Solo Female Travel Tips: How to Make Friends

Solo female travel tips I always get asked to share is how to make friends. When traveling by myself, the most common question friends and family ask me is “Won’t you be lonely?” And the answer is always no. Just because I booked a trip solo doesn’t mean I will be alone the entire trip! I meet tons of fellow travelers,  many who are also traveling by themselves, and who have the most amazing stories.

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Here’s how I meet people from all over the world as a solo female traveler:

Hostels in Cartagena, Colombia are right on the beach!

1) Hostelworld – Stay in a hostel and you’re guaranteed to meet new people as a solo female traveler! They one of the cheapest accommodation options and many host events every night so everyone gets to know each other. Salsa dancing, cooking, happy hours, plenty of opportunities to go up to a fellow traveler and say hi!


Riding a vespa with Carlota in Madrid!

2) Couchsurfing – What I love about Couchsurfing is you will always have a friend to hang out with and learn from during your entire trip. You have the option to stay with a local or just meet up with one, they are always so happy to show someone their city! I love learning how the locals live. They really show you a side of the city you would never have known existed.


Hong Kong Pub Crawl!

3) Pub Crawl – Pub crawls vary in size depending on the location and time of year, and some reach upwards of 100 people! Most are travelers looking to have a fun time, so with some liquid courage you will make friends easy. As a bonus, you get to see numerous different bars and clubs in the city! Some even give you a t-shirt as a souvenir.


Drinking ginjinha in Lisbon, Portugal!

4) Walking Tours –  Walking tours are one of my favorite to-do’s when visiting a new city, since I don’t always know much about a city’s history before my plane lands. You get to see famous landmarks, learn interesting facts, taste delicacies, all led by a knowledgable tour guide. Plus, you have the chance to walk and talk to many other solo travelers as well!


Volunteering in Cusco, Peru

Solo Female Travel Tips! How to make friends traveling alone as a female, groups to join, what to do, and so much more! There are so many ways to meet people!


5) Volunteering – Last but not least, volunteering is a great way to contribute to the world and meet amazing people while doing so. I taught English in Peru and was placed in a communal housing unit where I met so many other volunteers from all around the world! My favorite part of the trip was of course befriending my class of 50 little Peruvian children!




Here’s one of my favorite female-friendly countries to travel to:

What are your tips for meeting people while traveling?


16 Replies to “Solo Female Travel Tips: How to Make Friends”

  1. Great tips! I have to admit I have never really traveled alone mainly because I was scared about exactly this thing, being alone. But I guess this can be the coolest part in a travel experience and that is how you learn about locals or people from all over the world! Super cool!

  2. There are some great tips for meeting people. I love it when a hostel prepares a meal and you all meet up for dinner in the hostel. It adds to the atmosphere and you meet mostly some great and nice people. Also sometimes booking a short sightseeing tour makes you meet other travellers.

    1. I’m happy to help! Highly recommend pub crawl, I guarantee you will make new friends. (Also you don’t seem shy?!)

  3. I’ve done the solo travelling thing (that’s European English spelling, btw) but I must admit I’ve become more reluctant to do so due to bad experiences, primarily harrassment on the street and sexual assault in Spain and Peru especially. Perhaps you want to present a very happy, sunny idea of the idea of travelling alone but I also feel it’s important to be honest and realistic. However, I will volunteer that i’m very blond and fair-skinned so maybe I’m more obvious than you are. But still, even fellow travellers can try to take advantage of you, for example, if you’re driunk? I’d really appreciate your honest thoughts.

  4. P.S. I forgot to mention that I do genuinely think you’ve offered great tips and encouragement to just get out and see the world, no matter if it’s solo. I just want to address a widespread concern of many female travellers.

    1. Hey Victoria! No worries at all, appreciate the comment as it addresses very valid concerns and I’m sorry to hear you’ve become more reluctant to travel alone. I have never been harassed outside of cat calls and have never been sexually assaulted, but to be fair, working and living in Times Square has given me the thick skin and street smarts to brutally turn down any unwanted attention or advances. Knowing yourself and your destination is crucial before planning a solo trip – if you can’t handle unwanted attention from men, picking destinations that are more female-friendly is very important!

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