My Black Friday Process

Tune in to hear behind the scenes of how I’m structuring my Black Friday offers this year, and why I’m announcing savings of up to 60%! Feel free to use the same strategies in your business. Ragz & I will be spending this Thanksgiving in Puerto Escondido Mexico, hope you all have an amazing one with loved ones. Forever thankful for my listeners, don’t forget to rate and subscribe!

Audio Transcript

Hello, my loves and welcome back to The Wanderlover Podcast. This week is the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday episode and we have a lot to cover.

But I just want to update you: Ragz and I will actually be spending Thanksgiving in Puerto Escondido this year. So we won’t be back in New York with friends and family, but we did book flights for next month, right before Christmas. And so we’ll be spending Christmas and new years with friends and family in New York. I’m really excited. I hope all of you guys have a really safe Thanksgiving with loved ones, if you’re able to travel home. If not, I totally understand. And you know, this year has been crazy with travel and gatherings and no one could have predicted the worlds we live in today, but I do truly hope that you just stay safe, you have a really warm, loving, like good vibes Thanksgiving day and make the most out of it.

(1m 40s):
I do want to start this episode with gratitude and just giving thanks. So for me personally, like always my family, my friends, my boyfriend, and you guys, you know, like every single person who tunes in to my podcast, I like look on my Libsyn dashboard every day, all day, every day, like every once in awhile. And I will see the numbers go up and I’m like, Oh my God, people around the world are listening to this. And I’m just so honored to be a part of your journey to be sharing what I know with you guys and truly thank you guys so much for tuning in and for the Wanderlover brand, you know, just this travel and Entrepreneurship brand that I’ve built and cultivated the past few years and just reaching people, inspiring people.

(2m 31s):
That’s something I’m just always so grateful for. And especially with this week with Thanksgiving, I think gratitude is going to be a huge journaling prompts for me. I really want to come back to it and I hope you guys will join me. That being said, as we are all making, you know, like Thanksgiving plans at the end of November plans for the holidays or Christmas for new years, I totally understand the kind of feeling, you know, and it feels like the year is ending. Its coming to an end where all about, you know, relax and people with corporate jobs are using all their vacation days. And I know like a lot of my friends and family have so many vacation days because travel just, wasn’t a thing this year and people are getting ready to unwind, to plan for the holidays.

(3m 23s):
However, I know my clients know my audience knows, and now you guys know that the year is not over yet. That is the main theme of this episode. And going forward the year is not over, right. We still have one month, more than one month to make it the best month of 2020. And so the mindset is we are not done with the year. There is still so much opportunity, so many lives to touch so many people around the world who don’t know you yet, who wants to see your content and money to be made. Right?

(4m 3s):
We are energized. We are not relaxing. I mean like give yourself permission to relax when you need to, but to not just give up to not let this business momentum die a month prematurely. Okay. So now that we have set the tone for the rest of the year, let’s get started with a behind the scenes of My Black Friday Process. And I want to first kind of explain this because in the past I’ve I haven’t really planned out my black Friday as much as I have this year. And so I would probably say that 2020 this year is the first year I’m participating in black Friday.

(4m 43s):
So my mindset I’m in the previous years, you know, I started the Wanderlover in 2015 and every year when it came to black Friday, most of the time I was still working, working with brands and sponsorships, but last year, I think that was the first year when I had products and services. And I was like, I’m going to do a Black Friday Sale. What I did was basically just slash all my products and services, not in half, but maybe like 30 to 40% off. And I called that a Black Friday sale. And you know, like when you go shopping or when you actually go to malls or I guess now it’s all online. When you see black Friday sales, it’s basically companies and brands just slashing prices on black Friday.

(5m 33s):
And I remember, I think I was in middle school or high school. There used to be be the premium outlet mall, like in an outdoor outlet center where people would, drive up. There was this one year, my mom and I drove up at like 3:00 AM to get there, to go black Friday shopping. It was insane. Like thinking back on that, like why did we do that? Now that we have the internet? It’s just like, wow, that was so much effort. Anyway, I remember back then there was this one brand juicy couture. I don’t even know if they’re around anymore, but I remember you would go to their outlet store and everything would be like 50% off on black Friday.

(6m 15s):
And this happened for a few years where I would be really excited to go to juicy couture because I knew that if you went into their store on black Friday, everything would just be so cheap. And it got to the point where I basically just associated that brand with the prices that they had on black Friday. And I would refuse to pay a full price for anything because there, it was just so heavily discounted. Right? And so if you take that example and apply it to your own business, what are you doing when you are cutting your prices 50 to 70 or some absurd amount percent off or one day of the year, right?

(6m 58s):
Because what if someone enters your world ends, there’s your audience a few weeks or a few months before, and then they see this, they are going to associate your pricing with that black Friday price. And it’s going to be really hard to bring up the value afterwards. Right? And so I’ve made that mistake before. I’m not trying to bash anyone who is still doing that this year. I think it’s a really viable sales option. Like obviously it works because that’s why companies do that right on black Friday to get this cash injection. However, when we are talking about personal branding, when we’re talking about your specific products and services with your face and name and brand name behind it, you want to be careful because you don’t want to just discount everything 50%.

(7m 45s):
Like let’s say you’re selling presets and all of a sudden your presets instead of $60, they’re not $30. Like no ones going to pay or not, no one, but it’s going to be really hard to get people to be like, wow, the presets are worth $60, right? And I will show you what I’m doing differently this year instead, instead of just splashing prices. But first I also want to address the timing of black Friday because historically, you know, black Friday just started on Friday. However, with Thanksgiving with all like the Macy sales, I’ve noticed this over the years for it to kind of inch up and up because then people were like, wait, if we can get people waiting outside our door on Thanksgiving night, then we can make more money.

(8m 31s):
Right? And so the concept of black Friday, I think it has extended definitely to cyber Monday. Although now I feel like because everyone buys everything online. It’s not even going to be a cyber Monday. It will be like a cyber Friday to Monday. However, what I’m doing and what I advise my clients to do is to extend black Friday from Monday to Monday. So basically today when this podcast is launching up until cyber Monday, so there is a seven day window. I have noticed that it’s your company. You can do whatever you want. People have started advertising have started promoting like the week before to get onto the black Friday waitlist to get onto a black Friday.

(9m 14s):
Pre-launch, there’s so many different marketing tactics out there and it’s just what works for you. And in this episode, I’m going to be sharing what I’m choosing to do with this black Friday. So Monday to Monday, you guys are hearing these offers. They will be available for seven days only. And I told you guys, it’s the first year I’m offering them. Okay. And so I’m just really excited to share them all with you. So this one, I am offering three different bundles. So that is the strategy I have chosen to take. Instead of counting everything in my product and service suite, I am bundling everything together. So Hu that the value exceeds what the customer is actually paying and in terms of price points.

(10m 1s):
So there are three different offers and they are all at very different price points. If you choose to go forward with black Friday, I would recommend having your offers reflect the various different price points in your business. So having for me, I have a low ticket offer, a mid ticket offer and a high ticket offer, right? And so full price, you know, my products and services range between $50 to a five figure investment. And so my three offers reflect those different levels. I’m for sure. Your first offer, I would recommend going with something under $50, it’s like an impulse buy, right?

(10m 41s):
Like an impulse buy for your audience to learn from you to get knowledge from you to get a transformation from you. And for me, my first offer is my Instagram for business ebook preorder. So as you guys may know, I am currently working on my second book, Instagram for business, the ultimate branding and client attraction guide. And it is launching on December 14th, but you can make a purchase today in advance for $27. And when it launches, the full price is going to be $67. So that’s a 60% savings. If you want to learn the ins and outs of using social media for your brand and everything around like content creation, personal branding, monetization sales, everything is going to be in this ebook and you can get it for 60% off today.

(11m 32s):
And I know before, when I told you in terms of, you know, like discounting and slashing prices, the first offer isn’t necessarily a bundle in this case, but only because this is an advanced purchase and I’m not going to be ever offering this ebook at $27 after it has launched. That’s something I choose not to. I’m not going to ever discount my eBooks that heavily in the future. And so if you want to purchase it in advance for $27 and get it when it launches on December 14th. So that’s in a few weeks, you can go onto my website and click on offer one.

(12m 14s):
So that is my low ticket offer right now. My mid ticket offer is for the early stage entrepreneurs. So it’s not only something that people can buy. It’s really tailored to. My like a really specific segment of my audience. So it’s tailored towards people who may have ideas of starting a side hustle or starting in Instagram, starting their online business and not really knowing how to, and they just kind of want to explore, talk out ideas and really have me guide them, not step by step to having some personal guidance for me. So my second offer, which is my first bundle is a bundle of My each course, the Wanderlover business Academy valued at $997.

(13m 2s):
Plus a one hour power call with me, which also is valued at $997 because that is my hourly rate, the travel influencer handbook. So that is my first ebook, as well as the Instagram for business ebook. Pre-orders. So if you buy the second offer slash like the first bundle, you get all of that four, the price of nine 97, which is the price of the Wanderlover business Academy. And so do you see how would the second offer the course bundle? It’s at a higher price point, right? And it targets people who are serious about investing into their business, serious about starting their business and scaling it.

(13m 45s):
And they want a blueprint and also the one-on-one time with me. Right? And so I’m adding in value because they get the eight week a to Z course, the Wanderlover business Academy, as well as a one hour power call. And then, you know, for future reference, they have the course, they also have the influencer handbook and they also have the Instagram for business ebook. And so I’m just adding so much value into this course bundle. And at the same time, I’m not discounting the course. I’m not discounting my power hour, right. I’m just adding everything into this bundle.

(14m 22s):
So the total comes out to $2,120, but I’m offering it for 997. And so that’s 51, 3% off it’s here. If you are looking for the best deals of the year to start your online business, dominate Instagram and scale your income to the next level, with the option of having me guide you every step of the way, check out Our offers at the For savings up to 60%. The year’s not over yet. And we are going to finish off strong. The Wanderlover black Friday offers are available for one week only.

(15m 5s):
You don’t want to miss out I’m rooting for you. Okay. So now I want to share with you on the number Three, which is my coaching bundle. And then I want to actually touch upon my whole launch process and how I’m preparing to be announcing and promoting this black Friday, but first offer number three. So this is very hands-on. This is basically my three-month private coaching package, but just condensed to a one month intensive. And its specifically for the entrepreneur that needs more personal guidance from me and wants to level up within a month.

(15m 50s):
And so I offered business intensives earlier in the year and they’re not currently on my website, but I did want to bring them into my black Friday sale because I feel like December, January, there’s such critical months and I want to have this option open. So offer three is My one month business intensive and I wanna explain my pricing and strategy and structure behind it. So next year I am increasing the price for this. And so for offer three, the coaching bundle is going to be offered at 2020 prices. So one month at 29 97, and along with this bundle again, it’s adding value, right?

(16m 34s):
I am adding an extra two weeks. So this becomes a six week package. I am adding Wanderlover business Academy and throughout the six weeks, of course, boxer access. So direct walkie talkie, text messaging like private access to me, the travel influencer handbook, as well as the Instagram for business ebook when it comes out on December 14th. And so all of this total value is 6,378. And my third bundle offer is 29 97. So that’s 53% off. So when you look at my three offers, right, there’s definitely a price difference.

(17m 16s):
Oh, low ticket, mid ticket, high ticket offer. Again, I’m bundling instead of discounting everything and just slashing prices half off. And it also targets different clients. In my ideal clients, spectrum it’s for people who are interested in social media, who are interested in their online brand and building their online presence for their business, which is like one of my favorite things to teach him and talk about. And then it’s also for people who just want to have a course that they can work on over the holiday as all at the same time, knowing which direction to take their business because they get an hour with me or it’s for people who have like started their online yeah.

(17m 60s):
Business. And they want to scale it to the next level and work directly with me. And this is all time sensitive. That’s the biggest thing. Like there is this one in one week to commit to the business there’s one week to make this investment. Okay. And this is why like the years over guys, like I tell my clients is everyday like to see, to not give up, to not lose this momentum, the best has yet to come. Right. Well with me and the best has yet to come. We are all going to make the last month of 2020 the best month of the year. And I am so excited for it.

(18m 41s):
So I’m the last thing I want to talk about today is basically my launch process. And I had to go actually into like a whole new podcast episode about just what I do for launches. But I do want to, to briefly just share how I am, I’m launching specifically for black Friday. So it’s only going to be for one week, right? And usually my launches are around two weeks at a time, but same thing I am going to push Monday to Monday. And a lot of times when I see black Friday, the sales or with these one day sales, it’s really easy to just get into the habit of launching for one day and bells and whistles and you know, like post an Instagram post on your Facebook group posts on LinkedIn, do you Podcast and bells and whistles for one day.

(19m 34s):
And not really seeing it through to the end. I love extended launches because it really it’s like a marathon. You see it as a marathon where you’re educating your audience, you’re building relationships with them and you’re connecting in the DNS. You’re connecting in the emails and it’s a more like intimate process where you really get to know your audience and what they’re struggling with and really get to show them what you are here to do. And so this is why I really enjoy having like a more or less extended launch. And so for black Friday, right? I am announcing this on Monday. You’re going to see the bells and whistles. You’re going to see the launch day spectacular, really like everything all the time.

(20m 19s):
One of my socials and then, and how I view of the rest of the week is literally just answering questions. Seeing if these bundles are the correct thing for the people who are interested, right. And really educated being my audience, what each individual piece in these bundles will do for their business. And it’s more of like an educational, the relationship building time for seven days, right? I don’t expect it to all burn out in the first day. Right. And that’s the whole idea with launches. You never want to burn out. You want to see it through to the end. It’s like, it’s like a, a track race, right?

(21m 1s):
Like even if you’re not, you don’t have the momentum in the beginning. People always finish their track races. They’re not just going to give up after being so tired, halfway around the track. So it’s a marathon. It’s not a sprint. I don’t want you to view launches as something really stressful as something that takes up a lot of energy. It’s a really easy process where you’re just enlightening your audience. You’re inviting them to check out your offers, right? And then on the sales page, if you go onto my sales page, you’ll see that I have offer one offer to offer three, a timer, a countdown, the value stack, as well as links to how you can learn more about each product.

(21m 48s):
And yeah, that is basically what I will be doing for black Friday. I am so excited to launch it. I’m so excited to be playing it out this way because it feels really aligned. Like this marketing strategy just feels really aligned with the Wanderlover business schools, with how I want to show up for my clients and how I want to help my audience on their business journeys. So these three offers, I feel like are so value packed and I’m just really excited to announce, you know, to get it all out there, to have these offers in place and to help people and their year on like literally the best note I am so excited for the end of November and December.

(22m 31s):
There’s so many good things that are happening. I know it’s been a really crazy year for a lot of us. And so I don’t want this discouragement. I want it to be on another level. I hope this was helpful. I hope it pulled back the curtains on just how I’m structuring and launching my products and services this year. If you have any questions again, my DMS are always open @thewanderlover. And if you are interested in checking out these black friday offers, just head over to my website at, I’ll be back next Monday.

(23m 13s):
I’m going to probably have a recap of how the launch week went. I am just so excited for the next few weeks and I hope you guys are too. I love you all so much. Thank you for tuning in and I will see you next week!


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Danielle Hu

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My mission is to help you design a location-independent lifestyle through online entrepreneurship, to achieve time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom.

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