How to get more leads for your business

Struggling to get your first (or next) client or customer? In today’s episode, I share 7 foolproof methods to get more cold leads in your business to convert into revenue (which I also teach in Wanderlover Business Academy)! Let’s focus on adopting these behind the scene strategies so you never are wondering where your next client or customer is coming from!

I kick off this week with a quick look into what life looks l as a full time traveler (02:17) before diving into my 7 fail proof methods to get leads to your business and how to convert them to clients or customers (5:00).

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Audio Transcript

Intro (5s):
The Wanderlover Podcast was created with a mission to enable travel and freedom through entrepreneurship. I’m your host, Danielle Hu business mentor, content creator, and founder of the wander lover tune in every week for episodes about travel online business, social media, and mindset that will inspire you to take massive action towards living the life of your dreams. If you’ve been enjoying the Wanderlover podcast, if you’ve been tuning in and finding inspiration and taking away value, it would mean so much to me. If you could take a second to leave us a review on apple podcasts, I continue to record these episodes for you every single week and take all of your comments and feedback to heart. Thank you guys so, so much.

Danielle (53s):
Hello. My loves. Welcome back to the Wanderlover podcast. I’m your host, Danielle Hu. Recording this episode from Ericeira Portugal. I’m actually flying back to New York this week and then driving over to Boston for my younger brother’s graduation. Shout out to Gary for graduating summa cum laude. So with honors, with a degree in computer science and entrepreneurship, he’s going to do big, big things in his life. And what’s crazy is he’s been my baby brother. Like I’ve just always viewed him or seen him as a baby. He’s seven years younger than me. And he just graduated university, which makes me feel very old.

Danielle (1m 37s):
And it, like, I remember the day when I graduated, I sound like one of those, you know, those elderly people when they’re like back in the day when I graduated, I feel like right now, but I’m so happy to be going back home to see my friends and family I’ll be flying back to Portugal’s a back to Eddie Saida. And then on the 26th of May Ragz and I are going back to England, we’re taking a ferry from Spain. So from Sun-Times air to England, it’s a 24 hour journey. So it’s kind of like a cruise, but we’re bringing our truck with us and we’ll be back in England for like a month before going to our next destination.

Danielle (2m 18s):
And I’ve been getting this question a lot, like, where are your bases? Where do you guys kind of live? And if you’re new to this show, new to my business Ragz and I haven’t had a base for the past, like three years, we’ve just constantly been going country to country. And mainly because he is British I’m American. So we’re only allowed to stay in certain countries for 90 to 180 days at a time. And it’s been fine. Like we’re both super flexible. We both have our online businesses. So we’ve been really fortunate and grateful for this opportunity to be so nomadic and bringing our businesses with us wherever we go.

Danielle (2m 58s):
One of the ladies in momentum mastermind, she started her online business while she was with us during this spring 2022 cohort. And she’s going to be flying to Europe for the summer. So bringing her online business with her, we’re so excited. And during this whole process of helping her navigate this digital nomad
life, she asked me, how are you able to manage your schedule while hopping around so many times zones, which is such a great problem to have, if you think about it, like being able to work with clients around the world while being so easily able to travel yourself. And the key is to be super organized with your calendars and schedule and have your Calendly or whatever booking software you use to be really in sync with where you are going to be and what time zone you’re going to be in.

Danielle (3m 51s):
So for example, when I’m flying to New York, I completely block off my calendar for the day that I’m flying. And then even before I get to New York, all already have set my hours to be New York hours while I’m there I go over this really in depth in my business academy, I have live sessions every month where I answer people’s questions and give behind the scenes, looks into my systems, my calendars, my workflows. I went through this in last month’s live. So if you want access to all of the trainings, if you want to be able to ask me questions directly about your online business and get access to all of the modules in the academy that teaches you how you can build a successful online business and book your one way flight anywhere in the world and be able to run your business from anywhere.

Danielle (4m 43s):
There is wifi. You can enroll in the business academy this month. And for all of my fear podcast listeners, if you enter the code podcast WBA, you will get a hundred dollars off the business academy for the entire month of may. So you can check that out and Enroll in the episode description, everything that I’m going to be talking about in this episode today will also be in the academy. So let’s get started with this week’s episode, How to get more leads for your business. I’m going to be going through every single way you can be getting your first or next clients within the next seven days.

Danielle (5m 24s):
And I hope by the end of the episode, it’s just super clear to you that you need to be implementing as many of these lead generation strategies as possible, and be super clear with the fact that lead generation is really different than nurturing your audience. So what does lead generation mean? It means how many new people on this earth, you are making aware that your business exists on a daily basis. And this is really different from posting Instagram, because when you post or share a story on Instagram, it’s only being shared to those people who already know who you are, right, who are already following you.

Danielle (6m 8s):
And the whole point of this episode is getting people, even more people who don’t currently know who you are aware that your business exists and signed up as a client or customer. And then it’s just a numbers game. From there. The more leads you can introduce to your business on a daily basis, the more clients and customers you’ll be getting, and the more money you’ll be making, which brings me to before we even get started, I want to make sure if you’re listening to this episode and you’re tracking how much revenue you’re making on a monthly basis, you need to have at least gone live with your first offer. You need to have gone live with whatever it is that you’re selling so that people can pay you for it.

Danielle (6m 52s):
So that people know what they’re getting, what they can expect, what you offer. Because if you’re listening to all of these lead generation strategies, and there’s not even a buy now button on your website, or like a way to sign up with you, then it’s probably not going to be super effective because you’re not going to be able to convert those leads into clients and customers. And so it’s really funny because when we start, our businesses were thinking like, okay, it’s out there, it’s on my website. You just have to jump through a few hoops and then you can pay me. No, we are in business and we need to make it super clear how exactly your audience member can turn into a client.

Danielle (7m 35s):
Think about like the grand opening of a new restaurant or Apple’s new product launch. They’re not, they’re not, they’re not hiding it, right? They’re not making it a super low key event where it’s like, Ooh, maybe someone will just stumble upon the website and then, you know, order takeout, or maybe they’ll just stumble upon the apple website and buy a phone from me. No, it’s like, bam, we are live. This is everything you need to know. We’re going to market the shit out of it. And that’s how you need to be treating your business whenever you go live with something. So after you have gone live, now, our goal in business is to get as many people aware and interested in your new product or service as possible on a daily basis.

Danielle (8m 24s):
And the ways I cover in this episode, they’re going to be organic. They’re going to be paid. Some are going to require more work upfront. Some are going to be more passive, but the goal is, try them all out. I can’t recommend a cookie cutter way. That’s going to work for every single business. People’s personalities are different. Price points are different, but your goal as a business owner is to learn all of these steps and implement what works best in your business for you. And to be constantly assessing yourself, how am I doing with lead generation? How am I getting more people aware? What can I do to raise my lead gen strategies from a six out of 10 to an eight out of 10?

Danielle (9m 8s):
And the ultimate goal is you will be introducing new leads on autopilot every single day. And I teach you how to do this in the business academy. You need to have the systems in place. So you are not wondering where your next client or customer is going to come from. You need the behind the scenes systems that you probably don’t see on social media because it’s email is marketing. It’s Facebook ads it’s retargeting. But once you have those online machine, this online lead generation machine set up for your business, it’s going to make so much sense how you’re supposed to show up as a business owner and focus in on your zone of genius. So let’s get started the first way that I have written down to get new leads for your business is simple word of mouth.

Danielle (9m 56s):
This can look like going to networking events, going to conferences, having people talk about your service, getting your reputation out there. So when contacts or colleagues come across, someone who needs your services, you’re the first one to come to mind because they know exactly what you do. Second way to get more leads for your business is through talk or reels. So in terms of social media, not all platforms and not all content on the platforms are treated equal. What I mean by that is if you’re constantly posting Instagram posts, Instagram stories, like I said before, most of your reach is going to be only to people who currently follow you, who are warm leads, because they already know who you are.

Danielle (10m 44s):
And this also applies to podcasting. So Instagram post stories, podcasting, these are not reliable lead generation strategies because you can’t reliably introduce cold audiences. Instead, we want to be focused on Tik TOK and on Instagram reels because the reach to people who aren’t following you is significantly higher. So if you’re not posting on Tik talk, if you’re not posting reels, reassess your social media strategy, because most likely you’re not getting the people who are interested in your content onto your page as quickly as you want.

Danielle (11m 25s):
And so if you’re struggling with like not enough clients or inconsistent clients, reassess your social media strategy, chiming in here really quickly to remind you, I have a FREE MASTERCLASS, how to build a successful online business that allows you to travel the world. This is how I operate the Wanderlover and have multiple streams of income all online. Over the past four years of full-time travel in this exclusive 40 minute masterclass, you will learn to build your online coaching, creative or service-based business. Choose your profitable online business idea that is unique and aligned without getting stuck in paralysis by analysis.

Danielle (12m 5s):
Start the money flow in your business without needing a hundred thousand followers and grow your community and audience on autopilot without having to post on social media every day you can register in the episode description, and I will see you inside. Now back to today’s episode. The third way to get more leads is through direct engagement. So DMS through LinkedIn outreach, you can outsource this or you could do it yourself, but really connect with every single person who follows you, who likes your page, or you can even go out to someone else’s page. So to a competitor or to someone who’s in your industry, look at who’s engaging with their content and then start engaging with those people because you already know that you have common interests.

Danielle (12m 54s):
Maybe you can go on Facebook to common Facebook groups, but really focus on the push marketing. This is all free. This is all organic focus on the push marketing in your business. So you can get people connected and don’t just wait for them to interact with your content. You also have the power to put yourself out there and take the first step, right? Ask them what they’re going through, where they currently are with their life and their business. And maybe you will get your first or next client or customer that way. Fourth way to get more leads is to cross pollinate audiences. So you can ask someone else in your industry, or maybe someone complimentary to your industry to either go live with them, ask to be featured in their email list, newsletter, get your name out there and use someone else’s audience and introduce their audience to all the services you have to offer and to your brand and business.

Danielle (13m 51s):
Think outside the box here, like brainstorm five people you can potentially go live with and see how it can be mutually beneficial to both of you. This is especially a great strategy. If you’re going live with something for the first time, if you’re launching a brand new product or service, it really creates a buzz and gets everyone excited. Fifth way to get more leads. And I’m going to star this one, star, bold italicize, like this is the one that has worked best for me, work best for most of my clients and will probably work best for you. If you find a way to optimize it is Facebook ads and retargeting people who are either interacting with your content already or finding you through a Facebook ad.

Danielle (14m 36s):
So the whole world of Facebook ads is so powerful because you can accurately quantify to a cent how much you are paying for a new lead that enters your funnel. And so what I teach in the business academy, and what I encourage you to do is to create a freebie offer that is related to your main offer and gets the audience introduced to what you have to offer. What you have to say, what you have to teach, get them introduced to your teaching style, what it’s like to work with you. And then after an email automation have a call to action to either get on the phone with you or sign up for one of your programs or lead them to one of your higher ticket offers where it gets really fun is once you have an audience of customers and clients, you can introduce that audience to your Facebook ads manager and create a lookalike audience from this subset of people.

Danielle (15m 35s):
So you already have, you know, a few hundred people who are interested and sign up with you. Facebook will then go out and find a million similar people who are equally potentially interested in your product or services, show your ad to them and just have this group of people ready to buy from you and work with you. So it is so, so powerful. I will always say that you need to test out your organic funnel first. So make sure people are signing up with you even without Facebook ads so that you can rinse and repeat online. So beta test this find a group of people organically to test out your products and services get testimonials.

Danielle (16m 18s):
And Facebook will just be the main driver behind this whole process. So you’re not spending a lot of money on a funnel or on a process that isn’t even working organically. Number six is Pinterest marketing. And some of you may know if you’ve listened to my episode with my Pinterest manager, Catherine, Nicole, she handles all the Pinterest marketing for the Wanderlover. But before I hired her, I also implemented Pinterest marketing strategies, myself directing traffic to my freebies, to my blog posts and getting leads off of Pinterest. What’s great about Pinterest is you have the ability to smart loop and automate your distribution.

Danielle (16m 59s):
So you can basically set it and forget it for a few weeks or months at a time. If you set it up first, keep in mind that Pinterest marketing takes time to optimize because it is a search engine. So you’re not really going to see the highest returns at the beginning. It’s more of a long-term strategy. So if you’re really focused on getting your next client or customer this month would not recommend starting with Pinterest, but know that if you have a few hours off and you really want to learn about it, it is a really powerful strategy to get people onto your website and get traffic to your business on a daily basis on autopilot.

Danielle (17m 39s):
Okay? Last but not least, number seven is publicity. This looks like press articles about you. This looks like podcast features going to seminars and talking in front of an audience, getting your name as an authority out into the world. A resource that I would recommend for this is called HARO, help a reporter out where three times a day, you’ll get an email from different publications, newspapers, magazines around the world. You will get writers who are looking to feature and get expert knowledge and advice from people in all different industries.

Danielle (18m 19s):
And what you can do is respond to the ones that you can contribute to and hope, and just wait for them to feature you if they like what you say, and if they choose to, you know, use what you submitted. So for example, you can get a query one day from a writer for USA today, and they are looking to do a piece on photographers. They’re like photographers, how do you book the most clients for weddings or whatever, or calling all life coaches? How do you get new leads for your business? You know, and it’s across all different industries. So finance travel tech, and you just need to keep an eye out to see if any relate to you, submit your answer.

Danielle (19m 3s):
And then if you make it a practice or a habit to do this every day or every week over time, you’re going to get features. And it’s a great way to get your authority and your ranking for your website up. So publicity press podcast features you don’t have to wait to be invited onto a show. You can totally reach out to different podcasts and ask to be a guest on their show. You can outreach to different coworking spaces or to different conference events and pitch yourself to give a talk on a topic of your choice or whatever you’re an expert at, but keep in mind, you want to be positioning yourself as an authority, right?

Danielle (19m 50s):
So getting these features is something that should be on your mind constantly. Like how do I get my business in front of more and more people? How do I get them to know, like, and trust me and see me as an expert. So my question for you now is what are three ways you’re committed to trying to increase leads in the month of may? How are you going to learn them? And when exactly are you going to start implementing them so that you can get more clients and more customers in the business academy, we help you get your first or next client. And we help you set up lead generation via Facebook ads via Pinterest marketing.

Danielle (20m 33s):
So you can get more on repeat and you don’t really need to be focusing on direct outreach methods. Although, you know, you should always be doing that, but if you don’t have the system set up, look into the business academy and just a reminder that for the month of may, if you use the code podcast WBA, you will get a hundred dollars off. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me. I’m always happy to help cheers to your next client, your next customer of many, many more to come and guys have an amazing week. I will talk to you when I’m in New York, probably. So I’ll see you in the next episode. Love you all.


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Danielle Hu

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