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What’s Inside Wanderlover Business Academy 2.0

Missed enrollment for Momentum Mastermind but still want to start your online business by the end of the year? Enroll in the Wanderlover Business Academy 2.0! In this episode, we go through exactly what is inside to help take your business idea to $5k months and beyond. Extra Flex Payment Plan to get started for $197 available September only!

Sick of wasting your time and feeling directionless with your new business goals? The Wanderlover Business Academy is designed to guide new entrepreneurs (2:56) through creating their business and hitting their first 5k months. I go through in detail the academy modules and exactly how they will help you reach your goals by the end of the year! (12:00).

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Reaching my personal & business goals

Hello. My loves. Welcome back to the wander lover podcast. My name is Danielle who and I am your host recording this episode from Batu Karas, West Java, Indonesia.

If you’re new to this show, I have been based here for the past three months, living on the beach, surfing every day, working from my laptop and literally just living the dream. The reason I am specifically here in Batu Karas is because it is a world class spot for long boarding. And earlier this year I created a vision board for 2022. And on it, I had wanted to go from hanging five on a long board to hanging 10. So what did I do? I booked a flight here. I’m taking lessons twice a week. I’m learning to serve, practicing to surf surfing every day and surrounding myself with the best surfers in the world.

And after three months of practicing and trying, I have definitely improved. I attempted my first few hang tens, getting there, not there yet, but have made significant improvement because naturally if you do the same thing over and over every day, you’re only going to get better. I’ve learned so much about not only surfing, but applying the same concepts into business. And so this episode is going to be all about the wander lover business academy, 2.0 and what you can expect when you enroll similar to how I took the actions necessary to improve my surfing and get me to where I want to be by the end of the year.

Who is the Academy for? 

The business academy is for you if you are stuck in a corporate position that no longer fulfills you, your online business, isn’t taking off the way you had imagined it to be. And if you are looking for that clarity for that community and for that guidance, then this episode is going to be for you. I know a few of you have messaged me about momentum mastermind. Unfortunately, enrollment is closed. We have started with an amazing cohort of coaches and creatives, and the next round will be in spring 2023. You can sign up for the wait list in the episode description.

So you’ll be the first to know when it officially launches, but if you’re still looking for that community, for that guidance, for that clarity, then the wander lover business academy is the perfect alternative for you to work through the modules, implement, and then come join us in the spring when you’re ready to take your business to the next level. I want to first ask you if you want an online business that allows you to travel the world. Are you taking the actions necessary to build an online business? Are you learning how to build an online business? Are you building your online business every day? Are you surrounding yourself with other people building online businesses?

All of these questions are so applicable to anything. If you want to get better at it. So similarly again, to how I changed my life to get better at surfing, are you doing the same with your online business so that you can grow and monetize? And I ask these questions because it’s really not that hard. If you want to get to where you want to be, you have to learn from someone who is already there. The whole reason why I quit corporate America was because I looked around at my managers and at my executives and I knew that if I stayed on the corporate path, that was where I was going to end up. It was like night and day to me, it made so much sense.

I was like, I’m gonna get promoted to VP and then an executive and then blah, blah, blah. And then I get to sit in this office and this cubicle, and I didn’t want that. So I looked at other people who were traveling full-time, who were working from co-working spaces in Bali. And I knew I had to align my actions to those people, not like what my managers did for the past 10 years. This also makes sense in surfing, like I’m not going to take surf lessons or take surf advice from someone who can’t already hang 10 on a long board. And if you’re also new to the show hanging 10 means when you like crossed up. So you walk to the front of your board and you have 10 toes perched in the front of the board.

That’s what I mean by hanging 10. And that’s just something I really want to accomplish. And I’ve been taking advice only from people who know how to do it themselves. Surprisingly, it’s so funny, but there have been people who don’t even know how to surf and beginner surfers, trying to advise me how to hang 10, just from speculation and from theoretical, you know, physics like how you can walk to the front of the board. And it’s just so hilarious because anyone can make up what they think of how to do something without actually doing it. Right. And I see this again and again, with entrepreneurship, with people trying to tell you how to make money online, and they don’t even know how to make money online, or they’re not even making money online, or maybe they’re even in corporate.

And they’re trying to tell you how to make money online, right? So when you have something else, you can kind of compare building a successful business to, it makes so much sense who you should listen to, what you should be doing, what you should be learning and what you should be executing on. The reason why I created The Wanderlover Business Academy 2.0 was because after years and years of trial and error of starting multiple businesses of trying drop shipping and e-commerce and selling shadows on Instagram and going the influencer path, and then going to the coaching path, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I made. And I want to offer you the solution to what actually works.

What will get you through a pandemic, what you can take with you anywhere in the world. I’ve taken the wander lover through so many countries it’s been growing. Even when I’m not in front of my laptop, I have systems, I have sales processes. I have a team. And most importantly, I have testimonials. So I have clients who have quit their jobs who have built successful online businesses who are traveling the world. So I know that this works and that is why I created the academy so that I can share with you the systems and the strategies so that you can do the same if you take action. 

And one thing I love about the academy is I don’t allow you to move onto the next module until you’ve completed all the homework for the previous one. So I know how easy it is to just watch the videos, fill out some answers and not actually do what is required to build. So that would kind of be similar to learning, learning how to surf, right, learning, how to surf from videos and then talking to people who surf, but never getting into the water yourself. You’re not going to learn how to surf just by watching other people or by watching videos or by thinking about it and ideating about it. You’re only going to surf better if you get into the water.

And so same thing with a business, you’re only going to build your business when you’re creating, when you’re posting, when you’re sharing, when you’re selling and when you are making money. So the academy is going to teach you all of those steps and get you you to execute because module after module, you’re gonna have homework to do. You’re gonna have to show up and do the things that will actually get money from your clients and customers into your bank account. The academy is an eight week self-study course for aspiring creatives and coaches. And I know that in online business, around creativity and around coaching is your one way ticket to a life of freedom, time, freedom, location, freedom, and financial freedom.

We are on track to hit six figures with just the academy. And the academy is just one pillar of the wander lover business. So I know first hand you’re able to run a super successful online business while still having the time to surf every single day and eat smoothie bowls and drink coconuts on the beach. 

Fighting the self doubt 

If you’ve been thinking about starting an online business for months and months and months, you’ve watched and heard of my momentum launch and didn’t enroll, and it just hasn’t happened. You still haven’t made any progress. You scroll through social media every single day, and you see other people traveling the world and making money online. And you know that you want that, but then fear kicks in.

You ask yourself, like, what would my business name even be? What business can I even start? Like, what would I even sell? And maybe you have started, maybe you’ve dipped your toes in. You’ve done some research, watched some YouTube videos, downloaded freebies, maybe even created an Instagram account and started posting. But it’s really hard to be consistent and you’re not making any money from it, right? You’re seeing $0 come into your bank account. And while that is happening, imposter syndrome hits and you say to yourself, oh, maybe I’m not good enough to do this. I guess I’ll try to just love my day job and stay in my current situation.

And you, again, go back to square one where really nothing has progressed. And it’s like, did I just waste all of that time? Could that time have been spent doing something else or maybe learning the right way to do things? The Wanderlover Business Academy is your roadmap to hit five K months. And if you are committed to hitting five K months, whether or not you joined the academy, it doesn’t matter. If you are committed to hitting 5k months, you will get there. But the thing is, you’re either going to pay with time or you’re going to pay with money. I want you to think about a life where you have your own successful online business that is impactful, influential, and profitable.

You literally carry out your soul’s work as your job and you create content that makes you light up inside. You’re not reporting to a boss. You’re not reporting to an employer. You don’t have to ask anyone for vacation days and you just wake up purpose driven every single morning, knowing exactly what to work on, what to focus on for the week, because you just have that clarity and you have the modules.

The Academy Modules 

How I structured the eight weeks is basically taking what I take my private clients through in the Start Your Business Intensive. And I broke it down into modules. So in module one, we go through the wander lover concepts.

What I’ve learned going from zero to a six figure business, what mindset you should adopt, what timeline you should hold yourself accountable to. We’re going to come up with your dream life, map out your goals to the exact date and price. How much does your dream life cost? And we’re going to finally decide on your business idea, using my proven framework that I take every single one of my clients through so that we can move forward with a business plan and say goodbye to paralysis by analysis. We’re not going to be stuck in our heads. We’re going to be taking messy, messy, imperfect action.

After week one, after we decide within a week, what your business is going to be, then I start taking you through your online business foundations. So this is where I’ve developed my own business model that enables you to work from anywhere there is wifi, and I’m going to teach you how money enters your business so that you can make more of it. And so that you understand how an online business works. A lot of people think that they know how to make money, but then when it comes to it, they actually don’t. I’m going to teach you in module two. We’re going to set up your website. We’re going to optimize your Instagram so that every person who finds your page will want to follow and work with you.

And I’m going to teach you what a client relationship manager is and why this is a secret sauce to any successful online business. So we’re going to start getting super technical here. And this is why we have the community group. When you’re going through something you’re unfamiliar with, we’re all gonna be here to help support you. In module three, we go through content that attracts your soul aligned audience, obviously as a content creator, this is my specialty and I can’t wait for you to learn and do the same so that you’re ready to market yourself in a way that is magnetic and irresistible. We are going to go through personal branding 101.

So creating content that feels fun, aligned with your personality. You’re gonna learn my three-step copywriting formula. So how do I captions how to write posts so that you can turn your audience into loyal fans, as well as resources and checklists to start a podcast like this one, if you want to share your message with even more people starting a podcast is one of the easiest things. I think people just overcomplicate it in their heads. This is so possible for you. If you want to really leave your mark in the online space, module four is a whole module dedicated to crafting your signature offer.

A lot of people get so overwhelmed with like, what can I possibly even offer? How do I go about pricing? All of these things we are going to work through. We are going to tackle and make way for a major cash injection into your business. Get ready to create offerings, sales pages, and price your own product for the first time and learn the energetics behind it. All module five is getting your audience to know like, and trust you. And we’re going to sprinkle in an inspirational factor so that we can get consistent with your content schedule and make everyone think, wow, sign me up.

I want to work with them. I want to buy from them. This comes from showing up obviously. And how do you show up? I give you a content creation challenge so that you get outside your comfort zone and start interacting with people in your audience. After we’ve created your first offer and branded yourself, and we have all of your assets up, I’m gonna take you through module six sole led launches. So by the end of this week, you will know how to share your offer with the world and get your first client module. Seven is online marketing to skyrocket your growth. After week seven, you’re going to learn how to market yourself online. You’re going to learn about Facebook ads about lead generation.

And by the end of this week, it’s a little tech heavy, but you’re going to have a consistent stream of new people finding out about your business every single day. Like you don’t even have to show up. You just constantly get new people aware of what you do and what your business is. This is one of my favorite things to teach because at the wander lover, like even when I’m surfing, new people are signing up with me, I’m getting sales, I’m getting clients. And I don’t have to lift a finger because I have these marketing systems in place. The last module, module eight is scaling to 5k months. It’s funny because 5k a month may seem like a lot to some people. It may seem like a little to others.

It’s all relative, but people first entering the academy, they think it’s almost impossible for them to do themselves without working for an employer. And after we go through the first seven modules, you’re going to see how possible this is for you. I’m going to be teaching you my passive income secrets so that you can also set up the framework to make money in your sleep. It’s just so exciting being in this online business space, because you’re able to be creative and you’re able to share your gifts to the world and make lots of money doing so as bonuses, you also get lifetime access to our private Facebook community, where you’re fully supported.

We give feedback, celebrate with you through all of your wins. And I do live coaching every single month. So I answer all of your questions and we do hot seat coaching. So anyone who joins, we go through what your business is currently struggling with, and we create an action plan to get you out of that slump. You also get my exact content calendar that I use to consistently be omnipresent on all platforms, imposter syndrome, be gone, cheat sheet. So you can bounce back from self-doubt instantly. And my 100 K scaling strategy and spreadsheet that I used to hit my first hundred K in business.

September Special

My question for you now is where would you be now if you started a year ago and where would you be in a year if you started today? Everything that you’ve heard me mention in this episode is valued at $4,275 for the business academy, but your investment is $997 for the month of September only. You also get an extra flex payment plan where you can get started for $197 and get access to all of the modules. Immediately. We have a few new members in the academy this month. So if you join, you’re going to be on track to work with them at the same pace and meet other people, starting out just like you.

If you missed out on momentum and you’re kind of regretting it, it’s not too late. You can still sign up for the Business Academy, start your online business and monetize by the end of the year. If you’re unsure, if the business academy is a right fit for you, maybe you want more of a one-on-one private coaching structure. Feel free to DM me, email me. My DM’s are always open and we can set up a call to discuss if this is the right fit for you at this time, if you have a skill set and you’re trying to learn the business side of creativity, and if you are committed to making your first 5k month alongside a community of like-minded travel, loving entrepreneurs who get you, please reach out.

We would love to welcome you inside. Let’s take action. Learn from people who are, where we want to be practice every single day, execute every single day and surround yourself with the best. I’ll keep all of you posted on my hang 10 adventures. If you would like to follow along my progress, make sure to check out my Instagram at the wander lover. I’ll see you guys in the next episode and have an amazing week.


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