Make More, Work Less: How to set up systems for more free time

Ever wanted to introduce systems and income streams into your business not tied to your time? So you are able to make money even when you’re not in front of the computer or directly working with clients? Tune into this week’s episode to learn how you can start thinking like a CEO instead of a one-man team! Plus a behind-the-scenes look into what we outsource at The Wanderlover HQ!

Sound too good to be true? Well I show you exactly how to do it! I take you through understanding how to spend time in your business (5:00), how to set up passive sales sequences (8:30) and how to free up your time while earning more (10:30).

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Hello my loves. Welcome back to The Wanderlover Podcast. I’m your host, Danielle Hu. I just had the most magical morning and felt super inspired to record this episode for you guys. So here we are. And here I am. I woke up this morning and was really craving a smoothie bowl.

A new coffee shop just opened up a few houses down from us on the beach and they do these incredible dragon fruit mango smoothie bowls with banana strawberry passion fruit on top and goji berries. I love, love, love goji berries. So I ordered one of those. Then I saw my favorite massage guy taking a walk on the beach and he has this really amazing setup, right by the water, a massage bed with flower pets, really nice smelling oils. And you can get a massage with the waves crashing right beside you. So that’s what I did. And then I was like, you know what?

I’m feeling so refreshed. And I’ve been making sales while this was happening. And I bet my listeners would really appreciate insight as to how to make all of these systems work so that you can be making money in your online business without physically having to be in front of your computer. Isn’t that the dream it’s just so dreamy and it’s so possible for you. So this is going to be such a good episode. 

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How to make more, while working less

Today’s episode is all about making more while working less, How to set up systems for more free time.

What would you do with more free time? Would you spend more time with family? Spend more time with friends, travel more, take more walks outside, take more walks on the beach. Maybe go surfing time. Freedom is one of the most important pillars of our Wanderlover programs, because that is when you truly get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and full disclaimer. This episode is specifically going to be for those of you who already have started monetizing your online business. You’re already making money. Whether that be from brand collaborations, whether that be from clients or customers, you already have a proven business model, you’re already making money. If you aren’t check out the Wanderlover Business Academy, that is going to be your place to get started. And I want to emphasize this because no matter how many systems you set up, no matter how many jobs you outsource, If you don’t already have a proven business model, your VA, your Facebook ads manager, your Pinterest manager, your sales systems. They’re not going to be making money for you. It’s more of setting systems and automations up so that you can step out of your business. If you’re not already doing those tasks, it’s going to be pretty meaningless and pretty unfruitful, if it’s not generating you income.

Understanding how you spend your time in your business

So first and foremost, I want you to ask yourself, what am I specifically doing day to day in my business that is making me money. How do I spend all my time in my business? And If you don’t know this and exercise, I have my private clients do open up an Excel spreadsheet and divide your day into 15 minute increments. This is an exercise I want you to complete for one week straight. So divide into 15 minute increments between Monday and Sunday and for one week straight track exactly what you are working on each one of those 15 minutes.

And then afterwards highlight in green. How many of those chunks are spent working inside of your business? So after a full week, you should be able to see how many hours per day you’re spending working on your business and then start dividing up. What percentage of those hours are spent in each category of content creation of sales, of marketing, of admin? What type of work are you doing inside of your business and which one of those directly lead to income being generated? So for example, on our last Mastermind call, we had one member track this for a few days.

And what they realized was all the time that was spent working inside of their business, almost a hundred percent of that time was spent in content creation. No time was spent in sales and no time was spent in marketing. Thus, they generated $0 that week, which is expected, right? If you spend no time in sales or in marketing and a hundred percent of the time in content creation, you’re most likely not going to be making money. If you don’t have the sales systems already in place, which is good news, because once you are aware of how you’re spending the time, you can then ask your yourself, okay, how do I Make More money? How do I actually increase sales and increase sales efforts in my week to week?

Right? So that’s really important and I want you to track, okay, how much time am I spending with content creation and how much time am I spending on sales efforts? On the other hand, another example, I have a private client who launched their first digital product. And for the past three weeks, they’ve been promoting purely organically. And after collecting data, they now see that with their landing page, they have a conversion rate of 8%, which is really, really good. However, all of those conversions came from organic social and email promotion, which was more or less directly tied to their time.

So every time they wrote an email, they would make sales. Every time they posted on Instagram, they would make sales. And through this process, they were able to basically prove that there was a demand for their product and people were buying.

Setting up passive sales sequences

So the next step to automate would be to increase the number of people that land on their landing page. And we are going to do this through paid advertising with Facebook advertising. You are essentially selling every single day without manually having to be there. If you already have a proven funnel that converts, all we need to do is get more people to see it.

It’s purely a numbers game. So a sales system, a passive sales system for you could look like running ads to a freebie, which then enters them into a welcome sequence and then a call to action slash sales email, or it could be running ads directly to a landing page and they convert right on the page. However, first and foremost, we wanna make sure that it is already converting before we throw more money at it. This also works. If you have an agency and you want more leads, ask yourself, how do I utilize Facebook ads so that I can increase the number of leads coming into my business.

So ads is one option for you to implement in your business where you’re essentially selling every day without physically having to sell, right? You’re just repeating a process that is already working. 

How to free up more time 

If you are in a position where you’re currently offering private coaching or maybe a Mastermind and your time and income is directly related to each other, this is where we want to free up more time so that you can work on more passive things like an ebook or a course or templates or something that you can sell online in your shop, not tied to your time. And how do you do that? The key for this phase is to reinvest all of your business profits into outsourcing.

So go back to your spreadsheet of what you are doing in 15 minute increments. What are you doing day to day inside of the business and how do you minimize all of that? So how do you get the same amount of work done? Let’s say you work six hours in your business every single day. How do you get that down to two hours so that you can free up four hours and ways to do this is by hiring a virtual assistant, hiring a social media manager, batching your content on social media, and then using something like Unum or plan lead to automatically get posts up outsourcing podcast, editing to a podcast editor.

Maybe you can hire a Facebook ads manager. Maybe you can hire a Pinterest manager or someone to help you with your website. Like, what are you working on inside the business that you can delegate to someone else? This is how you put on your CEO that and you’re treating your business as its own entity. Instead of you being the only one trudging through day to day, to try to get it all, to work, give up control and give tasks to other people so that you can get massages on the beach, knowing that all of your content is still going to be posted and you’re getting more leads into your business.

And I want to emphasize again, the first thing that you should be outsourcing are the things that are directly making you money. So maybe you have your own way of getting new clients and getting new leads. We have photographers, videographers, content, creators, agency owners in the Wanderlover programs right now. And a lot of them are looking into how do I hire someone for sales, who can reach out to different businesses, to different individuals and basically get me leads without me having to manually email every single one of them. Right? Do you see how much time that frees up and how much more you’re going to get done?

If you pay someone five, 10, 15 dollars an hour, depending on where in the world they’re from and you might be wondering, okay, how do I find these people? How do I even start with getting help? And my advice is to always consider your warm audience first, consider who is already following you. Who’s already in your programs, maybe even some of your clients see if they know other people that they can recommend reach out to your audience, make a post on Instagram, utilize your network of family and friends, right? And If you want to post a job posting on Upwork or Fiber, you can also do that, but do not let the process discourage you from getting the help that you need so that you can take back ownership of your own time.

And with all of the hours you save, this is now where we start thinking big picture. What can I introduce to my online business so that I can have even more freedom and Make More passively? So you might be thinking something along the lines of more digital products, digital courses, templates, but things in its nature that are going to give you more freedom, more flexibility, and the ability to scale and scale sustainably. I have some clients, they are doing incredible with their first launches. They’re hitting five figures, some are making 20 K months with their first time launches, which is insane.

But now we start thinking, okay, is it actually sustainable to continue launching one-on-one programs month after month? No, because you’re going to hit a limit, right? You only have so many hours a day. You can only take on so many clients at once. And this is where we have to start thinking bigger picture. What can we now introduce as an income stream? That’s going to take a little more time to set up, but in the long run, it’s going to give us so much more freedom because it’s not tied to our time. And it’s such a great space to be in because you have this cash injection. You have large sums of money coming into your bank account month after month, and you’re not stressed.

You have full freedom, full creativity to think what is the most aligned next step for my business? What is the next most aligned offer that my audience will absolutely love this energy I vibe with. So, so well I’m like, yes, just create from the bottom of your heart. What comes to you? What comes to mind and let’s create it together. It’s such a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

How I create passive income in my business 

I want to end this episode by giving you some ideas of what other kinds of sales systems you can implement in your business and what you can outsource simply by sharing who I have on my team at the Wanderlover headquarters. So the first thing I did was hire a virtual assistant.

This was kind of like the first step I took in delegating, simply because it was the easiest. I was like, I know exactly what I’m doing day to day. I have SOPs for every procedure and I simply have to hand it off to someone else. If you have a hard time delegating or trusting someone else start with a virtual assistant, it doesn’t have to be a big investment or a big commitment. It can start with just a few hours every week. The next person I have onboard is my social media manager. They manage the Wanderlover podcast, Instagram. They help transcribe my podcast episodes into blog posts, then create the Pinterest pins for them.

I then have a Pinterest manager that handles everything Pinterest related. I also have a Facebook ads manager, a podcast manager, someone who handles PR and media pitches, someone that handles my website and SEO. I’ll also onboard some people for one off projects. If I’m launching something new, I’ll bring someone on board for copywriting, for graphic design. And so I’m very familiar with what I am good at and what I don’t want to do in my business. I’m at a point where I know, okay, this is in my zone of genius and this I just don’t wanna handle at all.

Other people are better than me. And I’m just going to trust that they know what they’re doing. When you get into this mindset, running a business becomes so much easier because it’s this well oiled machine. You’re not forcing to make things work. You’re not forcing yourself to do things you’re not good at. And you really see the value in reinvesting into your own business so that it can grow even more. It can grow beyond a one man team, trust the process and be in it for the long run. Don’t just look for the quickest way to make money. Right now think bigger picture put on your CEO hat.

You can, right? You like could do everything in your business yourself, but ask yourself like, do you want to, do you want to be designing your own website and learning web design when you are a coach, right? Like what is your time worth? These are all such important questions to be asking yourself as a business owner. If you don’t have anyone challenging you in this direction, highly recommend you check out the Wanderlover business Academy or any of my private coaching options. We give you the tools so that you can scale beyond what you are experiencing in business right now. That is our intention.

We want you to have time, freedom, location, freedom and financial freedom. If you enjoyed this episode, we would so love it. If you could take a screenshot, take a screenshot right now and share it in your Instagram story and tag us at the Wanderlover at the, The Wanderlover Podcast. I repost every single story to my own stories. And I absolutely love reading the takeaways, the aha moments that have changed your business trajectory. If you have any questions, my DMS are always open going out for a surf right now, the waves that have been absolutely pumping, getting so good at long boarding and having the best time here.

I’ll see you all in the next episode, have an incredible week.


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Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu is a multiple 6-figure travel influencer, business coach, and Founder of The Wanderlover. She has traveled to over 65+ countries running her online business and surfing in remote tropical destinations. Her mission is to help creatives and coaches achieve time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom through online entrepreneurship.

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My mission is to help you design a location-independent lifestyle through online entrepreneurship, to achieve time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom.

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