How to get out of a business slump

Losing momentum in business or life? Maybe you’re not seeing the sales, clients, customers or results that you’re expecting? Then this episode is for you! We dive into perspective shifts and action items to get you back on track ASAP and smash those goals 🙂

Are you ready to motivate yourself out of ANY personal or business slump? This week I run through four strategies (5:00) designed to take you from disempowered to owning your journey and getting you back on track to smash those goals!

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Audio Transcript

Intro (5s):
The Wanderlover Podcast was created with a mission to enable travel and freedom through
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Danielle (52s):
Thank you guys so, so much. Hi everyone. Welcome back to The Wanderlover Podcast. I’m your host,
Danielle Hu. Recording this episode from Cornwall England. Last week, we drove from Portugal to
Santander in Spain and took a 24 hour ferry from Spain to Cornwall. It was kind of like a cruise. It reminded
me of like a transportation cruise. So they had different bars and live music and spas onboard. We had our
little cabin where we were able to sleep overnight. So it was a very enjoyable experience. And we’ve been
spending a lot of time with Ragz his friends and family since being back and I’ve been able to take my
freedom based business.

Danielle (1m 36s):
All of my clients, all of my customers with me and all of you guys along all of my adventures, it can be go,
go, go. It can be really hectic sometimes. But what really grounds me in my business is having systems and
especially my CONTENT CALENDAR. So this is where I go in periodically. So I usually batch content two to
three weeks in advance, including these podcast episodes, because you guys know I’ve been launching new
episodes every Monday for the past year and a half without fail. And it’s because I plan everything in
advance. Failing to plan is planning to fail on every single platform. I know exactly what to post, when to post
and where to post.

Danielle (2m 19s):
So it doesn’t take me by surprise. And on those days where you just don’t feel like showing up online, you
have the content already planned and batched ready to go. If you want my exact CONTENT CALENDAR,
plug and play so that you can start using it for your business, you can download it for $7. In the episode
description, I include a video walkthrough it’s super simple to use, but I also show you how you can share it
with your VA or with your team so that everyone’s on board. You can also have the option to add on more
than a hundred caption ideas, so you can convert your audience in those posts, into clients and customers.
So you can find all of that in the episode description while I was away and traveling, I was still able to serve
all of my clients, all of momentum mastermind members.
Danielle (3m 5s):
I have a really good system down where I’m able to just hop on Voxer, really internalize what is going on and
respond in the most effective way possible. And what I’m feeling really called to share with all of you today is
How to get out of a business slump. I’ve coached a few of my clients this past week on exactly this. And I
think all of you will experience it. If you haven’t already just be prepared, we all go through business slumps.
And I want you to know exactly how to manage your energy, manage your time, and have the tools to break
through it as fast as possible, because we’ve all been there. If you’ve been in business for at least a few
months, you’ll know that it is impossible to keep your energy, to keep the momentum up at 110% all the time.

Danielle (3m 53s):
Especially if you’ve been like me and you’ve been in business for years, you just know that it’s a constant
rollercoaster, it’s a constant wave. And what we choose to do in the Wanderlover community is we do not
give in to all the highs and all the lows. We kind of stay at this consistent. You know, maybe you’re not
feeling your best, but you are still moving forward. And you know that in those slumps you’re equipped, you
have the tools so that the next time you face the slump, you can get out of it so much quicker. They happen
except it, and learn to manage it. So if you are currently in a business lump, if you feel like you just have no
momentum, maybe you’re not seeing the sales or the clients or the customers.
Danielle (4m 35s):
Maybe you feel like you’ve tried it all. You were on this roll. And then all of a sudden you burnt out and you
just feel like you’re not seeing the results that you want. So whether you are in a financial slump or a
business lump, or a mindset slump, whatever slump you are in, in business, this episode is for you. So the
first thing that I really want you to internalize in this episode is perspective and where you are in this world. I
first had this kind of like revelation last year when we were in rotation. So we were on this really remote
island in Indonesia, where they barely had any electricity. There was barely any wifi.

Danielle (5m 16s):
It was all beach huts and shacks, just really basic living on the beach and people were self-sufficient. They
fished, they grew their own vegetables. They grew their own food. And there really wasn’t a lot of import
export. And it was just this really magical experience where I really got to connect with the locals and learn a
lot about life in comparison, because they didn’t have smartphones. They didn’t have laptops. They wouldn’t
even be able to listen to this podcast episode if they wanted to. Right? Because the level of technology just
hasn’t reached rotate in Tunisia. And there’s so many other places in the world like this.

Danielle (5m 57s):
It was amazing being able to spend a few months amongst these people. And I remember specifically driving
home on the back of the scooter and realizing that I was probably one of the wealthiest people in rotate at
the moment, simply because I was American because of the currency exchange. But simply me being there,
they probably looked at me and some of them might have thought, wow, she probably has so much money.
And that was their perception. That was their perspective. While me, on the other hand, I looked at their life
and I was like, this is amazing. You’re living literally right next to the water.
Danielle (6m 37s):
You’re self-sufficient you just have no stresses in life. You have all of your family with you. You have your
community around you, you have your village. And it seemed just so magical to me. And that was my
perception. And when I realized that me to them is like, if you were to imagine the richest person, you know,
or you have ever come into contact with and what you perceive of them, right? Their lifestyle, their desires,
their opportunities, whatever you perceive of them, you get to experience in real life, somewhere in this
world. If you are listening to my podcast right now, if you have the means and the technology to be tuning in
miles and miles and miles away, you will probably be the richest person somewhere in this world.

Danielle (7m 24s):
There are going to be villages communities in places you’ve never heard of where if you simply stepped foot
on that island or in that place, you will be the wealthiest person there simply because of the exchange rate of
how the world works. And so when I realized that the perspective I got on life zooming out, so zooming out
bigger than your business, bigger than your life, zooming out to just how this universe works and your role in
this entire kind of like realm. It becomes so small, whatever you are going through in business, this slump
you’re going through, it’s almost insignificant.
Danielle (8m 5s):
It’s insignificant. If you think of everything happening in this world, and you are worrying about some minor
detail, maybe comparing yourself to what you think your business should be operating at a level of that’s
self-imposed suffering. Because when you truly internalize and realize how privileged you are and how you
are already at a point where you have all the riches and wealth, other people can imagine, then it becomes a
question of, am I really in a slump or do I just have the wrong perspective? Am I looking at this wrong? Am I
not actually in a slump?

Danielle (8m 45s):
Am I just getting too hung up on tying my business to the results instead of the process? Because if you are
in the process of self-sabotaging, if you are viewing your situation as something that you need to get out of,
it’s this really few tile place, and you forget how lucky and how privileged you are to have been born into this
life. Then it becomes almost a habit of self-sabotage. And that’s really what I want to focus your attention on
today. How do we stop the self-sabotage? And how do we act from a place of faith, gratitude and

Danielle (9m 28s):
Because I guarantee you, if you are feeling this way, if you constantly compare where you currently are now,
where your business is in this moment, if you’re constantly comparing it to this theoretical, or like this
hypothetical should be standard, then that is self-sabotage. That’s never going to go away. Whether you are
the richest person or the most successful person in your current circle or on an entire island or in an entire
country, if you have the habit of self-sabotaging and writing your story, viewing your current situation to be
called a slump, or I’m not doing well enough, or my business should be here or nothing is working.

Danielle (10m 14s):
If you’re focusing on that, it’s only going to expand. So I hope by offering this perspective of zoom out, zoom
out, zoom out, zoom out. You need to be focusing on your internal world, because right now as is, you’re
already the richest person somewhere in this world. And you’re still thinking like this. So no matter how much
wealthier or more successful you’re going to get, I want you to realize this is a habit and this is an internal
dialogue. And once we can shift it, right, we can always change our thoughts once we can shift it to how
lucky am I to be in this position where I’m able to feed myself, I can hop on a plane and just go wherever in
the world I want.

Danielle (10m 57s):
I am on this path to massive abundance and success. Plus, you’re able to see this perspective of how
privileged you are already and having your business outcome, having your business independent of your
feelings, then you can put less pressure on yourself, on the outcome and just act from a place of inspiration.
Okay? So first is to have perspective. Now what next second tip, self care take care of your mental health. If
you are focusing 110% of your time into your business, you are most likely neglecting the parts of you that
really need attention.

Danielle (11m 40s):
The mindsets, the habits, the things that keep you sane and enjoying your life without stressing about what
your business is doing. Make time to prioritize, going out into nature. Getting off of the phone, getting off of
your computer, going for a walk outside, talking to a best friend, like do things that fill your cup. I promise
you, it’s going to help you show up for your business so much easier within the next year. One thing I really
want to do is invest in a 10 day of Upasana retreat. So it’s a 10 day silent retreat. And I really want to just
take so much time to myself that I can spend the rest of the year operating at a higher level.

Danielle (12m 25s):
I think it’s a misconception to think that you constantly need to be go, go, go all the time. And that’s the only
way to success. And many people are too shortsighted to see that taking time to yourself is so effective.
When you’re in a better place mentally, you will be able to ask yourself more empowered questions and
adopt a growth mindset. Like how many times have you just been in a really negative, dark place? And
someone’s just like, why don’t you be happy? Like be happier or do this. And I’m just like, you can’t force the
sun to shine. Like you can’t just tell me, oh, be happy.

Danielle (13m 8s):
Oh, that was easy. Like, I’ll be just be happy. No, you need to feel like you need to want it from inside. You
need to surround yourself in the environment that makes you happiest. That’s the most conducive to what
you are trying to achieve. And that’s when it’s going to come out, right? You’re not just going to force it on
someone. Same thing with business and success. You’re not just going to force someone to be successful.
You need to adopt the mindset and the environment and the self care habits. So that it’s the most conducive
for success. Next, I’m going to need you to what I call suck out the poison. This is a reference to one of my
favorite movies, mean girls where the main character catty.

Danielle (13m 51s):
She just fucks up a lot of things with her different friend circles. And in the end, she realizes what’s going to
solve all of these problems in her. Life is tackling it head on and she calls it, sucking out the poison in each
of her relationships. And this is what I kind of picture whenever I feel like I’m putting off something in my
business. It’s just this one thing that’s almost poisonous because it really messes up my mindset. It messes
up the momentum because maybe it’s just this one thing that I’ve been putting off for days and days and
weeks and months. And then I feel disempowered because I’m like, ah, it’s on my calendar again.

Danielle (14m 32s):
I still haven’t gotten to it. And it builds up to be so much bigger than it is. Usually. It’s like a task that takes,
you know, 30 minutes to an hour most, but it’s maybe the hardest one for you at the moment. Maybe it’s
going live. Maybe it’s sending out some sales emails. Those are the things you need to suck out all the
poison. And those are the things you need to do first so that you can reach the next level. Maybe you’ve
never done them before. Maybe there’s fear around it, right? Get to the bottom of it. And I promise you,
you’re going to feel so much lighter. This might not even be for anything business related, maybe something
in your personal life with your friends or family comes up, maybe in your relationship, like get to the bottom of

Danielle (15m 22s):
Because if anything is trickling into your energy, that’s taking over. That’s almost like poisonous or
cancerous. You need to act on it because it won’t go away. So remember, suck out the poison. And if you’ve
watched mean girls you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t just sweep it under the rug. Don’t just
keep moving it to the next day or the next day, like, get it done today. If something comes up in your mind
immediately, when I tell you this, that’s probably what you should be working on right now. Okay? Last but
not least. The best advice I have for you is to work with a coach, have a community, join a mastermind
where you’re not expected to go through this on your own.

Danielle (16m 7s):
You’re not expected to dig yourself out of these slumps on your own. It can be hard, especially if you’re new
to this, you need outside guidance and help and a community to lift you up over time. You’re going to
develop the skills. It’s going to be almost instinctive. You’re going to know, oh, this is just one of those
slumps. I’m going to get over it. But what is something I can do right now to help me feel better? Maybe it’s
taking a day or a week off social media, but working with a coach, having a community is going to help you
so much when you’re going through it for the first time. Maybe it’s your first year in business. You’re going to
need to develop those skills and act on it.

Danielle (16m 50s):
That’s key. It’s great. Just thinking, oh, this could work for me, but actually putting it in place. It looks so
different to every person. So you really need a test out what works for you and be self aware enough to
know that you need help and ask for it. Because when you ask for help, you will get it. When you want
something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. If you want to join the next cohort of
momentum mastermind, I’m going to enter the waitlist link in the episode description as well. If you are
looking for a community, if you feel like no one around you gets you. When you talk about these mindset
things. When you talk about business and travel and wanting a life of freedom and making a lot of money
and you just feel like you don’t have that around you, our next cohort will start in September.

Danielle (17m 41s):
And if you want to be the first to know when we are enrolling, then head over to the episode description. I
hope this episode was helpful. I can’t wait to hear all of the takeaways and the reflections that you have,
maybe some aha moments tag me in your stories. I repost every single one. Don’t forget to leave a review
and I will see you guys in the next episode, have an amazing week.


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