My Sales Process + Discovery Call Script

Are you selling and working on increasing sales for your business? As entrepreneurs, we HAVE to promote ourselves and our value, and sell, sell, sell! Without sales, you don’t have a business, so this week, we go through adopting the right mindset, my sales process, and my personal script that I use to close clients with ease!

Without sales we don’t have a business, so this episode is about how to positively frame our selling mindset (4:30), how I have designed my sales process and the exact script I use to secure new clients (7:45)!

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Audio Transcript

Intro (5s):
The Wanderlover podcast was created with a mission to enable travel and freedom through entrepreneurship. I’m your host, Danielle Hu business mentor, content creator, and founder of The Wanderlover. Tune in every week for episodes about travel, online business, social media, and mindset that will inspire you to take massive action towards living the life of your dreams. If you’ve been enjoying the wander lover podcast, if you’ve been tuning in and finding inspiration and taking away value, it would mean so much to me. If you could take a second to leave us a review on apple podcasts, I continue to record these episodes for you every single week and take all of your comments and feedback to heart.

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Danielle (1m 37s):
Hello, my love! So welcome back to The Wanderlover podcast, still coming in live from Rote island Indonesia. A few of you commented the past week saying you’re able to hear everything around me. And yes, that is true. I am recording this in a very open space. You can probably hear the wind blowing the waves, crashing the birds chirping. And honestly, I love it. I love being able to take you with me wherever I go in the world. And I only wish that you guys were able to see this view because it’s absolutely incredible. And if you go onto my stories on Instagram, you’ll be able to see exactly where I am recording from.

Danielle (2m 21s):
So really excited for this episode today, we are going to talk all about sales. So my sales process and my personal script to close clients, sales is so important in entrepreneurship. And it’s one of those things where not everyone is good at it. It doesn’t come naturally for many of us, but without sales, you don’t have a business, right? And without sales, it’s going to be really hard for you to reinvest and keep your business running. If you don’t make sales or get on sales calls in your business and you’re not selling, then you don’t have right mindset to be successful in entrepreneurship.

Danielle (3m 2s):
And that’s that. So if this is you, it is all going to change. What I often see with new entrepreneurs is the burst, biggest leap of faith is when they first decide that they can do it, right? They’re like, I’m going to commit to this. I have this business idea. I’m going to show up and I can do it. And oftentimes they think showing up is a hard part, but no, it gets a little trickier. And this is when the whole sales piece comes in. Good news is sales can be learned. Sales can be practiced. And with the right practice, you will become an expert at sales.

Danielle (3m 42s):
Nowadays. It is so easy for me to get on the phone with a potential client and close them within 15, 20 minutes. But this has not always been the case. I used to hate, hate, hate sales calls. I grew up with the textbook definition of a scarcity mindset had so many limiting beliefs around money around sales. And this is where I want to start. I want to start by first tackling these thoughts, these thoughts around sales, because as we all know your thoughts affect your feelings, which affect your actions, which affect your results. So let’s go back to our thoughts and our mindset around selling, because that is how we’re going to change how we show up and how we sell.

Danielle (4m 31s):
So I want you to think back on instances in your life where you started associating selling with something negative. So selling with a used car salesman or comments that associated selling with someone in a pyramid scheme or a multi-level marketing company, right? Personally, it’s really easy for me to pinpoint. My parents were immigrants and selling was always seen as something negative and unnecessary. It’s an income with benefits like in a glorified, stable corporate job, and the extent of entrepreneurship growing up meant selling food on the side of the street, or maybe opening up a restaurant.

Danielle (5m 12s):
And it just was really, really hard work and selling also carry this notation of desperation or not having enough. And I specifically remember one of our family friends, they opened up a really successful dumpling restaurant in the heart of the east village in New York city. And my parents were like, oh my gosh, they, their parents like immigrated from China only for their kids to open up a restaurant and opening up restaurants and entrepreneurship just carries such a different meaning in this day and age. But it was very obvious to me that then and there that we do not share the same points of views because of our backgrounds.

Danielle (5m 55s):
And I’m not blaming, I’m not pointing fingers. I’m not saying one way of thinking is better than the other, but you have to realize what thoughts are not serving you. So on my newfound path of entrepreneurship, I knew that I had to change my views around selling in order to be successful, right for me, because I committed to this new path where I was going to start my own business, promote myself, promote my services, talk about my value. I needed to have different thoughts around selling. And so I started reading a bunch of money, mindset books. I started reframing my thoughts around sales. I started realizing how important it was to be an excellent promoter, right?

Danielle (6m 40s):
When you are an entrepreneur, especially if you have your own personal brand, you need to be promoting your own products, your own services, your own ideas, and you need to be enthusiastic about it. You can’t just tell the world and then shy away from it, right? Like imagine the new iPhone, they announce it. And then they stop all promoting. They stop all sales. They just shy away from that. No, it’s not how entrepreneurship works. You need to be a leader. So you need to have your followers and your community and your supporters and your audience, right? So this means that you need to learn how to sell, how to inspire and how to motivate people, to buy into your vision.

Danielle (7m 25s):
Once you realize that, and once you realize, and really internalize how transformational your products and services are, then you can fully show up to a sales call and be fully confident that you are going to close that client within 15, 20 minutes. So if you’re just starting out, I would recommend keeping this process as simple as possible, have a discovery call booking link for twenty five, thirty minutes, max, and start getting people, getting interested. People booking calls with you. If you’re not getting as many sales in your business, as you want, I guarantee you, there is more opportunity for you to book more people on your calendar.

Danielle (8m 11s):
So I currently have an application which I’ll go through in a little bit, but after they book a discovery call with you, send them a reminder. So on Calendly, you can set these up automatically. I have a reminder go out 24 hours before the call and 30 minutes before it integrates really easily with zoom. So as soon as someone books there’ll be sent the booking link automatically in an email through Calendly, and I have an application form now. So the more calls you get on the Memorial realize that many people just aren’t the right fit for you. And for me, it’s really important to filter out all of my new leads before they are able to book a time on my calendar.

Danielle (8m 55s):
Obviously I didn’t start off like this, but it works really well for me now. So if you’re thinking about doing an application to filter out those potential leads, I use type form. And I start off by asking them a few questions about themselves, where they’re from, what stage they’re at in their business, what they’re struggling with and why they are looking for private coaching with me, what exactly made them apply to work with me out of all of the other business coaches and I have a few private coaching programs. So I’ll kind of see which one they think is right for them, either the start, your hustle intensive, which is mostly for people who don’t really know exactly where to start, or I have my three months of private coaching, which is for people with already their online presence and a business idea.

Danielle (9m 44s):
I list the pricing. I say that there’s payment plans available. I’m very open and honest with my pricing. I believe that a potential client should know how much I charged before they get on a call with me. And after they submit that I will review the application and decide whether they would be a good fit for one of my private coaching programs, or if they should start with either my eCourse or read one of my books. If I think they are a good fit, I will send a booking link to book a discovery call with me. I will reach out to them. And of course, guys, this is for people who I’ve never talked to for new people, entering my funnel, entering my audience.

Danielle (10m 29s):
If it were a close friend or someone that I know really dearly, I would not be asking them to apply it, right? So this is a case by case basis. But if they truly want to work with you, they will fill out the application form. And if they think the application form to prevent whether or not they’d be a good fit is too many questions, then they are not your ideal client because they’re obviously not putting the work to get their business and their life to the next level. Once the link has been sent and the call has been booked. Now it’s time to get ready for your discovery call. I have a template for this that you can download. I will include it in the episode description.

Danielle (11m 11s):
And it’s really handy just for you to refer to as you’re going through your calls. Discovery calls can be scary at first, but like what’s getting interviewed. You’ll find your style, voice, and confidence. The more you do them, the first few are always the hardest. You can use this template as a guide, but ultimately you will find your own way to close discovery calls with ease really important to note here in the beginning, you may find the pressure to really sell your service by highlighting the number of calls, the technicalities of your service, but there is no need for this. This is a discovery call.

Danielle (11m 51s):
It is not a sales call. You’ve done all the selling. You’ve done the selling with your landing page, with your content, with talking to your audience, the selling has already been done at this point for them to be on your calendar. They already want to work with you and they already want to buy. So this isn’t about educating them. Hey, this is what I offer. This is what I do. You do not need to do any of that. So on these calls simply listen to what your client needs and come from a place of service, knowing that they came to you for a reason, they already believe you have what it takes to help them, right? So you don’t need to be proving yourself, come from a place of service, show them how you can help because they’re struggling and you have the answers.

Danielle (12m 40s):
So discovery calls are nothing to be afraid of. Just a means of communicating how you can genuinely and authentically help a client with what they’re struggling with, with the packages you’ve already created. And of course, guys celebrate that you were able to secure one in the first place. This is a huge milestone for your business, securing a discovery call and getting people into a business that you created from scratch. Woo, a great place to be. If you can get one of these, you can get 100 and I promise you, your 100th discovery call is going to be so much better than your first, but you can’t have your hundredth if you don’t have your first.

Danielle (13m 22s):
So next, we are going to go through my scripts that I use for all of my discovery calls. Again, use it as a reference, but if it’s not the way you talk, not the way you think, not the way you run your business. That’s okay. So always start with, Hey, thank you so much for joining this discovery call to discuss and insert the program or service here. My intention for this call is to learn more about you and where you’re at with business and see how insert program or service here can help you. By the end, we’ll both be able to make a clear decision on whether this will be the right fit for you.

Danielle (14m 2s):
So in my case, I read over their application and I’ll mention, I looked over your application and I think you would be a perfect fit for, and then I’ll either recommend the start, your hustle intensive or private coaching. But then I asked them, would you like to tell me more about yourself and your business and what you’re struggling with, that you didn’t mention in the application form? And if you don’t have an application form, you just ask, Hey, would you like to tell me more about yourself and your business and what you’re struggling with? And this is where they’ll probably open up to you about their life. Maybe you can relate on certain levels. They’ll tell you about what exactly they’re struggling with and their pain points.

Danielle (14m 44s):
So once you have two or three pain points, you then say, here is how my program can help. Right? Talk about the transformation and the support and focus on the ethos and the results of your program and service. Not exactly. Hey, my program comes with four calls every month and it comes with this, this, and this really talk about how your program can fix their problems on an emotional level. So if they tell you, Hey, I’m having a really hard time deciding what business to start.

Danielle (15m 24s):
And I have so much fear around starting tell them, Hey, through this program, I’m going to help you decide very clearly what business to start and also give you an action map. So you are fully supported. So I’m not talking exactly about, oh, this is going to happen through modules, through calls, through homework. It’s about this entire transformation. Let’s say you’re a fitness coach. And your client comes to you being like I’m having a really hard time counting calories. And I don’t know what to eat every day. Maybe you can say, Hey, this fitness plan, my fitness program will tell you exactly what to eat every single day, how to get groceries and all of these things that will make your life so much easier, right?

Danielle (16m 14s):
You’re not talking about, we have weekly check-ins we have email access. Don’t talk about any of that. You’re really trying to dig out what they are struggling with and how you can help them. So then after that’s cleared up, they’re feeling really excited. They’re like, I can see what’s possible. I feel like I can do this. Then you ask what questions do you have for me about this program or service? So this is where they can ask you all the logistical questions. So this is where you can specify logistics, the number of calls, whether they get bonuses, how much support they get. And if they have any other questions about how it works, logistically, this is where you answer.

Danielle (16m 58s):
And then after that, here are the details of the program to recap. So you list your bullet points here, and then after all of this is cleared up, you’re finalizing everything. Usually this is where they will ask about pricing. They really want to get on board. They’re like, yes, I want to start immediately state your full price and do not say anything after. So it’s really normal. And it feels comfortable for new, for people who are pitching for the first time, or if you’re new at this to state your price and then back out of it, right? Has this happened to you?

Danielle (17m 38s):
So you say your price, but then you feel like there’s something wrong. So you’re like, oh, but I have a payment plan. Or maybe you don’t even say your full price stating your pricing is a next level that you have to celebrate. And once you stayed at you, can’t take it back. You can’t be like, my program is 5,000. Oh, I meant 4,000. Do not do that. State your full pricing do not justify it. Do not say anything after don’t be like, it’s 5,000, but I have a six month payment plan. You do not say anything after. If they ask for a payment plan, give it to them. This is your opportunity to give it. But you do not need to give it if they’re not asking for it and do not, again, do not feel the need to justify your pricing after saying it out loud, whatever they decide, whether it’s a payment plan or whether they pay in full, just say, awesome.

Danielle (18m 30s):
I’ll send you a contract to read and sign and you will get a separate email with their payment link to secure your spot. Any questions, just let me know, supporting you always. And I’m so excited to get started. So after you close the call, send the contract and payment link immediately and celebrate congratulations. Discovery calls are a lot easier with practice and I promise you we’ll get better at them. Another thing that I see all the time with clients pitching for the first time is sometimes they’re not confident in their service, right? And they’ll feel the need to make it a coaching call or to prove on a discovery call, what they’re capable of teaching.

Danielle (19m 13s):
So not only will they start describing everything that they’re offering in terms of calls, in terms of support in terms of courses or whatever, they’ll start trying to coach and trying to give away their value on this call, which is a huge, no, because not only are you doing yourself, a disservice by giving away free value, you’re also doing your potential client, a disservice, because there’s no way you can fit your transformation into a 30 minute discovery call, right? And they’re not looking for that. People aren’t looking for coaching on these calls. They’re really just trying to get to know you and whether they want to commit to working with you and whether they feel like you can help them on their life journey or not 99% of the time, they will be a good fit.

Danielle (20m 3s):
If you feel like you’re getting calls where people aren’t the right fit, you can always introduce an application process. And of course, if from the bottom of your heart, you feel like they’re not ready. You can always direct them to your email list and you can always follow up with them in a few months when you feel like they’d be better suited to take it on at that time. So you are the expert. You already have the people interested in what you have to offer. And now you just have to show up in a way where people trust you and people believe that you can help them. That is all a discovery call is you’ve built the business. You’ve built the credentials, you’ve built your brand.

Danielle (20m 46s):
And now we just need to embrace the sales aspect of it. Go back to your thoughts around selling. Don’t forget to freely self-assess and be self-aware because that will help you with the act of selling. And if you want this discovery call script, don’t forget to download it in the episode description. If you have any more questions about sales, about how I was able to transform my mindset around selling, let me know. My DMS are always open. I hope this episode was helpful and I will see you all next week. Have an amazing week though.


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