5 Signs You Need a Business Coach

Are you feeling lost or stuck in business, feeling like something is missing? In this episode, I share the 5 most common signs that you may need a business coach to help you reach your goals. If you identify with any (or all) of these, check out the Business Academy or apply for Private Coaching!

Sometimes, you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and your business growth just isn’t budging! Sometimes we need to accept help and let an expert take a holistic and analytical view of our business. So these are the 5 most common reasons why and when your business would benefit from a coach.

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Reaching & Celebrating Goals!

Welcome back to the podcast guys. I am feeling so many emotions. One of the local surf photographers here in Sumatra, Indonesia captured a moment yesterday when I was hanging 10 on my longboard.

And if you’ve been listening to this show, you’ll know that hanging 10 on a longboard is something I’ve been working towards for the past two years, and I haven’t been able to do it successfully to a caliber that I was happy with. But yesterday when he captured the photo, I was like, oh my God, it’s all happening. All of those tears, all of those frustrations from times when I thought I wasn’t progressing, when I thought I wasn’t learning surfing fast enough, it all came together and I just needed to trust the process because it was going to happen. Have you ever had the feeling where you felt like you put in so much work, you are dedicating so much time and energy and money into something and nothing is working out?

Have you ever also experienced a time when you accomplished something you thought was impossible? And when you think back on those two instances, were they related? Is there something to learn from those experiences? Because from my longboarding journey, what I’ve learned is you are able to accomplish things that you once thought were impossible. Also, if you feel like you’re putting so much time and effort and energy into something, it’s never wasted. It’s never taking three steps back. You are constantly moving forward even though it feels like you’re going nowhere.

So if you kind of zoom out into your entrepreneurship journey, your business journey, it is all happening the way it’s meant to. You are on this path and you are going to reach those goals. The feelings I’m feeling right now of excitement and disbelief, same feelings my clients feel when they get their first paid customer or when they make their first thousand dollars online, their first 10,000, their first a hundred thousand, it’s the same feeling when they reach their first thousand subscribers on their email list. All of these things at one point were sabotaged with self-doubt, like who am I to show up?

Who am I to be creating this freebie, creating this business? Who would want to sign up with me or buy my courses? Right? All of those thoughts are part of the process, and when you zoom out, when you work through it and keep going, you will reap the rewards. So hanging 10 on a long board is something I’ve been working towards and manifesting. It was on my vision board last year for 2022, and this is why I love vision boarding and journaling because you clearly say to the universe, this is what I want to achieve in my life. And I bet when you go through my Vision Board podcast episodes or my journaling episodes, a lot of things, when you write them down, you feel like it’s impossible for you at that moment, right?

You’re like, I have no idea how this is gonna work. And that is the point you’re not supposed to because if you knew how it was going to work, you would’ve done it already. But there are so many new skills, so many new people you have to meet. So many things you have to learn before you can get to that level. So say it out loud, put it on your vision board, put it in your journal, and watch it unfold before your eyes. Right now, I am working towards my first investment property in America, which is really exciting. I’m also thinking about getting a second residency somewhere in the world, all things on my vision board in my journal, unsure of the process and unsure how it’s all gonna unfold, but I’m trusting that it is going to happen because I’ve already set the intention.

So my question for you is what are you calling into your life at this moment? Write it down and let me know, and I am fully confident that it is going to happen for you.

The Wanderlover Is On Youtube!

So this week was also another celebration because we have hit 500 subscribers on our YouTube channel. Woo, it’s been so much fun making these videos for you. Every two weeks, we’re aiming to release a new video once every two weeks. And what’s really cool is I am testing this new strategy with my channel right now, and I wanna share what the process has looked like.

So I have a free download. It’s a case study of how I grew the wander lover from zero to a six figure business all while traveling the world. This is a case study that I wrote in four different chapters. The first covers mindset, and then the rest of the chapters cover my unique framework, create, build scale. So with my YouTube channel, what I’m doing is I am recording a video for each of those chapters. The first video I released last month is all around mindset and how to tackle your limiting beliefs and how to shift your negative thoughts into positive ones that empower you, that make you feel inspired.

And that is the momentum we wanna work off of when we take actions and when we change our life and change our reality. So number one is all about mindset, because I truly believe you cannot be a successful entrepreneur if you don’t master your mindset or at least have a practice in place where you are constantly self-auditing and self-coaching. The second video covers create, it teaches you how to create the foundations for a six figure online business. We’ve released this video last week, so if you haven’t watched it yet, make sure to click the link in the show notes to subscribe and watch on YouTube.

And next week we are going to release build. So how do we build your authority? How do we build your brand awareness, your community, the no like and trust factor in your business? And two weeks after that, we’re going to release our scale episode, and this is where I’m gonna teach you the systems you need to have in place in order to bring in consistent income month after month and reach six figures. So if you want to be notified, don’t forget to subscribe. So the cool part is I am testing out when all this is released, I’m going to be adding all four of these videos to a free training page on my website.

So you’re gonna go to the page and I’m going to embed this mindset, create build scale four part series in a free training training, and then include the case study as an optional download if you want to join my mailing list. But what this will do is instead of directing ad traffic to a freebie landing page, I’m actually directing them to YouTube views. And when people watch the training, I’m going to get more views on YouTube and hopefully this is gonna give me a boost so I can start monetizing my channel. And if people want to learn more from me, they can also give me their email and be subscribed to my email list and also access the free download underneath this free training page.

I’m going to include all of my resources, free and paid, including the Wander Lover Business Academy where we teach new and aspiring creatives and coaches how to grow a six figure business from scratch. So following the mindset, create, build scale framework, this is all covered in the academy. If they want more accountability, more support, and to meet a community of like-minded individuals who are on the same path. So this is what we’re currently working on. I will report back after all the ads are live, all the pages are live. To let you guys know if this was successful or not. I’m kind of testing the strategy, but I have a really good feeling about this.

Entrepreneurship is always about thinking outside the box and thinking, how do I serve my community better? In my case, I’ve been loving, loving, loving recording videos. I feel like my energy is just translated differently and it’s more of like a private coaching session, which is really special. So I’m gonna keep rolling with this because it’s something that I absolutely love.

Five Signs You Need A Business Coach

With that being said, let’s move on to today’s episode. Five Signs You Need a Business Coach. I was inspired to make this episode because someone reached out to me on Instagram and asked me what the difference between my online course and my private coaching container was. So although structurally there are obviously really big differences between taking a course and working privately with a coach, I also wanted to record this episode because some of my academy members are actually my private clients as well. And so in this episode I’m going to speak to those of you who are unsure whether or not you need a coach, and this episode will give you more clarity.

1. Slow Growth

The first sign that sometimes is blaringly obvious, but sometimes you just kind of, you know, push it under the rug. You are experiencing slow growth and not hitting your goals. I don’t mean slow in a sense where you feel like it’s slow because I know a lot of new entrepreneurs think that everything should happen a lot faster, but what I mean by slow is let’s say you are in a position where quarter after quarter, year after year, you are making these goals and you are not hitting them.

And the key key here is that throughout it all, you have been taking action. So now we need to take a step back and assess are you working on the right thing? If you zoom out of your business, are you actually moving it forward or are you just trying to keep yourself busy? Having a coach will give you this top level insight where they can see your blind spots and create a new roadmap with new action items that will change how you’re being productive every day and actually move the needle forward. Sometimes you feel like you’re doing it all, but the question is, does it actually grow your business?

And expanding on the second part of not hitting your goals, a let’s make sure you have goals in place. You have annual goals, quarterly goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals. If you do not, it is a good idea to hire a coach so that they can create this for you and keep you accountable. So now you might be wondering, Danielle, how do I know if my growth is actually slow versus if I’m just being impatient? There is no blanket answer for this, but having another opinion from someone who is where you wanna be would definitely help.

If you want someone else’s opinion, feel free to join the free Wonderlover Community or DM me on Instagram and explain to me your situation and I can offer my input and my 2 cents on whether or not you are being impatient or whether or not you’re actually experiencing slow growth.

2. Feeling Overwhelmed Instead Of Empowered

The second sign that you need a business coach is as you operate your business day to day, you are feeling overwhelmed more than you are feeling empowered. This is a sign that you need support, and it’s also maybe a sign that you are very much in your head, so in your head about all the moving pieces in your business, all that you have to do, all that you have to focus on.

And there really is no sense of grounding yourself, talking it out with a coach and actually being able to prioritize what needs to be done in that day and feeling empowered to accomplish it instead of feeling like you have this never ending to-do list. Because let’s face it, our jobs as entrepreneurs, it never ends, right? There’s so many moving pieces and there always will be. Your job is to learn how to manage it, and by speaking to someone and having someone to support you, it’s going to make it a lot easier for you to operate as the business owner you were meant to be.

And exercise I love doing with my clients when they are feeling overwhelmed with their life, their relationships, their business, everything going on is to brain dump. We go through the session where we spill everything and I write out every single thing that is on their mind, and I tell them this, you don’t have to worry about until next month. This you don’t even have to think about at all. It has nothing to do with your current journey. And after we kind of filter everything out, we bring out these two action items that are usually at the bottom of everything and pushed to last, but in these powerful coaching sessions, they get brought up and they have the spotlight. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, know that there is help out there to support you.

3. You Have Shiny Object Syndrome

The third sign that you need a business coach is if you are very susceptible to what I call shiny object syndrome. You see creators out there launching courses and you’re thinking, okay, I need to create a course. Then you see someone else launching a membership and doing really well, and you’re like, okay, I need a focus on a membership. You are not giving your one-on-ones the type of support that they need, or you’re not marketing your group course to the extent that it needs to be marketed because you’re constantly jumping from one project to another thinking that it is easier to do something else instead of just focusing on what is in front of you.

Raise your hand if you have experienced this or if you are experiencing it right now because it is so common. And when I see this, it is really clear to me that at those moments when they’re so close to scaling something that is so good, they give up because it gets hard and there are things that they don’t know but that they can learn to get them to the next level. However, a lot of people get shiny object syndrome and they just run with it because their mind is telling them, you know what? This, this path is hard. We should jump ship and we should try something else. It looks easier over there, but what they don’t know is all these successful people who have mastered their business model, it’s taken them years and years and lots of refining, but ultimately sticking to one and mastering it before moving on to another.

If you want to talk it out with a coach, they would be able to share with you whether or not you are experiencing shiny object syndrome and what actually needs to be done in your specific case. But if you are prone to it, I would highly encourage you to speak with a business mentor.

4. Lack Of Information

Number four, there are gaps in knowledge between where you currently are versus where you wanna be and you don’t know the strategy to get to where you want to be. Sometimes this is purely educational. You can take a course and you can learn something to get to that level of knowledge. Sometimes it’s surrounding yourself with people who have done something that you wanted and you realize, Hey, okay, I can do this too. So it’s more a mindset thing. However, if there is a disconnect and you really can’t find the answer to how to get there asking a business coach will give you the answers. They will be able to tell you whether it’s purely a knowledge gap or if it’s a mindset gap or if it’s a confidence gap. Maybe it’s systems in your business that aren’t operating, maybe it’s sales that you haven’t mastered. If you don’t know the strategy and if you don’t know how to get to where you want to go, you need to be seeking the answers instead of trying to figure it out by yourself.

I promise you, it’s going to save you so much time and so much energy when you literally have a shortcut to success when you have a shortcut and the knowledge of what actually works. So many of my private clients are digital nomads after having been in corporate nine to fives like most of their lives, simply because week after week when we are having our calls and I am in a different country, month after month, they see the inner workings of how to run a business remotely, and all of the systems I have in place, the team members I have in place, and when they are able to see the whole picture and learn how they can apply it to themselves, that is how they learn to live their lives the same way and of course, only if they desire before they had no idea how to set their online business up to be fully remote, how to even monetize online. So if there is a gap, it is up to you to find the answers.

5. Need (Or Want) For Accountability

Last but not least, if you know what to do to reach your goals, but you simply don’t do it and you don’t have the accountability to actually take action day after day, this is the last sign that you need a business coach. Is there someone checking in on you week after week asking if you have executed, seeing if you are on track to hit the goals you have set for yourself? This accountability in whatever form that works for you is so needed, but what I’ve seen is my client’s experience the fastest growth when they work privately because it’s undivided attention and they are so tuned in to their own business and they are so motivated to make it work. They see the path so clearly in front of them and are just very motivated to take action every single day. Do you feel that energy? Do you see what is possible when everything is aligned? And it just all makes sense because it is so possible for you.

If you are feeling stuck and you feel like you don’t know if what you’re doing every day is what you’re supposed to be doing and you’re seeing all of these really high figure income months from creators on Instagram and you just don’t know how to get there, know that you’re on this path, it’s going to happen for you. But if you want more clarity, more support, more accountability, I am here for you. If you would like to apply for private coaching or my start your business intensive, if you are starting your business from scratch, I’m going to include the two programs in the episode description. We can set up a call to see if you are a good fit and if this is what your business needs at this time, know that there are answers out there and know that you can do it. If you have any questions, my dms are always open, and I will see you in the next episode.


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