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Happy November! If starting an online business is something you had on your 2021 goals but still haven’t gotten around to it, this episode is for you! A behind-the-scenes look into my updated 8-week course Wanderlover Business Academy 2.0, designed for new and aspiring creatives and coaches to turn their passions into profit. Tune in to hear what you can expect, what’s included, and why it’s THE business course you need to start your online brand and scale to $5K months.

Get ready to make the most out of the last 2 months of the year! This weeks episode looks at the 3 main reasons why people shy away from starting their business (03:50), how the Wanderlover Business Academy can help conquer this block (9:40) and a quick run down of all the modules included in the course and how they will directly help your business journey (14:00).

Audio Transcript

Intro (5s):
The Wanderlover Podcast was created with a mission to enable travel and freedom through entrepreneurship. I’m your host, Danielle Hu business mentor, content creator, and founder of The Wanderlover tune in every week for episodes about travel online business, social media, and mindset that will inspire you to take massive action towards living the life of your dreams. If you’ve been enjoying the Wanderlover podcast, if you’ve been tuning in and finding inspiration and taking away value, it would mean so much to me. If you could take a second to leave us a review on apple podcasts, I continue to record these episodes for you every single week and take all of your comments and feedback to heart.

Danielle (52s):
Thank you guys so, so much. Hello. My loves. Welcome back to The Wanderlover podcast and Happy November. How crazy there are only two more months left in this year. 2021 is flying by and honestly does not even feel like November here in rotation. I am in a bikini. I am sweating. It is hot. They don’t have seasons here in Indonesia. It’s only like wet season and dry season. So what season’s about to start, it usually is November to around February or March. And so it gets very humid. Hence why I am and sweating, but definitely not like the traditional, you know, Northeastern seasons that I grew up experiencing.

Danielle (1m 40s):
We booked our flights back home for the holidays. So I’ll be going back to New York in December. I am so excited to see my family and friends and spend Christmas and new year’s at home. I have plans to visit my business partner in Miami, in January. And then afterwards I will be flying over to the UK to visit brags and his family. And next year we will be relocating to Europe. Haven’t announced where yet we still need to figure out our visas, but it has great surf, even better food. And the nicest people. If you have any guesses, let me know, but I’m excited to bring you all with me on this new adventure and serve as an example of how much your life can change in just a few short months.

Danielle (2m 28s):
You just never know what opportunities lie ahead for you. So it is officially November. And I say that not to make you feel anxious, you know, that time is running out, but if you’re anything like me, you may have a habit of procrastinating. And so that’s why I want to remind you that. Although there are only two months left of the year, if there was something that you wanted to accomplish this year that you set out to do in January and your new year’s resolutions and you still haven’t gotten to it personally, I would maybe beat myself up if I took no action for 12 months, you know?

Danielle (3m 8s):
And so this is just a gentle reminder that you still have two full months left to execute on whatever you were set out to do in the beginning of the year. So If starting an online business was something that you had written down, but just kept pushing off month after month. This episode is for you today, doors. So Wanderlover Business Academy, 2.0 are officially open. And in this episode, I want to walk you through who the program is for what is inside, what you can expect and encourage you to take action. If you feel like this message is resonating with you. So if you’ve been thinking all year, oh my gosh, I should start an online business.

Danielle (3m 51s):
I want this lifestyle. I want to be location independent. I want to quit my job. Keep listening because there are many golden nuggets in this episode. If this is still a new idea for you and you don’t know how you feel about it, you’ll still get a lot of value in this episode. So I first created this course because I noticed that there were always at least one of three main reasons why someone either stops themselves from starting in online business or dipping their toes into the water, getting started, and then backing out from their idea. Even though at one point they were so, so certain about it.

Danielle (4m 32s):
And the three reasons are one fear. So fear that they can sustain this lifestyle, that it’s not going to work out for them, that they’re going to lose all their money, that they’re going to be homeless and all of these fear-based thoughts of what could go wrong. The second reason is lack of clarity, and I can empathize with those and go going and go into it in a bit, but a lack of direction and not knowing what exactly to work on next. This is mainly because of the internet and social media and people around you giving you their opinions. And you just get to this one point or you’re unsure what next steps to take. And last but not least, the third reason is they don’t want it bad enough.

Danielle (5m 16s):
So If starting an online business or scaling your online business was something that you really wanted to accomplish in 2021. And you haven’t gotten started yet. Or if you’re not at the level you had imagined to be ask yourself, which one of these three, can you identify with the most? If it’s fear, you know, thoughts of I’m not good enough, I’m not experienced enough. These are all fear based thoughts, and you can learn, right? You can learn how to run a successful business. And if you’re thinking, oh, it’s because I don’t want it badly enough. Well, if you’re honest with yourself and you really don’t want this lifestyle and don’t want to work for it, then fine.

Danielle (5m 58s):
You can continue your day to day actions. That’s going to get you that same day-to-day results, but realize that if you want a different reality, you need to want it really badly and badly enough where you’re still going to try. Even when things get hard, you’re still going to try. Even when things aren’t going your way, you can’t quit. When things get hard. And for those of you who want it really badly, you’re not afraid, but you’re just lacking clarity. This is where I can empathize with you 110%. So when I first started in Entrepreneurship, I was throwing anything and everything at the wall, I was drop-shipping.

Danielle (6m 40s):
I was doing Amazon FBA importing and selling Bitcoin wallets. I was landing collaborations. I did shout outs on my Instagram. I started a blog. I was doing so much in that first year or two. I could characterize my being my brand online as constant, constant comparison and shiny object syndrome. I kept changing my mind. Every time I saw this new opportunity, I’d be like, oh my gosh, I should totally go with this. I really didn’t know what to focus on. And I would catch myself, comparing myself to other influencers and coaches.

Danielle (7m 22s):
And I got this feeling that they just, everyone else had it all figured out. And I was just here, struggling in the background with my many businesses, trying to make something work. So this was also by the time I had quit my job, I, you know, wanted it so badly. I wasn’t fearful because I took the action, but I was just lacking so much clarity. And that’s when I realized I was like, I either have to figure this out and make it work. Or I had to go back to my corporate job. And so that is when I really knuckled down. I changed my way of thinking. I changed my way of acting.

Danielle (8m 3s):
I started investing in coaches and programs. And one year later I had my first five figure month. I had my first feature in Forbes. I was not only living internationally and I had all the time in the world, but I was financially free. And the feeling of financial freedom from your own business is the pinnacle of what entrepreneurship is because having financial freedom, you know, I worked in finance, I was quote unquote, safe. I was comfortable, but I was energetically tied to a salary that I didn’t want to be working for.

Danielle (8m 43s):
Right. And so when you set out on this venture to start your own business and your whole income depends on how you operate, how you show up for your business, it puts this pressure yourself. And this is where self doubt comes in. You’re like, can I do it? Because if I fail, it means I’m a failure, right? And then you start attaching all these things to it. So you’re either overwhelmed by trying to make it all work, or it’s just way too much pressure. Thankfully, I had the right mentors, the right support system to push me through when times were hard. I didn’t quit. Right. I stayed on this path and present day, I own a successful multi six-figure business.

Danielle (9m 28s):
I started a second business for fun, with my best friend. And I’ve been traveling the world full-time for the past four years. And it’s all because I stuck with it. I made changes when necessary. And I realized that I needed the clarity in order for me to succeed. And so with this intention, I first created the Wanderlover business academy so that it was a step by step blueprint. For those of you who want to see success from the beginning, you don’t need any trial and error. You don’t have to worry about what marketing strategies work. They are all tried and proven by me, by all of the clients I’ve worked with past few years and this latest version Wanderlover Business Academy, 2.0, I’ve completely updated it to include all of the most up-to-date strategies that has helped.

Danielle (10m 22s):
Many of my clients reach highest income months, five figure months. And some of them now even travel the world full-time too. So clearly my business has grown a lot and I wanted this newest version to reflect all of that. This is not a beta test. So I’ve personally invested a lot of money and time and resources making it the most cohesive and interactive and easy to follow as possible. And of course my main intention with all of my programs is for you to have the freedom to work from anywhere. So I only focus on an online business model that I teach in all of my programs.

Danielle (11m 7s):
Once you get started on this path, direction is more important than speed. And I make it super clear in the beginning that if you are to follow this online business model, you will be able to monetize your audience and work from anywhere. And this was something that I always it’s one of my core, core beliefs and core values that if you want someone else’s life, you need to learn from them. Right? So when I first sought out my first mentors, I asked myself like, do I want to be them in a few years time? Were they traveling full time? Do they understand that I love to create content and I want my face behind my brand.

Danielle (11m 51s):
And I don’t want to just, you know, run in the background and have this really robotic, methodical way of running a business, because there are so many different kinds of businesses you can start and you need to make sure that you start out on the right path. The academy is designed for new and aspiring coaches and creatives who want to build brands with soul. Like you need to have a soul behind your online brand and for you to show up for your audience, right? And through this course, I make it really clear that I’m meeting you where you’re at.

Danielle (12m 33s):
I meeting you in the way beginning, where you need to, you know, shift how you’re thinking about things, shifting your mindset, shifting your beliefs around your life and what is possible and sales and money. And I’m going to give you the structure to build out all your systems. Think of it. As the business side of creativity, I’ve worked with so many clients through my start, your hustle intensive. So we build their online brands from scratch. And this is essentially a self study, eight week course for you to do the same. I call it eight weeks. We go through one module per week, but feel free to take your time.

Danielle (13m 13s):
I want to give you all the resources you need so that when you’re ready to execute, they are all laid out. Week by week in front of you. It’s super clear what you need to be executing on every single week. So if you know, this year is ending and you’re like, I need to make my dreams come true. I am committed to this and I want to take action. And if you’ve maybe seen my offers this year, common go, and you just didn’t feel ready because you didn’t have a business idea. You felt like you didn’t know what you could offer. You felt like the market was too saturated and you didn’t feel ready to, you know, enroll in my mastermind or private coaching.

Danielle (13m 53s):
Then this is the perfect self study course for you. I want to go through, what’s included in each module, what you can expect. And at the end, I’ll give you a special bonus. If you enroll by the end of November in week one, we tackle Wanderlover concepts. So these are my core concepts that I teach all of my private clients, all my mastermind clients that really transformed my life. And we need to start you off on solid foundation so that you will adopt the mindset of all successful entrepreneurs. Have your goals mapped out and decide on your business idea.

Danielle (14m 33s):
So if you still are questioning what you should start by the end of week one, we will have decided that no more questioning, no more paralysis by analysis, we will get going in your first week in week two, we cover online business foundations is what I call, setting up your storefront for your online brand and setting up the foundations so that you will be able to work from anywhere. There is a wifi connection. So by the end of this week, you’ll understand the online ecosystem and it’s full of walkthroughs. I do a lot of screen shares. Why I show you step-by-step walk you through how to set up your website from scratch.

Danielle (15m 15s):
I’ll show you the dashboard of my website, the backend of my website. So there’s no confusion. And by the end of this week, we’ll also have your Instagram optimized and your email list set up. Of course I cover not only the mindset and the structure, but the strategy as well, week three, we go through content that attracts your soul aligned audience. So there’s going to be no questions. What you should be sharing who your ideal client is, who your ideal audience is with all of the workbooks. We figure that out together. I do a lesson on personal branding on starting a podcast on copywriting, very comprehensive guys.

Danielle (15m 58s):
In week four, we craft your signature offers. So we get you into business. We talk about things that you might feel uncomfortable with at first like sales mindset, sales page, anatomy pricing, but this is business. This is your online business. And I know that you can do it in the next week. We go through know like trust inspires. So by the end of the week, you will know how to interact with your audience on all channels. You’ll know how to get on your first discovery call and sell your signature high ticket offer. In the last three weeks, we cover everything from launching, from online marketing to scaling to 5k months.

Danielle (16m 46s):
It’s all about making money online. And I dedicate, you know, three weeks to this because we need to be talking about it. We need to be talking about making sales, because if you’re not learning how to sell in your business, you’re not going to see sustainable, consistent income. And we are not about that. So this whole course, the intention is to not only level you up in terms of stepping outside your comfort zone, but it’s very educational. I show you back, end behind the scenes of how all my campaigns run. I clearly define what you need to be focusing on every week.

Danielle (17m 28s):
And I think the best part of it all is that this year I am including the Wanderlover business academy, 2.0 community. So this is going to be a private Facebook group, only for academy members where you can ask questions, get support, and I’m going to be in there, live answering questions whenever you need. What’s also really important about having a community is that we are a group of people who get you. You know, if you come from corporate and everyone around you has a corporate mindset, they’re probably not going to be the people supporting your vision of working for yourself and working from the beaches of Indonesia, right?

Danielle (18m 10s):
And so in this group, it’s going to be like-minded individuals who understand your vision for your life. And we’ve all heard that quote, you know, you are the average of the five people you hang around with the most. And so if the five people around you are working day jobs, and they have another way of thinking that it’s going to be harder for you to pull out of that. And that’s why we are here to support you in the community. I’ve also included some bonuses. So get over imposter syndrome, cheat sheet. This is something that I’ve been using for years. I’ve crafted it down to a science.

Danielle (18m 51s):
Every time you start comparing yourself to other people, every time doubts, start entering your mind, like they’re doing this, am I good enough for this? They’ve already created everything. I’ve wanted to create all of these imposter syndrome thoughts you can eliminate. And I will share the exact process I use to get over that. You also will get my 100 K scaling strategy and income tracker that I’ve used in my business to get the Wanderlover to its first hundred K a year. You’ll get access to all of these modules immediately. And I just decided on this, I wasn’t going to include it, but I, I love speaking with my clients in Voxer and I’m like, Hmm, maybe I get more.

Danielle (19m 39s):
I should get more clients and Voxer. I want to speak to more people in Voxer. Voxer is a walkie talkie app that I use to send voice notes, videos, text messages, to all of my private coaching clients. And if you enroll in Wanderlover Business Academy, 2.0 this month, if you enroll in November, you will have one full week of Voxer access with me. Or you can ask me all of your questions. I can go into all of your systems and take a look. I’ll audit them for you. If you’re struggling with anything technical, if you’re struggling with anything in life, you will have direct access to me. So that is only available. If you enroll in November, you get all of this, you get all of the modules, the workbooks, the private access, the bonuses for $997 USD, and you can opt in to pay three monthly payments of $397 USD.

Danielle (20m 34s):
I want to ask you, where would you be now if you started five years ago? Or if you started, you know, at the beginning of the year? And where would you be in five years or at the end of next year, if you started today? You can enroll today at Or click the link in the episode description, you will get access to all of the modules immediately. You’ll get Voxer access to me. You can join the Facebook community and finally get started. Honestly, it has been the best thing that has happened to me in my life.

Danielle (21m 15s):
Not that it has happened that I chose to make happen in my life. And I just know that if you start on this path, you will be working from the beaches around the world as well. If you choose, if you have any questions, my DMS are always open and I will see you in the next episode.


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My mission is to help you design a location-independent lifestyle through online entrepreneurship, to achieve time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom.

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