5-Step Bikini Prep for a Tropical Vacation

Tropical destinations year round means I always have to be bikini photo shoot ready! I partnered with Gillette to share ...
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Scratch Off World Map is the perfect addition to any room, and the perfect gift for any travel lover!

My Favorite Travel-Themed Purchase: Scratch Off World Map

I've been collecting travel-themed items for my apartment for years, and the one room accessory that always catches people's eyes ...
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Ultimate Packing Essentials List for every single trip!

Ultimate Packing Essentials List

People always ask me, "What should I pack for my upcoming trip?" so I created this list. For me, aside ...
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Solo Female Travel Tips: How to Make Friends

Solo female travel tips I always get asked to share is how to make friends. When traveling by myself, the ...
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How to Find Cheap Flights

Everyone's always asking how I travel so much so I want to share step by step how to find cheap ...
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