How to Call In a Wildly Abundant 2023!

Happy 2023 my loves! We are calling in your biggest year yet - financially AND energetically. In this episode, we go through the necessary strategy and mindset to make this happen. Enroll in the Business Academy this month and get a free 1:1 goal mapping session for your most abundant year!

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Happy New year! I want to help you turn lofty new years resolutions into committed action and call in a wildly abundant 2023! Let’s make it your year no matter what stands in your way!

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How To Start Your Business in 2023

Happy New Year guys! Happy 2023. I am just buzzing with so much energy from an amazing celebration bringing in the new year with all of my closest friends.

I hope all of you are excited for what is to come, and I am very excited to be recording this episode talking all about calling in your most abundant year. Yet this applies to those of you who already have your online businesses up and running as well as those of you who want to introduce an income stream into your life in this new year. I’ve been getting many messages the past few weeks asking where do I get started? How do I get started, right? What do I learn first and how do I create a business that lets me travel the world, experience the time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom?

If 2023 is the year you decide to commit to your online business and start it. Finally, I want to invite you into the Wanderlover Business Academy where I teach you step by step how to decide on your business idea and the online systems, learn the business side of creativity so that you are able to grow your business and make money from anywhere in the world. There is a wifi connection. I’ll include the link in the episode description and if this feels aligned to what you’re trying to accomplish this year, check out the Academy. I’m also including a free goal mapping session with me so that we can plan out exactly what you’re working on and give you the clarity and the confidence to make it work for yourself.

I’m going to be offering this for the month of January only, so let me know when you enroll, and I will send over my calendar so you can schedule yourself in. We did a goal mapping session in the Wanderlover Community, the free Facebook group last year at the end of 2022, and the word that kept coming up, if you listen to the last podcast episode and maybe you even created your own vision board, maybe you even have it on there too, and the word I’m talking about is abundance. Abundance is something that as entrepreneurs, as business owners, we want more and more of and what better word, what better episode to start off the new year, then an entire episode about calling in wild abundance for 2023.

My Journey To Abundance

This feels so good, and I’m just so grateful that I’m able to speak to you about this because abundance is something that at once seemed so foreign to me, but now I am just so familiar with the concept of abundance. Last year in 2022, we ran the numbers and the Wander Lover doubled annual revenue in one year, and thinking back to when I was working in corporate finance, the thought of doubling your salary in one year seems impossible, right? It probably is somewhat still impossible. Maybe you double your salary one year, but then to continuously be able to do that year over year, there’s limits, right?

There’s limits. When you are working for someone else as a business owner, you open up the opportunity for you to do things that are seemingly impossible to the rest of the world, and I think that’s what drives me to work on my business every day to grow it and be so excited about it because of all these limitless opportunities. And if you are listening and you have your own business and you want 2023 to be the most abundant year financially in terms of time, in terms of location, know that you have the power to, and it doesn’t have to be in a sense where you have to sacrifice.

You don’t have to sacrifice working on your business for traveling or spending time with your kids or with loved ones. 2022 was a year that I continued to travel full-time. I visited 10 countries, I lived on three continents and I surfed every day, and I nurtured a thriving relationship with my partner where we both felt supported. He was also growing his online business and we traveled together. There was really no sacrifice made, and that is truly because I believe that you can have it all, and if I can have it all, then mark my words and trust my words when I say that.

You can have it all as well. I want to double our annual revenue again this year. I want to continue traveling full-time with rags. I want to take our relationship to the next level. I want to double our annual revenue for my second business, Anda. I want to purchase an investment property, and I hope you’re catching on to the fact that it can only ever get better. Even if you thought you experienced the best year of your life, it can always get better.

How To Create Abundance

And so first, feeling the energy and believing that it is possible for you. That is what we want to embody as you listen to this podcast episode. Just knowing that everything you desire is already on its way to you. This episode comes out January 2nd, so it is the second day of 2023. If abundance is something you want in your life, start feeling it today. Start embracing it today. Start introducing little rituals in your day to day that make you feel abundant and limitless. This is the trick because abundance isn’t something you wake up with one day and it happens to you.

It’s not like on May 4th you wake up and you’re like, I am abundance. I have reached my abundance. It doesn’t happen that way, and so if this is something lofty that you are trying to achieve in the distant future, that’s simply just not how it works. If you want to call in abundance into your life, you need to start changing your day-to-day. Incorporate little rituals. So what I love to do, I get really bougie candles. I love candles. I justify spending a lot on them because it makes me feel elevated. I get my nails done because that’s also another thing that activates this abundant energy and the confidence within me.

It’s going to look different for every person. It’s gonna look different for you. It doesn’t have to be book the five Star Luxury Resort and spend thousands and thousands of dollars. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but learning to incorporate the smallest things, maybe adding a slice of lemon to your water, maybe it’s sipping on a glass of wine with your dinner, activate that feeling and be super intentional with it. Recognize how you feel when abundance is all around you and you’re gonna start noticing it more and more. Having your online business enables again, time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom.

Let’s say it’s two o’clock in the afternoon and you don’t have to be in an office working for someone else, and you have 10 minutes off before your next meeting. In that moment, you can do a little meditation, being grateful for that abundance of time that you have the control over your time, where you don’t have to be working for anyone else, where you can sit at your desk or sit on your couch and truly enjoy those 10 minutes, those abundant 10 minutes that many people who work for someone else aren’t able to ever experience on a weekday. I know because I’ve been there. If you decide to take your work to a cafe one day, notice and be grateful for the location freedom that you have, are you catching on?

Do you see how you can activate abundance in your day-to-day? And so again, it starts with first believing that anything is possible for you this year. Then it’s embodying this day-to-day abundance, including small little rituals that make you feel limitless instead of only focusing on the number goal or the annual goal that you have written down. But we want to start with the micro. Now, when we work up towards the macro, it’ll be easier for us because we’re already in the flow of abundance. We’re not talking ourselves out of our crazy ideas. We’re not saying things like, you can’t do it. Who are you to be doing this?

We’re replacing all of that with little rituals to remind yourself how badass and how capable you are every single day. When we work up to the macro, what I want you to focus on this year is falling in love with the process and committing to your business 110%. And what I mean by that is growing your business isn’t black and white. It’s not going to be one thing that makes your business successful or not. It’s not going to be the one ads course or the one ads manager or starting a podcast or hiring a coach. It’s going to look like a holistic combination of everything.

And when you stop chasing the answer or like the secret and you fall in love with the process of recording episodes every week, nurturing a community and showing up for your audience every week, when you fall in love with that, that is what truly creates your brand and makes you profitable. This is really similar to the process of getting your dream body right. It’s not gonna be the one diet or the one piece of information that you learn from YouTube or the one workout that you try. It’s going to be a holistic shift in your lifestyle and the dedication to learning what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, finding mentors, finding coaches that help you stay accountable, finding the diet that you can stick with, the workouts that actually work for you, you.

And it’s a combination of all of these things, and ultimately it’s putting in the work, doing the hours, doing your exercises, sticking with your meal plan, listening to your mentors, finding your mentors, finding your community. All of these things are gonna help you get to your goal. So similar with business, you want to fall in love with the process of learning, of failing, of achieving, finding your community, doing the work every single day, showing up and finding the rituals that work for you as a business owner. You’re not gonna have the answers delivered to you. You can learn from many different sources and apply it to yourself, and this is what is going to bring in the abundance for the year.

Being time conscious and understanding priorities 

Next, we want to be really conscious of what we are spending our time on. And bringing back the exercise example, if you want to achieve your dream body, you need to be working out every day, right? Focusing and prioritizing exercise and sticking to your meal plan similar to your online business. What habits are you going to be introducing that will get you to that financial goal? So let’s say you wanna hit six figures in 2023. How are you going to do that?

And the answer is marketing and selling, right? If you can introduce marketing and sales into your daily habits, into your daily workflow, then you’re going to make sales and you’re going to get clients. And also think logically about what you can control on a day-to-day basis, what you can improve in your business and what you can learn. Calling in massive abundance is as much strategic as it is mindset. Strategically thinking as a business owner, as ceo, how can you bring your business to the next level?

What systems can you introduce? What can you invest in? What can can you improve? And what can you learn if you think it’s something valuable that you have no idea how to do? So for example, in 2023, I invested $10,000 into a systems rebuild on my backend. I wanted everything to be streamlined because I just feel like there’s so many moving pieces, and I just want one platform where I can manage all of my workflows, where I can communicate to every person on my team, and this is something that had to come outside of my day-to-day. I saw the opportunity for increased efficiency, and this isn’t something that came from my mentors or that any of my mentors told me I had to do.

It’s not necessary. But for me as a business owner, I saw it as something that will take my business to the next level. So if you are to think critically in 2023, what can you improve and what can you learn? Take your emotions out of it and try new things. See what works for you. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and that’s completely okay. We want to be visionary business owners and leaders for our own community. 

Being Your Own Cheerleader

The last thing to really focus on this year to call in your most abundant year yet is your own inner voice. You have to be your own number one cheerleader at all times, and that’s not going to happen if you default and resort to negative self-talk.

And we’ve all been there, right? Everyone has this inner mean girl, and honestly, it is almost impossible to completely get rid of her or him. What helps is naming it, putting an identity to them, and recognizing when they’re creeping up, we want to give their voice the least amount of power we possibly can. Silence it. Reach out to people who help you silence it and find your own way to manage it. There have been so many times when I first started my business where that voice kept creeping up and it was up to me at those darkest of times to keep going, find the things that inspire me to move forward.

Sometimes it didn’t come from within. Now, most of the time it does. I am my own biggest cheerleader. I am the biggest cheerleader for every single one of my clients, and over time, they learn how to instill the same confidence in themselves as I have in them. When you can seamlessly introduce all of these things from the micro habits to the macro big picture vision you have for your life, that is when it all lines and it becomes your reality. 

Manifestations for an Abundant 2023

I’m going to finish this episode with three affirmations for you. So grab a pen and paper or open up a note on your phone and repeat them to yourself every single day for 21 days.

Number one, I am an energetic match for millions of dollars. Number two, the more I invest in my business and my higher self, the more it is returned to me financially and energetically. Number three, money is always coming to me in expected and unexpected ways. 

I have a full list of 88 manifestations for abundance if you would like to focus even more on transforming your mindset through affirmations. 

Let me know what came up for you in this episode. Feel free to DM me on Instagram, and if you want to share your vision board with me so that I can share it with my community, feel free to send that over as well.

I am calling in your most abundant year, yet it can only get better from here. Wishing you guys so much happiness, love, peace, joy, travel, freedom, and success this year. Let’s get started.


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Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu is a multiple 6-figure travel influencer, business coach, and Founder of The Wanderlover. She has traveled to over 65+ countries running her online business and surfing in remote tropical destinations. Her mission is to help creatives and coaches achieve time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom through online entrepreneurship.

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My mission is to help you design a location-independent lifestyle through online entrepreneurship, to achieve time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom.

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