Why You Should Sync Your Business To Your Period Cycle

Did you know there is a way to sync your business activities with your monthly cycle so that it gives you more ease, power, and momentum? Working my business based on the hormonal changes throughout my menstrual cycle has been a complete game-changer! In this episode, we dive in to all the benefits of working with your cycle rather than against it. Tune in to learn how you can start tracking and implementing today!

Did you know that men have a 24 hour hormonal cycle but women have a 28 – 35 day cycle? This is all related to our periods and I have seen huge benefits in my business once I starting syncing my business activities and tasks to my period cycle. Read on below as I take you through how you can do it too if you get your period.

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Hello my love Welcome back to the podcast. This episode is long overdue. I know in multiple previous episodes I’ve said that I would do a an entire episode around menstrual cycles and syncing it with your business and I just never did. So here we are. Thank you for the reminder to my wonderful social media manager Sammy, who reminded me that I need to really record this. So today’s episode is Why You Should Sync Your Business To Your Period Cycle.

And I’ve been doing this for years now. I’ve explained and taught this in many of my programs and I genuinely think that if you have a period and if you get a period, this is just such a powerful way for you to step into your power as a business owner personally, it has just given me so much clarity and so much more ease in my business processes because I have a really good grasp on what is aligned for me for the week and what isn’t. So if this sparks your interest, keep listening because I have a feeling it might just change your business trajectory and your life.

My Experience With Cycle Syncing

And I wanna start by saying that I am definitely not an expert in this. I’ve read a few books on this. I’ve attended a few seminars and most of it is just through practice. Last year when I was in Ericeira Portugal, I attended a workshop on menstrual cycles at the coworking space I was going to at the time called Kelp Co-Work. Shout out to them, they are amazing and if you ever find yourself in Ericeira Portugal, I highly recommend to go check them out. They do amazing workshops and seminars and events. And so I went to this one all about syncing your period to your business, which I had already been doing at the time.

But what was really interesting was the facilitator, Amy (read or listen to Amy’s podcast interview here about aligning your passions), she had everyone, it was about maybe 20, 25 of us. She had everyone go around the room say which day of your cycle you were on and what you were feeling. And so for those of you who aren’t familiar, there are four phases of each menstrual cycle. It is the menstruation phase, follicular phase, ovulation phase, and luteal. And depending on which phase you are in, you have a natural drive to do different things and natural emotions that come up. And it was so funny because I remember I was on day 13 and I had felt like I wanted to be social, which is why I went to the event and I wanted to meet new people and I was just in this phase where I was really active with my social life and everyone else who was in the same phase as me, they felt the same versus there were other people who were on their period and everyone just said they wanted to crawl into a hole.

So it affects all of us and learning how we can best run our business around our cycle is going to give us so much confidence and clarity. What they don’t tell you is that the typical workday of waking up early, maybe go to the gym, go to work, go to happy hour sleep, do it all over again. This was created around men. Men were in the workforce earlier and this whole schedule was created around their 24 hour hormone cycle. And men tend to have more energy in the morning.

They experience more or less the same emotions and the same hormones day after day after day versus women. We experience monthly hormonal cycles. And when I first learned this, I was like, oh my gosh, this makes so much sense. And it clicked even further as I was trying to build and optimize and grow my business because I realized I was having the same cravings each month. I was having the same energy dips and energy spikes at the same time each month, and I really wanted to work with my cycle rather than work against it. I remember thinking like I had read books on waking up at 5:00 AM doing so much before your day starts.

These things just never worked for me. A, I am not a morning person, but there are definitely times of the month when I’m like, I do not want to wake up before 10:00 AM It’s just physically impossible for me to do. And so a lot of these books, they were written by Men for Men and If. you find your little community, find your corner of the internet of women entrepreneurs looking to optimize and looking to scale and hustle hard, but in a way that is sustainable to us. Welcome. You are here and you have found your people. 

The Four Phases of Period Cycles

So I’m going to start by explaining the four phases and then I will share how I run my business around my cycle and give you ideas on how you can move forward and do the same for yourself.

So we will start with menstruation day one of your cycle. And this lasts for as long as your period lasts. The next phase is folliculars. So this is the time between the end of your period and ovulation. This is when we see your estrogen levels and progesterone levels increasing, but we’ll go into that later. Then we have ovulation where your egg is released, and this is when you are feeling the most outgoing and the most beautiful. And then the longest phase is the luteal phase. This is from after ovulation until you get your period again. So those are the four phases.

If you don’t track your period, this is a great place to start just to know and expect what is to come, right? Having a sense of, oh, I’m getting my period on this day I use an app called life, it is free. And it tells you when you are expected to go through each of these phases. So that would be step one to just get a sense of not only when you’re getting your period, but when you are ovulating or when you are going to enter the luteal phase. Get a sense of that, maybe have it on your calendar, whatever works for you. 

1. Menstruation

So starting with day one, starting with your menstrual phase, this is when you will most likely be wanting to rest when you want to be curled up in bed, you want to be planning low impact activities are your friend, and this is when I find myself really happy with my journal planning out the next month, my energy is lower.

So when I’m looking at my calendar, I know not to intentionally plan any social activities for the week. Of course like getting dinner with friends is okay, but if there’s like a networking event, if I had to speak in front of the camera, those activities I know I’m just going to naturally gravitate away from. So I am going to honor that. You really want to give yourself space, you want to nurture your body, you want to honor that this is a season of rest. 

2. Follicular Phase

After your period is over, we go into the follicular phase. And this in between your menstruation phase and ovulation, your estrogen and progesterone levels are rising.

So as they rise, you tend to get more and more social. You kind of come out of that dark hole and this is a really, really good time for you to be productive, for you to schedule those calls to participate in what they call alpha activity. Because at the end of this phase, your testosterone levels are also going to see a little rise. So it’s really good to be assertive and plan for things where you have to make decisions and be more in your masculine energy.

3. Ovulation

Next we have ovulation. This is when your estrogen levels are the highest. This is when people have said that their face seems more symmetrical, they feel more beautiful, they have a higher sex drive, and this is when you really feel like in your power physically. And so the natural business activities to kind of do during this phase is to batch all of your content to be in front of the camera, take on speaking engagements, get interviewed, right? Do you see how when you can kind of allow yourself to schedule things that you’re naturally going to be good at, that is when it will feel like the path of least resistance.

4. Luteal Phase

And last but not least, we have the luteal phase where your progesterone, your estrogen, they are all spiking and then dipping. So it is a very hormonally intensive period and this is when people seem to exhibit signs of PMSing. And I’m raising my hand because I’m definitely guilty of this. During the luteal phase, you are very in your head. Sometimes you might let your thoughts get the best of you, you feel more irritable, you feel like nothing is working out, and you may compare yourself to other people speaking from experience. This is a really good time to ideate and plan.

But at the same time, what I’ve found to be true is this is a really good time to clean and to organize and do physical chores because it gets your mind off of the million and one thoughts racing through your head. So those are the four phases and those are some activities that you may naturally gravitate towards during those times. And now the key is to take notes on what works for you. After years of doing this myself, I have a really good grasp and understanding of how my business activities and you know the specific projects I’m working on are best suited around my cycle. Depending on what type of businesses you run, depending on what business activities you have, what team members you have, all of these things are going to factor into how you can make this best work for you. 

How To Successfully Sync Your Period To Your Business

And if you have no idea how to do that. I’m just gonna start with step one. Step one is tracking your cycle. So maybe having different weeks on your calendar or just different reminders like, hey, this is around when your menstrual cycle is supposed to start, this is when you’re supposed to be ovulating. Understanding that every 28 to 35 days you go through the cycle once preparing yourself, instead of just retroactively being like, oh hey, I got my period today. Knowing a week in advance that you’re going to and just having that as something you actively track. Next, what I want you to notice as you are going through your days and your months is what activities in your business come naturally for you and at what phase versus those that you really just cannot bring yourself to do.

So maybe times of the month you’re like, I just cannot record this for the sake of me. Take note of when that is and why that is. So I’ve definitely found during certain times of the month, it’s impossible for me to just sit in front of my laptop. Like I get so distracted, I sit down to do one thing and then the next thing you know I have a million tabs open and I’m like, why did I even open my laptop in the first place? My to-do list just seems never ending because I just keep adding more and more and more. My mind is racing. So when you go through intense periods like that, take note, this is what is happening and this is when it’s happening.

Over time, you’re gonna see patterns. Patterns like, oh, during this week I always check my finances. During this week I always go through reels and have so many ideas for reels. Maybe people around you even notice the same thing. Like Ragz always knows when I’m getting my period because I PMS and I get super irritable and I just don’t want to go out and see anyone. Obviously during times like that, I know in my business not to schedule any social events, not to have to be in front of the camera, get all of my content batched before then If you. If other people can recognize it in you, then you can recognize it in yourself and you can allow the flexibility in your business to have it work in your favor of course, because everyone is different, your activities for each of these phases might be different, right?

You might not PMS, you might not feel the most confident while you are ovulating. Whatever it is, start one step at a time. Start by just having the awareness and being able to predict or foresee what is to come. And even having that gives you more power, gives you your control back, gives you the opportunity to build a business that operates with the least resistance. Cheers to stepping in and completely owning your feminine power. 

I hope this episode was empowering and it gave you clarity. If you want to have any discussion about it, my dms are always open at the Wanderlover and I hope you implement this. I will see you in the next episode my loves.

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