Healing through Hypnotherapy w/ Chrestella Djap

Ever wondered how your past experiences and actions shape your current beliefs and reality as an adult? And most of the time, it’s subconscious! This week, we have special guest Chrestella Djap, Bali-based hypnotherapist who helps people heal past traumas and courageously live their most authentic life. We have a raw, vulnerable conversation about her own healing journey, and how hypnotherapy can help unlock your full potential.

This week I have a raw and vulnerable conversation with Bali based Hypnotherapist Chrestella Djap. We talk about accessing the subconscious (1:30), the power of self awareness (8:00) and how hypnotherapy can allow us to unlock our full potential in both our business and personal life (24:20).

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Audio Transcript

Danielle (5s):
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Danielle (52s):
Thank you guys so, so much. Hi everyone. Welcome back to The Wanderlover Podcast. This week on the show, we have special guest Chrestella Djap, who is a Bali based hypnotherapist, dear friend, and a member of momentum mastermind. Her mission is to ignite the light for lifelong learners and seekers to transform, reclaim their innate power and courageously live their most authentic life. Welcome to the show Chrestella

Chrestella (1m 22s):
Thank you for having me.

Danielle (1m 24s):
Thank you so much for being here. So, first of all, for our listeners who may have never heard of hypnotherapy before, can you please explain briefly what exactly hypnotherapy is?

Chrestella (1m 38s):
Okay, so hypnotherapy as a form of therapy, where we address issues true, accessing the subconscious mind, because the subconscious mind has all the memories that has ever happened to us. And what people do not realize is that all of us operate kind of automatically through the subconscious spine, because our logical mind only consists of like the 10% of our brain and the rest, the 90%, we just automatically react to things. Subconsciously do things out of habits, out of repetitions. So for issues, people ask specially look for hypnotherapy for issues that they know that they want to fix, or they want to solve, but they get somehow it’s like consciously.

Chrestella (2m 29s):
They know they want to change that, but some way, somehow they’re just unable to do that. And usually it’s true. The subconscious mind that we can reframe and reconstruct the certain beliefs or like limiting beliefs and habits and patterns,

Danielle (2m 44s):
Because a lot of it stems from childhood, right. And what we learned growing up, and if we don’t take initiative to address somethings that happens to us when we were little, we carry them into adulthood. And that’s what I find fascinating. So I was actually a client of Casella’s and we connected so many dots. I think it’s so powerful being self-aware so you can shift how you perceive your current reality and when habits come up, you’re like, wait, I know exactly why I feel this way, why I’m acting this way and you can now choose how to react going forward.

Chrestella (3m 21s):
Exactly. Like people think consciously they know what’s going on. They know why they do a certain way. They know why they feel this way. And a lot of people, especially people that come to me, they’ll be like, yeah, but I already know the lessons from that past or whatever it is. But what people don’t realize is that they, we are analyzing things are under strength, understanding it, true, the logical mind, but innately in our body. For example, if it’s grief or rage or anything, have we truly forget about those moments or are we holding a lot of suppressed and repressed emotions that are still stuck in our body, you know, and are also hindering us from moving forward, releasing prospect for us to evolve as well to transcend our limitations.

Danielle (4m 13s):
So beautiful. So how did you enter this space? What first sparked your interest about him? No therapy.

Chrestella (4m 21s):
I definitely go to hypnotherapy because of my own self healing journey. As you mentioned earlier, like a lot of us got conditions when we were kids, because when we are still a kit, we don’t, we don’t actually have our conscious mind develop yet. So from zero to seven, all we have is actually our subconscious mind. So what ever you experienced in that point of time in your life and what people say to you, whether it’s true or not true. For example, if people say you are fat, you believe that you are fat because you don’t have that logical mind to discern what is right and what is wrong and you just absorb everything.

Chrestella (5m 4s):
So whatever you see, whatever you hear, you think that that is your truth. So, and that’s how conditioning starts going back to my own childhood. I was raised in a very authoritarian childhood. And if people are not sure about what that is, is basically expecting a big audience and resolve through instilling fear and just like a lot of people out there. I also know that my parents love me very much and they just don’t know any better to like raise a kid cause not to humble brag, but I was a pretty smart kid as well, growing up.

Chrestella (5m 47s):
So as funny, but my parents, they instill even more like fear and punishment because they see results for me, the more feel fear, the more I produce results. So the more they do that, but of course to them, it comes out of love. It comes out of them not knowing better, but, and there’s just like a typical Asian tiger parents. I think they expect results, expect obedience. And then maybe compare me to like my cousins or my friends. They couldn’t accept like a B grade art, any like simple things like that.

Chrestella (6m 29s):
But that, because of that, now I understand the emotions that I went through. But at that time I clearly don’t know what I was going through, but there was like a lot of fear. And then the comparisons make me feel a lot of shame. And then because they also, and I noticed very well that they went through a harder childhood. Like I went through my childhood very comfortably and they went through so much hardships growing up. So there are times where they would put like a personal comments maybe out of their own wounds that they didn’t heal.

Chrestella (7m 10s):
But like, you know, you have it so much better than me, but as a kid growing up, listening to that repeatedly, that also instilled a lot of guilt, you know? So I am not enough or I’m, I’m not already as a kid just being myself like, and as a kid, you just want your parents to love you as a kid. You just want your yeah. Your parents love. So that’s where the unworthiness, like the undesirable feeling like I’m not already as a kid and I have to show them results for them to love me. I think. Yeah. I think that’s what makes me go to hypnotherapy to revisit this past memories.

Chrestella (7m 55s):
I know I have so much potential than just living in anxiety and I wanted to heal that and see what will I transform without all this past baggage? And that’s when I start my journey. And then

Danielle (8m 9s):
That is so powerful being self-aware enough to realize how your childhood trauma is affecting you present day. And I think there is so much power in knowing that you can change right by digging and healing the past. It can open up so many doors for your future. That’s not written by guilt and anxiety, which is why I think what you do is just so beautiful because through your own healing journey, you’re now able to help so many other people do the same.

Chrestella (8m 44s):
I think a lot of people don’t realize that there’s just so much potentials in them. I think when we’re just stuck in uncomfortable situations, we become very boxed up and couldn’t see past what our potential is. It’s very easy for other people to see it sometimes. But for ourselves definitely it’s that,

Danielle (9m 6s):
Especially if you’re used to just like diminishing your credibility or like talking yourself down, you know, you want to be humble. And so you’re like, oh no, but like, everyone else is doing it. I’m not special. And like,

Chrestella (9m 19s):
Yeah, as that’s like a repeating pattern over and over again, but having kinked so much, even for myself, like by personality, my identity, how I perceive life, how life brought me transformed because I transformed knowing that I was the catalyst for the things that changes around me, even like how my parents now we act to me end up sort of like all the little stuff, but having, experiencing that and knowing that that’s possible whenever I see someone and me having the wisdom that all your life experiences is actually there to show you for you to look at, to revisit for you and for you to transform trans transcend your limitations and transformed through that.

Chrestella (10m 13s):
So everybody who comes to me and they share their life stories and I’m like, ah, these are the lessons. And I can’t wait for you to transform all of this, but for these people, they might not, especially if you’re in, if they’re experienced at, for so long, you lose track of like, what is possible. Like you’re just, your mind is just clouded. And me at the other end, having gotten through all of this changes and knowing that that person has so much potential. I just, I’m just like, oh, I can’t wait for you to experience this and see things from like a whole new perspective.

Danielle (10m 51s):
Yeah. It’s like, you can’t see the picture when you’re inside the frame and because you’ve done the inner work and you’ve done, you’ve gone through hypnotherapy and you’ve addressed it. You can now see how you’ve stepped out into like a bigger frame. Right. But it’s so hard when you haven’t started that journey yet. Or maybe you’re just in the beginning and you know that there’s something out there, but it’s hard for you to see it. And part of you almost doesn’t want to believe it because you’ve held on to your past and your reality for so long that it’s scary. You’re like, holy shit. What if my whole life does change? And then it becomes uncomfortable because then you want to stay in the comfort of the anxiousness or the guilt.

Danielle (11m 33s):
And so, yeah.

Chrestella (11m 34s):
And I’m guilty of that. Like whenever I have to go through changes in life and all of us have to go through, all of us have to go through changes in life. Like every time you upgrade, there’s also another upgrade waiting to come. Right. And I feel very guilty of like sticking to what I feel is comfortable because I fear the unknown as well. Like I’m also human, but when, whenever I transcend that experience, I’m like, whoa, I wish I have let go of that sooner. I wish I have put a step forward, you know, like gain the courage earlier and then like stop. And because it’s such a relief, it’s like, literally it felt like a liberation.

Chrestella (12m 16s):
Yeah. And you allow new stuff to come in.

Danielle (12m 20s):
Yeah. What sparked your initial interest in this self-growth journey when you were like, you know what I’m going to learn and I’m going to change and start this unknown path and see where it takes me.

Chrestella (12m 40s):
Well, because of the way I was brought up, I, now I know I’ve lived in a survival mode. All my life. My nervous system is work. And I have always been operating from like fight or flight or free sport. But at that time, obviously growing up, I didn’t know any of that because I felt like that was the norm. And just growing up, going to school and everything. Like I was an introvert. I Excel very well in school because I’ve always been motivated by results. Right. Ever, ever since I was a kid, I was ready to condition. As long as you produce results, you are wordy.

Chrestella (13m 21s):
But beyond that, I don’t have any sense of software. I didn’t know my idea to T like I thought I am just this kind of person, like my personality and everything. If people hate me, then yeah. I’m just this type of person, you know, like I can’t self-reflect. And even if I could, there’s just so much maybe anger, rage, density, like having it as so weird. Cause going up, I didn’t have much friends in a way because I was never taught to interact to people. I don’t know how to interact with people because as a kid, I just have so many tuitions.

Chrestella (14m 3s):
All my schedules are filled up. I never, I never had that childhood of like just going out and play with your friends. Exactly. And even docs got, get to like interact with other knobs, you know? But anyway, I I’m always in hypervigilant mode, I was always in survival mode. And then it also leads me to so many toxic relationships because going up that way, I think I also develop an insecure attachment. So whenever I know that someone loves me, I want to attach to a two dose to dose people because I’ve never felt like I’ve never experienced love and I don’t want to lose all these people that show their care to me.

Chrestella (14m 48s):
And even if it’s already a toxic relationship, we’ve been, if didn’t go well, like I would still want to attach to those. Cause I thought loving means not giving up. You know, that’s, that’s how I see how I perceive love growing up. And once I graduated school, I did very well in school. I double major, I graduated university at 19, but when I go to the real world and I have to apply for jobs to interviews, I am so bad at it that to the point that it’s like, I can’t function for anybody who experienced mental affections.

Chrestella (15m 29s):
Like, you know that you are going through something very, you are going, like, I don’t want to label people like this, like this and that, but you know, you’re going through something. If it’s already hindering your normal day-to-day life. And at that time I really can’t do interviews. I would be very anxious. I couldn’t sleep at all. And it was just really, really bad. And all of that. Now I understand because I have a fear of authoritative figure, like as a kid, like I’m always scared or somebody who holds the rain that can alter like make the final decision. I’m always afraid of that.

Chrestella (16m 11s):
So yeah, I graded at school very, fairly young and also a great school, but I wasn’t able to, I just want to apply for the best jobs. And yet I would feel scared if I actually get a call. So I’ll be like, please call me, please. I don’t think I’ll be able to do this. I kept self-sabotaging myself. And of course my parents couldn’t understand that. And I would rather like, hi, I would rather hide in my room. I was clearly going to a depressive episodes of my life because now I feel really unwordy like all my achievement all this time, I thought I was doing well.

Chrestella (16m 53s):
And now I’m like incapable of just doing what normal people do. You know, it’s just applying for jobs. There’s no right or wrong. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. If you get it, you get it. But there’s just a lot of, yeah, there was just a lot of failure. Like even if I don’t get it, I don’t want to know that I don’t get it. I would rather not even start because the sense of failure is just so huge. So I went to a depressive episodes and in my parents’ eyes, I was just being lazy. Like, why are you just in your room? Why are you not even out there or like do anything or do something because in Asian households too, you know, like mental health, isn’t talked about it as like something real to be addressed.

Chrestella (17m 41s):
And I think for parents who also grew up in a harsh childhood, they also kind of use force to go through things. Like if I can suck it up, you can suck it out. Like I eat, do it. Like that’s how I was brought up and how I push through life. Like not really surrendering and going with the flow. So I got into a few jobs in different fields, but it never felt fulfilling. And obviously I also always keep feeling the anxiety brewing deep down is that it definitely wanted me to look at it to heal it, but I just keep pushing through life. Cause I thought, well, I still manage what’s what’s the next thing like that kind of thing until my last job before I became a hypnotherapist right now was as an FNB manager.

Chrestella (18m 34s):
And I took that job because I want to challenge my fear of social anxiety. I want to be able to talk to people. So I wanted to challenge that. So I took that job and I realized through that job that I love connecting so much with other people. I love con like I just love listening to people’s stories and the bars and I get along so well with like the operation people. But the reason why it was so easy for me to be in that flow state was because there’s endless drinks as an FNB manager.

Chrestella (19m 15s):
There was just endless drinks. Like it’s part of the job every day. Liquid courage. Yeah. Yeah. That’s true. That’s really true. Yeah. It’s so funny. But I got, but just from that alone, I had that realization just from that past experience, even though in my parents, eyes are like, what kind of person you want to be? You go back home everyday at 4:00 AM. You’re completely drunk all the time, but it was such a valuable lesson for me that only I understand nobody understands it was such a big revelation that, you know what, I actually love to connect with people.

Chrestella (19m 56s):
And also just a little bit of science behind it. I think people don’t realize that when you are in that state of example, when somebody is strong there, when, and they don’t really remember anything, how they’re acting and whatever comes up actually comes from their subconscious mind. Those are the things that they already suppressed, but it’s one thing to come up. So it’s actually already on the surface of the subconscious mind, in my case, I wanted to kind of go to people. I just didn’t know how so whenever I was already drunk, it’s very easy for me to connect to someone. Cause that’s what I innately desire inside.

Chrestella (20m 41s):
So from there eventually, because there’s just a lot of strings involved. If actually I eventually hit a burnout, like it’s, it’s this waiting to come. And during, during my time there, there was one weekend where my friends wanted to go to Bali. So it’s just like a short weekend trip. And I went to Bali too, but obviously people, a lot of people come to Bali to party as well. And it’s, it’s a very Jakarta and thing too. Like people want to go to Bali just to party, go to beach club and then come back before me. I’m I’m already drinking every day. I’m so tired of it.

Chrestella (21m 21s):
I’m like, why do I even have to go out with you guys again? You know, that kind of feeling. I was like, okay, you guys can go. I’m really, really tired. So I’m just gonna like chill on my own or do something. And I ended up going to a yoga class because I’m like, I need to calm down. Like my nervous system is just like all over the place. I want to chill. I want to calm down. I want to know what it feels to be calm. And I never knew what calm was. So I ended up going to a beginner yoga class. It was a tantric kata yoga class.

Chrestella (22m 1s):
And they really focuses on, it’s a very proper yoga. Like it’s not the physical yoga, but there’s a lot of breathing techniques, meditation. So I went for a beginner class and just doing the meditation alone. I suddenly went so deep. I didn’t know where I go, but I was just, I was just gone. Not only understand that it was because my nervous system was so overwork that when it reaches a state where it can come down, it just shuts down, straight away, shuts down in a sense that I just go deep, go deep, straight away.

Chrestella (22m 43s):
And I was just gone. And then once I got out of the meditation, I was like, what the hell was that like? Is that an spiritual awakening? When I go, whatever, I don’t know why that was, but exactly. Have I reached in light? That was clearly not. I’m still there and it wasn’t in minutes, but I was like, oh, what the hell is that? Is that why people do yoga? And from that point on, I knew that whatever it is, I have to go back to this teaching. I have to learn it. I have to figure it out because I have to be able to calm myself down, to sustain to self-regulate myself.

Chrestella (23m 31s):
Now I realized that is how people operate, operate from like a normal basis like that calm state, not how I’ve been operating from. And I thought how, yeah, my whole life being on survival mode. And I thought that was normal because I never have any context to like compare it to, or I didn’t experience trauma suddenly that my life changes. And I’m like, oh, I need to kill myself to that state before like all my life. It has always been on survival mode that I just thought everybody operates like that. So I couldn’t understand when people don’t understand where I’m coming from, you know, but that’s the inner child mindset that I was still stuck with because of that, I made up my mind, I have to learn whatever this is.

Chrestella (24m 23s):
So long story short, I quit my job. And I eventually sign up for the yoga teacher training. And in the yoga teacher training, I’ve also explored a lot of ancient breath work and all that sorts of stuff. So I went for that and it’s so funny. Cause everybody experienced different things. Obviously we all go through different things in life. And from the earlier days, a lot of people have been experiencing things. They were like, oh, I got a memory of my grandma. I felt so happy today. Cause like they have like a childhood memories and whatever, nothing came up for me. And I don’t understand why. Cause the day before it starts, I was already crying.

Chrestella (25m 5s):
It’s like, I didn’t know what was going to come, but I know it’s going to explode because it’s already there just asking it your whole life. Exactly. And I asked the teacher, oh, is it going to come while I’m breeding? Or while I’m sleeping or like, well I’m just eating or something. And the memory is going to pop up. But just asking that question alone, I was already trembling. Like I was already going to cry. And then it’s so funny because from day zero to the 10, I didn’t experience anything. Now I know it was because I have been depressed so much that my posture or my body, like Delong’s area, it, it kind of like hunched up.

Chrestella (25m 49s):
So the capacity of your lungs like becomes smaller. So when, when I do the breathing, it’s not to my full capacity. It was only until day 11 that it hits me. Like it literally hits me. Cause I think every day I, I, I started expanding my lungs. Then on day 11, I started experiencing things and it started from my kind of like my third chakra, my solar plexus or on your stomach area, I make the solid, like I was being strangled. So all the way to my mouth is like, and I really think it was because all the years that I probably want to express myself, but I feel like I’m not allowed.

Chrestella (26m 32s):
Like I can’t like all of those energies that are stuck just coming up. And then after I finished that 11 rounds on day 11, I lied down. I started crying cause it was just a release of energy. I didn’t know. I don’t understand feelings. I don’t understand emotions at that time. I learned all that through hypnotherapy, but there was like a huge energy release that needed to come up. And when I was just lying down and I was crying, I suddenly become paralyzed for like three hours. Like I was very aware my body was there. I knew I was there. But on top of my hand it feels like there’s like avatar and there’s a huge pool of energy on top of my hands.

Chrestella (27m 14s):
And it’s like, weighing me down. Like I can lift it up at all. Like it just suddenly burst. And when I came out of that three hours later, when I describe it to someone, I literally say that it’s kind of like you have been in a toxic relationship or like you have been in a relationship for so long and then you break up, you cry for a week and then it’s, it’s, it’s such a relief thing. I become so much lighter. And after that yoga teacher training, I changed a lot. Like I connected my body and my mind. I know how to regulate my nervous system.

Chrestella (27m 56s):
The energy, my emotion becomes so stable. Like if somebody gets angry, like I, it’s not personal. Like I just know how to self-regulate myself. So after the yoga teacher training, I change a lot. And that’s where I also met my hypnotherapist at that time. And her is seeing what I experienced during the training itself. She was like, oh, we should like to try him to therapy. I think it will help you a lot knowing that a lot of my stuff come from my inner child and I don’t have much memories, but there’s a lot of stuck emotions there that I need to readings. So I had a few sessions with her and cried a lot as well.

Chrestella (28m 38s):
And it was then that I understand what emotions is. So people just think that, okay, I’m sad. Okay. I’m angry. But do you know, why are you feeling that way? What’s the emotion behind it? Are you sad? Because you were disappointed. Are you sad? Because you’re grieving. Like there’s so many different layers underneath sad or anger. And from then I decided to take the hypnotherapy course because I wanted to help all my loved ones, like having this new bond revelation. I’m like, everybody has to experience this because all of us go through things in life and those things in life that fit.

Chrestella (29m 20s):
Then we have lots of wisdoms and those hardships, we definitely have a lot of repressed emotions, which kind of shapes us to be the way we are right now, how we operate, like all, all the things that we grew up with. So I wanted to take the course to help my family and friends. But when I took the course, even after I had sessions already, I break down for another time during the course. It’s so funny because all the questions that I keep asking my teacher was like, but how, how am I going to help my sister? How am I going to help my dad? How am I going to help this person? And that person?

Chrestella (30m 0s):
And my teacher just stopped me. She was like, stop thinking about other people. You only have just enough energy in you. So start applying that energy to heal yourself. Because once you heal yourself, once you fill your cup, you heal yourself, all these other people that you love around, you will start feeling the change and they will start reflecting. They will start reflecting on that self.

Danielle (30m 30s):
And I love how, when you first were introverted, you took that step, right? Like you were like, I want to explore connections. So I’m going to get outside of my comfort zone and try this FMB event manager position. And through that, you took the next step, outside your comfort zone, being like, you know what? I need to calm down. I need to do the complete opposite and take the step back. And through those steps, outside your comfort zone, it led you to this most, the most aligned opportunity where you were like, holy shit, I’m experiencing what I need to experience.

Danielle (31m 11s):
And all I want to do now is share, right? Like you’ve experienced so many chapters and it led you to this one path where you just knew, this is what I have to be doing. This is my soul’s work. And it didn’t come to you. When you were at, you know, when you were applying to corporate jobs, it didn’t come to you when you were at that job that you seemingly love because you were out like you knew something was missing, but when the opportunities come to you after you’ve done all the inner work, that’s when your life just grows in such beautiful ways, because it’s all coming together. It’s like you’re radiating this energy and the universe is responding and giving you the people you need to meet and the experiences to help now help so many other people around the world.

Chrestella (32m 2s):
I think people don’t realize that when they start releasing their passport age, you create more room inside of you for new things to come. So in another way, or in another sentence to put it as like you are realigning yourself to who you are meant to become. And also you’re realigning yourself to your purpose in this lifetime. And just through that alone, the right people, the right mentors, the right friends, the right teachers, they will come to you and your life, your past life experiences are all showing what your true purpose is. You know, waiting for you to look at those life lessons, to extract the wisdom out of them, transform out of them and find the gifts and potentials that is already inside of us for us to serve the greater good or the better, and whether it’s business or whether it’s life lessons or healings.

Chrestella (32m 59s):
I think the one values that still stands true is like having the courage, always having the courage to go through something that is uncomfortable because the goods like the rainbows are always at the other end of like the uncomfortableness, the messiness, that happiness.

Danielle (33m 21s):
Yeah. And giving permission to have new chapters, to not experience the rain forever. And you don’t need to stick to a path for the rest of your life, right? Like you can go through these chapters. It’s completely okay to change. There’s no need to hold onto something that’s no longer serving you. And so I think what’s really cool that you did was leaning into your intuition and trusting, Hey, I’m curious about that and I’m going to go explore it, even though it has nothing to do with life. As I currently know it, but you need to explore what calls you or else you’re just going to be stuck in situations that you’re not a hundred percent happy with.

Chrestella (34m 4s):
Yeah. And to be honest, I feel a guilty for like sticking, sticking to something that I know is not for me. And I know it’s so uncomfortable, but I’m like, I’m so afraid of change so much that I would like hold onto it. But for me to crisis always hits fast because I’m like an all or nothing person. Even if I stick to something, I will like, it will kill me from the inside to the point that, you know what, I can’t, I can’t do it like this anymore. I can be this type of person anymore. There’s something greater. So I would always jump because I always go all in. Like, it’s very easy for me to shift after that and just like, go on the momentum to like, grab that next opportunity.

Chrestella (34m 49s):
But I do feel guilty of like sticking to what I feel is my comfort until it breaks me from inside out. And I’m like, you know what? It’s time to move on

Danielle (35m 0s):
To handle myself.

Chrestella (35m 3s):
Yeah, that’s really, So I know a lot of people and I think a lot of people are going through that in life, you know? And it’s just having the courage to try something different. Like I just want to, I always just want people to know that they’re not alone. Yeah.

Danielle (35m 22s):
Yeah. And having the awareness. So I think like the courage and then the awareness also to notice, right. Like something isn’t right. And do I trust myself in trying to have the courage and take another path? Or what do I do with this awareness? Something isn’t feeling right. Something isn’t fitting, where do I go from here? And so you always have to know what is aligned. So that comes from knowing you and constantly doing the inner work and exploring what lights you up. What brings you joy? What makes you unhappy? But then being like, wait, I’ve been unhappy for a really long time.

Danielle (36m 3s):
Do I lean into my intuition? Because deep down, you know, what draws you in and it’s up to you to take the step, to be like, I’m going to try this new thing. I have no idea what to expect. Let go of all expectations and just see what happens from there.

Chrestella (36m 21s):
Like our body. We are. I mean, our body is such a smart facile. Probably the best, the most. Yeah. It’s, it’s the smartest vessel in the world. Probably like you have gut instinct. Your instinct is always there to tell you something. If something doesn’t feel right inside of you really feel it. And all this uncomfortable feelings, emotions, triggers. They’re just an invitation for you to explore yourself, to go in with again, oh, I’ll come. I’m feeling that way with this current situation, what is it that is still causing me to feel that way. And if somebody goes and search, do their inner work, go inside release that you will come out of it, having a new perspective, the way you see things, the way you do things, the way you meet with things like how you act, how you, everything, everything will change.

Chrestella (37m 17s):
And people don’t realize that

Danielle (37m 18s):
It gives you the new frame of reference, like the new expanded ways to see the world in ways you currently can’t and you never, and I think that’s, what’s so great about what you do as well. Like I remember during our session, it’s uncomfortable, you expand, but it’s also really hard. And so I don’t want to glorify the self-healing journey being like, you know, it’s so easy. Everyone should be doing it because it is really fucking difficult at times. Like lots of tears, lots of second guessing yourself, not knowing who you are, but after all of that, like we said before, there can’t be a rainbow without any rain.

Danielle (38m 0s):

Chrestella (38m 2s):
And that’s why I say it. It does take courage. It does take courage to not point our fingers outwards, you know, and like really take the step to go inwards because that’s where all the wisdom all the life lessons are in. And it’s not easy. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of vulnerability, whole heart that this to like surrender Something bigger than yourself.

Danielle (38m 30s):
Yeah. Especially hard. I can relate to Asian American or Asian, I guess, Asian in America, usually an American like for you, it’s like Asian, Asian,

Chrestella (38m 48s):
Like Chinese Indonesian,

Danielle (38m 50s):
Chinese Indonesian emotions and feelings. It’s not something where you used to like being vulnerable and having, like having strength is glorified and not shedding tears, not expressing your emotions. And so what I think is just, you know, the Testament to where you are now versus where you were, is you being so vulnerable and that vulnerability is what helps connect you to everyone else who needs help. And so

Chrestella (39m 24s):
The lady actually gives a lot of empowerment. You know, it’s like power versus force. Are you pushing true things, true forcing yourself, just because, you know, you can do it like true Hartness or you come from like an empowerment, a space of empowerment, just doing things out of flow. And people don’t realize that they can do things out of flow. I can talk to people before and now that I really so many stuff of my past, like, it’s so easy to move the flow when you are speaking yourself out of truth and not out of force.

Danielle (40m 0s):
Yeah. So I would love to hear how a session with you goes, or I know, but for our listeners, if they are interested in booking a session with you, is it, are you able to do it digitally or virtually?

Chrestella (40m 16s):
Yes. In fact, like any online sessions is actually the same as in-person sessions. We go just as deep we discover, we uncovered things just as much, but all you need as the openness, the vulnerability, the open-mindedness to like just surrender, not having an expectations of what to come, you know, because it’s truly, when we surrender that whatever needs to come to us will surface. It’s already there. Like our subconscious mind knows it’s already there. And yeah, usually a session goes about three to four hours, give and take it’s different for everyone.

Chrestella (40m 57s):
And the first part would be a pre sock where I got to know the person better, their life history. What is it that they want to look, they want to address. And then the hypnosis part is usually two and a half hour to three hours. And then there’s a, post-doc where like we tie every thing together. Like what’s the pattern that was there. Like, and then sometimes people see different things. Like things sometimes don’t make sense. And that’s where like I tie everything in and kind of like give a conclusion and like what to do going forward.

Danielle (41m 34s):
It helps so much having an expert, being able to map it out after you go through a session, you’re just like in the dark, trying to make sense of everything, but I love how your

Chrestella (41m 44s):
Going on a trip. So you just have to let go and like relaxing going on a trip. Like you don’t want to think what is going on right now.

Danielle (41m 54s):
Yeah. It’s really powerful. I love just exploring parts of you that are interested in other parts. You know? So when I first heard about him in therapy, I was like, holy shit, this is drawing me in and I need to connect with this girl. So if you guys are listening and something about this episode, you know, is whispering to you. Maybe you should try, maybe you should check this out. Chrestella is amazing. Do you have any links or a website that you would like to share with the audience where they can connect with you?

Chrestella (42m 26s):
Yes. You can definitely find me on my Instagram. Just my full name. Chrestella Djap and also my website is currently up it’s Alyssa Chrestella Djap dot com. Yeah. And yeah, you can just message me if there’s any questions or anything else that you guys are curious about.

Danielle (42m 46s):
So, so I will link all your socials in the episode description and Chrestella, I just want to say it’s beautiful hearing your life story and seeing how it all integrates. So, so perfectly into what you’re doing today and thank you so much for what you do and for coming on the show.

Chrestella (43m 10s):
Oh, well, thank you for having me. I really appreciate the opportunity. And to be honest, I want to say like, thank you for being so supportive and like, so patient, like people might not know, but I have like a fear of like being seen and being heard and you giving me the opportunity to come into this platform, not knowing how I would do on this.

Danielle (43m 33s):
And that’s a surprise to many of you listening. You’re probably going to be like what I would have never expected. She,

Chrestella (43m 44s):
Well, thank you so much for like, being so supportive of my own journey. Like to transcend my fear. Like if you didn’t invite me, I probably wouldn’t ever have the courage to yeah, go, go speak my truth, you know, and share the message if other people

Danielle (44m 2s):
Yeah. And this just shows like your impact is so, so much greater than what you currently think you’re capable of. And to everyone listening, I’m sure their lives will be forever changed by your message. And you’re only going to expand your reach and impact from here. Have an amazing week guys, and I will see you next Monday.


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Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu

Danielle Hu is a multiple 6-figure travel influencer, business coach, and Founder of The Wanderlover. She has traveled to over 65+ countries running her online business and surfing in remote tropical destinations. Her mission is to help creatives and coaches achieve time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom through online entrepreneurship.

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Hi, I’m Danielle

My mission is to help you design a location-independent lifestyle through online entrepreneurship, to achieve time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom.

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