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Answering your questions about business, money, travel, relationships, and life in this week’s episode! I loved recording this episode and hope you guys enjoy.

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Good morning everyone! I actually just woke up.

Ragz made me a cup of coffee and I went immediately into recording because I was like, I am so excited to record this episode.

I popped up my question sticker in my stories yesterday, I got a bunch of questions, and I woke up and was like, I cannot wait to record this!

I’ve received a bunch of questions ranging from my personal life to my business, to life in general, travel, relationships.

I am going to answer them in no particular order. We’re gonna go through, I wouldn’t say all of them, but around 15 or so.

Let’s get started with our first ever Q&A!

How did Ragz Propose?

This first question was actually the most asked question. I shared bits and pieces on social media. You guys may have seen, he proposed in June on my 30th birthday in Innsbruck, Austria.

But it’s really funny because when I tell our friends the story of how he actually proposed, they were like, I was expecting something a lot more romantic and extravagant.

Basically our whole Europe trip, our whole Austria trip was planned very last minute.

He had no idea that we were gonna be there for my birthday, but he wanted to propose on my birthday and I had no idea.

I thought he was going to propose when we were in Mexico and I had like my nails done in Mexico thinking he was going to propose. I didn’t know when it was gonna happen.

So the day before my birthday, we got to Innsbruck and I told him, so tomorrow’s my birthday and the one thing I’m requesting is I would just like to have you plan out our day.

It would just be nice If, you could look up some places and we have this planned itinerary instead of, usually it’s like me being like, let’s go here, let’s go here, let’s go here.

He was like, okay. We wake up the morning of my birthday and he’s like, let’s go explore. And as we walk out he’s like, I actually need some new shoes. And I was like, okay, there’s a mall across the street, let’s go check out the mall.

So we go into the mall and he, he buys some new shoes and then after like, well I need some new socks. And he’s like, well there’s like a skate shop in the center of Innsbrook with like other small shops. Let’s go over there. And I was like, okay.

So we go to the go into town, we get him socks and then we walk by this really cute cafe and he’s like, let’s sit down and have a coffee and a strudel. And I was like, okay.

So we’re sitting there and we have a coffee and strudel and it’s really nice. And then after we finish everything he’s like, so what do you wanna do now? And I was like, are you kidding me?

Because I was like, we’re walking around with these bags of shopping that you did in the morning. It’s my birthday, we get a coffee and now like there’s no plan. So I started getting like really irritated and I was like, are you serious?

And he could tell I was getting like a little stressed. So then he starts like Googling and he’s like, oh there’s actually like a mountain close by. Let’s take a ride up to the top and see the view. And I was like, okay, phew. A plan.

But as soon as he said that, it started like pouring down with rain. So we ended up going home, then we went to a bar, he found a nice place for dinner and it was really nice.

We come home from dinner and I think it was like 11:00 PM and he goes, we were in the kitchen of our friend’s apartment and he was like, so I wanted to propose to you on your birthday, I’ve been walking around with this ring all day, but I just like it started raining and I wanted to do it at the top of the mountain.

But basically I wanted to propose on your birthday. So do you want me to do it now or would you prefer for me to propose this weekend in Switzerland when the scenery is prettier when we’re driving in like a prettier place? And I was like right now.

It’s not every day when someone asks you, would you want me to propose to you today or this weekend?

But it’s a really funny story and it’s really sweet and I think it’s just so characteristic of our personalities for him to ask and for me to be like right now. So yeah, that was our proposal story and then our friends helped us take photos afterwards!

Would You Ever Move Back To The US?

Yes, definitely!

The US is going to be where we’re gonna be having one of our bases. We are waiting for us to obviously get married and then also for Ragz to start applying for his green card.

Right now he can’t stay in the US for more than six months out of the year or 90 days out of every 180, so we’re going to apply for his green card.

And then I also want to start buying some investment properties in America.

Until our future kids are maybe like older, I don’t think we would ever live there full-time, but we’re definitely gonna have one of our bases there. 

Do You Pay Taxes In America?

Yes I do!

I am still a an American citizen and America is one of two countries in the whole world that taxes you based on citizenship and not residency. So even though I am physically not there for most of the year, I still have to file a tax return and pay taxes.

I do qualify for what’s known as the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, FEIE, where every year you get to deduct a certain amount of foreign earned income from your taxes.

I believe for this year it’s like $105,000 that I get to deduct from my taxes if I spend more than 330 days outside of the us.

I also have a company in Anguilla, so The Wanderlover also operates in Anguilla. I actually have everything registered there and my New York LLC is a pass through entity.

So yes, I still pay taxes, but there has been many optimizations of this whole structure being a digital nomad, living abroad with the help of many lawyers and accountants.

How Do I Make Money? 

How, do you make money? I am an online business owner and the Wanderlover brings in revenue through coaching masterminds, courses, eBooks, affiliate revenue, podcasting and collaborations.

I also have a jewelry line called ANDA, and very soon I hope to bring in more income through real estate.

What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do In Your Business? 

This really varies from time to time and what I’m experiencing in my life and the time of month and what I feel like doing at a certain given time.

But I would say my favorite thing to do in my business is create. I love the overall creativity factor. I love creating content, I love creating courses, creating, like right now we’re working on the Digital Nomad Society.

So I’m creating the outline, the modules, the landing pages, and I just love bringing an idea to life.

I also love teaching how to create because I feel like teaching creativity is so empowering and it brings so many more ideas into this world.

I think also the fact that creativity in itself, it takes a lot of determination and confidence in yourself to be like, I am going to do this. I’m not just gonna think of something to create, I’m going to actually create it.

I think it’s just such a beautiful thing and having been a content creator for so many years, really envisioning what, even like a photo, an Instagram post is gonna look like before you post it.

This is where I’m gonna stand, this is what I’m gonna film, this is how I’m gonna direct, I just really love bringing ideas to life, whatever that looks like.

So I would say that has been hands down the number one thing that really lights me up and fulfills me with this business.

How do you create a boundary with work life and personal life when you’re a business owner? 

As in switching off mentally and not worrying about the things you have to do.

This is still something I work with and sometimes struggle with and I’m constantly trying to improve myself.

But I think what’s helped the most, because I don’t have these pangs of guilt like I used to anymore, is realizing that nothing is a business emergency. So many of these worst case scenarios are always just made up in your head.

I think this comes with time and experience because thinking about what you have to do in your business, let’s say when you’re out with friends or with family, just thinking about it and stressing yourself out, it ruins the present moment and it takes away from that quality time that you’re meant to be invested somewhere else because you said yes to an event or some people.

And it doesn’t get anything done. Like thinking about what you have to do doesn’t actually do it. So if you’re already committed to a situation, fully commit to it.

You’re doing no one favors by thinking about what you have to do, not doing it, and then also taking away from the quality time that you get to spend with someone else.

Nowadays it really helps that there are no last minute plans.

So sometimes like yes, we’ll get, we’ll have dinner plans, but no one’s like, let’s take a five day trip next week. We don’t really have that anymore.

We’re going to Spain next month, we’re gonna spend five to seven weeks there. Then I have a flight to New York. So everything is more or less timed. I have things on my calendar that I know I need to be in front of the computer for and it’s accounted for.

So having your priorities straight, knowing how and when you’re going to finish your projects, but then also giving yourself grace when you don’t need to be in front of your laptop 24/7 in order to have a successful business.

But also knowing that if there was something really, really, really important that you needed to do, your business can probably accommodate and you can probably make it happen.

A lot of things like for example, before I thought I just always had to be on Instagram, and it wasn’t until I took two weeks off and then three weeks off and I’m like, I don’t need to be on Instagram.

Why did I spend so much time worrying about when to post, how to post what my business does fine without it, right? So really exploring the depths of your business, exploring one extreme to the other. How much can you handle? How much can your business handle? How much free time can you actually have?

There’s not a one size fits all strategy, but ultimately know that If, you need to set boundaries in one direction or the other. Just say no. Just prioritize your boundaries and stick to them. It’s simply a matter of saying yes to something or no to something else.

How’s wedding planning going? 

I am getting married in about a month and wedding planning is going great. I am so excited. My family and friends are visiting from New York. I have some friends visiting from Europe and it’s going to be at Ragz’ parents’ house in their garden.

We’re throwing up a garden marquee. I think I have all my vendors down. I’m just working on my bouquet and organizing transportation.

We’re doing this obviously really fast. I’m not working with a wedding planner, but Ragz mom has been so helpful. She loves planning events and hosting parties and it’s going to be really, really good.

Everything is going really well. I have my dress, I have hair and makeup, I have catering. We’re working on the alcohol numbers, so how many bottles of alcohol and I’m always like, it’s better to have an excess and abundance of food and drink than a short supply. So we’re probably gonna have many, many bottles.

What’s great is our wedding is super informal, so we’re not doing a lot of the traditional procedures. There’s no speeches, there’s no first look or first dance, and it’s gonna be the first time my parents are gonna be able to spend time with Ragz’ parents. So I just want everyone to meet each other. Chat, socialize, have a great time.

We’re doing traditions from both sides, so we’re having like an English afternoon tea. My parents are bringing Chinese lanterns decorations and also Chinese goodie bags. The dress code is British formal, so like royal Ascott. So some of our guests are gonna be in like British headpieces. It’s gonna be such a good time and I’m really excited. 

Favorite city you’ve lived in?

So I would say we’ve lived in quite a few places, but the only place I could see myself living long-term is O’ahu, Hawaii because it is such a great balance between island tropical getaway life and then also having first world amenities.

Of course, this comes from quite a tragic and traumatizing background as they’re part of America, but I think in the present state of things, for me it’s just amazing to be able to have all of the amenities I grew up with and not be too remote.

We’ve lived in some amazing, amazing remote islands for like months on end, but then there’ll be things like, my phone will die, or my laptop will break and there’s no Apple store in the country and I have to go fly to Singapore or something, right?

So things like that just being really conducive to the lifestyle, the surf, and then also the fast wifi and modern developments. I can see myself living on Oahu long term.

Do I want kids? 

Yes, I definitely definitely want kids! I want two, but we’ll see.

And yeah, I want kids maybe in the next few years I’ve been getting like insane baby fever the past few months. Like I used to never like babies or children, but now I think they are the cutest things.

I especially noticed this when I think on one of our flights recently there was a crying baby on the plane and I used to just hate crying babies. I would be like, oh my God, why are they here?

But now I’m like, oh, look at that crying baby. It’s so cute! So yeah, I definitely can see something within me has changed.

How did you know you wanted to be a digital nomad? 

Ooh, this is a great question.I studied abroad twice in college, once in Milan and I loved it so much. My next year, senior year fall, I studied abroad again in Hong Kong.

I just loved the freedom of being in a new place, not having any idea where to go meeting new people and it was just so exciting.

So after I graduated a semester early and then I went backpacking around Europe and South America and I also went to go volunteer in South America and I just had so much control over what I could do with my time.

I think once that was taken away from me, when I went to go work in Finance, I just knew deep in my heart because I had that experience of freedom, there was no way I was able to move forward with limited vacation days and living in one place.

So my intuition told me that this was not for me because I had already experienced freedom.

And I think the quote, “a mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions” that spoke to me so much. I knew that’s what I wanted, that’s what I had experienced and I became a digital nomad because that would enable the lifestyle I wanted to live.

Do you invest in real estate or stocks? If you do, how did you get started? 

So not yet in real estate, I definitely want to buy my first investment property very soon, but I am definitely not an expert. I do have an interview with Matt Bowles on this podcast and he is a real estate guru.

So if you wanna get started investing in real estate, I would definitely listen to that episode.

I do invest in stocks. I’ve had a brokerage account for many, many years. I first started with investing in ETFs or exchange traded funds and they track a certain exchange or a certain group of stocks, but not individual stocks.

I’m not an expert on individual stocks, although I do have some just in like major companies.

But I would say open up a brokerage account and then start with ETFs because they’re really hands off and you kind of just leave your money there.

I also have a retirement account, and at least in the US there are things that are called target date funds, so similar to ETFs, but depending on what year you are expected to quote unquote retire, they will change the riskiness of the portfolio based on your retirement year.

So I think my target date is 2060, and so they will probably invest in a lot riskier assets and stocks in like the first 30 years. And then towards the end they’ll invest more in safer things like bonds and stuff. So that’s also an option if you want to be hands off.

But yes, I studied finance in college, so I learned all of this. I opened up a brokerage account and then started investing. 

What’s an unexpected business challenge? 

I feel like I’ve reframed every time I run into a challenge in business, I reframe it as an opportunity, whether it’s an opportunity to grow, to learn, to implement something, but just to solve the challenge and make the business better, if that makes sense.

But I would say something that was unexpected that I’ve had to manage is thinking like an entrepreneur.

I came from a very corporate background. I came from a society where you kind of followed in this path of go to school, then get a job and you know, save until retirement.

So retraining my thinking and relearning what it means to grow a business and lead my business and to also honor my own path.

Because in entrepreneurship you truly cannot follow to a T what someone else is doing.

I have many inspirations and they inspire me on different levels for different things, but there’s not really one person I can count on who has the answer to all of my questions.

Because my life, my business is so different than anyone else’s in this world.

So not having that clarity at all times, having to build my own support system, find my own mentors, also build my business in a way that feels aligned and really stick to my path.

For example, right now, I could definitely hire and bring on more full-time employees, expand my team, but the question is, do I want to, do I want to have more employees or do I want to stay really lean with my contractors?

And these are questions that only I can answer, right? Because I could go either way.

I could find mentors that could help me in either way, but it’s like what? What do I truly want? And answers like that only come from within.

So I think the challenge in business, in building your own business is really staying true to who you are and what kind of business you want to build. And really listening to yourself and not letting anyone else sway your decisions.

I think that takes an immense amount of courage, but it’s again, such a blessing to be able to do so and not really a challenge.

How many people did you date before knowing Ragz was the one? 

A lot. I’ve been on many dates in my life and I actually think I was like one of the first users of Tinder.

I remember downloading it in college and someone from my school, he had screenshotted my profile and posted it on my Facebook page and was like, haha, you are on Tinder. And I was like, haha, that means you are too.

Nowadays everyone’s on it, right? It’s not like a haha thing. But back then not everyone was on it. And the fact that I had a Tinder profile, he like posted it on my Facebook wall.

So anyway, since then I’ve been on many dates, but I’ve only had one serious relationship before Ragz. And that was my ex-boyfriend who I lived with in New York.

After that I met Ragz like over a year later. So I dated a lot of people, but I didn’t really commit to anyone except one before Ragz. And then it was Ragz.

Interestingly enough, after I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, so I had dated so many people before him, broke up with my ex-boyfriend, only dated like maybe like three people before meeting Ragz.

And so that just taught me so much about selection because in New York there are so many people, so it’s not a matter of choice.

When you are finding a partner, it’s a matter of A) knowing that you are ready for a relationship and you want a relationship. And then B) also knowing yourself well enough to not say yes to everyone that comes your way.

Or maybe like your filter system before, wasn’t the actual filter system you needed to get you to the one.

And this actually leads into the last question I have for this Q and A, which has been so fun!

How did you know Ragz was the one? 

The one, and I’ve said this in this podcast before, but before meeting Ragz, I had went to my friend’s life design lab.

She is an amazing life coach, and we had actually written down every single characteristic we wanted our future partner to have. And that was my new filter system that guided me in the dating process. And I stayed true to that.

I knew that I was not willing to negotiate on any of these. I really sat with myself, thought about it, and previously some things that I thought were non-negotiables, I actually was like, you know, why are they non-negotiables?

I can actually negotiate with that because I feel like these were given to me by society, right? So I had a new filter system, and then when Ragz came my way, I really didn’t think much of it.

But then life started throwing these events at me that really tested our relationship. And after he had gone back to England and I was still living in Bali, I had my phone stolen and he was just like the most caring person who went above and beyond in making sure that I was safe.

He really showed that he cared about me. A few months into the relationship I had, I was about to miss my connecting flight from London to Cornwall and he drove, he like took off work, drove six hours to pick me up from London and then drove back the same day and I was like, this is crazy.

Like, I don’t know, things that just showed, he went above and beyond and he ticked off all the other boxes.

After spending time with him, I just knew he was someone really, really special. And the universe had put him in my life for a reason. I didn’t take that lightly. I wasn’t at a place where I took relationships lightly anymore.

I knew that if they were deserving of my time, I would commit wholly a hundred percent. There were no games. So a lot about me has changed as well to bring him into my life. So once everything clicked, I knew that he was the one and we are getting married next month.

So those are all of the questions I have time for today. It’s been half an hour and it has been so fun. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I will probably do more in the future because there were some questions I didn’t get around to. I love you guys. Have a fantastic week.

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My mission is to help you design a location-independent lifestyle through online entrepreneurship, to achieve time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom.

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