Instagram + TikTok Growth Tips w/ Roam Media Group Founder Sammy Bannister

Sammy is a Social Media Manager and Founder of ROAM Media, who quit her corporate job to start her own agency. She is also a graduate of Momentum Mastermind and helps with The Wanderlover social media strategy! Tune in to this inspiring episode of making the leap during times of crisis, as well as expert tips to optimize your Instagram and TikTok today!

It feels like to social media landscape is constantly changing. So this week Sammy Bannister, founder of Roam Media Group spills her social media manager secrets on best practices (16:14), the latest updates (26:10) and how to best leverage trend best for your account (32:17).

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Audio Transcript

Intro (5s):
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Danielle (52s):
Thank you guys so, so much. Hi, My loves. Welcome back to The Wanderlover Podcast. This week on the
show, we have special guest Sammy banister, founder of Roam Media. She is a momentum mastermind
graduate and went from working in corporate to traveling full time and helps with The Wanderlover social
media strategy as well. Welcome to the show, Sammy.

Sammy (1m 14s):
Thank you so much for having me on Danny. How are you?

Danielle (1m 17s):
I’m great. How are you? Where are you calling in from?

Sammy (1m 22s):
So I’m calling in from Sydney, Australia, and it’s very funny sitting here because we’re going into winter. So
I’m all rugged up and you’re in beautiful Ericeira enjoying the sunshine.

Danielle (1m 35s):
Yeah. In different hemispheres. So I would love for the audience to just hear about how you got started with
your social media agency and where you were maybe like, was it a year ago? A year or two ago?

Sammy (1m 49s):
Yeah. So I, for me it all started, I was one of those people that had the COVID pandemic, like realizations of
is this really what I want to be doing. I had similar to many other people’s stories I had done, you know, I’d
done well at school. I’d done well at uni. I was well on track to, you know, perform well in my corporate
career. And then I got there. I started four days before the pandemic started for lockdown status. And I spent
the first six months to nine months, I think, potentially nine months working from home in this job. And it was
one of those things where I joined somewhere that when you took away the glitz and the glamour, all, you
know, the party it’s working in media, it’s very sociable as what about networking connections.

Sammy (2m 41s):
And once that glitz and glamor was stripped away and it was just sitting at the laptop, it was one of those
things where I wasn’t feeling very fulfilled with my days and, you know, combined with lockdown, I think it all
really made us realize what we want and need in life. And I actually found myself starting to try search for
inspiring podcast to listen to, as I worked, because to me the work was to stay engaged in that I had to
actually engage my brain with something else at the same time. And it was about exactly around that time
that I think I’ve seen you come up because you were going to Puerto Escondidio.

Sammy (3m 22s):
It was my favorite place in Mexico because I lived there the year before hand and I spent a week in Puerto at
La Punta, and I started listening to your episodes and that’s how we became connected. And I just slowly
started realizing that this whole other world of entrepreneurship was possible. And, you know, I just sat there
and was like, if all of these other people can do it, I know I’m a really capable person. I can do it too. And that
sort of kick started my journey, but it does take time to get, even to that point. And then even more times to
then go from the realization, the actual implementation.

Danielle (4m 5s):
I remember during our momentum calls, you would like be at work. You would have to like, leave your
cubicle and be like, I just need to take this guys I’m in.

Sammy (4m 19s):
Well, it doesn’t really match now. Anyway, yes, I would be at work and I just get up from my desk on mute
and just like in the, yeah, exactly the whole way. Okay guys. So I think like this is what’s happening to me or
I’d have to send through via the chat, my questions, and then you’d respond by audio and you’d be like,
Sammy, just like nod if like you can, you understand? And I’d be like, waving my hand over the phone being
like, oh yeah, I get it.

Danielle (4m 49s):
Where are you now with Roam? Like, how did you go from the idea concept to actualizing your media

Sammy (4m 58s):
So I think what was really funny is that sometimes the idea just hits you smack in the face. And you’re like,
how did I think that before? Because I knew I want to shoot something. I knew that I started like sort of nano
influence to accounts. And I knew I was like loving travel, but I also knew that that wasn’t a way to monetize
rapidly. Like you can spend years and years and years growing that to get it to a point where you can rely on
that full time. And you know, at the same time, I’d always love travel. You know, I was that person that I
traveled through France, Germany and anyone when I was 16 by myself.

Sammy (5m 39s):
So it was always in my blood, but I also knew that media was where I wanted to be. And then I don’t know
how it took so many weeks for me to realize, I think I was just scrolling one night and I was like, oh my God,
why do I not just combine my skills and my passion and provide social media and digital marketing for travel
and tourism. At that point in time, it was Australia hadn’t been affected by COVID that much, our state
borders were starting to reopen internationally. People were getting back, seen, and places were steadily
opening up. And I was like, if I don’t do this now, there’s never going to be a better opportunity to move into
the travel and tourism space in the future as there is now.

Sammy (6m 21s):
So let’s do it. Let’s just do it. I’m feeling so unfulfilled in my day job, the idea of it excites me so much, what
can fail and well, COVID some different plans because Australia was about a year and a half flight. We’ve
covered ruining absolutely everything, which included my plans a bit, but in the end that’s okay. It was so out
of my control. And I like to give myself for those six months, that really where then it was hard. Like I had quit
my corporate job, but also couldn’t start a digital media business in travel and tourism.

Sammy (7m 1s):
So it was a lot of limbo and a lot of just kind of learning about myself. But I think that I’ve just had, I come to
tense that, and I’m entirely okay with that because I think once you start going down the rabbit hole of
beating yourself up for what you did or didn’t do it disables you from being able to progress and look to the
future, you may as well be putting your energy in the future instead of DePaul.

Danielle (7m 28s):
Yeah. And it sounds like what we were talking about off air life just has a way of completely uprooting your
plans last minute. Just how so much can happen within a short period of time. You think you have it all
planned out and then you get a call one day or you turn on the news one day and your whole life is like your
whole life plan. Nope. It’s not happening.

Sammy (7m 53s):
Yeah. One little thing can really do that and it can happen in a negative part, but it can happen in a positive
way as well. Like, so for example, during that time, when I then wasn’t working well, you had an opportunity
to come up to work with you. And if I was still in corporate or if I was traveling because I was gonna quit
travel and then like work on my business, if I was traveling at the time, I wouldn’t be now to set up that
opportunity with you. So it really is one door closes. And then now the door opens, but sometimes that door
just opens a bit further down the pathway and you have to just retrospectively, you can see it, but you have
to trust the process to decide

Danielle (8m 38s):
For sure. And so how did you develop your interest and passion for social media and just full disclosure,
Sammy, runs The Wanderlover Podcast, Instagram, and I’m in love, love, love with her word. If you guys
like, see how curated and aesthetically pleasing all the color combos are all her, how did you develop that

Sammy (8m 59s):
Yes, it’s very meta I feel for me to be on this podcast at the moment, I’ll be like editing things in a couple
weeks time and I’ll be like, oh yes, I did say that. But yes, I very much enjoy the challenge of the ride by fate,
which, you know, I love trying to fit that to Denny’s aesthetic and, you know, reaching out to all of The
Wanderlover Podcast community. I definitely have to admit that I’m one of the lucky people in the sense that
I never had to think too hard about what I loved and what I enjoyed it sort of didn’t just come to me.

Sammy (9m 40s):
I remember as a young child, I had to, potentially year seven, I had to write a news article for something and
I loved it so much. I like wrote it. I got straight A’s and whatever that, and I was like, this is what I want to do.
This is a combination of like, I love writing, but also like a job that pays creative, but it’s also like
well-respected. And like, there are a lot of perks with journalism, you know, five years later, you’re in the end
of high school and I’m telling you that journalism dead. I moved on to university degree in media and
marketing. And I was very lucky in that still felt very aligned for myself.

Sammy (10m 24s):
I think what really spoke to me with media is that it’s such a combination of analytics and strategy, but with
creativity combined, I really loved how you can, by working in medium, particularly in social media, which
has so many visual aspects, there is such a creative side to it, but there’s also a strategy side. And for me, I
just really enjoy how that works. Both sides of my brain. Don’t get me to do anything with quant ever like
numbers, no quantitive analysis for me.

Sammy (11m 4s):
But yeah, I think I just fell into social media because of that combination of the creativity, combined the
strategy and combined with it, something that really kind of affect a lot of people and involves mediums that
you can have a lot of power through doing it. Like when you do media marketing, while you reach a lot of
people and whether that’s for a good or a bad reason, it’s certainly something that has its power. It’s not, it’s
not heart surgery, we’re not saving lives, but it’s an aspect that there and oil is going to be there and that
everyone and every business does made and will emanate.

Danielle (11m 47s):
Yeah, for sure. And it’s so important to work with someone or be aware of the trends and how show up on
social media, right? Like posting is one thing, but then posting in conjunction with what the platform wants
and what it will promote. That’s on another level. And I feel like what you do so well is you’re always aware of
new trends, new hashtags, new strategies, and it’s not just, you know, bringing content to a page it’s actually
curating it so that it will perform the best, which actually, I don’t think I’ve ever asked you this, but would you
consider yourself a millennial or gen Z

Sammy (12m 27s):
I’m born in 1996, which I’m pretty sure there is like a universal debate as to whether they are millennial or
gen because millennials, anyone that’s, millennials still remembers dialogue, VCRs, all that kind of stuff,
which I do very clearly remember. But at the same time, like I also have a lot in common with like gen Zed in
that like, well, millennials can millennials have young kids now? I do not.

Danielle (12m 55s):
Yeah. I never made that distinction in my head. Like I just assumed you were gen Z. So I wanted to say that I
feel like it’s a very gen Z thing to be really on top of trends because you grew up with social media, but then I
was like, wait, did she like fishing more? Like, because I consider myself for sure

Sammy (13m 12s):
In that very much that in between, which I actually think is quite beneficial, especially in social media,
because of you said it is something that does change so quickly and there’s definitely benefits to like, you
know, being on that younger side and that you can like say a bit more on top of those trends that because
we know it’s the gen Z’s and the youth that really push the trends out, you know, and it’s just all of us trying
to keep up with it. But at the same time, when you’re working with someone, they don’t want to work with a
16 year old that’s TikTok, famous. They want to work with someone that, you know, actually on the sense,
the business behind it.

Sammy (13m 53s):
And I think that’s sort of going off what you were saying before is that one of the things with social media is
anyone can do it in the sense that anyone can run their own personal Instagram. But a lot of people don’t
realize how different it is to run a business, social media, not just in the sense of understanding, like what the
light is, algorithm change, let us update, but also like laws and legalities on what you can share on social
media, copyright postage, right? As well as sort of moralities around. If you have a page and you’re
censoring table comments, is that sense of ship.

Sammy (14m 33s):
However, then at the same time, like you also need to be sensitive to other people’s, you know, if it
downright rude or prejudice, then you know, that it’s hate speech. So I think it definitely it’s so multifaceted
working in social media because they is just so many different aspects to it that you have to consider. And
especially when it’s a business, it is people’s brand image that is on the line, whether that be the brand
image of a brand or that person as a brand that so much can go wrong with just one post, one myth worded
piece of copy, right?

Sammy (15m 13s):
You really have to be very aware of current context, trends and shifts. There is a lot to juggle that all comes
together. One

Danielle (15m 26s):
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Danielle (16m 14s):
Now back to today’s episode, Do you have best practices to let’s say someone is starting their online
presence, starting their Instagram page from scratch. Do you have any best practices for social media and
strategies that they could implement from the get-go so that they present themselves as who they want to be
and minimize any risk for being flagged?

Sammy (16m 40s):
So I’m actually gonna start with TikTok because I think that’s an easy one. And I think that’s the one that
potentially more people are starting on at the moment. So this is something that I’ve been continuously
analyzing and every time I’ve done this research, it has been tried and tested as true. That first video that
you post when you create a TikTok will always go viral. And so TikTok really supports new accounts. And I
seen when a new account stop to post consistently, we’re talking those ridiculous, like three to five times a
day posting. We see those accounts grow exponentially really quickly because the algorithm really pushes
me content.

Sammy (17m 27s):
So if you’re starting a new TikTok, I definitely would say, wait until you have a sort of barrage of content that
you can post all at once at the same time, you also want to have some very current trends in there as well.
But that is my real one pace advice to the TikTok at the moment, I have seen accounts go from zero to
5,000, just within two weeks because they have been so consistent in the beginning with Instagram, that is a
whole nother kettle of fish because we know, you know, we know that the algorithms, I guess it’s common
sort of sheer say algorithms getting harder to grow and this and that, but that’s something that naturally
happens when there is more people on the platform and more content that also means that is more people
for your content to reach.

Sammy (18m 24s):
And so, you know, we saw that with real, when anyone sell using real, they really exploded. And so if your
real definitely need to be a part of your strategy, because they are the only way that you are going to have
reach beyond your followers in the most organic way possible. This is us talking how to grow in scram,
prominent organic perspective without paid ads, which I decided to do a test on one. I sold zero results. If I’m
being honest, when it was just an ad, you know, me boosting my own posts, but potentially people have had
success. I have never seen it. So real definitely has to be a part of your strategy. But the thing that you need
to remember is you don’t have to over-complicate it.

Sammy (19m 5s):
They can be super simple reels that are just one shot. And if you know, they provide something, which can
just be that, oh, it’s a really like pretty outlook or all like that. Just one really niche bit of information. That’s
going to be relevant to my audience or all of that was just really a really funny light, full second bit, then that
can and will perform well. In fact, on The Wanderlover Podcast, that is the strategy that I use. And
consistently the reels will reach more than four times the following. And it really just goes to show that
Instagram can be a lot of effort, but you also don’t have to.

Sammy (19m 50s):
Over-complicate it? Yeah. I would say if you’re starting from scratch as well, one of the things that is really
going to boost you is creating your community, find those accounts in your community that you can support
and engage with. And it will take some time because you will be following more people than a following you,
but once you build those communities and you start to have people that, you know, if you post something
they’ll comment on yours and you will comment on that, then you really thought that those community and
you thought gaining a lot more engagement. So you can have, for example, my account, it doesn’t even
have 5,000 followers yet. I’m like 270 awful something, but I will receive a higher engagement than someone
with example, even just 10 K followers.

Sammy (20m 39s):
And so we know that engagement does drop off as follower account increases, but that engagement is what
will help the algorithm know that your content is of a lot more value, even though you have less followers it’s
assigned to the algorithms.

Danielle (20m 57s):

Sammy (20m 57s):
I suppose the last thing about if you’re building your Instagram from scratch would genuinely just be to have
fun with it because you are never, ever going to be able to stay consistent and grow your Instagram. If it’s
not something you enjoy doing, if it’s something that you’ve overcomplicated, I think you definitely do need to
commit to at least three times a week posting, but don’t beat yourself up when that doesn’t happen. Just, you
know, potentially if you had a real plan, but you’ve just got a photo that’s easier to post do that, take care of
your mental health first, when it comes to social media, because otherwise you won’t have the positivity to
show up properly for your audience and provide them the value that will help you grow in the long run.

Danielle (21m 42s):
Yeah, for sure. And when you’re making it your job to stay on top of trends and see what’s happening, it’s
really easy to get sucked into this consuming social media. And you think it’s for work, but in reality, it’s just
like affecting your mental health and then you get stuck in this comparison trap and imposter syndrome. So
it’s really important when you’re starting to implement and look into how you can adopt your own social
media strategy, spend a lot of time creating to offset all the time you spend consuming.

Sammy (22m 14s):
Yes, there was nothing. We’ll ask them when you go on a girl, wasn’t that the for you page or real, and you
were just like, it’s now 2:00 AM. And I haven’t saved a single audio that I thought I was coming on here to
find. I think that is like, actually one of the things that you definitely learn the most about when you start your
own business is having to set your own boundaries, but also being really aware of when you get distracted, I
get distracted so easily. I did not realize how easily I got distracted until I started my own business because I
had deadlines that I couldn’t move. Whereas now I’m like, oh, I’ll have that done in 20 minutes, 20 minutes
passes and I’m already on something else.

Sammy (22m 59s):
And I’ve just like forgotten about it. I mean, my brain is definitely potentially more distracted than others, but
you definitely have to learn how to be really strict with yourself on actually follow through on your promises
when it comes to social mate, when it comes to owning your own business and social media is the biggest
sucker of that at all.

Danielle (23m 23s):
Definitely developing your own trust in yourself so that when you say you’re going to do something, you trust
that you’re actually going to do it because over time, if you never listened to yourself, you end up in this cycle
or you’re like, ah, I know I’m not going to do it anyway. Like why set that deadline?

Sammy (23m 39s):
Yeah, exactly. And I think as well, going back to what I said before about not being too hard on, you’re not
going to get that perfect straight away. There are so many things that, yeah, you’ll get perfect potentially, you
know, one area you really fell in, but there’s another like areas that you just, yeah, you discover how easily
you get distracted. And I could sit here, beating myself up about that, but I said, just have to keep working on
it. I have to Kate realizing when I’m on this girl and I just have to trust that it will get better because if that’s
something I’m focusing on, I think I’m realizing how much of what I say is potentially quotes from you
because of how much has this piece podcast as part of work, but what you focus on grows and it genuinely

Sammy (24m 28s):
And I’m a true believer in that.

Danielle (24m 31s):
So because your focus right now is social media. On the other side, I would love to know from all of your
research and just looking through content, do you see any trends or habits from business pages that aren’t
serving them, but they think it’s working.

Sammy (24m 49s):
Could you do me a favor and repeat the question again?

Danielle (24m 53s):
Yeah. Anything from your research that you’ve noticed people are currently doing, but it’s actually not really
working or they could do it better. So like ideas can be like hashtag strategy, you know, like spending a lot of
time on that when like in that time could be better used or like whatever you think is best for people to focus
on right now.

Sammy (25m 12s):
I think with any of your social media accounts, what you should be focusing on is what is currently doing best
for you at the moment, unless that is really unaligned with your values. What is performing well for you is the
way the algorithm telling you that this is what your followers want. If one type of real performs, well, do that
type of real, again, do a pot to do a second. She didn’t gems do another like DIY hacks that you didn’t know
what focus on, what is performing the best for you. That would definitely be my number one tip because it’s
something different for everyone.

Sammy (25m 53s):
It’s something different for every account. For example, one of my friends real just don’t work for her
audience does not seem to want real my perspective on that is I think it’s because she is a very OJI
Instagram audience. So audience, the people that followed her like four years ago and they also on the
bandwagon wanting Instagram to stay with posts. So for her posts perform well still. And so for her, like
focusing, it can take a while to then like shift to that, but just focus on what is performing well for you. I think
also, you know, we are, you definitely do have to focus on the algorithm updates because they do give you
hints on what is new and what is new on a platform is always what will help you grow?

Sammy (26m 47s):
So I was listening to Adam Azeris update, if you are not following Adam,Mosseri or @creator, you definitely
should. Because about once a week, he has an Instagram update it feels like. And everything on that,
sometimes it may be relevant to a business. Sometimes it might be more relevant to personal usage, but
one of his recent ones was him talking about how they going to start favoring original content. And he didn’t
go into any detail on that. So we don’t know if he’s talking about, you know, those repost pages that have 2
million followers and instead then all the, the credits for that post will go towards growing this page of 2
million instead of growing the actual creator’s page.

Sammy (27m 32s):
So that’s how a lot of people are saying it, but I looked at that and I went more to me. That means that they
actually want people to stop being more original than just following a lip sinking trend. And so I then
uploaded a reel which had completely original audio. It was me talking and it was me explaining this to
people. And to me, if you have a real uploaded as an original audio, that is, has to be original content. So
therefore if the algorithm is favoring original content, therefore it has to favor that. And it didn’t, it did perform
well. And so I think when you focus on what really listening to what Instagram is saying and giving advice for,
and that’s the same on any platform to talk as well, to have an entire TikTok created a page that if you’ve
read through it can give you a lot of information as to what they want.

Sammy (28m 27s):
And when you stop following that in a way that your, when you follow that you align it with what’s performing
well for you and your audience. There’s no way that you’re not going to say growth or, and connections on
social media.

Danielle (28m 42s):
So from those updates, what would you say are three that come to mind most recently? So original audio.

Sammy (28m 50s):
So the most recent update, which I say this, and there could have been one updated yesterday and I’ve
missed it there From the time of recording the most recent update to Instagram that they’re favoring original
content about when not sure yet how they’re doing that. They going to make everyone have that availability
to create shoppable posts. And so this is really good for small businesses because you used to need to have
a lodge. I think you needed to have a set amount of followers, or you had to have a shop on your Instagram.
Whereas now even anybody, if they’re wearing a set of earrings, they can tag that product and the earrings.

Sammy (29m 35s):
And therefore that creates the opportunities for either that person to get commission or as a small business
to people better towards your online store. So again, that’s the thing. If you’re a small business, you definitely
need to go and check out the new value placed on shoppable content on Instagram. This is one of the
reasons why you got to stay on the updates because there are so many things that will help you. And the
final thing that he mentioned was to do with giving us best of credibility on Instagram. So for example, you
can, now when you tag tape, when you propose, there is an option to show the category of what that page

Sammy (30m 18s):
So for example, for, let’s say yourself to under you can, then when you upload a photo of a product, you
could then tag the photographer and then actually have, when you click on that tag, it will show
photographer. And at the same time, the other tags might’ve been Phil, the lighting technician that potentially
this is just an example. And so each person that you tag, when you create a post, that you can then see
what content category that post file is. And this is one of Instagram’s ways to creating better credibility, to laid
paper, towards finding creative, because you might find for one person that posts could be, I really love that

Sammy (31m 7s):
They click and they find the photographer, but for another person, they might really want to know what the,
who did the costume design. So this is another way that Instagram is really trying to benefit its creators on
the platform.

Danielle (31m 21s):
Oh yeah. Things I literally would have never learned. I don’t know. Yeah.

Sammy (31m 29s):
Yeah. It’s one of those things and that thumb, the updates is definitely something that I try to share on my
own social, because I know that like, that is what will help small businesses, businesses of all sizes of the
end content creators. But yeah, you just say you have so much in your face, but it’s so easy to miss one of
the posts. So yes, I’m definitely all about resharing those and, you know, I usually will put my opinion on it
and what that means because Missouri often doesn’t explain it and then just leaves it up to interpretation.
And I am more than happy to try and read his mind so far. I’m not doing too bad of a job thing or results, so,

Danielle (32m 9s):
Oh, they’re great. Great tips. And I know that on TikTok, you also post trending audios as well, right?

Sammy (32m 18s):
Yeah. Take talks even harder because a trend can trend for like a day. And then after that, like whatever that
being said, I wouldn’t say don’t get so caught up in the trends because there are so many different sides of
TikTok. So for example, like I’ll be sitting with my friend and she’ll say something and I’ll be, I’ve no idea what
you’re talking about. And it will be the current hottest trend and then all sides, something that’s also the
current hottest trend. She’ll have no idea. And it’s just because we’ve never seen that. There’s just so many
different sides. So I think even if something is you cook the way to see if a trend is current is click on the
audio and then see whether the top posts how long ago they are, if they are from a long time ago, then that
means it’s not trending at the moment.

Sammy (33m 8s):
But if that’s an audio that you think you can use really well, I think always go with that because if that’s,
what’s giving you the inspiration, don’t shut that down. Like, you know, that’s still going to be good content
and you don’t have to have training audios to go by, but following some of those trends just to have like even
quick little wins or a way to just show a different side of your personality is really useful. So yeah. Always
click on the audio and see from how rates and trends and that how I figure out where the things are either a
new trend. So, you know, for example, they don’t even have 10,000 videos yet, but all the posts are from the
last two, three days, then it’s probably gonna explode.

Sammy (33m 56s):
Other times you’ll find trends when they really just send the uptight that’s around that 20 to 40k mark. Some
trends just stay at that and that’s fine. And you know, they will last like a week, all this sounds as, you know,
they will just grow and grow and ever be one of those trends. But yeah, trying to get on the trend early can
be really beneficial. But I think has been, as you start stressing out about like timeliness and only doing a
trend because it’s the hottest thing right now is not going to serve you because you will put too much stress
on yourself and then you will limit the creativity of what naturally flows to you that you want to create.

Sammy (34m 37s):
I think you should always be like following what feels right for you regardless of trend.

Danielle (34m 43s):
Yeah. Definitely have a big picture strategy of how you’re going to stay consistent. And then when you go
into the day-to-day like, if you can apply a trend to today’s content, great. And if not, just stick with the bigger
picture strategy and post, if anything like you are there, like go follow Sammy. Cause she has all the training
audios, but you can start using whatever works for you, right. There’s resources out there there’s pages like
hers. And if it works for your strategy, then that is great. And if it doesn’t, then there’s no need to stress
yourself out over it.

Sammy (35m 21s):
Yeah, definitely. And sometimes you can find, you know, one of the big suggestions is when you find a trend,
like make it relevant to your niche, which I think is yes, definitely super important. And you know, that’s one
of the things I do on TikTok. I find the trends and then I post and I give the suggestions to how to match it to
your niche. But if you’re really stuck on trying to figure out how to do that, but you really want to do that
trend, just do it because then you’re showing your personality and that’s a whole nother pot of your brand
with that, the personal brand or the image just, you know, try to keep it slightly relevant in. And you know, so
for example, just for myself, I really wanted to do the new Lizzo dads because it is amazing.

Sammy (36m 8s):
And so for me, I just started filming it. I’m a travel, I haven’t travel account. So I just started filming, doing the
dance around travel agents. That was my way of, I just really wanted to learn this then really wanted to be a
part of the trend. I haven’t posted that because, well, I was so embarrassed by how bad the dance, but that’s
okay. The point is there is if you enjoy it posted anyway, and if you can align it with your content, if not, it’s
just going to be a personality page.

Danielle (36m 38s):
Yeah. Oh my God. I can’t wait to see the video. Where can the audience find you follow you so that they can
see all your beautiful dancing?

Sammy (36m 49s):
Yeah, look, you can follow me, but it may or may not see the light of day. I might do some like bedroom
practice on that one. So, but for all my social media and my digital marketing tips, that’s at ROAM Media
groups. So ROAM Media group, I’m on both Instagram and TikTok and then anything that they would travel
and travel influencing that’s on rose dot worldwide, but it’s the same on Instagram and TikTok. That’s me

Danielle (37m 19s):
Awesome. Going to link both or all of those in the episode description, do you have any last words for our
audience today?

Sammy (37m 29s):
Look, just go with what your heart says and have fun doing it. I think if you’re doing what you truly know will
make you feel happy and bring me joy, then you’ll always can find success in it. And you’ll always going to
find a way to make a block. Please message me and tell me if any of this was useful or you’ll think, you
know, sudden on becoming an entrepreneur because I know it can be actually sometimes really hard to find
people that really aren’t in those beginning stages myself. Like it’s so easy to find people that is six years on
in that journey and that’s just not comparable. So please like message me, if you just really at that beginning
pull-up stage because yeah, I’m only just asked it and I can definitely remember what was like,

Danielle (38m 18s):
Thank you so much, Sammy. It was so special having you on just watching your growth the past few years
and you of all people know how fast things can change. So Watch your growth in the near future as well.

Sammy (38m 33s):
Yeah. It’s so exponential. That is definitely not. I realized like it can be crickets, so the first little bit, and then
you meet one person and then does another thing and then another thing, and then this week I found I’m so
busy, like talking to new people all the time. The snowball effect is really real. Yeah.

Danielle (38m 53s):
Well, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. Have an amazing week guys hope this episode was


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Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu is a multiple 6-figure travel influencer, business coach, and Founder of The Wanderlover. She has traveled to over 65+ countries running her online business and surfing in remote tropical destinations. Her mission is to help creatives and coaches achieve time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom through online entrepreneurship.

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Hi, I’m Danielle

My mission is to help you design a location-independent lifestyle through online entrepreneurship, to achieve time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom.

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