Top 5 Beaches in Florianopolis, Brasil

There are so many beautiful beaches in Florianópolis, Brasil, and this island is such an underrated travel destination.

My boyfriend (now husband!) and I first arrived here six months ago for the annual celebration of Carnaval, and ended up staying through the pandemic.

During this time, we started learning Portuguese, surfed every day, and most importantly, explored almost all the beaches in Florianopólis since we are “quarantining” here!

I am having the time of my life living here, and it is truly such a special island.

I’m so excited to be sharing my favorite Florianopólis beaches with you all!

Two girls at the beach smiling at the camera

Where is Florianópolis?

Florianópolis (also known as Floripa) is the capital of Santa Catarina, a state located in the southern part Brasil (also spelt Brazil).

There is a busy city center in the middle of the island, and isolated beaches along the coast.

You can find everything here from giant supermarkets, Brazilian bbq, awesome hospitals, and co-working spaces!

Fun Facts about Brasil: 

  • The official language of Brasil is Portuguese
  • The currency is Brasilian Real (BRL) – pronounced ‘hey-al’
  • ‘Beach’ in Portuguese is ‘Praia’
  • The national drink of Brazil is the caipirinha, a cocktail made of cachaça (sugarcane liquor), lime, and sugar. It’s SO YUM! You can find these drinks being sold on many of the beaches in Florianópolis!
  • Brasil has the second largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan, so things like sushi and Japanese supermarkets are all around – and in Floripa!

Weather in Florianopolis

Summertime in Brasil is November – March, and temperatures range from 26-34 degrees Celsius (80-90s degrees Fahrenheit). The water is warm enough to surf in a bikini.

During the winter months between June – October, temperatures are 15-23 degrees Celsius (60-70s degrees Fahrenheit).

Because Florianopolis is located pretty far south, winters can get chilly (especially in the water!) and a wetsuit is definitely required!

Best Time to Visit Florianopolis:

The BEST time to visit Floripa is for Carnaval in February, where it’s sunny every day and the water is warm.

Their summer months are from November to February.

Although it gets crowded with tourists during this time, I find it to be exciting and lively and love it!

The second best time to visit is during shoulder season, between February and May. It’s not as crowded but the temperatures drop fast, including the water.

If you surf, another thing to note is there is tainha season between May and July where many beaches are closed due to the fishing of the traditional fish tainha (Mullet).

While it’s definitely an interesting sight and there is an endless amount of fish being sold almost everywhere, I would not recommend visiting during this time if you’re a surfer, as there are enforced restrictions on most beaches.

Top Beaches in Florianópolis Map

Map of Best Beaches in Florianopolis

I’ve marked my top 5 favorite beaches on a Florianopolis map. As you can see, my favorite are all along the East Coast of the island.

I would recommend dedicating a day to each of the beaches and locations because some of them require time to get to! 

Here are my top 5 favorite beaches in Florianopolis, Brasil (in no particular order):

  1. Barra da Lagoa
  2. Praia das Aranhas
  3. Praia da Lagoinha do Leste
  4. Ilha do Campeche
  5. Praia Mole (Mole Beach)

Read on to learn why these beaches make the best beaches in Florianopolis!

1) Barra da Lagoa

Barra da Lagoa is located in the middle of the island and it is my FAVORITE place to surf, it is perfect for longboarding. It is also the perfect place to learn how to surf as well.

Read my Top 5 Digital Nomad Destinations for Surfers here >>

During the summer months, the beach is packed with people, vendors selling açai, caipirinhas, island clothing, and surf lessons. It’s one of the most lively beaches with a lot of restaurants, cafes, and shops nearby.

Towards the southern end of the beach is an easy walking trail that takes you to natural pools, where you can explore and enjoy your day on top of the rocks.

Barra da Lagoa is also walking distance to Project Tamar, a non-profit organization to protect sea turtles along the Brazilian coastline. You can see them frequently release sea turtles into the ocean!

2) Praia das Aranhas

Praia das Aranhas is located on the north side of the island, and it is only accessible by 4×4 or walking. If you do want to go by 4×4, make sure you know what you are doing as the sand is extremely soft and it is very easy to get stuck.

It’s the perfect spot to relax for the entire day if you can get to it! It is a secret little slice of paradise.

There’s never many people and most days are suitable for intermediate surfers. Other days the waves can get big!

Look for a hiking trail along the north side of the beach where you can get the most incredible views of the beach from above.

3) Praia da Lagoinha do Leste

Climber hanging on to a rock overlooking beach

One of the most famous hikes on the island is the Lagoinha do Leste trail, and before you hike up to the top there is a beautiful beach where you can also surf.

Because you have to hike 30 minutes to the beach itself, it is secluded and a lot less crowded than a lot of the other beaches on the island. 

During the summer, there are beach vendors selling beers, water, and snacks.

Make sure you hike to the top of Lagoinha do Leste while you’re there! It’s one of my favorite viewpoints in Florianopolis.

4) Ilha do Campeche (Campeche Island)

Ilha do Campeche deserves a place as one of the best beaches in Florianopolis, although technically it is a half hour boat ride away from the island itself. There are boats running frequently from Praia do Armacao and there is no need to book in advance.

The water there reminds me of the Caribbean with its crystal clear water.

There are two restaurants selling food and drinks, and hiking trails that take you around the island. Only one beach facing Florianopolis is open to the public, as much of Ilha do Campeche is protected.

5) Praia Mole

Praia Mole is another stunning beach in Florianopolis, surrounded by rocks and hiking trails.

The surf is consistent all year round, and the beach itself is one of the biggest. There are various restaurants, beach bars and places to park nearby.

Is Florianopolis a safe place to visit?

Florianopolis is one of the SAFEST places to visit in Brazil. It does not compare to the other “unsafe” capitals at all. The communities there are so lovely and the locals are so genuinely kind. The island is one of the wealthiest in Brazil, so it attracts a certain demographic.

As with anywhere, use your judgment while going out at night, or with things like leaving your car unlocked at the beach. But I have never felt unsafe even on nights when partying until 4am!

How do you get to Florianopolis?

By Car

The first time we visited Florianopolis, we drove from São Paulo with our friends. It was around 9 hours and was not a bad drive at all, although driving out of São Paulo was a little hectic because of the traffic.

By Flight

The local airport is Florianópolis International Airport – Hercílio Luz (FLN) and there are many domestic flights that operate multiple times a day.

Best Places to Stay in Florianopolis

Costao do Santinho Resort All Inclusive

Chairs around a luxury resort pool

All inclusive resort with a white sand beach out front. Great option for families looking for a peaceful, easy, vacation!

Hotel Boutique Quinta das Videiras

This boutique hotel is located super central and driving distance to all the beaches. The perfect romantic couple’s getaway!

Getting Around Floripa

Public Transportation

There is public bus transportation around the entire island, and most of the time it is reliable. They run from 5am until midnight, and the bus routes vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours long.

Rent a Car

If you want to fully maximize your experience here, I definitely recommend renting a car! The roads are all so nicely paved, and you will have so many more opportunities to explore.

Car rentals are super affordable and you can pick up a vehicle as soon as you land at the airport. We had our rental for the entire 9 months we were here. Just make sure you book in advance!

What to do next:


And there you have my top 5 beaches in Florianopolis! This island has so much to offer, and I can’t wait for you to fall in love with it like I did.

Are you planning to travel to beautiful Floripa? Let me know in the comments below!

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