Wadi Rum – A Night Spent in the Desert

Excited to have my first guest post about Wadi Rum in Jordan by Ayesha Forbes!

A trip to Jordan would be far from complete without a night spent in the desert, under the stars, falling asleep to a post-dinner bonfire and Bedouin stories.

Your best guides for this adventure are local Bedouins who own properties and tents in the middle of the desert, so check with your hotel or local friends which the best companies to use are – there are so many and always new ones cropping up so a local recommendation would be your best bet.

Expect the best two days of your travels to go something like this…

Leave from Amman and drive out about 3 hours to Wadi Rum, stopping at the ‘Hejaz Railway’ for a quick look at history before getting to your destination. Once there, we were moved onto a desert jeep and continued our journey in the 4×4 deep into the Jordanian desert, stopping on our way to race up sand dunes, and barefoot, hike the many rock formations – with ideal viewpoints to see the desert expanse.

Dinner was meat, slow-cooked under the earth (yes, literally) from 3 hours before our arrival, baking in the sheer heat of the desert sun. Follow that up with some Arabic tea and you’ve got the perfect evening

Don’t feel like heading back in the jeep? Be a true Bedouin and take your camel all the way back before jumping back into the car for a ride to the cosmopolitan of Amman.

What to Pack:

The beauty of the desert lies in the fact that temperatures change like a pendulum, so you need to be prepared for every degree.

Summery clothes for the desert during daytime (but no shorts!), including light cargo trousers or yoga pants (ladies, trust me) to allow for the best hiking comfort without getting completely burnt in the Jordanian sun.

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Trainers are an ideal choice but be warned, you’ll likely be spending most of your time barefoot.

Grab a sweater or two for the chilly desert evenings, and be prepared to go without a shower on the overnight trip – dry shampoo will be your best friend, girls.

About Ayesha Forbes

Ayesha is a restless 24-year old living in London with a love for photography and a never-ending bucket list! She was born and raised in India, and left home at 15 to live / study / work in Singapore, Boston, Jordan, and New York. You can find more of her travels on her blog Tales of Vagary or follow her on Instagram.

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