My Favorite Travel-Themed Purchase: Scratch Off World Map

I’ve been collecting travel-themed items for my apartment for years, and the one room accessory that always catches people’s eyes is my Scratch Off World Map. When I first heard about it, I instantly knew I had to have it on my wall, and since then it’s been an ongoing changing masterpiece, scratching off new countries I visit! Not only does it display all your adventures, but also every map is unique to its owner — rarely will two people have travelled to the exact same countries.

Scratch Off World Travel Map - Must-Have for any Travel Lover!
My map: Still a long ways to go… Australia is next!

In this poster-sized map, each country is delineated, and has its own individual color underneath. The gold foil on top easily scratches off with a coin, and blowing or wiping off the loose pieces afterwards works perfectly.Β The toughest part after the purchase is scratching off all the places you’ve already been — beware of hand cramps! The rest is easy, unless if you visit Russia or Antarctica.

I love how at the bottom there are also fun facts about specific destinations that you can scratch off if you have visited them. As you can see, I still have three more to go! For aesthetic purposes, I know people who scratch off the entire countries when they visit, and then individually pin cities as well. Whatever floats your boat!

Scratch Off World Travel Map: The Best Travel-Themed Room Accessory
Scratch Off World Map Best: Best Travel Accessory

Although many think I have been almost everywhere in this world, I take one look and it’s makes me realize I haven’t even nearly “scratched” nearly what’s to be seen!

Want one? You can find it in my travel store here, and also available in black! Free shipping to the US.

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Scratch Off World Map is the perfect addition to any room, and the perfect gift for any travel lover!

28 Replies to “My Favorite Travel-Themed Purchase: Scratch Off World Map”

  1. This looks super cool! After I got a friend a 3D scratch off globe, I’ve been thinking about getting one for myself as well. It’s like a fun memento of all the places you’ve gone too, without purchasing a ton of souvenir tchotchkes from elsewhere.

  2. What a cool poster! So unique, every time you look at it i bet it stirs up loads of wonderful memories. I’m slightly ocd and would hate to leave it half finished!!

  3. I have been debating this purchase for a while now! Do you think it would work folded up in a backpack? Scratch-as-you-go style. Or is it more of a wall decoration?

  4. Ha! My gf has one of those! Still unscratched though. I wonder where it is – we moved together about a year ago and are still looking for some things in boxes. Maybe we’ll just scratch off the trips we’ve taken together…

  5. I used to own one jointly with my ex-boyfriend, and then we broke up haha! I should get myself another one:) But now I have a virtual one on my blog travel page! I also haven’t been to many big countries yet, so the filled in area looks quite small, apart from the USA:P

  6. I have two of these! I think it’s a great present and I love maps, but I can’t bring myself to scratch anything off! Especially, how can I scratch off the whole of Australia when I’ve only been to Melbourne? Or the whole of Canada when I’ve only been to Vancouver? So I just keep it with the scratchy part on! Haha!

  7. I love our travel map. We have a pinnable one, but recently came back from our year abroad and can’t remember where we packed the pins! Oops! Wouldn’t have that problem with the scratch-off. Hehe.

  8. I have so many maps, but not enough wall space. I even have two of these scratch-off maps that have never seen the light of day, because they have nowhere to go πŸ˜›

  9. We have a similar one and love it too!!! We want until the end of the year to scratch off everywhere we’ve been since ta framed and we don’t want to keep bringing our frame up and down from the wall. We also use an eraser to scratch off because we found the coins to be a little destructive to our map.

  10. I love this!! I’ve had my eyes set on this for a long time but I haven’t gotten around to buying it yet! It’s such a cool piece to hang in the bedroom and remind yourself of how many places you can look forward to visiting! πŸ™‚

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