Vision Board 2022 With Me!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We are starting this year with a brand new empty canvas, infusing high vibes, dreams, goals, and manifestations into our very own vision boards. Tune in as I walk you through my own process with guided questions, and set holistic intentions for various aspects of life: business, finances, relationships, friendships, health, and recreation. Feel free to share your creation with The Wanderlover Community so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable!

Join me as we vision board our goals for the New Year! From how I use this manifestation method (3:00) and the ‘rules’ of vision boarding (8:00) to how to set specific goals for different components of our lives (14:00). Happy 2022 lovelies!

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Audio Transcript

Intro (5s):
The Wanderlover podcast was created with a mission to enable travel and freedom through entrepreneurship. I’m your host, Danielle Hu business mentor, content creator, and founder of The Wanderlover tune in every week for episodes about travel online business, social media, and mindset that will inspire you to take massive action towards living the life of your dreams. If you’ve been enjoying the Wanderlover podcast, if you’ve been tuning in and finding inspiration and taking away value, it would mean so much to me. If you could take a second to leave us a review on apple podcasts, I continue to record these episodes for you every single week and take all of your comments and feedback to heart.

Danielle (52s):
Thank you guys so, so much. Hello! Hello. Happy new year. Happy 2022! Welcome to The Wanderlover Podcast. I’m your host, Danielle Hu. And this is going to be such a great episode. So new beginning, everyone. I want us all to take three deep breaths. So deep breath in hold for three seconds. Exhale, completely hold for three seconds. And we’re going to do this three times. Ready? Inhale, hold for three seconds and exhale hold for three seconds.

Danielle (1m 34s):
Inhale. Hold exhale, hold last one. Inhale, hold exhale, hold release, everything, negative, everything limiting. This is going to be such a high vibe episode, and I want us to practice today and everyday going forward, whenever your mind is racing, whenever you start going down the rabbit hole of comparing yourself of imposter syndrome, realize you can always come back to the present moment and leave that all behind everything that happened in 2021.

Danielle (2m 21s):
It does not have to carry over and we can start fresh. I want this to be the frequency as we go through with vision boarding for 2022. So I want you all to feel good. We have to do this exercise when you’re feeling good, because if you start talking yourself, you know, when you’re in those slumps and you start talking yourself out of all your great ideas, we don’t want that. We want to feel good and we want there to be no limits. 2022 is a blank canvas, which is so fitting for today because we are going to start with blank canvases. We are going to Vision Board our year. And first I’m going to explain what exactly is a Vision Board.

Danielle (3m 2s):
So for those of you who don’t know, I do this every single year. I have a visual representation of all my goals, all my desires, all of my dreams. It’s a collage that I create on canvas. And I set it as my phone background. And this year I have it on my iPad as my iPad background and on my laptop as my desktop background. So usually with vision boards, you take bits and pieces from different magazines. You usually cut out photos and quotes and articles that resonate with you and you paste them onto a physical board. But of course, because I travel a lot and it’s not really feasible.

Danielle (3m 42s):
And I look at my phone and my laptop and my iPad all the time. I always have it as my background. So up to you, however you want to create it, I’m going to encourage you to create a digital version. So as we start, I always pull up a blank canvas on canvas. And for those of you who don’t know Canva, it’s an amazing free software. It’s kind of like a combination of everything, Adobe, Adobe Photoshop plus illustrator, but you can upload everything it’s really easy to use. And I would just start with a blank canvas canvas. I’m going to pull up the sizes for each of the three backgrounds that I just mentioned. Okay. So if you go on canvas, you can start with either a desktop or a story wallpapers.

Danielle (4m 26s):
So for your Instagram story, that is the exact size of your phone background. So start with one or the other and know that if you have the pro subscription, you can just resize everything. So they’re going to copy all of your words, all of your photos, over to another size. So usually I start with my phone background, which is 10 80 by 1920. And before we start adding everything on, I just really want to come back to the why, why do we create vision boards? Why are you tuning into this episode? Right? Like what drew you in and how can we take away what we’ve learned and apply it to our own lives so that you can see the most success in 2022.

Danielle (5m 7s):
So if you are, if you’re new to this podcast, you may be wondering why do we have goals, right? Like why do you actually sit down and decide what you want to do for the year? And I always say, a map only works when you know exactly where you want to go, you need to know the destination. And for so many years in my life, I really didn’t ever sit down and be like, what do I want to accomplish this year? And when you don’t have a clear destination, a you’re really prone to doing something and continuing on a path that doesn’t serve you, right? You never really reflect and be like, huh? This isn’t what I want to do. But instead, where do I want to go? And also if you don’t actually write down your goals, you’re just blindly going day to day, doing random things and maybe some work out, but there’s really no commitment because you’re not following the map on my way back from Indonesia to America, I watched Shang Chi and the legend of the 10 rings.

Danielle (6m 7s):
It’s an amazing movie. I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t already, but in it, there is this girl and she is Asian-American. And it’s really funny because she says to this really wise old lady, as she’s learning archery, she is like, I try a lot of things in life. I dabble my feet in it, but I’m not really good at anything. I haven’t really found anything I stick with. And you know, I’m just like a Jack of all trades. That was like the, just, and the wise old lady says, if you aim at nothing, you hit nothing, which is just so profound because it’s so simple. And yet a lot of us try not to aim at anything.

Danielle (6m 48s):
Right. And that’s why we’re not, we don’t feel like we’re making progress because we don’t have the end goal. So anyway, that is the main point of why you need a vision board. And some of you may also be wondering why can’t I just write all my goals down? Why do I need to visually represent all of this? And the simple answer is, goals are amazing. I do it with all of my private clients every single month, every single quarter, every single month. And we always Vision Board for the whole year, because with a visual representation, you are actually imagining it, right? You see it in front of you and you see it. You’re like, this can be my life. I see it. It’s really close.

Danielle (7m 29s):
I have what it takes to make that happen. And with a visual representation, if it’s on the back of your phone or your desktop, you are constantly reminded of it. You are constantly coming back to this really inspired place where you are right now, right? Feeling all of these positive emotions, you’re feeling like you can accomplish anything. It’s a blank canvas. We are coming back to this inspired state. It’s all within you. If you’re able to feel at once, you’re able to feel it every day for the whole year. Of course, that’s not always realistic. And we always have our highs and lows, but know that we can always come back and work towards our dreams.

Danielle (8m 11s):
So if it’s reminding you every day and by the end of this exercise, you’re going to feel so good about it. You’re going to be like, I’m going to do this. And I’m going to be reminded every day of it. That’s exactly what my intention is with this episode. Okay. So next two rules as we, our vision boarding, the first rule is there are no ifs. There are no buds. You cannot let your rational mind talk you out of your dreams. So if your gut is telling you to put something down, I want you to put it down before your mind comes in and is like, oh wait, but you can’t do that. But this but that, right? If this happens, oh wait, but you have right. All of those away, second rule is you need to be as specific as possible.

Danielle (8m 56s):
We love numbers. We love quantifying things. We love imagining the moment that you check something off your Vision Board. So whatever that looks like, I’m going to give examples of how specific I am with my Vision Board, but really practice being as specific as possible. And that’s going to serve you really well. So the first thing I want you to add, if you’re on camera right now, go to insert text. And what I have really big letters in the middle is a phrase that I’m going to commit to for the whole year. And my phrase, it’s two, two words. It’s high vibe. I want to be operating from such a high frequency that everyone I come into contact with feels it.

Danielle (9m 42s):
And no one can bring me down. This also comes with knowing what drains my energy and letting that stay out of my frame of reference and my circle of energy. So this includes people, this includes places, this includes activities, but I have the power to filter what goes in and out of my high vibration. So how I started practicing this because we’re going to name something, but then also be self-aware enough to realize, okay, am I living to my word? I grew up in the suburbs of New York city, where a lot of people come from different backgrounds and different perspectives.

Danielle (10m 22s):
I know that if I bring up certain topics, if I start talking about certain things, I’m going to be met with a lot of questioning, a lot of doubt, a lot of fears, a lot of confusion. And sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with any of that, right? So I can choose to not bring those topics up. I can choose what to let out into this world and prevent those negative conversations from starting. Right? And it all comes back to yourself. Are you going to indulge in those conversations? I’ve had so many where people are like, but what do you do? How do you work online? But what are you going to do about retirement?

Danielle (11m 4s):
And at this point, I’m just like, go to my website. If you want to learn more, but I’m done explaining this is literally just going to be so, so much conflict, unnecessary conflict. And I know a lot of times they come from a place of good intention, but after years and years of doing this, it’s just not worth my time or energy anymore. And so I just choose to let it go and not have those conversations. So high vibe, that’s what I have on my Vision Board. Feel free to write your favorite quote, a kick in the butt, but have a piece of text. That’s just bam there.

Danielle (11m 46s):
Next. I want you to write down three adjectives, three adjectives going, maybe going off of that phrase, but three adjectives that really give you the feeling of your year. So I have expansive limitless, abundance. I know what this feels like. And I just want to radiate it even more, even more frequently. And I guarantee you what you write down any of the adjectives that you want to write down on your vision board, you probably have felt it, right? You know what it feels like. Maybe you felt at once before, maybe you felt it twice in your life. You are capable of feeling it all the time.

Danielle (12m 28s):
We just need a practice. And even having these words down, they’re going to guide you every day. They’re going to bring you back and remind you, Hey, you can choose how to feel today. And this is going to remind you, it’s not going to be easy, but let’s try. Let’s do something that will make us feel this way. So for me, expansive, limitless, abundant. How am I going to incorporate that feeling into my life and what I came up with? Feel free to use it. I came up with a little ritual that I call flora fuel. And if you’ve listened to my episode on how to be more productive, you’ll know that I use an app called flora. It’s this timer on your phone that you set it for 30 minutes, 45 minutes. And in that time you can’t touch your phone.

Danielle (13m 9s):
And it starts off as a little seed and it grows into a flower. If you successfully just go that amount of time without touching your phone. So I call this flora fuel and what I intend to do every weekday is set a timer for 30 minutes. I’m going to light a candle, light some incense, and either read a book. So investing in my knowledge, learn a course or just do something that makes me truly happy. Like maybe this is watch a YouTube video. Maybe this is create a tech talk, but coming back intentionally, setting the time out to fuel my mind, fuel my body and just do what makes me happy. That’s how I feel.

Danielle (13m 50s):
Expansive, limitless and abundant. And so for you think about what are things that you can remind yourself to do every day to come back to the place that you want to be feeling. So with my floor of fuel, a little reminder that I have on my Vision Board are candles. So I have little candles, like, remember this is the vibe and this is the high vibe. So next in terms of visuals, the categories that we’re going to go through, our business, personal finance relationships and friendships, move your body and recreation. Let’s start with my favorite category, this business.

Danielle (14m 30s):
Woo. So my first question to you, depending on where you are in your business, what are your business goals? So this can look like starting your business. This can look like getting your first client quitting your job, hitting your first five figure month. What are your business goals? One step further is what are your revenue and profit goals? This is where being specific really helps. I want you to write down a number, have a number on your Vision Board, what will be your annual revenue and what will be the profit. So profit, meaning after all expenses, after all advertising, what is the money you take home from your business.

Danielle (15m 17s):
Then as we break this down, this doesn’t have to be on your vision board, but this is what I want you to also think about because we’re going to connect the dots. How are we going to accomplish everything on our vision board? Right? It’s easy to want everything, but we need to know the actions we need to take in order to reach all of our Vision Board goals. So now that you have your revenue and profit, I want to ask you what offers do you need to be selling? What are you selling to get to that number? How are you marketing those offers? Or how are you learning marketing to sell those offers? And if you self assess and you ask yourself what parts of my business can I work on this year?

Danielle (16m 3s):
You can work on branding. You can work on your different assets and the business vehicles you use to reach your audience. You can work on your content. You can work on your offers on sales, on marketing, on mindset, on strategy, right? There are so many things. What exactly are you going to focus on? So for me, my goal for 2022 is to get a thousand students enrolled in Wanderlover business academy, 2.0, and how am I going to do that? I can start by mentioning it in every single one of my podcast episodes. This is marketing. I’m going to be working on marketing and sales. And so for those of you who don’t know where to start, you you’re getting overwhelmed.

Danielle (16m 43s):
You think there are so many things to work on, check out Wanderlover business academy, 2.0, where I teach you. Step-by-step how to set up your online coaching or creative business from scratch. It’s weekly modules. I’m in the Facebook group to answer all of your questions and you can check it out in the episode description. And so do you see how you have something on your vision board and you know exactly what it takes to get there? It’s not just a vision that’s going to, you know, happen and plop into your lap. Like, Ooh, this is your new reality. You need to strategize how you’re going to get there. What are you going to do differently? How are you going to get more inspiration, more accountability, more direction.

Danielle (17m 27s):
We’re going to go through this at the end, in our habits section. But for now, let’s move on to personal finance. So your money goals, what are you going to do with all the money that flows into your life? Are you going to invest in yourself? Are you going to invest in your business? Are you going to hire a coach? Are you going to invest in your retirement, max out your IRA? Are you going to invest in real estate in crypto, know exactly where your money is going? And don’t be scared to spend on things that make you happy, right? Spend on things that AE are either going to make you more money, make you healthier or make you happy.

Danielle (18m 9s):
So health, wealth, and happiness, money goals, and personal finance have this up, have this on your vision board, find photos that remind you of what it is that you want to accomplish and put it on your vision board. Next we’re going to tackle relationships and friendships. So how do you want your friends circle to look like? How do you want your love life to look like? I literally have a picture of the exact engagement ring and I want all my Vision Board and rags nose. He’s very aware exactly how many prongs, what kind of goals, what kind of diamonds. So it’s very, very specific.

Danielle (18m 50s):
And I want you to do the same. Don’t be scared to, you know, put things on there that make you go, whoa, I don’t know if that’s going to happen. Just do it also in terms of friendships while I have done, since the new year is turn on, read receipts, I had this horrible, horrible habit of reading. Something like reading a text and just not answering people. And so having read receipts on it makes me answer them right away. I personally hate it when people just don’t respond to me. I think it’s a trigger because I do the same. You know, you always notice in other people what you do yourself. And so this year I turned on read receipts and it just makes me feel like a better friend, right?

Danielle (19m 31s):
It makes me feel like I’m responsive. People can rely on me to give them an answer and just not leave them hanging. Next is moving your body at your physical health. How are you going to commit to feeling good, to looking good to being active this year? And of course you guys know how much I love surfing. I had hanging five on a surf board on my vision board for last year and I’m able to hang five now. So of course this year I have the same girl, dear friends, Tara. She is an amazing surfer. I have her hanging 10 on my vision board as well as a pink longboard, the exact model that I’m going to get custom made when I achieve that goal.

Danielle (20m 17s):
So I’m going to be able to hang 10 by the end of the year. And I’m going to have that pink longboard very specific last but not least how I categorize the last kind of corner of my Vision Board is recreation. What do I want to do for fun? And of course I travel, right, but I want to be really intentional about my destinations. So for me, I really want to go back to Italy. It’s like my first love. It’s where I first studied abroad and just had an amazing time outside of my country by myself. And I want to go back to Italy specifically Tuscany. After we went to Mendoza last year, I just fell in love with wine country, with blind tasting wine and cheese specifically when I go to LA.

Danielle (21m 5s):
So I literally found a photo of Tuscany with a castle in the back with white wine and Gorgonzola cheese. I love Gorgonzola. And this specific image is what I am envisioning for 2022 and a handy tip. For those of you new to Canva, a really cool tool that you can do is remove the background really easily from any of your images. So if one image is taking up a little more space, like a little more background, white space, you can remove all of that. Simply click on it, go to effects, go to edit and background remover. And in like two seconds, you can then drag it over any of your other images. And it’ll look really nice placed on top.

Danielle (21m 47s):
And there you have it. You have a Vision Board that you can now convert to a desktop wallpaper. It’s your iPad wallpaper. You can print it out and hang it on your wall. But when you look at it, it should be scary and exciting at the same time, know that your vision board is unique to only you. And that is the beauty of sharing your vision with the world of showing up for yourself and your business, because you are so unique. And when I look at this, I just get chills. I just get so many emotions where I’m like, I cannot wait for this all to happen. I do this every year and every single year, I think I achieve around 80, 90% of it.

Danielle (22m 29s):
And it just feels so amazing looking back and being like, wow, that, that all happened here. So last but not least as promised, I really want to go back to the habits, the underlying habits that are going to make you achieve everything on your Vision Board, know that if you kind of go move forward this year, doing the same things that you did last year, you’re going to get the same results as last year, right? So you really need to think what can I do differently this year to get me different results? How can I change my habits so that they’re the most aligned for success.

Danielle (23m 10s):
So for example, a habit that I would encourage you to practice, it’s not going to be easy, but practice doing things before you feel ready, practice taking action. When your gut first hints at you, “Hey try this” before your mind talks you out of it, do things before you feel ready, do things when they feel uncomfortable, do things when your mind is telling you no, no, no. Don’t do that and realize that you’re going to live and you’re going to get a different outcome. I would love to see what all of you have on your completed vision boards. If you want to share them in the Wanderlover community, we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Danielle (23m 52s):
Let me know if you have any questions at all and cheers to an amazing 2022. I’m so excited for what’s to come and I will see you all next week.


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Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu is a multiple 6-figure travel influencer, business coach, and Founder of The Wanderlover. She has traveled to over 65+ countries running her online business and surfing in remote tropical destinations. Her mission is to help creatives and coaches achieve time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom through online entrepreneurship.

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My mission is to help you design a location-independent lifestyle through online entrepreneurship, to achieve time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom.

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