5 Life-Changing Habits for a Better You

This past year was all about adopting incredible life-changing habits that improved my health, career path, and overall wellness. Change is never easy, but the benefits of having a healthy body and mind are invaluable, and the effects definitely trickle into other areas of your life too! As many of you know, I recently quit my corporate job to work for myself, and I could not be happier with the choices I have made leading up to, and after the decision. With the new year just a couple of weeks away, now is the perfect time to start thinking about incorporating the following into your daily routine:


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a huge meditation advocate. I’ve used guided meditation almost every morning since becoming an entrepreneur, and 10 minutes is all it takes for a clear, focused mind. It’s an amazing stress reducer, and helps calm down nerves. I recommend the app Inscape, where you can customize each session based on what your intentions are, what you want to accomplish for the day, or a certain aspect of your life you want to improve. Inscape is giving away a 1-year subscription + $500 worth of health and wellness products, scroll down or click here to enter!


As someone who has struggled with maintaining a consistent gym routine her entire life, losing my 20 pounds of college beer weight was one of the biggest challenges. However, after adopting the habit of going to the gym regularly, not only do I have more energy, but I feel so much better holistically as well. Starting or ending your day with a jog or stretch has so many benefits. I personally use Kayla Itsines‘ Bikini Body Guide at the gym, feel free to email any questions you may have about her program or exercise in general!

Drink Less Alcohol

I know, I’ve been there, partying until 5am seems glamorous, boozy brunches are fun, and happy hours can be a way of life. But when they become habitual and mindless, the calories, hangovers, and money down the drain unintentionally add up! Since I’ve cut back on the drinking, I am able to wake up in the morning, every morning, eager to start my day with a full night’s rest, clear mind, and the entire day ahead to work for my dreams.

Pescatarian Diet

Another one of the great life-changing habits: a pescatarian diet consists of everything vegetarian plus fish. No pork, beef, lamb, chicken etc. It can literally be one of the best things to do for your health, and gets rid of excessive fat and cholesterol that add up in your meals. I’m happy to say boyfriend recently adopted this diet as well and we’ve seen amazing physical results including a lower BMI. And trust me, I used to have the nickname “carnivore,” so if I’m able to do it, you can too.

Visualize + Prioritize Life Goals

Imagine for the next 5 minutes anything you imagined your life could be would come true. What would you want? A promotion? More time to travel? Your own company? A family? Now, break out those goals into actionable steps you can achieve within a week, month, and year. And going forward, any choice you have, ask yourself, does this help me towards my goal, or distract me from it? I never knew what I wanted to do with my life, but this past year, I finally realized I want to be a travel blogger and influencer. I wrote it down in January: “Start a blog” and made decisions every day to get me closer to my goal. It all starts from within. I had to change a lot of my daily rituals to make this happen, but it’s happening and I am nothing but grateful.

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So, are you ready for a better you?! Enter below to start your journey of self-care, self-awareness, and wellness!


Inscape: Meditation for Today

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