Create Irresistible Offers that Sell

Wondering what makes certain offers sell and others flop? Want to launch your first or next irresistible offer that sell out? Tune in to this week’s episode where I share exactly what the steps are in order to create products and services that people want to buy!

After more than 5 years in my business, these are the tips I have learnt that will help you create offers that ACTUALLY sell!

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Hello, Hello, my loves! Welcome back to the Wanderlover podcast. I’m so excited for today’s episode because we are diving into Offers – Creating irresistible Offers that sell out every single time!

This Episode Is For EVERYONE

This is going to apply to you if you are just starting and you wanna create your first Irresistible offer, and it’s going to apply for you if you have existing offers that you want to level up or if you are thinking about creating your next offer. I think packaging and selling offers is just so exciting because that is the essence of business offering something that other people need and getting paid for it, and it just lights me up. I’ve read so many books around this and I’ve obviously tested and experienced this for myself. So through all of my testing and what I currently sell in my business, I want to share with you what I’ve learned and how you can too create irresistible offers that make you money.

Choose The Right Market

The first thing that I want to emphasize is if you haven’t started your business already or you don’t know what to sell, it is so important to choose the right market and choose the right business that will enable you to live your dreams. So what I mean by that is when I first started out in entrepreneurship, I was drop shipping, I started an e-commerce store. I was doing Amazon FBA, I was blogging. I tried many different “online businesses” and business models. And what I learned from that is that not every single one of them was created equal. I knew that I wanted to travel the world full time, and what I ran into was difficulties with my e-commerce store where I had to hold inventory, where I needed to deal with shipping and overhead and fulfillment.

And so I kind of saw early on, I was like, well, this is gonna be hard. Like I either have to find a warehouse or find someone else to carry all my inventory if I wanted to travel to Australia or go to Bali. So that’s when I was like already kind of swaying away from e-commerce. But then I looked into Amazon FBA and drop shipping, but same thing there. I needed a deal with shipping, I needed a deal with logistics, and I didn’t have that issue when I was selling digital offers under the Wanderlover when I was selling shout outs on my Instagram when I was getting paid for affiliate Links on my website. And last but not least, I saw the potential and the scalability of an online content creation and coaching business versus one that relied on one physical item or you know, a line of physical items.

And that is why in the Wanderlover Business Academy, I teach online business models that first prioritize digital products and services versus physical ones or anything that is location independent. I have on my ocean inspired jewelry line with my best friend, and I see that as a passion project. I see that as something that lights my soul up. I’m running a business with my best friend, but we’re not relying on it for full-time income because I know that it simply takes time and energy to scale that business a lot more time than an online coaching or content creation business.

Choose A Problem People ‘Pay’ For

So if you are just starting first analyze, is your market a growing market? Is it scalable? Does it involve one-on-one time where you’re only getting paid per hour? Is there a limit on that? Is there a limit on location? Maybe you can only open up and serve people in certain locations. What is the market? What is the business model and is it scalable for online businesses? 

We focus a lot around health, wealth and relationships because those are the three main industries where people have problems that they are willing to pay for. So if you can help someone in one of these three main categories. You are already off to a great start and if you’re not, don’t worry. We will go through the next few steps where you can still package your irresistible offer so that people around the world will want to buy from you. 

The next thing that we want to really focus on, and this is where market research and due diligence and knowing your audience comes into play, is that you want to pinpoint a specific problem that makes your audience want to pay to get it solved. And the key here is putting yourself in your client or customer’s shoes because they need to realize that they have a problem that they need solved.

It’s not like you coming from an expert pedestal and being like all of these people who have these problems, they need to solve it because it’ll better their lives. It’s really easy to say that from your perspective because you’ve been through it and you’re the expert, but it is your customer or your client who ultimately needs to make that decision for themselves. And that comes with the realization of ‘Hey, I am stuck at this point and I actually want to be somewhere else’. So for example, if we are targeting corporate women in their thirties who feel like they don’t have a sense of community, who feel like they are stuck in a repetitive day to day and they want to experience something new, that is something almost tangible that you know that you can pinpoint and that is a problem that they would want to pay for, right?

Versus if that same person in the same situation, they are eating somewhat unhealthy and it’s not really affecting their standard of living, it’s not a problem that is of importance or in the forefront of their mind. And if they see an offer that can promise to transform their eating habits, do you see how in order of importance that might not be a problem that they are willing to invest and pay for because it’s not as pressing? On the other hand, if you are targeting people whose qualities of life are negatively impacted by their eating habits and you can pinpoint that problem and speak to that problem that they are facing that will probably be a better suited problem in a better suited market where people are going to be willing to invest and pay.

So if you have an offer already. I want you to revisit it and see whether the problem you are speaking to affects directly how they are living life right now. Is it something that they know they need to change or is it something that’s just nice for them to change? And if it’s the former something that they need to change right now, we are going to then propose our unique solution, our unique service offer product at a price that they cannot say no to. 

Understand Your Client Avatar 

And this is where really understanding your ideal client avatar and what they’re going through will come into play because you can speak directly to their problem and know what they would pay in order to get that solved.

What is the ideal situation? What is the point B that they envision themselves at, and how does your offer take them there quicker at a price that is a no-brainer. So for example, going back to the corporate woman who feels like she has no community, I’ve been there, I have a client who is offering retreats for people in the mountains, amazing, beautiful getaway with an aligned like-minded group of ambitious women, and it is healing, it is enlightening, it’s a new experience. And from personal experience, that is something that I would happily pay for if I felt like I needed a new community. If I wanted to get out into the mountains and do something new. 

The price includes lodging in a beautiful cabin. It includes all of the food, all of the experiences and events and priceless components like new friendships, new experiences, new memories. And so when you package all of that, do you see how If you sell your unique solution to that specific problem? It is so easy to convince your audience of the pricing because it includes all of those tangible deliverables and more. 

And if you’re like, Danielle, I have no idea what to price my offer at. This is where again, market research will come into play in my programs. I encourage my students to choose a price that they feel confident selling at and then make adjustments from there. You can always increase the price later. It’s not set in stone, but what you’ll find is either you feel like you’re undercharging because you realize how much more time and effort that you’re putting in, or maybe you are overcharging because it’s actually something people don’t see as too tangible of a problem for them to wanna invest a lot more into. So choose a price that you feel comfortable with and then adjust from there.

Over time, what you’ll find is you’re going to get more testimonials, you’re going to get more experience, and so naturally your pricing is going to increase or change over time, and that is okay. Don’t be so fixated on like the first ever pricing of your first ever launch because I promise you it’s going to change multiple times throughout the many years you’re going to have that offer in your business.

Package & Deliver Your Offer

Lastly, what we want to focus on optimizing is the packaging and delivery of your offer, of your service of your product. In the Wanderlover Business Academy, I give you templates, the exact templates I use for all of my sales pages, for all of my checkout carts where you are highlighting every single thing that they get, including bonuses, including guarantees, and in ways where it adds scarcity and urgency so they feel like they need to buy it. Now, we also talk about payment plans and ways that they can finance their investment, and we just basically wanna make the offer so good and so easy to sign up for that they can’t say no.

This is where Canva and graphic design really helps because I feel like for digital products and services, we’re not really selling anything tangible. So you wanna still package it in a way that feels like they are getting lots and lots of value. I do this with mockups, I do this with sales pages and I’m really crafting out every single thing that they’re getting, including the non-tangible items. I put a price onto it, I create a value stack, and then I share with my audience that they are getting a really good deal. I highlight where they wanna go, where they are now, how much time they’re going to save, how little risk there is, right?

Like for the Digital Nomad Society, it’s a seven day money back guarantee. It’s $7 a month, you can cancel any time. So there’s really like nothing to lose, and that is why it does so well. And we continuously get new members because it is a no-brainer. And that is what I want you to think about. When you are crafting and selling your Offers, make it a no-brainer offer. We’re not trying to rip anyone off if you feel like you can’t sell at a price either increase the value and increase what you are offering in terms of support, in terms of community, or think about other ways you can package and bundle the offer so that it becomes a no-brainer.

Review & Re-evaluate Regularly

And the most important thing after you have followed all of these steps is to revisit each and every one of these steps every single month for every single one of your offers. Because we are constantly optimizing and improving it. Sometimes, you know, we need a scrap offers. We need to get rid of what’s not working, and that’s completely okay. Very rarely are you going to have your home run offer the first time around that you create something. You’ve probably heard this from many other entrepreneurs, but a lot of people start many businesses before they find one that works for them. Many people start lots of Offers and launch lots of Offers before they find one that sticks before they find one that really aligns with their product and service suite.

And that is okay, right? Continue having a growth mindset, continue having a, how do I make this better for my community? Having a mindset where you’re constantly serving your clients and customers to the best of your ability, to the best of your capacity. And I promise you, if that is your core value, you’re always going to have more people wanting to work and buy from you. I hope this episode was helpful. Please share it in your stories If you, but learn something and you feel like it’s an insightful listen and I will see you guys in the next episode. Have an amazing week.

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Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu is a multiple 6-figure travel influencer, business coach, and Founder of The Wanderlover. She has traveled to over 65+ countries running her online business and surfing in remote tropical destinations. Her mission is to help creatives and coaches achieve time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom through online entrepreneurship.

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My mission is to help you design a location-independent lifestyle through online entrepreneurship, to achieve time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom.

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