Why You’re Not Getting (More) Clients!

Struggling to get more clients and not sure why? In this week’s episode, I talk about the 7 most common reasons why you are not fully booked out… yet! Let’s leave emotions out of the equation and think critically about what can be improved in your business to get even more clients!

Are you ready to take an honest look at your business to find how you can get more clients, get higher paying clients and earn more money! Get ready for your year of financial abundance in 2023 as I teach you how to overcome the top 7 reasons why you’re not getting more clients.

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December Magic and Business Reflections

Happy December guys. This is one of my favorite, if not my most favorite time of the year, especially because I am heading back to New York on Saturday to visit my friends and family for the holidays.

There is just something so magical about being in New York with all of the lights, with all of my loved ones and you know, being able to see everyone after having not seen them for many, many months. The last time I was back was in May for my brother’s graduation, and so ever since I started traveling full time around five years ago, I’ve committed to head home every December for a few weeks at least. And what’s so incredible about this experience is the freedom in choosing when to book flights and when to return to the tropics. New York is going to be such a huge contrast.

I’m looking out the window right now. There’s so many palm trees, it’s beautiful, like 80 degree weather. I surf in a bikini and I think New York just experienced its first snowfall of the year, I believe. I’m not entirely sure, but it is very, very cold. I see photos and videos of my friends in thick winter codes. They’re U boots. I’m so looking forward to being bundled up and cozy, but I’m also looking forward to returning to the tropics, and I think that’s what makes my annual visits back home so magical and so intentional. Because I am fully present, I know that I have a set amount of time, and so I truly shift everything in my life and business to spend the most time I can with my friends and family.

And because of this, I am even looking forward to the over 40 hour travel time that it takes for me to get from where I am right now in Basu, Kas, Indonesia to New York, and then again from New York back to Batukaras in January. And this is the incredible thing. On Saturday, I have a 12 hour car ride. I hired a private driver from here to the capital city of Jakarta. I have around like an eight or nine hour flight to Abu Dhabi. I think I have like a four to five hour layover and then another like 15 hour flight to New York City.

And what I have realized about every single one of my flights, no matter how difficult or complicated the traveling is, I no longer have flights in my life that I don’t look forward to. I remember when I used to travel while working, right? Every time I had to return from a work trip or return from a trip, it would be like, Ugh, I have to go back to work and I don’t know when the next time I’m gonna be able to travel is I have to save up vacation days. I have to be in an office, right? And there was that dread from returning from a vacation. I do not experience that anymore, and it’s crazy to think I no longer have to experience something like that, like the dread of going back to a reality.

Every single one of my realities is so welcome and is so aligned with who I am as a person. So when I have to return, you know, back home for the holidays or when I go to a new surf destination, or when I pick up my business and move to another continent, all of those things are fueling my cup, growing my business, growing my community, growing my reach, and ultimately it is fueling this beautiful triad of time, freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom. And that is what this business is all about. That’s what starting and scaling your online business allows you to do.

I had this conversation very recently with Rags after I finished all of my holiday shopping, all of my Christmas gift shopping during Black Friday, which is very rare, I usually save things until the last minute. I’m scrambling for gift ideas. But this year I intentionally wanted to finish my Christmas shopping during Black Friday, cyber Monday weekend. And so over a span of four days between shopping for all of my loved ones, shopping for myself, shopping for my business, I had spent over five figures, so over 10,000 US dollars in the span of four days. And I find that so incredibly freeing because not once did I think, do I have enough to support this, right?

Can my business bring in enough to support the spending? Instead, all of that energy was directed towards, wow, they’re gonna be so happy when they receive this present. I can’t wait to go home and wrap all of these. It’s going to be the most incredible Christmas and I get to grow my business. I get to open my own presents that I’ve gifted myself. And there was just this Christmas giving rewarding energy around all of that. And I told rags like this feeling is infinitely better than when I had financial freedom at my corporate finance job. Like back then, I was living a really lavish, luxurious lifestyle, but the work I was doing was literally crushing my soul and I didn’t have the time freedom.

I didn’t look forward to returning from travels. I didn’t look forward to Mondays. I had the Sunday scaries every single Sunday, and believing that I was capable of a life so much greater, so much more impactful than the one I was living, it took blind faith and it took the knowing that I could do it. And because of that, this beautiful business that I love and that I’ve built and the community of listeners like all of you, that I’ve attracted all of them and all of you now know that if it was possible for me, it is possible for you.

And if you desire this, if you feel drawn to my message, I would love to invite you inside the Wonderlover Business Academy before the end of the year. This is my eight week self-study online course with a community of other new entrepreneurs who just started their business in 2022 and they’ve already gotten their first clients, launched podcasts, quit their jobs, started traveling full-time. It’s truly a safe space for you to connect with other inspiring individuals on the same path. I do live trainings every single month, and you will be fully supported by other amazing creatives and coaches and digital nomads.

So it’s just something so special that I would love to invite you into and help you create a different reality for yourself centered around time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom. I will include the link in the episode description for you to learn more and enroll. 

How To Get More Clients

And this is such a beautiful segue into what I wanted to chat to all of you today about on the podcast, which is why you are not getting clients or why you’re not getting more clients. These are going to be the top reasons that I see from the Wanderlover community, from my clients and from some members in the academy. And I’m going to be sharing with you not only the reasons, but how we navigate through them when we are able to diagnose why something isn’t working. 

Victim vs Business Owner Mentality

The first reason is not thinking like a growth oriented business owner, and instead adopting a victim mentality and constantly complaining to yourself, complaining to others, voicing you know the thoughts in your head of why something’s not working, why you’re a failure. You’re not making X amount of money, or if you’re blaming factors out of your control like we are in a recession, people can’t afford my services.

Giving away your power to something outside of your control and putting yourself in a position where you are held back, you are not confident, this is what is going to keep you stuck. So instead, what we want to do is think like a growth oriented business owner. Start looking at the opportunities and start asking questions that will help you think bigger, right? So my most successful clients, they won’t come to our coaching calls blaming why you know something’s not working or blaming something else. Instead, they’ll come to me with questions like, what’s a really exciting way to make five figures this month?

Or Danielle, this one event is really dragging me down. Can you help me reframe it into a win, into a learning experience so we can move forward from an inspired place? Right? And doing so requires that you have already made the decision that you don’t want to be a victim, right? You want your conversations, your thoughts to be productive and forward moving and in flow in order to attract more clients. 

Nurture Your Audience

The next reason that could be holding you back is that you’re not focusing on nurturing and developing trust with individuals in your audience.

There is a misconception, I feel like in the online business world that the more content you post, the more podcast episodes you record, the more YouTube videos you have up, the less dialogue you need to be having one on one with people in your audience. And especially if you are just starting out, you need to be having as many one-on-one conversations as possible in the form of dms, in the form of connection calls, getting on the phone with individuals and learning about exactly what they are going through. I still do this every single day. I have virtual coffee dates with people in my audience.

No matter how big you are, do not think that you don’t need to be having one-on-one conversations and having a one-on-one connection. Your work doesn’t stop after you hit post on Instagram, right? It doesn’t stop after you follow a new account, the client and the trust is in the conversation. So start that conversation. Nurture that relationship instead of thinking, okay, I’m going to hit publish. People are going to see my post and they’re going to sign up. There is so much more nurturing that usually needs to be done, and you need to find your own way of doing so. I can give you, you know, DM scripts and email templates, but that is not going to be the cookie cutter way.

You know, my script isn’t going to work for everyone. Everyone has a different voice, everyone has a different style that aligns to them. Some of my clients thrive in the dms, others just don’t. And that is fine, which is why it is up to you to take control as a business owner. Test out methods that could potentially work for you and see which one works for you, right? It is up to you to test everything out. Focus on your way of nurturing and developing the trust with individual members in your community. And if you want to, you know, self-assess, let me ask you how many individuals, whether that’s on Instagram, whether that’s through email or in person, whatever it is, how many individuals have you had a conversation with about your business, about what it is they’re going through?

So business related in November, in the past month, what about in the past 60 days? What about in the past 90 days? If this number is less than a hundred, you are not doing enough. If you want a milestone to hit, develop your own way of tracking these conversations like a leads tracker on Excel dme, if you need one. I have a simple Excel sheet that you can use and aim to talk to 100 people in a month at least. And bear in mind that this is on top of all of the email automations you might already have on the back end.

These are not automated. These are you simply reaching out to potential leads who might need your services and nurturing that relationship. I have a feeling that many of you are not doing this because it is so behind the scenes in many people’s businesses that you think, oh, they’re not doing it right. Like why should I? Let me tell you, most of my mastermind members from the past three years have been because I’ve spent hours and hours developing that relationship and helping them even when I didn’t have a launch happening. 

Positioning Yourself As An Authority Figure

The next reason why you’re not getting more clients is maybe because you don’t have enough content to position yourself as an authority figure, which comes from having content that taps into your ideal clients pain and pleasure points, knowing how to get them from point A to point B. And we talk about this in all of my programs, you need to be so clear on what your business transformation is because that is where the value is. If you can highlight that, then your clients are naturally going to sign up with you because they perceive you as the subject matter expert.

So ask yourself like, do I have enough content to take those people that trust me and bring them into my world, educate them to then have them sign up with me as a client? A lot of this comes with time. Over time, you’re going to be optimizing, you’re going to be learning what resonates with your audience the most, but also what I want you to focus on is testing different platforms and seeing which one you get the best response on. And what I mean by this is every single platform has a different method or modality for the creator to share their expertise.

Like for example, in podcasting, its audio only on YouTube, it’s audio and video on Instagram, it’s a lot of text and a lot of imagery. TikTok is short form videos, and I want you to find which one you are best at delivering effectively through. What I don’t want you to do is spend hours and hours on Instagram when you’re not a writer and when you’re not using Canva and you’re not optimizing your grid. Those are factors that Instagram followers do take into account, right? So if that’s not your expertise, either find someone to help you with your business branding on Instagram or find another platform where you can communicate without the possibility of people interpreting your page as a personal page or someone with no credibility.

So find your platform that is the most suited to your abilities, share your knowledge and share enough knowledge to position yourself as an authority by speaking into people’s pain and pleasure points. The next reason why you’re not getting more clients is maybe you don’t have enough leads coming into your business on a day to day basis. How many cold leads? So how many new people are being exposed to your business, to your online brand on a daily basis? We want to get this number as high as possible so that people can be fed through your automation sequence, through all of your content, and over time, more and more people are going to convert into clients.

In my programs, I teach you how to do this automatically. So if you want to learn, check out the Business academy in the episode description. 

Creating Community

The next reason might surprise some of you, but it is something to ask yourself as a business owner, do you have a community? One of the reasons why you might not be getting more clients is because you’re not building a community. Community is a huge, huge buying factor. When someone wants to sign up, right? They want to feel like they’re a part of something, they want to really embody your mission, embody the transformation that you are selling and seeing either other people on the same path or other people who are maybe a few steps ahead.

Finding your way of curating that community is going to help you get more clients or at least more people interested in what you have to offer. This can look like a free Facebook group. This could look like weekly meetups, right? This could look like a mastermind. Think about ways that you can be curating your own community instead of just having one-on-one client relationships and they don’t really get to see who else is a part of the journey. 

Actually Selling 

The next reason might be because you are not selling anything, or you might think you are selling, but then you have to ask yourself, am I really selling it?

Does it say in my caption specifically, I have this service available and you can sign up using this link if it’s not direct? And if you don’t have a marketing campaign around an actual link where they can sign up with you, apply or check out, then you’re not selling. You can be nurturing, right? You can be talking about it, but are you selling it? If you’re not direct about it, I’m going to count that as a no. And so you need to ask yourself like, what percentage of my content is actually sales content? We want to get that number higher and higher so that people can see your offer at least six times in a span of a month.

And remember when they need your service, you’re the first person to come to mind. You are top of mind. I recently hired this contractor who I first learned about and connected with back in June, but I didn’t need her services back then. I kept getting her emails, I kept getting her posts on social media, and five months later I needed her services. And she was the first person that came to mind. Despite having so much competition in her industry, I knew I had wanted to work with her. So do not stop creating your content. Do not stop selling because you never know when someone is going to be aligned with your service and when they’re gonna want to sign up.

Trust The Process

All right? Lastly, the reason why you might not be getting more clients is because you’re not trusting the process and you are being impatient. If you zoom out of your online business journey, ask yourself, how long have you been in business for? Do you have enough content? Do you have enough experience supporting the amount of income you want to be bringing in with a client? Does it match energetically? For example, a few months ago, I had one client within the first month of building her online business. We celebrated her first five figure client because she wanted to first propose a price tag of 7,000, and I encouraged her to double it to 14,000.

She did it. She was confident in the number, and they came back with a budget of 10,000, which is still something that she took, something that was aligned and something she was so excited about because she was originally going to charge 7,000. Know that this is possible for you, but the authority that she specifically has built in her network in real life was years and years in the making years and years of her experience and building up her resume and her portfolio. And that is why other people viewed her with the value of five figures. And that is also why she embodied the confidence to pitch her services at 14,000 for an event.

And so on social media, it’s really easy to get sucked in on posts like, I made six figures in a month, or I made this amount of money in this amount of time. But what you’re not seeing is all the time it took to get up to that point of even starting, you know, people were working in side hustles for years and years and years until they decided to commit and take the leap, trust the process and do not be impatient. If you are in your first year of business, give yourself grace, give yourself room to breathe and also applaud yourself instead of criticizing what could have been done, what needs to be done. We have no time for that energy and it only keeps you from progressing forward. 

Reflect And Review Your Business

And to sum it, it all up, right, it’s very clear from this episode, there is not one reason holding you back. It’s not like this is the reason why you’re not getting more clients. It’s so many different moving pieces. And so as a business owner, you really have to think critically. Think with a growth mentality, what can I be improving? What is not working that I can fix? What can I try differently? How can I have more conversations? All of these things you need to be thinking about and asking yourself and trusting that you can find out the answers to.

If you need the support and guidance to help you navigate through questions like these and have a sounding board of other like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of, consider joining Momentum Mastermind of Spring 2023. I’ll also link that in the episode description. Know that you are always fully divinely supported and everything you could ever want is already on its way to you. Have a fabulous week, and I will see you when I am back in New York. Sending you all so much love.


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