. 

Get An Email Manager

If you are just starting out and you don’t even have an email list manager yet, I would recommend signing up with ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is what we use at the Wanderlover. So powerful. It has every single feature and it integrates with all of the apps that we use on our website for our digital marketing, and it’s super simple to use and sign up. I will include the link in the episode description, and next, once you have that, we want to import any existing emails you may have within your network, any emails you may have collected, if you have a website and you might have like a little subscribe for the newsletter, if you have any emails, just upload them into ActiveCampaign. If not, it’s okay. We can start from scratch and we can grow it. 

Create Opportunities To Subscribe

So I want you to get in the habit of trying to acquire as many leads, as many people onto your email list day to day going forward. Instead of only focusing on the size of your Instagram, we’re going to now focus and track the number of email list subscribers. So what this means is introduce places on your website, if you haven’t already, to subscribe to your newsletter or subscribe for updates or subscribe for business tips and travel inspiration or whatever your business is.  Have it plastered everywhere on your website. Obviously make it look nice, but we want people to get onto your email list. 

Do you see how now not only are people visiting your website, but they have an opportunity to keep in touch with you. It’s not like they just visit, they read something and then they leave. You have the opportunity to capture that interest, continuously email them and have them on your list so that when you are announcing a new offer or opening doors for a launch, you’re not going to be launching to crickets. You’re going to be launching to people who have visited you before and who are interested in your content.

Create An Opt-In

Next, after we have subscribe, we want to think about an opt-in offer or a freebie offer. This is a free piece of information. It can be a PDF, it can be an email course, it can be a checklist or video, just something of value to capture the interest of your ideal client. So for example, I have a free downloadable case study that showcases how I went from a corporate job to a multiple six figure online business all while traveling full-time. I go through step-by-step how I did it, and I have reflection questions and ways for my ideal client to also think about ways they can escape the nine to five and build their online businesses, right?

This is my freebie offer, and you can Download it If you go to the website, the Wanderlover dot com slash create dash build dash scale, and this captures the interest of my ideal clients, which are people who want to start their online businesses. They might be stuck in a job they hate, they might be in corporate looking for a way out. And when you have a standalone page to get people signed up to your email list in exchange for a freebie offer or an opt-in offer, you’re getting more and more subscribers. You’re getting more and more warm leads for your products and services. Do you see how that works?

Do you see how If you are? Let’s say a fitness trainer. You are an online fitness coach. Your freebie offer would maybe be 21 days of back exercises or 21 days of cardio or a video explaining how to do one of your signature exercises or maybe like a meal plan, capture the interests of people who want to commit to whatever it is that your services are offering. I’ll give another example, if you are a social media manager. Your opt-in offer could be 21 days of real ideas. I know I’m using 21 a lot, but it can also be how to schedule the next 30 days of posts easily and effortlessly, and you can share all of your systems and at the end have a call to action being like, if this was too hard or if this is too much for you, check out my services. I would love to help you implement all of this and make your life easier. Do you see how an opt-in offer will capture the interest? And even if they don’t sign up immediately, that doesn’t mean they never will. 

Send Weekly Emails

The last tip for beginner Email List Marketing is to then send out weekly emails. Get into the habit of just popping into your subscribers inboxes and start as early as possible. They don’t know if they’re one of two subscribers or one of 2000. So send out weekly newsletters because your email list will grow and you want to get into the habit of being active and not just appearing once a year. This is really gonna help you when you do introduce new offers and services because they’re gonna be familiar with your content and they’re going to know, like, and trust you. 

Advanced Email List Marketing Tips

Email Automations

Now for some advanced email marketing tips, when we have the opt-in built, and not only are we growing your email list just by getting people signed up, we want to introduce automations. So pre-written pre-scheduled emails that go out one day, two days, three days, up to seven days after they subscribe. You don’t have to manually send them one by one. You can schedule an ActiveCampaign after they sign up for this Download, email them this link with the Download, and then one day later follow up with them.

Send another email being like, how did you enjoy the Download? This is who I am. Introduce yourself and let me know, if you have any questions. The next day you can pop back into their inbox, of course, another scheduled email saying, this is my story, this is why I’m on this path. I want you to learn more about me in case you need any of my services. This is what I offer. Sign off and you know, send them an email every day for the next five to seven days. This is all automated. So you set this up once and every single person that now visits your website and signs up, they are directed and they are being nurtured while you are essentially not doing anything.

And if you know anything about the Wanderlover in my business, I love having automations and systems so that I don’t have to be stressed, I don’t have to be manually sending anything out. Lowest amount of effort for maximum amount of productivity and visibility. 

Advertise Your Opt-In

Next, after we have the automation set up, we can now work on running ads to your opt-in. So again, scaling even more. How many people are viewing your landing page and how many people are signing up to your email list? Just imagine being able to directly calculate a return on investment. Like every a hundred dollars I spend in ads, I get this many leads.

Let’s say you get 20 leads or 30 leads, and out of those 30 leads, you have two customers and it brings you $1,500 in revenue. Imagine having all of those numbers so you can work out the direct efficacy of your marketing efforts and your marketing investments. 


The last and most important tip I have for Advanced Email List Marketing is selling and launching in emails, monetizing your email list subscribers, getting into the habit of including affiliate Links in a few emails. This is going to take testing, it’s going to take constant improvement, but it is not impossible, and it is something that anyone can do because they’ve already signed up for your email list.

They are already warm subscribers who are so much more likely to buy or sign up with you than completely cold subscribers or a completely cold audience. So selling and launching in emails is an art form that can completely transform how you run your business and how much money you make. if you have a launch every single month. You have the capacity and the ability to convert like one, two, 3% of your email list. And over time, we’re constantly going to be improving and growing those numbers so you get more leads, more subscribers, more conversions, and more revenue for your business.

If you need help setting this up, feel free to dm me on Instagram. I’d be more than happy to explain more or help you directly. And I hope you guys have a fabulous December. I will see you in the next episode. Bye my loves!

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