How to Change Fear-Based Thoughts and Beliefs to Empowering Ones

Big MINDSET episode today! With all the worry and fear and uncertainty going on in the world today, I share my 6-step process for changing your thoughts to those that make an impact and empower you. Tune in for your weekly dose of actionable motivation!

In this current world environment it can be so easy to overcome by fear, anger and emotions. This episode I discuss how you, as a business owner, can overcome fear through with a 6 step method to help you change your emotions into empowered action.

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Audio Transcript

Intro (5s):
The Wanderlover podcast was created with a mission to enable travel and freedom through entrepreneurship. I’m your host, Danielle Hu business mentor, content creator, and founder of The Wanderlover tune in every week for episodes about travel online business, social media, and mindset that will inspire you to take massive action towards living the life of your dreams. If you’ve been enjoying the Wanderlover podcast, if you’ve been tuning in and finding inspiration and taking away value, it would mean so much to me. If you could take a second to leave us a review on apple podcasts, I continue to record these episodes for you every single week and take all of your comments and feedback to heart.

Danielle (52s):
Thank you guys so, so much. Hi everyone. Welcome back to The Wanderlover Podcast. I’m Danielle Hu. And I am your host recording this episode from Monaco. I am in the middle of a three-month road trip with my boyfriend rags and his two friends from childhood. And we just got to this little nation. It’s actually the second smallest in the world after Vatican city located in the French Riviera and guys, fun fact, one in every three people here are millionaires. Isn’t that insane! Because it is a tax Haven, it just attracts so much wealth.

Danielle (1m 34s):
We went to Monte Carlo casino last night and right outside was a Bugatti surrounded by so many Ferrari’s, Rolls Royce’s, Lamborghinis and just amazing luxurious cars. And it feels so empowering to be just surrounded by another caliber of wealth. It reminds me of how possible it all is. The people right around me, they have built this lives for themselves, and it is just such a clear sign that if it is possible for them, it is possible for me. And if it is possible for me, it is possible for all of you too. Remember, one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books, ‘Secrets of the millionaire mind: mindset of rich people.’ “I admire rich people.

Danielle (2m 21s):
I bless rich people. I love rich people, and I’m going to be one of those rich people to bless that, which you want rich people admire other rich and successful people.” And so I hope you guys get a chance to visit this beautiful, beautiful country in the French Riviera and just see and take in everything around you, because it’s astonishing. We’re going to be driving over to the west coast of France. So it’s a hot score next for some surfing in freezing cold waters. I have my wetsuit with me, but I’m still excited. And just get back into the water.

Danielle (3m 2s):
It’s supposed to be really good for longboarding and just to get back in the water because I miss surfing so much. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, make sure to follow at the Wanderlover for all of your travel and business adventures around the world. And just a reminder, if you haven’t watched my free masterclass, yet it is still available how to build a successful online business that allows you to travel the world. So if you are listening to this and you resonate with my adventures around the world and also building a wildly successful business and have this life for yourself, tune into my free masterclass, I will link it in the episode description.

Danielle (3m 46s):
So with that being said today, I want to dive into How to Change Fear Based Thoughts and Beliefs to Empowering Ones. And I was really called to record this episode only because of all the fear and uncertainty going on in the world right now, it is absolutely a heartbreaking what is going on in Ukraine right now. And if you’re like me, if you are a business owner and an empath, you feel so deeply what people you don’t know are going through, but what you see from media, right? You can imagine their pain, you can imagine and feel the injustice and feel your emotions boiling up inside of you.

Danielle (4m 28s):
And when this happens, when you are a business owner, it is so, so important to recognize how your surroundings and what you take in affect your energy, how it affects you. Are you feeling empowered or are you feeling depressed? And so today I want to share it with all of you, how to at the same time, be aware of what’s going on, make empowering decisions to help the situation, but also change all of your fear-based thoughts into empowering ones. And this is going to go more than just current events and news. It’s going to apply for all your business activities, whatever you’re going through, it’s going to teach you how to manage your energy better so that you can have a sustainable and successful business model.

Danielle (5m 18s):
This is going to address all of your limiting beliefs, all of your fear thoughts, because let’s say you are launching a completely new program, right? And you go into it. You’re going to say to yourself, I’m going to fill this up. I’m going to have five people in my group program. You have your launch calendar, your sales page, your potential clients, but deep down, if you have any fear-based thoughts or limiting beliefs of not being worthy of imposter syndrome and you choose to hold onto that, it will not serve you. And most likely you’re not going to have a successful launch.

Danielle (5m 58s):
So for example, let’s say it is day seven of your month long launch. And after seven days of posting about your program, sending emails and newsletters, talking to people in the DMS, but no one joins your group program after day seven of 28. And let’s say on day seven, you were scheduled to go live on Instagram. Today. When you were in a confident state of mind, you had planned to go live because you were like, this is what is best for my business. But because let’s say you’re thinking no one is going to join any way. No one has joined.

Danielle (6m 39s):
Maybe I’m not good enough. And it starts affecting your actions. The likelihood of you going live with all of those conflicting thoughts and fear-based beliefs inside of you, the likelihood of you going live right now is probably going to be around zero, right? The chances of you not even going live, or let’s say you have asset, and you’re like, I’m just going to do it to get it over with, but your soul, the purpose, the mission isn’t there. It’s not going to carry the same weight. Your audience is going to feel it. And it’s this cycle of self-sabotage because you’re not doing what you had planned. And in response, you’re not getting clients signed up because you’re not showing up a hundred percent and it’s this self fulfilling prophecy, right?

Danielle (7m 27s):
And so if this is you, if you are prone to thinking fear-based thoughts and beliefs, if you are an empath that takes in the negative energy and puts yourself in other people’s shoes and somehow takes away the confidence from yourself. If this is you keep listening, because I’m going to teach you exactly how to change these fear-based thoughts and beliefs. So first step is to identify the disempowering thought, and this sounds easy, but putting it into action is the hardest part. You need to be self aware enough that you can identify the exact thought that is disempowering.

Danielle (8m 12s):
And when you first try to do this, your mind might try to convince you out of it. You might single out something as disempowering, such as we’re going to get nuked by Russia, right? Or I’m never going to be successful. It is up to you to recognize it. Even when the logical part of your brain might be like, but this is all, all the reasons why this is such a logical belief. This is all the reasons why it’s going to happen in the future. I have a podcast episode from one of my first weeks of recording. The Wanderlover podcast called worrying is praying for what you don’t want. And that is exactly what you do. If you focus on the worst case scenario, you are praying for what you don’t want. Danielle (8m 55s):
And there’s only 24 hours in a day. Time is finite. So every second, every minute that you spend thinking about a disempowering thought, we all know your thoughts, influence your feelings, which influences your actions, which influences your results. So if you’re not working on changing those thoughts, you’re not going to get different results. So it is up to you to recognize when Spurling on Instagram and getting hit with imposter syndrome hits you, or you start comparing. It is up to you to recognize that that is disempowering. Maybe you’re scrolling on Tik Tok, and you’re starting to feel depressed or helpless that you can stop scrolling.

Danielle (9m 37s):
It is up to you to recognize that that is not serving you next. Once you are able to accurately identify these disempowering thoughts and not talk yourself out of it, don’t be like, oh, but I’m just watching the news to be up to date. It is the best for me. It’s good for the world. And I need to be doing this. No, no more of making yourself stay in a situation that’s making you unhappy. You need to recognize this is making me depressed. This is making me disempowered. And you have to ask yourself, how do I change this? How do I start thinking about the best case scenario or get me to a better mood when then I can act from an inspired place.

Danielle (10m 22s):
And what I explain to my clients is that there’s always an opposite. You can’t have a worst case scenario without having a best case scenario. It’s the law of polarity. Let’s say you are playing tennis with your friend and the ball’s going back and forth and you’re not keeping score. It’s just a fun game. Then that’s an even playing field, right? But as soon as one of you guys wants to be a winner, there must be a loser. You can’t have a winner. And just a participant it’s winner loser, right? Same thing with light and dark. You can’t have light. If there is no dark, if it was just always light, then it would just be this even playing ground where there’s no opposites, there’s no polarity.

Danielle (11m 10s):
So same thing. If you are worrying about the worst case scenario, there must mean that in this world, there is also a chance that the best case scenario happens, even if history and whatever happened in the past, doesn’t support that best case scenario. That does not matter because the outcome is still there. The possibility is still there. And that is what we want to focus on. Just because you got no one enrolled in the first seven days, doesn’t mean you’re going to get zero enrollments in the next 21 days, right? Just because you get zero enrollments in the first 27 days, doesn’t mean you’re going to get zero enrollments on the 28th day.

Danielle (11m 53s):
And that is the mindset that we want to adopt. So ask yourself when you’re able to first identify the disempowering thought. The second step is to ask yourself, is this serving me right now? And you must want change. You must want different results because it’s just so easy to be like, oh no, it’s not serving me, but I don’t, you know, I don’t want to change. Sometimes it’s comfortable to just soak and just let me be like life isn’t fair. This is so unjust. I can’t do this. I don’t want to think about anything positive right now.

Danielle (12m 35s):
I just want to continue this episode. And that is fine. Take your time if you need. But if this becomes a habit and you’re just going about the motions, because it’s, what’s comfortable, you’re not going to get different results. So you must want different results. You must be willing to do what is uncomfortable, which is thinking differently. And recognizing that you’re able to think differently because once you take the power and the control back to yourself, and you’re able to start controlling your thoughts, that is where the magic happens. So step two, ask yourself, is this serving me right now?

Danielle (13m 16s):
And how can I change my thoughts? The third step before we change, these thoughts is to list all the reasons why you can do something, why there is a best case scenario. So going back to the launch example, why are you qualified to do this? I have all of my clients complete this brag about yourself, worksheet, where we literally just list every single thing that they’re proud of, that they’ve accomplished in their life. I want them to feel like they’re on top of the world because we are each individually. So, so unique. And over time, society has just either made us go into a hamster wheel.

Danielle (13m 58s):
Sometimes you might just feel like a cog in the machine of corporate life, right? And your confidence goes down, but I want my clients to shine as bright as they possibly can and have a document in front of them, telling them to themselves, why exactly they are qualified to do this and why they’re going to be successful entrepreneurs. So brag about yourself. List out affirmations, take a bath, make yourself feel good, but you need to come back to why you are so, so capable next step four, list. Everything that you are grateful for because when we are so focused on what is going wrong and what the worst case scenario is very infrequently, do we come back to gratitude and gratitude is always necessary.

Danielle (14m 52s):
You cannot lose track of how far you’ve come and how blessed you are to be in this situation right now. Because if you zoom out, zoom out to the whole world to everyone’s lives, if you are struggling with your online business, which is inevitable, right? Everyone struggles with business. But the fact that you have a business, you have an audience you’re able to work online. That is already so far ahead of so many of most people out in the world, trying to get time, freedom, location, freedom, financial freedom. If you are in a position where this is an option for your future, it’s already so much to celebrate and we need to be grateful.

Danielle (15m 36s):
We need to be grateful for the hurdles for the learnings, because it’s not going to be easy. And if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. The next step after you’ve listed all the reasons why you can do this and list out everything that you are grateful for. What I want you to do is to think about the best case scenario for your life and business. Instead of focusing on the worst, such as we’re going to get nuked or no, one’s going to sign up for my program. Think about the best case scenario. There’s going to be no war. I’m going to fill up my group program. And I am so excited.

Danielle (16m 16s):
I can even increase the number of people. I sign this round and I’m just so excited to get my offer out there. I am grateful to be working on this as my life’s purpose. And I am going to continue this path no matter how hard it gets, because I can do it. So list out the best case scenario, because we have already established that it is a total possibility for your future, that it plays out the best case scenario. If your mind is capable of convincing itself, that your worst case scenario is possible, then your mind is just as capable of convincing yourself that the best case scenario is possible.

Danielle (17m 2s):
And we all know in this community, which one I want all of you to be focusing on, always last but not least. Once we have completed steps, one to five, I want you to take inspired action. So write down and execute on one physical thing for your business. That gets you closer to your goals. This can be as simple as posting on Instagram. This can be as simple as sending out a newsletter or reaching out to potential clients, but you have to be doing something that gets you closer to your goals instead of remaining in a sulking state, taking in all the depressing news around you, taking in all of the limiting beliefs and maybe even trying to believe it, oh, gross.

Danielle (17m 51s):
We don’t want that. Right? I want you to take inspired action and get back on track. This is going to take practice. I promise you. It’s not going to be as easy as switch. I believe the best case scenario today. It’s going to take time. But now that you’ve recognized that you have the power to change it, I promise you, you’re going to see so many things shift in your life because you’re going to feel in control of your thoughts. Let me give you another example. So going back to maybe you were supposed to post on Instagram. You want to find a reel and you’re looking through reels and you find so many accounts. You’re like, oh, this is such a good audio. I wish I thought of that idea. You go on their profile.

Danielle (18m 32s):
They have hundreds of thousands of followers. And you’re like, oh my God, they’re so ahead. Maybe I shouldn’t even post this real. It’s not even going to be as good. No, one’s even signing out to my program. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t want to be posting this real right now. I’m not even qualified. You need to stop there. As soon as you hear those thoughts working inside of your brain, you need to stop yourself. Identify those disempowering thoughts. You need to ask yourself, is this serving me right now? I’m on Instagram, on Instagram reels, trying to create content for my business and get inspiration. But instead I feel disempowered. So it’s not serving me.

Danielle (19m 13s):
And I want to change that. So what I’m going to do is stop scrolling. I’m going to just go into my saved adios, pick one, and create something with the audio. I don’t need to look for more audios. I’m going to create something right now for my business. That is an example of changing those fear-based thoughts and taking inspired action. Let’s go one step farther. Let’s say your rent is coming up and you are worried about how you can pay your rent next week for the month. And you’re thinking to yourself, oh my gosh, my business is not taking off. I don’t know if I can pay rent.

Danielle (19m 53s):
I also have so many credit card bills to pay off. I also have this expense coming up and I also have to pay this expense for my business. And then you start spiraling into this episode of disempowerment, right? When you are able to catch yourself thinking about something, you might deem as so logical, you’re like, well, I have these expenses and I have to pay them off. I need to be thinking about this, but changing that cycle and recognizing these thoughts are not serving you. Why am I not working on my business instead, because that can generate the income needed to pay off my bills and exponentially grow my business.

Danielle (20m 35s):
So I never have to worry about paying the rent again. So when you start thinking about those thoughts, recognize, and then ask, is this serving me right now? No matter how much you can try to convince yourself, you need to be honest and be like, no, it’s not. Now step three lists all the reasons why you can do this. Why you can make enough money with your business to pay off all of those bills, to pay your rent, to pay all of those expenses, to reinvest into your business list. All the reasons why you can refer to the brag about yourself, affirmations, have a morning routine, get your energy back up for list things.

Danielle (21m 19s):
You are grateful for everything going right in your life. Right now, there is always, always, always something to be grateful for. And we want to tune in to that vibration. Number five, what is the best case scenario? So instead of thinking, oh my gosh, I have thousands and thousands of dollars to pay off right now start thinking best case scenario. I can be making thousands and thousands and thousands more thousands of dollars from my business to pay off the rent. And it’s not even going to be an issue. So what are you going to focus on the income or the expenses with the limited amount of time in a day, 24 hours, you’re asleep for eight of them.

Danielle (22m 1s):
So be really mindful of what goes on in your mind, in the rest of the time. Don’t focus on the expenses, focus on your potential income after you do that. Take inspired action. One thing closer. So maybe you spend the next day emailing, sending out 50 emails to potential clients. And Hey, guess what? In 24 hours you might be signing on to new clients that covers the rest of your month expenses, best case scenario, thinking better thoughts, thinking different thoughts will give you different feelings, different actions, and different results. As you guys go through this week.

Danielle (22m 42s):
I hope you are just really mindful of what you let in your frame of reference in your energy, protect it and know that you are always in control of your thoughts. I hope you all have a fantastic week. Next week’s episode will be from France. Any questions? Just email me, DME. My DMS are always open and I will see you in the next episode.


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Danielle Hu

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