Creating a Soul-Aligned Business, Career, and Life w/ Laetitia Andrac – Ep. 24

Laetitia is a holistic business coach and a ‘soul doula’. She helps womxn leaders & entrepreneurs in creating a soul aligned business, career & life. She is making ancient spiritual wisdom accessible for busy modern-day women and her passion is to bring a sense of the sacred and intentionality to every day life. Tune in to this week’s episode about spirituality and the divine.

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In this episode, we cover Laetitia’s story and how she arrived at where she is today (3:48), how she found her voice after years working in corporate (13:33), and how she incorporates her experiences with motherhood into her business (26:00).

Audio Transcript

This week on The Wanderlover Podcast, we have special guest, Laetitia Andrac. She is a holistic business coach and a soul doula, helping women leaders and entrepreneurs and creating a soul aligned business career and life.

She believes that what you think in your head and mind, what you feel and are passionate about in your heart and soul and what you are creating with your hand and will are deeply connected with TCA is making ancient, spiritual wisdom accessible for busy modern day women. And her passion is to bring a sense of the sacred and intentionality to everyday life. This is going to be such a powerful, interesting episode full of flow. So let’s get started. Hi everyone. And welcome back to The Wanderlover Podcast. I’m so excited to dive into this conversation about business and spirituality with you guys.

(1m 31s):
Welcome to the show, Laetitia! Thank you. Thank you so much, Danielle, for having me on the show, I’m really excited for this conversation. And I don’t know if I butchered your name. I asked once before, can you just tell the audience or say your name Laeticia. That’s so beautiful. And you are originally from Brazil, but now living in Australia, right? I’m originally from France. I used to live in Brazil, but I’m originally from France. Yes. Oh my God. That makes so much sense. Yeah. Yes. But Laeticia is a names that is really used in Brazil as well because it has Latin roots and like to us means happiness.

(2m 16s):
So it’s a beautiful name. So beautiful. So what is like, when did you go from France to Brazil and to Australia? So I went to Brazil in 2007. So a few years ago now, and I went there to do a master and I lived with a beautiful Brazilian roommates and we were renting a house close to the beach to surf. So your lifestyle in how I am like, this is a lifestyle I had in Brazil as well. And I have now in Australia because I live by the ocean in Bondai beach. Wow. That is so beautiful.

(2m 56s):
And you serve, So I try to surf, but I wouldn’t define myself as a surfer. I love surfing. One’s a waver, you know, very smooth and easy though, too rough. I’m like, I know it’s going to drown. And what about your kid? So my husband is a big surfer, so he’s trying to teach them how to surf, but are still a bit too young, so that four and a half and two and a half, but he puts them on the surf board. He’s like exhaust, surfing, Precious, as long as they’re having fun and to be in the water at such a young age and not have that fear satisfactory, like it’s going to, yeah, they’re going to be water babies.

(3m 38s):
I can already see it. Yeah. And they’re born in the water. So I guess, you know, it’s all the story of bringing this element into their life. Wow. That’s incredible. So let’s take it back a little and just introduce the audience to what you do and your story. What has gotten you to where you are today? Hmm. Thank you. So I am originally from the South of France and I was raised in a family who has really opened to, you know, is turn medicine and alternative medicine. So I was really lucky that at the age of five, as I was not really slipping well, I was very hypersensitive.

(4m 22s):
My parents took me to kind of a guru or local healer and guru. And I started meditation and EFT and Xi Kong and all these beautiful things that are now. I now bring into my work. So it’s my journey to be where I am today started very early on. And then I lived in India. I lived in Brazil. I really tapped into those beautiful Holy places where you have deep knowledge around spirituality. And today I’m really blending this spiritual side of myself with my business, cooperate knowledge. I’ve been leading teams and being a strategy consultant and a leader of big teams for the past 13 years.

(5m 4s):
So I’m like blendings or to today to help other create a business that is aligned and in flow. And I see the energy of how you really, you know, blend spirituality with strategy and just have that as an element in not only your business, but your life. I feel that when did your journey with entrepreneurship start? So I started it by mentoring entrepreneurs in 2012. I was part of the Bloomberg philanthropy coaching innovation coach mentor challenge. So I was coaching different team. I also coached different incubator in France.

(5m 44s):
So I was really starting on the mentoring side. So helping other put the strategy in place, you know, coming with my hat off consultants. And then I started my first business about seven years ago when I moved to Australia. And then my second one, my third one, and this one essential shift is my fourth business. So I’ve been, you know, trialing different businesses before, you know, going on this one, This journey. And I bet every business that you’ve started taught you so many different things. Yes. And it’s also, you know, you are always very fearful to start, but we know that that it’s about starting something even big or small, whatever it is, and just learning.

(6m 30s):
And even if it’s not getting where you wanted it to go, you’re still learning things through that journey ends up process. So yes, it’s been, it’s going to beautiful journey. I’m really grateful. You know, I did that early on because today it’s all coming together. Yeah. And I love how resilient that is and to be able to start building something completely new after learning, after making mistakes, after trying new things, you know, I feel like after three businesses, I’ve tried a lot of things to, a lot of people can be discouraged and be like, Oh, I haven’t found my thing yet. I haven’t found what I’m supposed to do for the rest of my life, but really reframing that to wait.

(7m 13s):
I’ve learned so much. And there is so much I still can create and need to create. And now with essential shifts, you are reaching people all around the world we connected. And I’m so grateful for that as well. Yes, It’s beautiful. And I love how we connected because I, I really sense the energies that you have. You’re really connected to the element. And I love the connection with the element, with nature, with mama Gaia’s at you Ave bring into your business where you actually really blend beautifully, as well as the masculine and the feminine flows. So it’s, it’s beautiful to see that.

(7m 52s):
Yeah. So I originally thought you were from Brazil because I think that was one of our first conversations through Instagram. You were like, Oh, like live there. And at that time we were like, quarantine, of course, you know, beautiful relationships thrive. Even when you seem like, Oh, I’m in quarantine. I can’t meet anyone. It brought me to go. Yes. Yes. Oh my gosh. It’s so beautiful. And so what is the work you are currently doing? Like who are you working with and who do you help? Yes. So I, I currently help leader or entrepreneurs, mostly women, but I tend to attract also male, you know, when you’re in balance with the divine feminine, masculine, your tribe pose a gender.

(8m 40s):
But initially when I started, I was focusing on women and entrepreneur or leaders that are really intentional and want to create something their own way rather than, you know, looking at a blueprint outside of themselves. So I really start from their soul, from their calling from mission. So that’s why I had a client calling me a soul doula. And I was like, okay, I’m going to use this word. So it’s really sad. It’s midwifing giving birth to your soul, to your purpose, your mission, and being, this was a myotic process, you know, as a plateau process of holding a sacred space to ask the right question and help them connect with their, you know, knowing where their goddess is now, you know, women with their intuition and the things that they knows it can create and give birth to, then You just launched a new mastermind, right?

(9m 31s):
Yes, I did. We launched it the same day was really funny. I messaged you at the time, like, yeah, we’re gonna cheerleader for one another. Yeah. I launched a sisterhood called the goddess embodiment to really help, you know, women entrepreneurs who may feel lonely to connect with sisters or sister, and really go through the goddess methods that I’ve developed, which is like the seven steps it’s in seven months of each step to add body fully within what are the seven steps. So I haven’t disclosed Sam yet publicly, but I’m happy to do it for you and for your listener maybe first two.

(10m 14s):
Yes. So the first one is to grow your roots with a G of the goddess, grow your roots because we tend to always want to go to the next level. But we forget about our lineage about who we are about where we come from about our own body, the connection with mother earth, with this element of earth, with your root chakra. And all of that is coming into place with the grow. Your roots is release a G, which is a first step. And in the first months we explore all those sing. And I will add the guests with a friend of mine from Brazil, who is an embodied dance teacher. She’s amazing. She’s so beautiful. Her name is Yesi, which means the moon.

(10m 53s):
It’s just a fact. And the second step is really to be open, to receive joy and flow. So really is this Oh, of the goddess will be about opening your sacred chakra, opening this connection with your emotion, with your womb, with a water element. And, you know, as I did that, I’m dancing like it was a movement as a way. And do you find that you work mostly with women also incorporate, I resonate so much because coming from corporate finance, you don’t get to explore those aspects of womanhood, right. We’re taught to fit in this male dominated mold.

(11m 33s):
And so like hearing your story and hearing how you are now blending, everything, even being from like a corporate past, do you see that you also resonate with other women in corporate? Yes. So much. And I’ve been invited to do a few, a speaking event on stage and speaking to women in cooperate, how’s it can, you know, drop them mosque and really become who they truly are, you know, at home because you often see a woman in her social, you know, setting and then the work setting acting very differently. So how do you bring this wholeness, who you are at work? So is that you can also inspire other women.

(12m 14s):
And I felt that I’m connecting a lot with women now because they see me doing the work that I do talking about the ritual, talking about, you know, embracing your feminine, your divine feminine, and our call to speak to me. So even, you know, you can be our rebel or someone was changing thing, you know, a changemaker within culprits, staying in corporate, you don’t necessarily have to be an entrepreneur to change thing changing from within is also possible. Yeah. And that just sounds like what you teach in the G, right? Yes. It’s always the fangs that we want to, you know, get away from our roots.

(12m 54s):
We want to create something new, but actually it’s by, on roaring Zen that you can, you know, really grow who you are meant to be, you know, like a tree having deep, strong roots. And I’ve been in position. You’re not trying to avoid my roots, trying not to speak about my spiritual Nini age and all sorts kind of thing. Now I was trying to fit in incorporate for quite some time trying to be no, no, no. I’m very rational. I’m very sensitive. Fi I love the data. I love proven facts and so on, but actually there’s so many things we cannot explain. And when I started embracing my roots, this is when you know, beautiful, a beautiful tree started to grow.

(13m 35s):
Actually, I’m curious, how did you find your voice? So how did you find the courage to speak up and to really show up as who you are despite years of trying to conform trying things that weren’t working? Hmm. I wish I could tell you is that it was like this. I just came up with my voice and chatted, but unfortunately it always comes to a point where you have no choice, but to share your voice. And it was after a burnout. So after I’m working seven years in strategy consulting, going up the ladder, being a good corporate citizen and traveling around different clients, serving them, working a lot weekends, weekdays nights, and so on doing super interesting project, leading big teams, I just burned up my body, my soul, like everything was broken.

(14m 31s):
And it was like, okay, now it’s time to reset to push the reset button. And this is when I took a few weeks off work because my doctor asked me to do so. I was like, you are burning out. I was like, no, I’m not. I’m very strong Dory. I’m just tired. Can you give me some Iran? I think I’m iron deficient right now. You just found out you just Sleep and rest. And this is when you know, I brought back everything into my life. I was like, this is where I come from. This is why I went to India. You know, in 2004, this is why I went to Brazil. You know, I just took this time off to really be with myself, connect everything.

(15m 14s):
And this is when I told my husband, we need to go in a place where I can plant this seed, this tree and really make it grow. And this is when we moved to Australia. And when it allows me to cut the cord of the corporate and, and being in the United, that’s very masculine energy of mine and try to bring more the feminine into balance. So it all came into flower about seven years ago, my sets you’re in return. Oh, no way. Yes. I actually just learned about Saturn return of few months. One of my followers brought it to my attention because I was experiencing something similar and I looked into it. Do you want to share with the audience, what exactly Saturn returning?

(15m 58s):
Yes. So Saturn return is when in your natal chart, Saturn is coming back into your child to where it was when you were at bone. So it’s really a moment of deep reconnection with your soul, your mission while you were born. And it’s like, Hey, this is not your journey. You need to make something happen so often it’s, it can be a very dark moment or it can just be, you know, the subtle things that you need to just question something about your life. It doesn’t have to be always traumatic. I know for most of my clients is dramatic and I started working with a client a few months ago and she was like, Oh, my Saturn return is approaching, but I don’t think like, everything is going so well.

(16m 42s):
And then out of nowhere, boom, something happened and helped her, you know, really realize that something needed to shift back into alignments. So let’s not be scared of it. Let’s embrace it as a defined guidance for us to be like, Oh, maybe I need to shuffle things around. And it happens around the age of 27 to 30. Yes. Yes, exactly. Depending on your charts. Yeah, definitely. It sounds like because yours was quite dramatic. Maybe you’re attracting Somehow resonate With your story. I feel like that also may be a cause. But if guys, if you’re listening and you’re going through some changes, really look into your natal chart, look in the Saturn return.

(17m 26s):
And these things that honestly growing up, I always brushed off anything spiritual as just fluff, right? I’m like, I grew up with math of math and science background. I went into finance, but in entrepreneurship, this is why I love having you on this show. You need to bring other elements to help you really express who you truly genuinely. And I feel like even with your story, it’s so loud and clear that when you try to suppress parts of yourself, that you’re born with nothing magical happens from that. It leads to burnout.

(18m 5s):
It leads to depression and maybe really try new things, try opening up your mind and speaking to people with different perspectives. Exactly. And some people may not resonate with astrology, but you have other, you know, think you may resonate ways. It may be, you know, tuning into your own feminine cycle. If you’re a female or tuning into the nature and the element and tuning in to the season, you know, season change your life, change, everything changed. You can connect to things that are beautifully making you human and connected to a whole thing.

(18m 46s):
And it’s a lot of exploration, right. And just seeing what you connect with on my last call with Ruby, actually, she introduced me to numerology. Cause I still, I guess they’re like very math numbers inclined and I’ll always see numbers, right? Like everywhere I go, I actually told her that one of the reasons why I felt really drawn to her was when I found her page, I was like her 8,000 follower. Yeah. Take those signs, like whole number and that, you know, that makes such a big difference in my life. And it might not for you or for other listeners, but the whole point is to be open to everything and see what calls you.

(19m 31s):
Yes. And sometime, you know, it’s like, as you’ve said, numbers and I see them often as well, you know, and when I connect with some people online, not is that dimension, Oh, you send me this message at four, four, four, like, what does it mean? So we start having a conversation about this. And sometimes when you start, when I recommend my client to do is touching a synchronicity journal, you know, you just write it down to see what you connect with. And this is how I started seeing that. Actually I start feeling the energy off of baby without him being born or the woman not knowing that she’s pregnant and then I can feel and sees it as a gender and so on. So it’s just like some things that I wouldn’t know, because it’s not something that is towed to anywhere.

(20m 14s):
It’s just by writing down on my synchronicity journal, you’re just take a journal, your kind of page, your rights in chronicity and then your right thing. You know, things that you intuitively know and then it’s confirmed or not. It’s all good. It’s just about, Oh, I sensed this, okay. Write it down there. Or I suppose this number at this time and he brought me to do this and then it all flow, you know, just being open, as you said to whatever is your thing and looking at synchronicity, because it’s a way for you as a divine to speak to us. I’m totally. Yeah. I’m going to start a note, but no, that’s a great idea. And especially being aware right. And having it written because so many times it just exists in your mind and then you forget about it.

(20m 59s):
But really being able to reflect on everything, like every thing that has passed through your mind and being able to come back to it and be like, wow, I am eating this. Yes. And then you start second guessing yourself. If it’s not written, you know, I know that before writing it, I would be like, did I thought he was a boy or a girl? Because she just told me to go. And I had a feeling, it was a girl, but is it my mind playing with me? Or is it, and then when it’s sweetened, you can look at it and you can, yeah. This is what I’ve written. And so, yeah, it’s, it’s a way to, you know, strengthens this muscle that you have, we all add this muscle of free swimming, intuitive downloads.

(21m 40s):
Have you incorporated any of this, like with your kids, like, have you taught them how to think outside the box think differently. I’d love to motherhood journey. Yes. So I am always acknowledging what’s it tell me is our feeling sensing, knowing, or seeing, you know, really trying to open all their Clarence. So for instance, my four and a half, I will always remember that, like she was probably three or something. We were having dinner in the living room and at some point she was like, Oh, mommy, there is a woman behind you. And I was like, okay. So how does she look like, you know, because we were just the four of us having dinner and my husband wouldn’t look at me being like, what is that?

(22m 24s):
And rather than telling her, no, no one is behind me. I ask question, you know, I was really curious, like I do is my client, you know, when do you feel so, and I asked her, how is she dressed? How does she look? Like, what is she telling you? Do you sense a good energy? And then she said, you know, all of those kinds of things, it’s giving me chills. I thought, I’d tell you this story because you know, it’s just presence is coming back. And then at some point you’re like, yeah, she’s really sweet. She’s smiling, got a lump. And then she said, Oh, she says, bye. And I was like, okay. So by then, you know, she left at some point because she told me, Oh, she is not there anymore. And you know, it’s just a Mount acknowledging and not, you know, we speak about, you know, we, some of us may had some, you know, magical friends or non real friends when we were a kid.

(23m 11s):
And it’s just the way imagination is just somethings that we need to nurtures is kind of in a, that and are ready to express it. So as Enza can connect with intuition and, you know, I don’t know if she was really seeing someone or just saying that. And to be honest, I don’t really care what it was important. It was for her to share because maybe it was a message for us to know, is that she always feeling loved. Or if it was like, if she would have said, like, he was a bad woman, what did, what was she saying? And Sonia and I just to wait for her to express her subconscious mind and share something with us. So I hold space for them, like I do with my clients. So sacred space words, they can share about what this, see what the here and, and yeah.

(23m 57s):
Like I’m really trying to nurture it. Yeah. That is so beautiful. Especially like in households where you give them space for that, you give them permission to fully express themselves as much an early age. And that’s who they grow into be. Right. They grow to be these loving, nurturing, really appreciative souls instead of shutting them down or be like, no, no, one’s behind me. What are you talking about? And then they start questioning and doubting like is my inner world not supposed to match with my outer world. Right. And then all these doubts come in. So that good mother goals.

(24m 38s):
Perfect. Okay, perfect. I don’t want anyone to think that, but I really try, like, this is one of the key value I want to give my kids is being open to hear things that you may not be, you know, hearing yourself and being really listening from what I call listening from the ear of the heart. Always trying to listen from the ear of the heart and speak from the voice of your heart always. And your two year old. And my two year old, it’s really funny because sometimes she will say, Oh, I mean, I feel the wind and all the windows are closed. I’m like, okay, you feel the wind. So where is it coming from? How is it? Is it cold or hot? So she’s reading to the feelings of sensation.

(25m 21s):
And so, yeah, she’s, she’s, she’s not yet able, I guess, to express as much as my four and a half, but I can see and feel and know that she is having some connection with, you know, her senses. Yeah. The elements, like she’s always feeling weeds or feeling, you know, kind of like, Oh, I’m wet. I’m like, no, you’re not. So yeah, just asking her, you know, when I look at her, I’m like, no, she’s not wet. I’m asking her like, how, where is that? What is it? What do you mean? You know, really trying to understand how have you Incorporate it.

(26m 4s):
So all your experiences with motherhood, like I’ve definitely worked with new mothers and women, you know, going from corporate and then entering motherhood and then being like, Oh my God, they just, their priorities shifts. Right. And having gone through all of those, how have you incorporated what you’ve learned from corporate into motherhood or motherhood into your current business? Yes. Motherhood is, you know, in the, in your season of your life, it’s really, and you stage and I can move from being a maiden to becoming a mother. And will it be giving both to your kids or giving birth to your business feel it’s the same?

(26m 45s):
Like you’re mothering, you’re giving birth to something. So for me, really, the things that I brought into my life and that I explained my client is the word of mattresses, which is really is a shifts that we have when we become a mother in our, you know, almost in everything, our body now, our minds. So it’s all good to feel that everything is shifting and then surrendering to this shift and being curious about what is it going to teach me? And for me, every changing our life, we just have to acknowledge and sit with it and embrace it so that it can flow like the waves, you know, as a surfer, you will know that.

(27m 27s):
So it’s really about not going against it, but going with it and trying to make sure is that you are on a surf board, so safe to catch this wave. So the way I really love to approach my or transition from corporate motherhood and outside and so on, it’s really allowing my clients to have a place to be somewhat like, to be ready, to shift into being someone else. If that makes sense, don’t we are not staying the same person. You know, if I met you five years ago, two years ago, I’m sure you wouldn’t be the same person as who you are now. And it’s all good.

(28m 8s):
It’s about embracing this growth. So just reassuring them that they are allowed to change. Values are allowed to change. Priorities are allowed to, you know, be interested in something different. You loved cooking before you don’t like cooking anymore. It’s all good. You’re loved. I don’t know, dancing. And now you feel more into yoga, yean and very gentle. It’s all good. You know, it’s just about allowing this change in your life would be my main recommendation. Wow. Yeah. And it’s so loud and clear in your business. And even in like the 30 minutes we talked together, but the openness and giving yourself permission to change the flow. I see this, you know, in your family online in how you live your life.

(28m 52s):
And it’s just so powerful. I know everyone you work with, I can like feel the transformations that are already happening inside of them. It’s beautiful to hear that from you. I receive it with an open heart. Thank you. Is there anything that you currently are working on right now and directing attention to whether it’s something you’re struggling with or something you’re curious about and really focusing on right now? Yes. So at the moment, some things that I’m really, really looking to deepen my roots and my knowledge about is really about knowing my family history.

(29m 33s):
So I’ve been, you know, knowing about my lineage, you know, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, but I really want to go deeper into that. So I’ve been having lots of conversation with my family to know, you know, about this person, what the energy, what were they doing? Who were they, what were the value and, and so on. And so really going even, you know, deeper into the knowing of my lineage and my roots. And it’s really something that I’ve been fascinated by, you know, for a long time. But when I lost my grandpa a few months ago, it was as if, you know, it triggered this in me and was like, Oh my gosh, I’m starting to not add all my grandparents.

(30m 18s):
So I need to know about this. You know, I want this, you know, knowledge, wisdom, quality of our lineage to be passed on, and then being able to pass it to my daughters, because we always tend to disconnect with the artists at some point, but then it comes back to reality. And this is how I learned some things that I didn’t know about my grandpa. One of my grandpa did a business. Cool. And actually I went to business school as well in France, which was very, you know, elitist. Like it’s some things that not everyone doing France and so on. And it was really interesting because I didn’t know his actions in 1920, he did that, you know, and it was just beautiful to, to learn a tiny part of his life that I’ve never had known about.

(31m 9s):
And just by asking a few questions and so on. So Arinia encourage anyone who feels called to do that, to just embrace it. I’m not talking about doing an app and, you know, Jenelle log, you know, tree, I’m more talking about knowing the story, knowing, you know, and then seeing the synchronicity or the power level between your life and their lives. So for instance, I heard that one of my great grandparents, you know, lost all his family at some point, like I learned stuff. And then, you know, it triggers something in you. It’s like, Oh, being scared of losing your loved ones. Like how can you heal that? Because sometimes we have things that are within ourself as limiting beautiful fears, but don’t really belong to us, are coming from our lineage.

(31m 53s):
And I studied a lot sequel drama as well, or family constellation. And I really loved that. The power of, So yes, this is my focus at the moment. I love learning new things and studying that is a complete new idea for me, but I feel really drawn to it. That’s incredible. Yes. Both of us, we don’t live in our home country, unites freedom. It’s even more important. I think to reconnect with our roots, even though we are in another place where maybe we have roots or we had roots in past life. If you allow me to say that, but reading, you know, I know that when I arrived here in Australia, I felt home. And this sense of home is because of some things that I cannot explain yet.

(32m 34s):
But maybe by going back into my roots, I will end to send something or something will come to knowledge For sure. Oh my God, that gave me chills in a new place. And I can totally resonate with that as well. Like I feel like that’s what I felt coming to Hawaii again. And I’m like, there’s nothing special about this place. So did you go to Australia? I’m like, where’s your husband from? It’s from France as well. We are both from the South of France, the French of Darrow. And we met in Paris in consulting on a project because we were working so much that we had no laws in place at the time, but he was good and what’s found, it’s like, we’re really originally from the same place in France.

(33m 20s):
We went through mole as the same, you know, Saturday and Sunday. It’s really interesting to see how, you know, we’re brought together in another place. And after a few years living in Paris and joins a Paris Parisian lifestyle, you know, it’s beautiful. I love Paris, but being really trained as I’ve said and lacking this connection with nature, because that was brought in a small town where, you know, my parents were reading to nature. And so I was, so we wanted to go into a place where we could find great carrier, great lifestyle and connection with the elements in nature. So that’s why drawn us to Australia, which is, you know, an opportunity came up and we were like, let’s take it.

(34m 1s):
And let’s see where it takes us. And initially we had a four years visa, but you know, one thing after another, we are now Australian citizen and it’s been about six years and a half. Congratulations. Yes. Exciting. And it’s like, life it’s almost as if your life was meant to happen that way. Like, there’s this interview, you know, learning about you. It just makes so much sense. Although you’ve experienced so many ups and downs, but where you are right now, how we got connected, it’s just meant to be, yes, It’s so beautiful. How sometimes, you know, you go through the emotion of life and you’re like, gosh, what does it have to be easiest way?

(34m 46s):
But when you trust and you surrender and you’re like, Oh, it’s because something good will come after that. And trusting that and surrendering to surrendering to that, then you can connect the dots backwards. And that’s why, okay, this is what brought me here, which is why, you know, everything makes sense. And even the last few months, I had some PEPs and down in my corporate career and ever seeing for my birthday on the 8th of February, few weeks ago, everything came together. It was like, okay, I know this. I had to surrender to this to trust this, to trust this. And all of this is bringing me to creating what I was dying to create, which was exiting my part-time job in leadership, in strategy and innovation and corporate to go full in my business.

(35m 38s):
I was always having this mission to March in my head. And in March, I’m going to exit cooperate with, you know, a beautiful flow and all the openings that I, you know, manifested for myself. But at the time, you know, I was going through the emotion and the past six months, I was like, Oh my gosh, Oh, I’m this, I’m now. It’s like this, his body now it’s open. So just trusting that going down the spiral. Wow. So for the listeners who are currently, you know, you might be in a dark place or not understanding what is happening to your life or in your life right now. Do you have any advice for them having been through it recently?

(36m 22s):
Yeah. Yes. So, which really helped me was too trusting that if it was not this, it was for something better. And I know when I say is that some of you may be like, yeah, okay. I am, you know, I have lost a loved one. I am really sick. Or, you know, I am going through such a heartbreaker or my business is not taking up. You know, I’m broke like whatever it is I’m telling you, trust that it’s for something better and just surrender to it and good downs, this powerful feel, all the feel really go down. And some things that I really resonate with, which is like, you go down, you heal the wound at its deepest core, and then you can go up, you know, it’s like, you know, it’s as if you have a wound and you don’t want to clean it, then it’s never going to heal.

(37m 14s):
So just cleaning 12 good down there, really look at everything with curiosity and, and open to receive, and then you can close it and Rather than avoiding it. Wow. That is powerful. Thank you. And I’m like thriving in this conversation of, there’s just so much resilience, so much growth, so much openness and yeah, I’m really enjoying this and thank you so, so much for being on this show. Thank you. Is there anything else you would like to share with the listeners? I’m obviously going to be including all of your socials, where they can find you all your programs, but anything else you’d like to share?

(38m 0s):
I just want them to knows that even though we’ve been told that we have to look outside of ourself for confirmation or for knowledge, they all have everything within them. And it’s just being ready to tap into that and reading within yourself or joining within yourself as if you will journey on a trip or read a book, just look at your own book. Yeah. Go back to your roots. Yeah. Yes, yes. Again, I’ve learned so much. I’ve definitely, you know, started at things differently And I’m totally going to be asking, talking to my parents and really going back to what’s already there.

(38m 43s):
Right. That’s the thing that stuck out to me. So many things are there, you just have to look at it. Mm yes. Yes. And this will help you not to try to be someone else, you know, honor where you truly are actually, because in this entrepreneurship word or leadership form, you’re always trying to copy someone else, but we have such a uniqueness and a whole mess that makes us, you know, thrive for where we are. So let’s find this park and light it. Thank you. So, so much for your wisdom or your experience for sharing your story.

(39m 25s):
I’m sure everyone will be loving this episode. I feel, you know, I’m like jittery around this conversation. I am buzzing as well, but thank you so much for being on the show and I will be linking all of your socials. We’ll definitely be in touch.


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