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Hello from Rote, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia! We are celebrating the rainbow after a few weeks of rain, including 10K podcast episode downloads (THANK YOU, LOVE YOU)! Tune in to hear the not-so-glamorous events that has led to the creation of beautiful new events happening at The Wanderlover HQ and sign up for our first monthly masterclass below! X

This week I reflect about how to thrive through the ups and downs (1:15) the launch of my new masterclass (3:50) and how its going to help you go from not knowing what business to start, to having a plan for the rest of 2021!

Audio Transcript

The Wanderlover podcast was created with a mission to enable travel and freedom through entrepreneurship. I’m your host, Danielle Hu business mentor, content creator, and founder of The Wanderlover. Tune in every week for episodes about travel online business, social media, and mindset that will inspire you to take massive action towards living the life of your dreams.

Hello, my loves from Rote, East Nusa, Tenggara, Indonesia. I am literally recording those outside of our resort, right by the water.I’m watching sunset on this really beautiful cliff. You can probably hear the waves breaking in the back. It’s unbelievably beautiful. And so remote. So empty. So calm, so peaceful. So this episode is going to be a life update. A lot has happened since I last recorded an episode by myself and that is life. And that’s what I love so much about life surrendering to the unpredictability, to the ups and the downs and thriving in the ups and downs.

Danielle(1m 28s):
Like not expecting everything to be rainbows and so easy all the time because that’s unrealistic and it’s not going to happen. But if you can accept the fact that with life comes unpredictability, and that is the beauty of it, it will reward you in ways you can’t even imagine. So just a few weeks ago, I could not have imagined that we would be spending one whole month in drought day. We played around with the idea, but it’s so remote that I didn’t think we would be able to work online from here. And so it was always an option.

Danielle(2m 8s):
I talked about it, but deep down to be honest, I was hesitant and I was worried. Shout out to those of you who remember our Porto Escondido Wi-Fi internet issues that cause so much stress. And the last thing I wanted was to repeat that whole experience again, but we are here and everything just worked out so perfectly. It’s so refreshing to get changes of scenes once in a while. And that is the whole ethos of the wander lover to really go to those places that are calling you and just absorb how magical life is. It’s so cliche, but I wish you guys could see through my eyes right now, my little outdoor recording studio, which is just in the middle of nature at Avita.

Danielle(2m 56s):
So many plants, so many sunsets, many shells on the beach. I love walking down our beautiful, empty white sand beach and seeing all the different shells and water creatures. We saw a giant blue starfish. The first day we got here and I was just like, wow, the abundance around us and what this abundance and really internalizing this abundance is where creativity blossoms. So it’s only been a few days here, but I already have so, so many ideas for where to take the wander lover in the future. We’ve created so much content for Ananda and it’s all just so effortless.

Danielle(3m 39s):
That is what I want to radiate in this episode, that if you allow yourself to just go with the ebbs and flows of life, everything will come to you. Trust that you will have the answers in due time. One of my most recent downloads that I’m so excited to share with you guys is I want to start hosting masterclasses. Our first one will be the first week of October, and it’s going to be a start your online business masterclass. The details will be in the episode description, but I’m planning on hosting one a month. They’re going to be very intentional. They’re going to have a distinct transformation before and after.

Danielle(4m 23s):
This is a super common question. I get all the time and my DMS and my emails of not knowing how to get started and where to get started. So in this masterclass, I really want to go through everything I go through with my private clients, with my momentum mastermind clients. It’s so effective when you actually are vulnerable and express to others, what it is that you want out of life, what do you want to build a business around and then having the roadmap to execute? So I’m going to dish out the details on Instagram, but if you want to sign up, I’m going to add the link in this description, really excited to start hosting these and getting to know more and more of you live.

Danielle(5m 6s):
So if you want to join me on my first one, click the link in the episode description, and I will see you on it very soon. I also want to celebrate with you guys. We have officially reached 10,000 downloads of The Wanderlover Podcast. As of today, we are at 10,348. This came with pure consistency every single week without fail for the past year. It’ll be our one-year anniversary next week, every single week, every Monday released a new episode connected with so many of you getting messages from all over the world about how I inspired you to quit your job and travel, to start your online business land.

Danielle(5m 52s):
Your first collaboration gave you the resources and the confidence to hit your first five figure month and your highest income month yet. And honestly like, this is the reason I keep going before I record every episode I hold in my heart. And in my mind that there will be people who need to hear the message for the week. Granted, sometimes it’s difficult and it’s a learning curve in itself. But my best advice for you, if you are a content creator or a coach, a stay consistent, the B document document, your OBS, document your downs, and know that there are people who are listening get started.

Danielle(6m 35s):
And once you do keep going, be consistent and to not stop. If you guys have any episode requests, my DMS are always open. And if you’re enjoying this episode so far, please take a screenshot, take a screenshot right now, share it to your stories. And I will repost every single one of them. So here’s to 10,000 more downloads. I’m going to do another recap when that happens. So a lot to celebrate and I’m on cloud nine right now, but this is the part of the episode where I want to peel back the layers of what got me here, what my past few weeks looked like in retrospect, how truly there just can’t be a rainbow without any rain.

Danielle(7m 23s):
So, two Saturdays ago, two weeks before our rotate flight, we went to a dinner and contracted COVID from one of the guests at our dinner. Our dinner was on a Saturday and we hung out with some friends on Sunday and on Monday, rags started getting a headache and we thought nothing really of it. I thought he was just dehydrated. And he just wasn’t feeling well and told him to rest. The next day, he started developing a cough and just seemed to have flu like symptoms. And I was a little concerned, but not really because he really got sick.

Danielle(8m 5s):
And I knew that he had a really strong immune system and he would probably get better. Wednesday morning, we wake up and I started having a cough and I had flu like symptoms. So a slight headache and just wasn’t feeling well. And at that point I was like, fuck, this is contagious. We should go get tested. And so we did a rapid antigen tests and results came back positive. So that kind of sent me into this spiral of holy shit. How did this happen? We were both vaccinated. We played it so safe for so long. I had both of our Pfizer shots done and dusted back in may.

Danielle(8m 47s):
And here we are, we still contracted it. And the rest of Bali, like isn’t vaccinated caught myself in that whirlwind of thoughts and try to do something productive with it, get rest, calm. My thoughts, meditate, do things for me and not get so caught up in my thoughts. I wanted to expedite the recovery process so that we could make it on our flights to rotate. So the next few days we just stayed at home. Thank God, afford contact lists, delivery services. And for our giant home in Bali, that we could just roam around. We canceled all of our plans and we just wanted to get better.

Danielle(9m 28s):
The next few days were kind of rough and it was through that experience. Sometimes you just take your health for granted and it’s until you get really sick. And then you’re like, holy shit. I was so lucky to be healthy. And when I was in that mindset, I just started being super appreciative of everything that I had around me, even when I had these really nasty, horrible, annoying coughs, where you just go into a coughing fit for like five minutes on end. I still went through with every single one of my coaching calls. I just kept saying to myself, there is only help. We are going to get healthy. We are going to get healthy faster than anyone else. And we are strong.

Danielle(10m 9s):
I wasn’t going to sulk in my sickness. And instead I was going to wrap my mindset around the fact that I was going to be healthy stop after a few days of coughs and headaches and sore throats and a stuffy nose, we started losing our sense of taste. And it was really funny because the first day that we got COVID, I had a feeling this would happen. So we ordered a lobster and steak dinner, and I was celebrating, celebrating that we still had our sense of smell and taste, and it was probably going to go away soon. So we had a really nice meal. And once we started losing our senses, that’s when it got kind of annoying and worrisome.

Danielle(10m 50s):
And we didn’t know if we were going to test negative, but we decided after one week after one week from the Wednesday, when we test the positive, we were going to get tested again, because our flights were only a few days later. So a lot of panic, a lot of rescheduling, different events and not having everything go according to plan, that was the biggest shift. And you know, when those moments where you just really feel like your life should look a certain way, you should have your health. You should have everything in front of you. And it’s just not going that way. There’s so much tension. There’s so much internal dialogue and resistance and just negative energy.

Danielle(11m 35s):
The best thing you can do is to surrender and let go of it all, zoom out and realize that you will make it through this. If you’re having a shitty day, if something in your life’s not going right, know that it will pass the misery. And the sadness comes from trying to control everything and comparing your current reality to what you think it should look like in your head, which is just your imagination, right? It’s not in existence. So look at your life right now. Even if you’re sick, even if you’re not a hundred percent, even if things aren’t going the way you think they should be going soon out and know that it is all a part of the journey.

Danielle(12m 23s):
And I say this, because now I am in Rote, we tested negative. We were able to reschedule our trip down to OU lot too. For the next weekend, before we left, met up with all of our friends, got to hang out with all of them. Before we left on our one month trip, rags got to surf. That was another thing I felt really guilty for because he originally didn’t want to go to the dinner and I really wanted to go. So he came with me. He wanted a rest so that he could surf that weekend and we ended up getting COVID. And so there was this underlying guilt that I felt throughout the whole thing, but it all worked out in the end. We tested negative.

Danielle(13m 4s):
We got healthy, thanks to a rock, solid mindset, prioritizing health over all else. And just knowing that what you direct your attention to results will show. And even within the past week, so many minor little hiccups are now just insignificant. I didn’t have a board bag made before our trip. I couldn’t rent a surfboard on roti island. I didn’t know if the internet would work so many things I try to control. And I try to know all of those moments. All of those highs and lows have led me to where I am today. And I’m open and honest about it.

Danielle(13m 45s):
I know going forward, there’s probably going to be lows, right? I’m on such a high right now. And you can only have one extreme if you have the other, the law of polarity. So celebrate every single one of the wins and have your support system ready for when you go through the lows. Okay, guys, just a reminder that I have wipers masterclass in a few weeks time, I’ll announce the date on my Instagram, but I would love to see their, get to know you guys and just share a really intimate live experience. Helping you build this online business that will transform your life.

Danielle(14m 27s):
The sun is setting right now, and I just can’t believe this is my life. Only four years ago, I was sitting in a cubicle wishing this was my life. So I’m a Testament that if I can do it, you can too. So many of our listeners have taken the risk and seen massive success. So if this is something that’s really calling you in, sign up for first masterclass in the episode description, I hope you enjoyed this life update. I’ll be posting so much about what they, it’s an absolute paradise island. And it’s just so special that we’re able to be here for a month. This is ragz, his favorite island to surf.

Danielle(15m 8s):
He came here two years ago and will be celebrating his 30th birthday here. So it will all work out in due time and know that this journey wasn’t smooth sailing. There’s always going to be hiccups, but it will be so worth it in the end. All right, guys, have an amazing week and I will see you in the next episode. So much love for you all.


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