Instagram for Business – Ep.13

Instagram for Business: The Ultimate Branding & Client Attraction Guide is out now! If you have a personal Instagram and want to learn how to turn it into a paying business, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to optimize Instagram to scale, listen to this episode for tips + a peek of what’s inside.

Audio Transcript

Hi guys, hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I’m so excited for today’s episode because it’s all about my newest e-book Instagram for business, which is out today.

I’ve been working on this nonstop. It’s like a labor of love, and I just cannot wait to share and teach all of you who are unclear and unsure about your Instagram journey. Hopefully after this episode, we’ll go over action items that you can do in your business right now on Instagram, as well as some of the chapters inside Instagram for business. So you’ll have a better understanding of how it all works. And if you want a more thorough, comprehensive breakdown, I will link Instagram for business in the description of this episode, just want to catch up with all of you and give a recap of one of the most amazing days that rags and I have ever experienced in our lives.

(1m 29s):
That happened last week. So if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that last week we went out onto a boat with a few of our friends to sight-see dolphin watch, maybe see some whales. They said that they’ll bring snorkels and a few fishing rods, and we would see what happens, mother nature. You never know if the whales are going to be there. If the dolphins are going to be there and I’ve gone on a few other whale-watching dolphin tours. And most of the time, you’ll just like see some in the distance. So I really didn’t have that high of expectations because most of the times, it just wasn’t as exciting as I played it out to be in my mind.

(2m 10s):
And the other thing was up until last week, there was a new swell, like a new current that had entered Puerto Escondido and the water was so cold. There were so many jellyfish and it just wasn’t a great time for fishing. And as soon as we saw the water cleared up a little, we had organized this boat trip and Oh my God guys, if you didn’t see, my stories are saved under my Mexico highlights. But we went out at seven 30 in the morning by eight 30, we had caught this massive green mahi mahi rags, like real didn’t. It was one of his first times fishing and it’s massive. It was like seven kilos.

(2m 51s):
They said, he’s just holding it with both hands. It’s this giant glistening green fish. And I was just so blown away and it was such an morning. Honestly, didn’t sleep a lot the night before. And I was just instantly awake because it was so eventful by 9:00 AM, like nine, nine 30. We had saw so many dolphins and throughout the day, we even went into the water, swimming with dolphins and rags took some drone videos and around our boat, we’re just surrounded by people, God and pods of dolphins and Torres noon. We had gotten a call that they had cited whales off the shore of Zika Othello, like one of the main beaches here.

(3m 33s):
So we drove our boat to the beach and we just waited so patiently. I kid you not, maybe within 10 minutes having a conversation. And all of a sudden we just hear like the laugh push noise. And it was the way sales resurfacing. There were two of them, there were swimming so close to our boat and rags had brought out the drone and was able to capture it the most stunning video of the two whales, just swimming along absolutely magical. I feel like the entire day mother nature just blew us away again and again and again, and every hour or we were like, Oh my God, how could this get any better?

(4m 19s):
And every hour it just got that much better. And the main takeaway that I got from this, and what I want to share with you is that magic happens when you are the least expecting it. So there are experiences and there are things that you previously just thought weren’t possible, or that the chances of it happening to you are slim to none. And you almost give up, right? But that experience just showed that anything can happen in life in business. And you are exactly where you need to be. We could have pick the boat trip any other day. It probably wouldn’t have been as great. And it just so happened.

(4m 59s):
We chose that day to go out with that driver and had we tried planning it more meticulously had we had all our expectations up. We wouldn’t have let nature run its course, the universe run its course. And sometimes in business, you just need to let go and let it all happen to you. And for you. We also went out with the most incredible local guide. His name is Israel. If you’re ever in Porto Escondido, and you want to experience this for yourself on such a great boat, he takes really good care of you. Feel free to DM me and I will pass along his contact. It’s a really comfortable experience.

(5m 40s):
He brings like snorkels and fishing, rods and life jackets and snacks and Gatorades for you. And we just had such a wonderful experience. Don’t be shy. If you want to go out, I will share his contact. And just let me know. This is also the last podcast episode. I will be recording Mexico, this upcoming weekend bags, and I will be flying back to New York, packing our stuff, leaving Porto Escondido for the foreseeable future. I’m really excited to be spending the holidays with my family in New York. And I’ll be reuniting with my younger brother, Gary. I actually haven’t seen him all year.

(6m 20s):
The last time I saw him was 2019 last Christmas season. Other day, I like texted him like, wow, this is the first time I’m seeing you this year. And he was like, really? Wow, that was a fast year, which is kind of true because it doesn’t seem like that long, but yeah, coronavirus and March through December, just pass by blink of an eye. But we still have a little less than three weeks left in 2020. So let’s make these next three weeks, the best weeks of the year. Who’s with me. It’s funny when I like record this in a room by myself and I’m just actually shaking my arms and waving them like, woo.

(7m 5s):
But it’s just me and you guys can’t even see me. So it’s funny when I look at myself and I’m like, what? But I hope you guys can feel my enthusiasm, right? Let’s continue learning, continue growing and celebrate that. We made it through so many months of coronavirus were stronger, more resilient and there is still so much to come. The best is yet to come today. I am celebrating the launch of my second ebook, Instagram for business, the ultimate branding and client attraction guide. This was made possible by all of you. All of my audience members on Instagram, on my email list, in my Facebook group, who have told me over and over that they are struggling with Instagram.

(7m 51s):
They’re struggling with keeping up consistent content, knowing what to post, knowing who on Instagram to show up as they don’t have the clarity. They’re not getting the leads. They’re not getting the income. And it’s just this world of confusion. And through my client work, going through it myself, I know what that feels like. I know Instagram can just be so overwhelming. You’re looking at all of these creators pages, all of these businesses pages, and everyone’s doing something different. You don’t know which path to follow. And I understand which is why we’re going to go through all of these struggles today in this episode.

(8m 31s):
And I will talk more about my ebook and hopefully by the end of this episode, once again, you’ll end up feeling really inspired to take action and know exactly what to work on. So let’s get started. This is going to be such an exciting episode, and I want to first make it loud and clear that using Instagram for personal purposes is different than using Instagram business. And sometimes this can be hard to distinguish. I don’t blame anyone, but it’s just confusing. Because on this one platform, you have people using it, recreationally, treating it like a hobby, and you have people using it for business and you have businesses on there making sales.

(9m 13s):
And so it’s hard to know which path to follow, right? And for example, on Amazon, you know, every single seller has something to offer. They are transacting. They make sales and it’s completely business oriented. When you add the social media factor in there, when you give personal accounts, the ability to add features that may or may not be business accounts, you start wondering like, Hmm, how do I make this work? So think about it, photography, right? People are hobby photographers and people are professional photographers. If you treat photography as a hobby, it’s going to be different than if you were to treat photography as your full-time job.

(9m 59s):
So similar with Instagram, if you treat it like a hobby or a personal page, it will pay like a personal page. If you treat your Instagram like a business, it will pay like a business and you have to think like a business. And this is exactly why I have a personal Instagram account where I act differently on it. I talk differently and I give it less effort than my business, Instagram, where it’s more curated or I put more thought into the captions where it has brand values, a mission statement and an entire, you know, brand behind it. Whereas on my personal page, I just like kind of post a photo once in a while and I’ll have like a one-line caption.

(10m 44s):
I’ll be, you know, just looking at random things, posting random things. It’s really not curated at all. And so it’s really important to distinguish this because a lot of times I’ll see personal pages come to me and they’re like, I’m not making money from this. And I’m like, but what is your business? You know, like what are you offering? So let’s first internalize that and get that straight. And once you, it, you stand the difference. Once you start thinking like a producer and a creator, instead of just a consumer chapter, one of Instagram for business is explaining every single feature on the platform at your disposal to use for your business.

(11m 24s):
So this is where we go into things like AR effects, the story filters that can increase your visibility. We go into video posts and live videos and IETV and reels and all the ways you can encourage your followers to interact with your business and nurture relationships. So some self-reflection and self-assessment questions you can ask yourself here, are, are you utilizing every feature to the best of your ability so that it moves your business forward, right? Like, do you, I always have an Instagram story up. Are you interacting with all of your followers? Do you have story highlights and stuff?

(12m 5s):
So really going through each of these features and being like, Hey, I could integrate that right now. That would be a step forward in the right direction. And if your list to this episode, and you’re like, Oh my God, Danielle, I don’t know what my brand is. I try one thing. It doesn’t work. Then you need to have a serious think and a serious talk with yourself with the help of this book, going through chapter two, branding for business. So this is where you ask them yourself, what is your brand’s mission statement? What is it? It’s your business feeling and experience and brand values and content pillars, right? And this section also includes personal branding, rebranding and niching down.

(12m 48s):
What I say with personal branding is the goal is to match how you view yourself to how others view you and to how you are viewed online. And when all of this comes together, you show up authentically for your audience. You don’t feel like there is a barrier every time you’re on Instagram stories. And you’re using the features that you learn in chapter one, and really making all of them work for you and your business. The next step after you have your branding down, you are confident. You are really happy about it. Then we go through profile and content optimization.

(13m 28s):
So taking everything that you embody and optimizing it to Instagram, this includes optimizing your handle for maximum searchability, making your name and keyword searchable, having on-brand photos, having an optimized bio and every feature, like think about your Instagram profile as a storefront, right? Like even the mannequins, the clothing they wear, the colors, it all needs to come together. So people are thinking courage to step through the door. Same thing with Instagram, optimize every single part. So people are encouraged to follow you. We also go through optimize highlights, different ways to create content and basically get your profile to the point where within the first five seconds people are like, hell yes, I’m going to follow this.

(14m 19s):
I’m going to D I’m her or sign up for her email list and just make the whole user experience seamless. Once you have implemented all of this and taken action, what I like doing with my clients and what I encourage you guys to do, and what I teach you to do in Instagram for business is to self audit your online business in four main categories, so that you’re consistently growing your presence and growing your income. So the four is lead generation nurturing products and services and conversion and delivery.

(15m 2s):
And you’re constantly working on one of these four categories so that you are building your business, not only in terms of visibility, but also in terms of getting more people to know, like, and trust you, which brings us to the key factor in client attraction. The know like, and trust factor Instagram for business is finally here. If you have a personal Instagram and wants to learn how to turn it into a paying business, or if you are an entrepreneur who wants to optimize Instagram to scale, then download my latest ebook, Instagram for business, the ultimate branding and client attraction guide full of how to tips and challenges so that you can increase your influence, impact and income.

(15m 56s):
By slash I F be happy Reading. The second half of Instagram for business is all about client attraction. So this is going back to the know like, and trust factor. If your audience knows you likes you and trusts you, they will be inclined to work with you or buy from you, right? Similar to how you make your purchases and investments. It’s from companies and people who, you know, like and trust. And so throughout the first half of the ebook, we optimize your bio and we do an audit to make sure that you are presenting yourself in a way that is most aligned.

(16m 42s):
And the rest is posting consistently showing up consistently on Instagram, engaging with new accounts, interacting with current followers and actually selling and giving people the push to connect with you. And once you have this down, then we can go into additional ways. You can monetize your Instagram accounts. So adding additional revenue streams, which is so important because the goal is to leverage Instagram for a sustainable business. So whether that’s through a collaboration, through products, through masterminds, through services, and so really know your business, look at it from the top down and see where you can improve and where you can expand into.

(17m 32s):
And so in chapter six of Instagram for business, I ask questions. I give tips on how you can self-assess because if you don’t have products or services, and you’re not seeing sales and customers, then you don’t have a business yet. And if you do, but you want to increase the number of products and services in your suite, then chapter six will be ideal for you to see where the opportunities are for you to be able to expand into. All right. Chapter seven is one of my favorites and it’s all about Facebook ads. Facebook ads are so incredibly powerful and Instagram is under Facebook.

(18m 16s):
So Facebook owns Instagram. And so all of the ads you see on Instagram stories, on the posts, on the feed and reels, those sponsored posts are all managed under Facebook ads in it. I teach you how to set it up. And I even give you a glimpse into one of my best performing Facebook ad campaigns. It’s one that I constantly keep running in the background, and it just generates more and more leads every single day. I believe it’s just one of the most powerful things you can have running in the background of your business. And once you have more clarity in how you can set it up for your business, I promise you’ll end up liking it just as much as I do the last few chapters, I dive into other platforms that you should be on in order to cross promote your brand and just have visibility on other platforms.

(19m 9s):
I share how I personally repurpose all my content across all the platforms I’m active on as well as the waterfall method on how to make content creation more sustainable. So you don’t feel burnt out. We also go through Pinterest, automated Pinterest marketing and the ebook and with additional resources. So this includes everything from affirmations for days, when you are feeling down to a complete list of Instagram apps that I use on a daily basis, and that you can download now for free. So that is a summary of my newest e-book.

(19m 50s):
And if you are a content creator and influencer or a coach or an online entrepreneur, then Instagram for business is for you. Please feel free to DM me with any questions. And you can find this ebook on my slash I F B. So now that the ebook is launched and out in this world, I want to tie in last week’s episode, how to write and sell an ebook and give you a behind the scenes, look of how Instagram for business came to be from start to finish. So it started a few months ago when I pulled my Instagram audience. So I had already knew that I wanted to launch another ebook after the travel influencer handbook.

(20m 35s):
So I had this idea and I asked my audience on Instagram, what they want, we’re struggling the most on the platform. I added a poll and the four options were Instagram for branding, client attraction, and sales. And most people responded with the first three. So this is how I personally researched my market and research demand. And the next step as I was creating the ebook is I wanted to confirm that there was demand. So what I had planned doing and did a few weeks before the launch was start accepting pre-orders. And once I had pre-orders confirmed, then I started finalizing the content and the production of Instagram for business.

(21m 21s):
So what I did at first was basically open up a word document and started brain dumping, everything I knew about the topic using table of contents, as an outline, then I sent it off to rags and the team at Fern co-lab for design. And if you guys like the design of Instagram for business, reach out to them, they do the best work. And I highly recommend afterwards. As you know, from the previous episode, I always self-host my eBooks using send owl, which integrates to my website and I have full control over pricing over discounts, over affiliates. And I mentioned this in the last episode, I will mention it again, promotion and selling are just as important as the creation process.

(22m 9s):
So now that it’s all together in a PDF form on my website, the next few weeks, the next few months, the next year, we’ll be focused on promoting. So launch week, what I am currently promoting on our, all the platforms that I’m visible on and have an audience on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, it’s going to be on my online shop. I’m going to have affiliates sending out emails to my email list on Pinterest, and I’ll be running Facebook ads onto my landing page and into my email funnel. I’ll be collecting more and more testimonials as people make their way through the book, as well as updating the book with any feedback that I get, this is the first edition.

(22m 57s):
So I’m always welcome to feedback. Welcome to explain anything further that I may have missed. And I want this to be a conversation between me and all of you guys. So if you have any questions at all, feel free to DME. If you have any feedback, I’m all ears. I hope this has been really helpful. I hope I’ve been transparent in the whole creation process and what the book entails and who it’s intended to help. I’m so excited this week is just a magical week and I will see you guys Next week back in New York. Oh my God. It’s going to be knowing and really not looking forward to it.

(23m 41s):
But of course, looking forward to spending the holidays with friends and family, sending you guys so much love and see you next week!


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