4 Mindset Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

The definition of mindset is based on a person’s way of thinking, including their attitudes and beliefs. It can affect the way we interact with others and handle certain situations. As entrepreneurs, our mindset can impact every aspect of our life. When we encounter negative thoughts or limiting beliefs, it is easy to let them take over. We may find ourselves becoming distracted or even start comparing ourselves to others.

Adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur is by far the best thing we can do. This way of thinking will help us achieve goals and build positive relationships across both our personal and professional lives.

Perhaps you are starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or maybe you are just going through a rough patch. Either way, these useful mindset habits are designed to boost your confidence and leave you feeling like anything is possible.

They are careful who they spend their time with

Have you ever been told that you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with? It was a phrase coined by motivational speaker Jim Rohn and it has influenced entrepreneurs ever since. Successful creatives are mindful about who they spend their time with. That’s because the theory of averages determines that if we surround ourselves with positive, hard working people, then we are more likely to succeed. Their behaviors will naturally influence our way of thinking and vice versa.

So, if your close circle isn’t already filled with positive people, it’s time to start finding them. Now, this isn’t always easy, especially if you have friends with negative mindsets, but it will work wonders for your career. Not only will it help build an entrepreneurial mindset but it will also have a positive impact on your own mental health too.

Done is better than perfect 

When we want something to be absolutely perfect, we can often spend too much time getting it there. In many cases, we risk not getting there at all. Budding entrepreneurs often end up with lots of unfinished projects and unrealized ideas just because “it wasn’t good enough.” Striving for perfection can also be draining, time-consuming and deflating.

There’s a difference between producing work to a high quality and aiming for perfection. If we aim for the latter, it may never happen. The truth is, in our form of work, done is always better. Completing things also makes us feel more confident and enables us to develop our skills. We learn from every job we do so the trick is to get it done.

Set goals 

If you want a mindset for success, then goal setting is an important one. In today’s world, we often have so many great ideas that never get put into action. Setting goals gives us something to work towards so we don’t lose focus. It also helps us measure our progress and reduces procrastination.

Start by setting short, mid and long-term goals. Include both business and personal goals to boost your motivation. What do you want to achieve by the end of the week or the end of the month? And what about in one, two or three years time? Keep them realistic and achievable. You’ll also want to identify how your business goals can help achieve your life goals. Maybe you want to take time out to travel, start a family or buy the house you have always dreamed of. Find the goals to get you there and turn that dream into a realization!

If you are not sure how to begin, I recommend using a tool like Passion Planner to get organized and stay on track. Once you have some goals written down, you will feel more grounded and far less anxious about the future.

Exercise your mindset

An entrepreneur mindset doesn’t happen overnight. As with anything, it takes time and commitment. After all, you wouldn’t run a marathon without training. The trick is to practice, practice, practice. Positive affirmations are a great way to develop your mindset. You can also use them in times of stress and uncertainty. In a recent podcast, I took a look at 88 abundance affirmations to transform your way of thinking. Choose the ones you like and repeat them every day. 

Journaling your thoughts, experiences, affirmations, concerns, and fears can also be a great way to free your mind and improve focus. Jotting things down enables us to recognize, address and prioritize key issues. It may also inspire new ideas and discoveries. 

Visualization is yet another way to exercise your mindset and it comes hand in hand with meditation. So how does it work? Start by finding a calm place and get yourself into a comfortable position. You’ll then want to think about something you hope to achieve. Perhaps a goal that you have already set. Visualize yourself achieving this goal and focus on as many details and emotions as you can. Try to practice this at least once a day for a minimum of 3-5 minutes. The more often you visualize it, the more likely it is to happen.

Once you understand the mindset of an entrepreneur, you’ll be well on your way to achieving it. Successful entrepreneurs are very good at working towards goals, seizing opportunities and learning from setbacks. They are creative, motivated and get the job done. If you use these tips and practice every day, you will soon notice the power of an entrepreneur mindset. The rewards are endless.

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