Journaling + Doing the Inner Work w/ Life Coach Arny DeKorvy

Do you ever feel like there’s something more for you in your life? Like there is a higher level of alignment? In our interview this week with Bali-based life coach Arny DeKorvy, we talk about setting intentions for your life and doing the inner work in order to reach your next level of fulfillment and purpose. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world!

This week I chat with life coach Arny DeKorvy about building mindful practices (4:15), strengthening your mindset to give yourself permission to do what you want, when you want and where you want (12:41) and the all encompassing power of building a life of intention (15:22).

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Audio Transcript

Intro (5s):
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Intro (52s):
Thank you guys so, so much.

Danielle (55s):
Hi guys. Welcome back to The Wanderlover Podcast. This week, we have special guest, Arnie DeKorvy, a Bali based life coach and lifestyle photographer from the Netherlands. He has the gift of reading people’s energies and helping people get clear on what exactly their purpose is on this earth. Welcome to the show. Arnie.

Arny (1m 15s):
Thank you so much.

Danielle (1m 18s):
We’re so happy to have you here. So to start, do you think you can give our listeners a bit of background? What got you to where you are today?

Arny (1m 28s):
Wow. Okay. Well, if I really think deep, it brings it back to a long time ago. I have grown up in many different countries where I was able to integrate different cultures into my lifestyle and learn from the different cultures. But primarily I’ve always had this inner feeling of wanting to share compassion, really going down different paths of different types of jobs, different lifestyles to then arrive into body, to really acknowledge and accept the concept of, of being a coach. So, yeah, that, that, that definitely led me from when I was a little kid from five years old up until now, I’m starting to realize that it just builds up to this moment,

Danielle (2m 19s):
Any use of work in London with really high figure individuals and you needed to go through paths that weren’t aligned in order to get you to now. Right. And so I’m curious to know, how do you distinguish between what feels good to you and what feels unaligned?

Arny (2m 39s):
So even with all the different jobs I’ve done in the past, as for example, the elite events in London, I would never say it was unaligned. I feel like it was needed in order for me to get to where I, where I am, however, this inner feeling of really feeling there’s, there’s more, there’s more to it. Maybe that would be the best description of that on alignments. And then when you acknowledge that and really start to, to embrace that feeling and take time to figure out what that means for you, then you really start to pinpoint the aligned, so to speak, aligned situation where then that all those feelings and emotions, they all come together in this one place of, I guess, contentment to a certain extent where it just all feels natural.

Arny (3m 41s):
It all feels right. Feels good. And of course there’s off days. Everyone has off days, but the, the, the true intention is there. It just feels very aligned then.

Danielle (3m 53s):
So if someone were to come to you and they feel lost, what are the different steps that they can try maybe to someone listening right now, and they’re feeling lost, they’re looking at you being like, oh my gosh, you found it. You know what your true purpose is? What would be some advice you would give to that individual?

Arny (4m 15s):
One of the first things I would give as advice is to really take some to slow time down, to really take some time for your own thoughts and embrace them as well. There are different techniques on how to achieve this. Some of the more popular ones are of course, journaling, meditation, yoga. These were all terms. I was not very fond of myself up until about a year ago. Other methods for me were more outdoor activities, really getting in touch with the nature because in the end, your own nature is, is your most powerful tool.

Arny (4m 59s):
So first step would be to really slow things down and embrace your thoughts, embrace your emotions, write them down, record them, whatever works for you, but listen to yourself and be honest with yourself. So don’t expect anything. Don’t expect it or say things with the intention of other people, hearing it, trust me in the end, once you’ve embraced it and acknowledged it, you will want to share it with everyone. But in the beginning, that feels very awkward and weird. Taking that time for yourself, really listening to your body.

Arny (5m 40s):
And from there, the next step will, will come forward. And again, there are tools that you can find that you can use. Those tools definitely helped me out. Journaling was one of them, which definitely helped me out. Cause once you start to write things down, it’s fixed, it’s there it’s and you’re having a conversation with yourself, which is beautiful.

Danielle (6m 3s):
Yeah. And I do understand some of these terms, you know, journaling, meditation, they’ve almost been home like buzzwords, and I’m so sorry, guys, if you can hear thunder in the background, it’s, torrentially down pouring, but we’re going to move forward. Regardless these terms, that sound like buzzwords. There is so much power behind them if done correctly. And if you firmly believe that they will work for you. And so if you go in and take inspired action, knowing that you can channel the uncreated into reality, knowing that there is so much power in what you have to say, what you have to write, that’s how you actually make the changes necessary in your life.

Arny (6m 46s):
Yeah. I, I couldn’t agree with you more. And, and I think one very good word to include here is, is the word intention. It’s become one of my favorite words. Since I’ve come here to Bali, you can try all of these different tools, but if you don’t have that intention, it’s not going to do much for you. So hence the reason of first stepping inside, really taking the time, creating an intention and with that word, would that meaning with that feeling? It doesn’t matter what tool you decide to use as long as that intention is there. And that alone will already start to clear your mind.

Arny (7m 27s):
And from a clear mind, you can then move forward into the next phase of figuring out what, what is making you feeling lost, or it can help with, with acknowledging simple tasks and making things a lot lighter.

Danielle (7m 42s):
Yeah. Yeah. I love that. So after you take all of these journaling prompts and you really have that conversation with yourself, I’m wondering maybe from your personal experience, how do you know, how do you trust yourself in order to make a decision and not just get stuck in this eternal journaling meditation, you know, hamster wheel of not actually doing anything,

Arny (8m 8s):
Right. That’s a good question. So it is very easy to get lost in just staying internal as much as it’s very important to, to start with that. It’s also very good to practice exercises. So again, there are some, some ways which is through yoga and meditation, but also just simple tasks. Like if you, if you want to improve on a certain business or, or a friendship or a relationship, there are so many different methods on how you can improve that for yourself. Again, I’m going to reiterate the word intention in this one, and I’ll probably do that throughout this interview, to be honest, but just make tasks and, and don’t make it some big complicated stories start with day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute tasks.

Arny (9m 5s):
So that then you create this feeling of accomplishment and therefore also it gets you excited for the next phase and the next step. And me that feeling of accomplishment feels great, but, but even more so that feeling of knowing you’ll you’ll feel it. So you’ll feel it when it, when it happens and you’ll feel this, this energized self of wanting to really move forward on that.

Danielle (9m 35s):
Yeah. And I think that’s the pinnacle of connecting your mind and your body and your spirit where you actually feel excited. It’s like the physical feeling that you just know something good is going to happen. You’re excited to take the action. And it all comes from focusing on within first.

Arny (9m 53s):
Yeah, absolutely. How does

Danielle (9m 55s):
That feel for you? What are you currently working on where you’re just like, oh, I can’t wait to get started.

Arny (10m 2s):
Wow. What am I not working on? So as a manifesting, as a manifesting generator, I am someone that likes to work on a lot of different projects. That is something I really had to accept as well for myself, because I always felt no, I should focus on one thing and get really good at just this one thing. And that never works for me ever. I tried for many years, it just doesn’t work for me. And ever since I’ve acknowledged that no way you don’t have to be good at just one thing, you do multiple things that really enlightened me a lots. And so at the moment I’m working on my photography, also my coaching of course.

Arny (10m 44s):
And when I say on my coaching, I’m here in body, it’s very spiritual over here. And I’m really learning a lot about different, different subjects and different exercises, such as astrology, such as the moon cycles, such as human design. I’m learning a lot about the, the four D and five D dimensions yes. And past life regressions. So this is all leaning towards quantum physics, which is something I’m, I’ve become very interested in. And at the same time, I I’m very much a practical farmer boys.

Arny (11m 27s):
So I also like to get my hands dirty. So I’m working on a permaculture farm here. So just many different things that all relate in some form, but also not sometimes it’s good to let go and not think at all.

Danielle (11m 43s):
Yeah. And I think every person can be multi hyphenated, right. As she says in momentum. So we give ourselves permission to explore everything that us up. And at the end of the day, you have a business that is your brand. So it all makes sense because it’s all under Arnie DeKorvy. And so we never have to limit ourselves. Right. And I feel like that’s a stigma in America and in the world from corporate, you have to stick with something for the rest of your life and not just placing so much pressure on yourself and that’s not necessary at all. And when we come back to this place where we’re able to explore and just play with whatever lights us up, then you can start connecting all the dots.

Danielle (12m 28s):
You are creating this business that is just so aligned and integrating everything that you learned about spirituality, 45 Z dimensions that all comes into play. And I love watching that play out in your life.

Arny (12m 41s):
Thank you. And I, I just, I want to add as well, because obviously I’m, I’m in Bali at the moment. So maybe a lot of the listeners will think, okay, well I need to go to the body to experience this. But once the reason body helped me is because I create a time for myself. So that that creating time allowed me to tap into these different interests that I have. But you can create that anywhere where you live again with the right intention, you, you can really already start from your living room where you’re at. So you don’t have to be in Indonesia or in some other tropical place.

Arny (13m 23s):
You can do it right there from, from your own living room.

Danielle (13m 26s):
Yeah. Yeah. For sure. It’s just setting aside that space for you to visit those intentions with 110% of your energy. Right. And I noticed that when like I’m traveling, sometimes it’ll be just a normal room, but because it’s in a new environment, I’m like, oh my gosh, you know, it’s this new room. And then I go back home and I’m like, you know what? I can recreate that energy. I can recreate that wonder, right. Where I am, because I come from the mind and you always have control over what you think. So that is something amazing. I love that you highlighted that. And I think it’s the first time it’s been said on this podcast, you can start creating magic exactly where you are right now.

Arny (14m 11s):
Absolutely. And if you really feel struggle that you can do it in your own home, actually, I like what you just said with, when you move to one place to another, I’ve actually done it once myself within the Netherlands. That’s I just booked a very cheap, hostel room, but it was for myself and then just went there and just started working over there. So you can, you can create something as simple as that as well.

Danielle (14m 36s):
Yeah. And knowing, knowing what works for you. So you knew that like, you know, that little getaway that would spark inspiration and that would get you going. So whatever it is, right. Learn, learn, and take notes and be like, huh. I was feeling really inspired when I did that. Let me do it again. Right. Or let me find another way to get that inspiration right. Where I am. But ultimately it’s all about taking the actions with the intention. And I love that. You also said that word because intention is the secret right. Secrets to living out the next chapter and living out in your full potential.

Arny (15m 14s):
It’s a magical word is a magical, magical word.

Danielle (15m 18s):
How did it come into your life?

Arny (15m 22s):
So I, in the last couple of years, when I was still living in the Netherlands or in London before that’s having that feeling of always feeling like there’s more, or I have a higher purpose, somehow it, it didn’t put me into a depression or anything like that. But it put me into a bit of a gray space where I didn’t really know where to go. And I felt lost and I felt confused. Everything felt a bit heavy and tired and nature definitely helped me out with this. So going out into nature and that form of intention came to me one time from walking in the Netherlands, just through the forest and just realizing, well, hold on, it’s my decision.

Arny (16m 15s):
What I do with myself. It’s not someone else’s decision. If I start living for my parents or for my friends or for my business, sorry, the company that I was working for, then I’m limiting myself. So then from that point onward, I thought, okay, well, no, if I intend or may create an intention where I can start making my own decisions for me, as hard as it is, it’s, it’s, it’s plausible. And that’s when it started to grow. And it still took me a little while. I’m not gonna lie. It still took me a good two years after that to really try and figure out what do I need for myself.

Arny (16m 58s):
Also having seen a coach myself in that regard to, to help me through it. And then it just got to the point where every day felt like a new day, every day felt like a new starts, as long as you started with a good intention and it doesn’t have to be in the direction of a business. It can also just be of today. I’m going to be happy today. I’m going to show love to everyone that walks past me. Yes. They might think I’m weird by smiling to them all the time, but that’s okay.

Danielle (17m 31s):
That is my intention. And I’m going to act on it.

Arny (17m 35s):
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And once you start to practice it with, with small, simple steps, such as today, I’m going to say hello to 10 strangers, then it becomes easier and it becomes more of a reality. And it becomes this again, this magical word where you feel like, okay, well, hold on. If I can do that with just the simple things, I wonder what else I could create intention for. And then it’s, it’s, it’s endless it. Create it for anything you want.

Danielle (18m 10s):
You have any journal prompts or guides for people who are setting intentions for the first time. Do you focus on the feeling or do you focus on the action?

Arny (18m 21s):
So the way I started, and I don’t know if it’s the correct way, but then again, there is no correct way. I just started to write down what happened during the day. Mainly main, well known the good and the bad. I think it’s important to acknowledge the, I don’t like the term negative, cause I don’t believe in positive and negative energies or emotions, but also the, the, the things that made you feel a bit down, write them down, acknowledge them, accept them, and then forgive it as well by the end. And especially to forgive yourself for allowing it to take place, because that really allows you to open up to anything that takes place.

Arny (19m 10s):
So for me, I just started to write anything that happened to me. Then I combined it with meditation, which allowed me to start almost every page or day or whichever moments with who am I grateful for? What am I grateful towards myself for? And what intention do I want to create for the day? I think those are very three powerful and good ones to start your journaling off with and let it come naturally. Don’t force it. If it doesn’t work on that day, leave it. It’s, it’s, it’s your own schedule.

Arny (19m 50s):
It’s your time. So you’re not doing it for anyone else. And that, that was something I had to learn. Cause I was like, oh no, I have to write today. You know? And now sometimes I write every day and sometimes I don’t write for one and a half weeks. It really depends on how you feel. So just start with writing, just start with writing about anything that makes you feel good or makes you feel bad. And what also helps is to read it back again at the end of the week, I don’t practice this enough actually, but it it’s very, very, very good to read back what you wrote at the end of the week.

Arny (20m 32s):
And then you can close things off or if you want to take it with you to the next week or next month and create an intention for it as well.

Danielle (20m 40s):
Yeah. I really need to do that. I never looked back on past journal entries, but sometimes what I do and I’m like, wait, I already had thought, when you’re reading it over, you can see how it all comes together. And I really like what you said about giving yourself space to journal as much, or as little as you want. Right? There’s no set rule and it’s all trusting that you’re doing what’s best for you. So if you feel like today’s journaling session is going to be really powerful and transformational to it. But if you feel like you want to take the day off, that’s also fine and it’s not needing to follow the structure. And I think that’s something I also had to learn because you feel like you need to be following what someone else is doing, or you need to be following a specific rule in order to have a successful journaling session.

Danielle (21m 30s):
Right. And it’s not like that at all. It’s trusting that you can channel what is necessary and just write down what comes to you from your heart.

Arny (21m 40s):
Yeah. Yeah. And sometimes the pen just starts the write on its own when you really, truly right from the heart. So then then you end up writing 10 pages, then you’re still not done, but you’re like, oh no, I got to leave from a meeting or, or whatever.

Danielle (21m 58s):
Just read a novel.

Arny (22m 2s):
Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s a fun journey. It’s interesting to see how that progresses. And I’m also, again, your intention slowly starts to change as well. For me, I’m doing a little bit less storytelling, journaling, journaling. I’m focusing more on. Okay. Well what, what specifically do I want to focus on that? So that, that allows my mind to just work a little bit differently with the concept of journaling, but it’s a, it’s a practice I’m doing right now. So that’s, that’s the fun thing about journaling as well as you can try different methods of what feels good for that time, that moment as well.

Danielle (22m 41s):
Yeah. I think I started journaling with just documenting my day. I always had a journal since I was like a little girl, but now it’s calling in the future. Right. And it’s more future oriented. So the style is always going to change and you never, you know, you never know what you’re going to write, but just getting into the habit, the habit is the most important thing. And knowing that it’s a tool available to you so that when you’re being called to write a certain way, it’s a journal about a certain thing, you know exactly how to do it.

Arny (23m 13s):
Yeah. Yeah. And the beautiful thing, as well as me being someone who hasn’t journaled my entire life and always, I wouldn’t say I had the conversations in my head, but I was always very aware and conscious of my emotions and feelings. And I was able to give it a place, quite a good place in my mind. So there might be a lot of listeners out there thinking, okay, well, that’s how I process things, which I completely understand because I’ve done that my entire life. I can however that by writing it down again, it’s like having a conversation with yourself and you acknowledge the different emotions and thoughts a lot more effectively than by doing it in your head.

Arny (23m 60s):
And the beautiful thing is you can also just write one word again, is your journal is your, your life, your writing down. So if you know what that word means and what it stands for it, one word can be a whole story. So it can be as easy as you want it to be. Yeah.

Danielle (24m 18s):
How would you say journaling has impacted you in Bali and even your transition right now into embodying this next level? Coach

Arny (24m 28s):
It’s it’s helped me tremendously from going through a breakup, through experiencing the different emotions that I was feeling through that breakup to setting up my business and creating intentions for that journaling has really helped me to acknowledge what my emotions meant for me. So also it helped me not to fall back into patterns that I’ve already lived in my past before that didn’t work for me, which I think, or I feel that if I did not journal, there could have been a strong chance that I would have gone back in that pattern because it’s your comfort zone.

Arny (25m 10s):
And your journal is a bit like your best friend who is keeping you on points and saying, whoa, hold on dudes. You know, you’ve recognize this, this happened before and before that. And before that, so now it’s time to try something different. And again, by writing it down, at least for me, it’s it allowed my focus to be just that little bit higher on what my next steps are going to be. And also to really create that feeling of again, tomorrow is a new day. I can start something completely fresh if I want to.

Arny (25m 51s):
So from, from when I started, I started it here and body again, from going from a breakup to now setting up two different businesses for the coaching and the photography to all these different interests that I’m going through. It’s it’s helped me tremendously. Absolutely.

Danielle (26m 13s):
Yeah. I can see that too. I remember just just a few months ago you were overwhelmed by how many interests you had. Right. And I think that’s also what gave you so much clarity because you journaled about it and then you were like, wait, I can see that as something that’s limiting because I have so many, so many interests or I can use that to my power, to my advantage that, wow, I have so many interests and you’re looking at the same situation in a different light.

Arny (26m 42s):
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And, and, and for me, I’ve also really learned a lot about manifestations, which I also use my journal for. And that’s also what got me interested in these different topics such as the moon cycles, because yeah, the cycles are good moments to, to do your manifestations. Then through manifesting, you learn a lot about intention and how to set intention. So it, it all combines very well together. And especially if you are lost and wanting to make a big change, this is quite a simple money friendly way of, of starting as well.

Danielle (27m 25s):
Yeah. And for those people who want to take the next step, they’ve done it. They’re like I am ready to change. How do you serve them?

Arny (27m 34s):
So every individual is different. I like to try and figure out where does this feeling stem from? Because in the end it stems, it always stems from somewhere. And every feeling that you have, whether it’s overwhelmness or sadness, or just the feeling of being lost, it’s, it’s all very much in, in the mind. And the beautiful thing is that your mind works very beautifully together with your hearts. And you’re able to really open your heart up, to take the next step on, on making that change and, and changing the perspective on your mindset.

Arny (28m 19s):
So what I do is I start off with very open and honest about who you are, what’s your story? What do you feel is needed? And my, my biggest goal is to show you, guide you or help you in finding your own inner truth and realizing that your inner truth is the most beautiful thing ever once you understand and, and, and accept and acknowledge your inner truth, nothing else matters anymore. Nothing else matters anymore. Whether it’s, whether it’s an argument, whether it’s a happiness as well, it doesn’t matter what the emotion is.

Arny (29m 3s):
Once you understand your inner self and your inner truth, you are able to make any change or decision that you want.

Danielle (29m 11s):
Yeah. And that takes a lot of trust in yourself, but it also takes guidance. Right. And talking it over with someone and having them maybe giving you permission, even because a lot of times we are the only ones holding ourselves back. So when we hear it from a coach or from someone we trust, then it’s like, okay, I can do it. Right. I have the permission. And that is exactly what I need at this moment.

Arny (29m 38s):
Absolutely. And that permission is a good word. It’s, it’s a, a word, I think a lot of people not necessarily use wrongly, but it, it, it interferes and blocks them. And the thing is, everyone has permission for, for anything. Yeah. You have well within limits, of course, you know, if we’re going to have to start talking about breaking laws and everything, but no within, within yourself, everyone has permission to make any change that they once. And as soon as you start to understand what that means for you and what that truth is for you, it’s, it can be a hard path sometimes because it gets you into your uncomfort zone.

Arny (30m 32s):
But the only way you can grow your own consciousness is by expanding your comfort zone. And by expanding your comfort zone, you have to unfortunately, but fortunately step into your uncomfort zone. And that’s, that’s what I do. I tap into the uncomfort zone of, of individuals, but in a safe space with zero judgments. And in the end, every individual has their own answers. It’s there, it’s just about tapping those blockages and, and opening up those doors.

Danielle (31m 5s):
Yeah. And I love how you integrate what you’re passionate about into your teachings as well. So you can see outside the frame, right? You’re learning about human design, spirituality, 45 D like past life regression and all of these new learnings, you can analyze a situation, a person’s situation with new eyes, with a perspective that they are so unfamiliar with. And I think that is the beauty of working with someone like you.

Arny (31m 35s):
Thank you. Yeah, no, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a blessing. It is a blessing it’s. And just to see how individuals open up and really start to feel that moment of like, oh, it’s, it’s, it’s almost this overwhelming of, of positivity and, and high energies of whoa, that’s it. And I don’t do anything. I don’t do anything in the end. The individual does it all themselves, but obviously I’m there just to help with, with just showing which path works best for, for that particular individual.

Danielle (32m 15s):
Yeah. Getting like a bird’s eye view. Right. Instead of being so into the day-to-day decisions and then being able to zoom out and offer this refreshing new future looking perspective.

Arny (32m 28s):
Yeah. Yeah.

Danielle (32m 29s):
Why did you decide on life coaching? When was the moment when you were like, this is what I was meant to do.

Arny (32m 37s):
Okay. So it’s always been in me for as long as I can remember when I was younger, I was thinking whether I wanted to study psychology or acting, I didn’t do any of those two. I ended up doing event management, but I’ve always had this personality where people would come to me or I probably went up to them and they would open up to me. And I would just have these conversations about anything really. I now understand, cause I had a car accident when I was five years old, which was my fault.

Arny (33m 21s):
It was not the woman’s fault who was driving. And I understand now, since I’ve been here in body, that’s how much that has actually influenced me throughout my life in also regards to showing compassion to others and having gone through that throughout my entire life and every single job I’ve ever had as a project manager as well. The one thing I always did was hear people’s stories, listen to their stories. That was not my job. My job was I had to, you know, get that event set up or my previous one was working with homeless people and finding homes for them. But also my colleagues I’d always try and hear those stories and uplift the energy a little bit.

Arny (34m 7s):
So it’s always been there. It’s always been there. And then when I came here to Indonesia, I already, before coming to Indonesia may have been intentioned that this was going to be the time of the big change, what that change was going to be. I had no idea. I wanted to work for different NGO organizations here and body. I was very focused on climate change and healing the planets, but I had a moments of a slight epiphany where I realized that the only way that you can truly heal the planets or save anything is by starting within you can’t expect people or individuals or animals or anything to, to serve anything.

Arny (34m 60s):
If they’re not true, if they haven’t found their own inner truth. So that slowly guided me towards the direction of coaching and really, truly wanting to help guide individuals to finding what their own inner truth is. Because once you find that it doesn’t matter which direction you go, it’s it’s, it’s all. Okay. It’s all good.

Danielle (35m 25s):
Yeah. It’s like you can’t pour from an empty cup. Right. And so it’s just so magnificent how you’ve been able to truly fill up your own cup. And now it’s just overflowing with so much to give so much to offer. And that’s the energy that I hope you guys can feel it over, just this audio, but you radiate this energy. That’s just so calming. So healing and so wise, and it’s fantastic that you’ve been able to align yourself truly with your purpose and what you’re doing.

Arny (35m 58s):
Wow. Thank you. That’s so, so, so generous and kind of you, thank you.

Danielle (36m 2s):
Yeah, no, it is such an honor to have you on the show and just share your story because it deserves to be heard by everyone. And so many people need this message, right? The powerful internal work that you’ve done, the actionable steps that they can take. And in the end, our hope is for everyone to be in the same position where they’re like, wow, this is what I’m meant to do. It’s such an amazing feeling.

Arny (36m 30s):
That would be a beautiful place. If everyone feels that their own inner self, that would be amazing.

Danielle (36m 36s):
It’s possible. I believe it. We believe it. Are there any last words of wisdom that you would like to share with our audience today?

Arny (36m 47s):
Don’t overthink, don’t overthink and enjoy and embrace all the small things, especially the small things. It’s those small things that really ignites the bigger, the bigger picture. So above the small things.

Danielle (37m 6s):
Yeah. And how do our listeners get in touch with you?

Arny (37m 12s):
So as you mentioned at the beginning, my name is Arnie DeKorvy. So you can go to my website, which is and that’s with two Y’s or you can find me on Instagram as well again @arnydekorvy. And yeah, I’d love to hear from you guys. and if you have any questions, please feel free to, to contact me either through my website or through, through.

Danielle (37m 51s):
Awesome. I will link both of those in the episode description, but Arnie it has been a pleasure having you on the show. Thank you so much for being here.

Arny (38m 0s):
Thanks, Dani. And thank you everyone.

Danielle (38m 3s):
Have an amazing week guys.


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Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu is a multiple 6-figure travel influencer, business coach, and Founder of The Wanderlover. She has traveled to over 65+ countries running her online business and surfing in remote tropical destinations. Her mission is to help creatives and coaches achieve time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom through online entrepreneurship.

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Hi, I’m Danielle

My mission is to help you design a location-independent lifestyle through online entrepreneurship, to achieve time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom.

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