5 Insights from My Private Coaching Programs

In this episode, I share 5 insights from my Private Coaching programs that have helped my clients see massive success time and time again. If you are feeling stuck in your business, or not seeing the growth you desire, tune in to this episode!

This week I want to share with you the key learnings I see from my private coaching clients. These are the ‘Ah-ha’ moments that help propel my clients rapidly towards their goals and I want to help you achieve the same!

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What Are My Coaching Programs?

Hey guys. Welcome back to the podcast! Today we are going to be diving into five Insights from My Private Coaching Programs as of September, 2023.

There are two ways to work one-on-one with me. I have two different programs that are tailored to different stages of where you may be with your business. The first is my start your business intensive. For those of you who either have no idea what business to start (start here for inspiration!) or if you’ve started your online business, your online presence, but you’re making less than a thousand dollars a month and you really want to speed that up. If you are past that and you’re at the stage where you want to scale, then that is where private coaching comes in and it’s very tailored to what your business is and where you are at the moment. And this is where a majority of my clients see themselves going from a few thousand dollars a month to hitting their first five figure month to then multiple five figures, which is always so exciting because I remember when my business experienced those milestones and it’s a monumental moment.

It just takes so much pressure off of your shoulders and you really feel like, wow, I am doing it. Like what I set out to achieve is my reality. Through these two programs, I’ve noticed five consistent Insights that people don’t realize when they first start working with me and their aha moments when they learn these Insights and their lives transform for themselves. It’s so consistent and it’s really the reason why you are kind of at point A in the first place when you’re trying to run your business. So after listening to this episode, I hope that you have the wisdom and the courage to do things differently so that you get yourself the results that you want to see.

1. Only YOU Hold Yourself Back

The first insight is that you are the only person holding yourself back at any given time. (Think procrastination is one of your challenges? Read my procrastination tips here). The limiting beliefs that we tackle in my private coaching programs are profound. There are so many subconscious ones most of the time where you don’t even realize them and they show up in your business in ways that you don’t see until I point them out. And I’m very straightforward about this. What I see a lot as an example of this are limiting beliefs such as my audience doesn’t have enough money to pay the prices that I want to charge, or the market is too saturated so I don’t have any pull with my audience.

Things like this that translate to concrete things that you’ve acted on in your business, such as trying to justify your pricing on the pricing page. So instead of just listing out $300 an hour, you’ll include a little disclaimer like I offer discounted pricing or a pay what you can afford, model, things like that. And do you see how the energy just isn’t confident in the pricing? It’s pulling from that subconscious fear that people aren’t going to have enough to pay you, but you still want to get paid. So here you are trying to justify the pricing without even knowing who you’re talking to, right?

Like these are all assumptions come from within and you cannot assume that about your entire audience. Like sure, maybe a few people, but you cannot assume that the majority of people cannot afford your services. For the most part, your limiting beliefs, unless you address ’em, they will prevent you from showing up online confidently and authentically. And going back to what I said about you are the only person holding yourself back, your limiting beliefs are holding you back, right? And until you learn how to tackle them, you’re going to kind of be stuck in this one place doing the things you are already doing.

And what’s really fascinating from a coach perspective is once you overcome those limiting beliefs and you change them, you become a different person. You become a more successful business owner, you become an authority in your industry, and so many opportunities will come your way because you’re choosing to shift your reality and it’s all within you right now. That’s the crazy part. I’m not doing anything for you. You are changing yourself. So with all of my clients, I’m not running their businesses for them. They are changing themselves and breaking free of this old mold of who they were and expanding into this new, more successful, more confident figure in the online space.

2. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Going off of that, and this brings us into the second insight, is that you could be thinking that you are expanding into a new reality and you are working really hard in your business and you should be getting different results. But If, you aren’t seeing results and you’re doing things differently. The fundamental insight is that you don’t know what you don’t know in business. You can’t see the picture when you are inside the frame and If, you are doing things a certain way that you think is correct. Sometimes you need to take a step back and ask yourself, do I actually know what it takes or am I just assuming?

And are these assumptions true? Because if they were true, they should be getting me the results, right? So what am I doing wrong and what don’t I know about running an online business? What got you here and all of the thoughts and actions that got you here won’t get you there. So who do you need to talk to? What do you need to learn? What do you actually need to be doing differently in order to get you the results? An example of this that I see a lot, especially in my dms, so before people start working with me, they are so worried about social media and posting every single day and they get really anxious when they lose followers or when they don’t have enough likes on a post.

And this is when you really need a setback as a business owner because you need to ask yourself, is my income also going down because of my lack of likes? Right? And most of the time it’s not. Nothing is affected when you are losing followers or when you’re not getting enough likes. Nothing is lost except a part of your ego. That’s how I see it. It’s really not that important. And once you recognize that your monthly income is independent of your follower count, followers do not mean income. And sometimes less followers means more income. So at that point, what are you trying to like?

What is actually important? The answer is connection and value. If you are connecting with your audience, whether it be one person, two people, five people, If, you only had five followers, but all of them really valued what you were giving out, what your services were, they really aligned with what your business is all about and they are your ideal clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re going from 2050 followers to 2025 if none of them want to sign up with you. And taking a step back from that, what I would encourage you to think about If you are in this position, is to focus on your email list.

Take a step back from social media because social media can be so sporadic, it can be so volatile depending on the algorithm, depending on the time of day, depending on if Instagram is down or not, or if any other app is down or not, but an email list is all yours. You collect these email list subscribers in in ways where they actually manually have to put in their email and they subscribe to what you do instead of just a one click follow. And you can follow thousands and thousands of people. People will actually willingly give you their emails so that you can stay in touch. So the chances of them being interested in all the content that you are putting out via emails is going to be a lot more valuable than all of the time you’re spending creating on social media or worrying about anything that goes on within social media.

So this is an example of you don’t know what you don’t know, right? You think you are focused on the right things, as in engagement and following and what time’s supposed and hashtags and all of these things that take so much time and energy and effort. But in the grand scheme of things, they don’t matter as much as you think they do. You sometimes cannot see the picture when you’re inside the frame, right? So now you have to ask yourself, what else am I not seeing that’s causing me to not see the results that I want? And when someone can see them for you, that’s when you start getting different results. 

3. Learn What Works For YOUR Business

Next insight that I want to share that I’ve seen across so many businesses is that every business is different. And there are so many experts out there who can help you with a specific type of business, but you need to know yourself well enough to know what kind of business and what kind of marketing strategies work best for you. This is why I don’t prescribe a one size fits all solution, right? I’m not telling every single one of my clients to become influencers. I’m not telling all of them to be on Instagram. One of my amazing clients right now loves LinkedIn and they are so good with LinkedIn, but hates Instagram and TikTok.

And that is fine. You are allowed to focus on the platform that you naturally excel in and If. you don’t excel at any platform You can go to in-person networking events. You can go to popups in real life, like there are so many ways to grow your business. And let’s not forget that prior to the internet people were still running multimillion dollar companies, right? There are so many ways to grow outside of what you are just seeing on your phone nowadays. So let’s not forget that if you’re feeling really drained by the strategy you’re using right now, If, you feel like it’s taking too much time, you’re not good at it. You, you don’t really have the desire to want to get better at it.

Maybe it’s time to think, how else can I market my services in a way that feels more aligned? And this is where experimentation comes in, seeing what lights you up the most and giving that a try for 60 days straight, seeing how many leads you bring in, how many clients you sign up. But having fun with this whole process is going to leave you so much more inspired than beating a dead horse. Like trying to work on a platform that A, isn’t giving you the results and B, that you don’t even wanna be on. Every business is different. And you do not need to follow exactly what someone else is doing to be successful. You can totally pave your own path.

4. Reaching Goals Are More Motivating Than The Monetary Value

The next thing that I’ve been noticing more and more that’s worked better and better for my clients, this one’s a really good one, is that the feeling of what you get when you reach a certain milestone or income goal is more important than the dollar amount itself. So the feeling of reaching a thousand email list subscribers, or the feeling of being able to put down a down payment for a house, that feeling that you are calling into your life is always going to motivate you more than saying, I want to make 10K months.

When you are super specific about the feeling of what certain income goals will enable you to do with your life, whether it’s I am so looking forward to the feeling of when I get to hand in my letter of resignation or when I can buy myself a private jet or when I can move to Hawaii, all of these things are going to get you the results faster because you are chasing a feeling and feelings, as we all know, inspire the actions. Instead of having all of these empty, I want 100K months, I want 500K months, what is that really going to enable you to do?

Because what I’ve also noticed is at a certain point there is a law of diminishing returns and some of my most successful clients, they actually feel like making more money would take away from the freedom they have in their lives. Isn’t that so interesting? Because everyone’s always thinking, I wanna make more, I wanna make more. But at a certain point, what is that feeling you’re trying to chase? Because it’s not, I want more money, it’s I want more time to do whatever, or I don’t want any calls on my calendar. What is the feeling that you want? And use that to map out what your next goals and income goals and milestones are for your business.

5. Accountability Is Key

This feeling is then coupled with insight number five, which is accountability will get you there faster. Why my private clients see results is because not only are they so determined and so excited about reaching their goals and evoking these feelings, they also have daily accountability. Or they know that they can count on me to guide them on this path, right? We have the map laid out. Are they taking action every day? Are they taking the actions they actually need? Is it a tried and tested strategy? Because you could be running around doing all the things, but are you actually getting to where you want to go with daily accountability?

Not only do you work on the things you actually need to work on, but you experience the compound effect of doing all the right things over and over and over again quicker. And all of this adds up to get you to your goal faster. And I think that this last insight of accountability is something that we can apply to all areas of our lives. Very rarely are you going to do something successfully if it’s just a phase, if it’s just, you know, you have so much energy in the beginning and then it fizzles out after three months. When you hold yourself accountable and when other people hold yourself accountable, you get to see the long term rewards. (Join our FREE Facebook community if you’re looking for more accountability). You get to actually reap what you sow. Instead of getting impatient and quitting prematurely. 

Business Coaching Prompt 

I’m gonna throw in a little coaching exercise. If, you feel like you are struggling or you’re a little stuck. The question to ask yourself is, what is the feeling you are trying to evoke and what strategy are you going to use to get to that goal? So for example, If, you want to book a really nice villa for the month of October and it’s $3,000 a month. You want to experience the feeling of booking that villa and getting to experience the pool, the views, the service.

How are you going to get there? That is the next question. And maybe you have a $3,000 coaching package. So essentially you need one client. And so what is the daily task that you must hold yourself accountable to in order to get that one client? The answer is probably lead generation. How are you going to get 50, a hundred, 200 leads until you convert at least 1% of all of those leads? This is where we bring in what your natural zone of genius is. If it’s Instagram, great. If it’s your email list, great.

If it’s in-person networking, great. But stick to one strategy and be consistent. Whether that’s sending out one email a day, or getting 10 people new onto your email list a day, or sending out 20 dms on Instagram or going to a networking event, whether it be online or in person every day. Do you see how focusing on what actually matters on a daily basis? So not caring about the posting times, not caring about hashtags, but focusing on the strategies that are going to get you the leads to convert that client. Do you see how it all fits together? Final reminder to get your limiting beliefs in check because you are the only person holding yourself back from all the success you desire.

Sending love to you all. I’ll see you guys next week.

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