My Word of the Month – Ep. 29

Today is the 6 month anniversary of The Wanderlover Podcast! In this episode, I share my word for the month of April and why it’s so important to reflect and self-assess periodically in business. We are moving forward knowing that your future depends on the actions you take today! Don’t forget to rate and subscribe!

In this episode, we cover my word for the month and its importance in starting a business (05:55), personal examples of taking action (10:30), and how these and your own real life examples can inspire you to take action in business (13:57).

Audio Transcript

Hello, my loves and happy April. This episode is going to be released on a very special day. April 5th is actually the six month anniversary of The Wander lover Podcast.

So the first episode was released on October 5th and we are 29 episodes in and have not missed one Monday. We’ve released new episodes every single Monday for the past six months. Wow. And that’s coming from someone who struggles with staying consistent, who allows for ebbs and flows in business. But with the podcast every Monday, it’s a hard deadline. And I’m just so happy that you guys are on this journey with me podcasting. I have grown to love it. I’ve loved it since the beginning, thinking that it might wear off, but to be honest, having this almost like alone time, right?

(1m 29s):
It’s kind of intimate. I’m in your ear every week. It’s just you and me. And you’re listening to my voice. It’s such a powerful platform. And I honestly recommend it to anyone looking to start on a new platform. If you haven’t explored podcasting yet, try it. You might love it. You probably will love it. So reflecting on the past six months since I started the wander lover podcast, I remember recording the first ever episode. It was all my Instagram stories. If you guys remember, I had a makeshift camera microphone balancing on top of my selfie stand and sitting in front of this like brick and wooden wall facing a window with no other equipment.

(2m 17s):
And I was like, I’m going to do it right. Done is better than perfect. And since then have upgraded. All of our equipment have found studios everywhere. We’ve been, we started in Brazil and you guys have followed me along to Mexico to support those Escondido to Hawaii, to Costa Rica. And now we are back in New York saying here for a few weeks, we’re actually here for a wedding. One of my best friends from childhood is getting married. There’s a solid crew of us who all grew up together and she’s the first one out of our friend group to get married. So it’s going to be such an exciting time and hopefully rags and I will go back to Hawaii after the wedding, but going back to just how far we’ve come since the first episode of the wander lover podcast, we launched our first Facebook community, the wander lover community.

(3m 12s):
We launched our first mastermind momentum with amazing ladies and who just connect on such a deep level, launched our second ebook, Instagram for business. The ultimate branding and client attraction guide started our brand on clubhouse and have a whole episode about it. And, you know, taking this time to just reflect you ha you always have milestones in business, right? And sometimes when you’re so headfirst going in one direction, you forget to just look around and be like, Holy shit. All of that happened within the past six months. And this is what happens when you surround yourself with people on similar wavelengths.

(3m 52s):
When you have a vision for what you want your future to look like everything just starts falling into place. Right? And so with the podcast now, I hope all of you listening and you feel inspired. You feel clear on the direction you want to go. I’ve been super transparent with most things I’m working on and how things have been, how things are currently and how I want the future to look. I actually just checked on Libsyn, my hosting provider for the podcast. So this is episode number 29, and we just hit 4,000 downloads. So thank you all. This is a huge, huge, huge accomplishment for me because, you know, six months ago, that’s less than a year.

(4m 39s):
It was literally half a year. And there were times, you know, where I was like, Hmm, should I continue? Is this what I want to be doing every week where I want to be focusing my time, these questions, inevitably, no matter what you’re doing, they’ll come up, right? You’re like doubting yourself some days, some days you don’t feel like doing anything. And if you reflect back, it’s always pushing yourself through those times to realize that it’s just a lull that you find the success and the results that you were after from the beginning, right? Like everyone starts off with all of this motivation, all of these ideas for the future.

(5m 21s):
And once you actually start the path, it’s up to you to stay accountable or to find people to hold you accountable, to get to the six month Mark and then to the one year and then the two year. Right? But thank you all for being on this journey. I really like cannot express my gratitude enough because without you, the wander lover would be nothing. And with that being said, let’s dive into this week’s episode, my word for April. So every year I choose a word of the year and this year in 2021, my word is service. And on top of that, every single month, I always find it super fun to pick a separate word that embodies what I’m going to focus on for the month.

(6m 4s):
And I do this with a lot of my daily tasks. I’ll just focus on one thing. And in terms of the mood for the month or how fast I want to be moving, I assign a word to the whole month. So for April, I also love illiteration. April is action. And just in case, you’re curious, my word of the month for March was momentum. March was the month when we had our first mastermind call. When all the ladies met each other, it was the first time I ever ran hosted a mastermind and it felt incredible. So all of my energy, all of my time just went to the mastermind group to make sure that, you know, we were operating on the same wavelength.

(6m 47s):
We had momentum throughout the whole month. So April’s word is action. And action is just something I really want to dive into today because execution trumps knowledge always and forever. You are always going to learn more from executing and taking action than reading about it. Listening to podcasts, not saying this podcast, isn’t helpful, but it’s not going to be helpful unless you start taking action from the things I say, right? So this is the inspiration to go and do something. After you finished listening to this episode, and back in March, I had power calls with completely new clients.

(7m 27s):
I had a new cohort of mastermind, ladies who are starting their entrepreneurship journeys, starting to monetize online and build their online brands. And I say this over and over again, you’re going to learn so much more from suing then from thinking about it and from theorizing about it. So let’s come up with a real life example. I’ve seen this happen over and over again. And I just want to demonstrate what I mean by done is better than perfect. You’re always going to learn more from execution and let’s assign some timeframes because I think it all just make my point clear. Let’s say, April 1st, you come up with this idea that you want to start your side hustle. You want to start a new company and you need to think of a name for it.

(8m 11s):
Right? So April 1st, you’re like, I need a domain name. I need my new Instagram name. And it’s hard. It’s your first business. You want the name to be perfect. It’s something that people think is like the one thing you’re going to be recognized by. So you really want to make a good impression and you want pieces of your past of your life to be incorporated in it. You want it to be unique. You want it to be all these things because it’s like your first business. It’s your baby. It’s like naming a baby. Right? And what happens when you let something like the name, get in the way of starting your actual business, you start to lose momentum and you start to draw out the process longer than it should be.

(8m 52s):
Because let’s say by May 1st, you still don’t have a name yet. And you’ve like narrowed it down to three names. Well, if you had picked a name by April 5th, spent a week, like five days thinking of a name crazy. No, the Instagram created the website, started looking at different services that you could offer, started building a brand, getting a following. Maybe by May 1st, you would have already had your first client. And that’s when you realize, you know what? I actually don’t like this name. I thought of a better one. And May 1st you have clients and you have a better name and maybe you change your name to the better name, or you keep your original name. And maybe by May 1st, you start a podcast with this new name that you think of.

(9m 36s):
But like, let’s just compare those two scenarios. One is you spend a month thinking about the name for your business and the other, where you decide to take action within the first five days, you already have a business within the first month. So apply this mindset to every aspect of your decision-making within business. And this is why I chose action for my word of the month for April. Because in every situation, when you’re just thinking and thinking and not really doing anything, you’re wasting time. There’s very rarely things in business that actually require months and months to think about, right? It’s either you have conversations about it.

(10m 17s):
You find out what it is and you take action to execute on one thing over the other one question, I ask myself all the time to gauge whether something I want to do something I’m thinking about doing is worth it or not. I’ll ask myself, is this what higher level me would do? Is this what Danielle in the next level would be preoccupied about would be thinking about, well, how would she be spending her time? And most often, even with recording this episode, right in the beginning, my first episode, I would read your chord. So many times it took me hours to record an episode because I didn’t like how I set a certain word or how I, it sounded now.

(10m 59s):
I’m like, you guys are good going to listen to me. This is my voice. You either like it or you don’t. And there’s nothing I can do about it, right? I’m not going to go back and rerecord something. So minute that no one is going to notice, because think about it when you have so much more things to do so many more important things to do, are you really going to be worried about, you know, your grammar is off a little, your about me. Isn’t perfect. Like things aren’t perfect. You don’t worry about perfection anymore. And a lot of times I think about surfing too. You guys know how much I love surfing. And right now this is kind of embarrassing if you’re not like in tune with the surfing world.

(11m 43s):
But my goal on a longboard, I ride like a nine foot, six inch long board surf board. And my goal is to cross step up to the front of the board. And when you have foot hanging over the front, which is the nose of the board, it’s called hanging five. And when you can cross up, up to the front and have both feet perched up on the nose, it’s called hanging 10. So if you’ve heard that term, like hang 10, right? Like I’ve heard it growing up, but I had no idea what it meant, but hanging 10 means you’re walking to the front of your longboard. And you’re just chilling while riding a wave with both feet in the front. And that’s like the apex, like the highest level surfing, you want to do it gracefully.

(12m 26s):
And it’s just something that not a lot of people can do. And when you can do it, it’s like, Whoa, you’ve achieved something great. Right. So that’s where I want to be. And I’m just so fixated on practicing, surfing, practicing my cross up and getting to the front. And I know the more I practice. So every day when I’m able to surf, I’m like, should I go or should I not? And it’s easy for me to be like, well, if I got to a point where I was able to hang 10, it would probably require surfing every day or practicing as much as I can in order to achieve it. Right? Like if you want to do something physical, it’s really clear what you have to do in order to reach that goal.

(13m 8s):
And while we were in Costa Rica, I was already thinking about other ways I could practice in New York because we’re not serving in New York. So I’m like, what else can I do in order to improve my surfing? And so I bought a balance board where I can practice my balance on land. It’s one of those that actually go vertically. So you’re like you have this roller, the cylinder under maybe a three foot board. And you’re just trying to balance your way and cross up to the front. I bought a longboard skateboard that the surf skate. So it imitates, you know, surfing in the water on land and all of these things, because I just know what I want to accomplish and all the things I need to do to get there.

(13m 50s):
Right? I’m not thinking about ways I can improve without actually executing on it because that’s not going to help me with my surfing and same thing with business. So apply real life scenarios into your business. Are you going to spend all of the time researching and talking to people and looking at the experts and trying to figure out what the experts are doing without actually doing it yourself? Or are you going to practice? Are you going to wake up and work towards your goal every single day by way of action. And going back to the surfing example, I want to highlight a, my mindset when it comes to hanging 10, that I firmly believe that with enough practice, I can do it right.

(14m 36s):
I’m physically and mentally capable of achieving that goal. So I believe it, and I’m clear on what it takes to get there. So a lot of practice and different ways of practicing. I also know that, you know, after a few months of trying every day and I’m really stalling, stagnating, not seeing results, I know that I’m going to get a surf teacher. I’ve been in surf camps before I’ve hired surf trainers before. And I know that’s an option. So when all these things come together, I know that over time with enough execution, I’m going to get there. So now let’s reflect on why in business.

(15m 17s):
You might not be taking action. You already know how important it is. And maybe after listening to this episode, you’re going to have a different mentality. You’re going to be like, Holy shit. I really need to go get that thing done. Start my website, build my email list, right? Like start my Instagram and posting more. But you could also listen to this episode and not internalize what I’m saying. And that could be two to two reasons. One might be mindset, not believing that you can truly accomplish what it is that you desire. Right? So if I didn’t actually believe that I could hang 10 on a longboard, I wouldn’t be taking all of these actions. And if you don’t believe that you have what it takes to start a successful company, you’re not going to take action because your mindset trumps all.

(16m 2s):
If you don’t genuinely believe in yourself, who’s going to do it for you. So mindset might be something, but the good news is with all of these issues. There’s always a solution. So if you need a mindset that mentor, if you need a coach to guide you along the way, it’s telling you, you what you’re capable of, you have the power to change your reality and to seek for help or re resources or to buy courses and eBooks to change your current mindset. The second reason why you might not be taking action is you don’t know what it is that you need to do. You don’t know why your business isn’t working. You think you’ve tried it all.

(16m 42s):
And there’s just nothing in your current frame of reality that sparks your interest. That you’re like, Oh my God, I really want to do that. And you’re not feeling inspired to do so. So when it comes to this, this is similar to me not knowing that there’s something that there are things in the world such as surf skates that I could practice on land or me not knowing the resources out there that could help me or me not knowing any surf teachers to help me with surfing. So if your current frame of reference is, I don’t know what to do in that, that is also fixable by going yeah. Out there and finding the resources that you need, learning new ways to do business, or by getting a teacher and by getting a coach, because if other people are doing what it is that you want to do, they have found the way, right.

(17m 33s):
They have already proven that it is possible. So with my at work and a solid action plan, what’s not to say that you’re not capable of doing it, right? Like, why would you, why would you think you aren’t capable? What is it about your external environment about your mindset that you think that it’s not possible? And you know, I’ve seen people surfing with two prosthetic legs. I’ve seen blind people surf. So there’s really no excuse that you could give me that says, all odds are against you if you haven’t even tried. So if you resonated with this episode and you’re like, hell yes, I’m so ready to take action.

(18m 14s):
I’m inviting you to apply to private business coaching with me for the next three months. So applications just open this week. This is going to be high energy, high vibe with me as your coach and cheerleader, every step of the way, we have custom curriculums to ensure that you are on track to reach your online business goals and expand your frame of reference. So you not only see what’s possible, but how you’re going to get there. Right? We work on the mindset, the marketing, the strategy, everything I talked about in this episode, and you have unlimited direct access to me.

(18m 54s):
So you feel supported every step of the way. If you have any questions, I’m just a voice message away. So it’s a lot of support. Personally, applications are open for quarter two. So if you’re ready to make this the month, when your life changes through action, when you’re ready to start your side hustle and smash your income goals, I encourage you to apply. And I cannot wait to chat with you. You can find more information at the wander This is going to be such a great month. I hope you guys found this episode inspiring, but also, you know, the little kick in the butt that you need to go get started and to prove it to yourself, that you are capable, right?

(19m 37s):
Train that muscle, keep proving to yourself that you can do whatever it is that you set your mind to. So keep me posted, let me know what your word of the month is, and I’ll see you guys next week.


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